July 23, 2011

Reimei no Arcana [Chapter 27]

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Caesar comforts Nakaba as she remembers him telling her to tell him of any secrets that are making her feel uneasy. Nakaba tells Caesar that she is very afraid. This surprises Caesar. Nakaba then says, but she will do her best so can he wish her ‘gambatte’. After kissing[?] her, Caesar hugs her and tells her, gambatte and he is by her side. Clinging on him, Nakaba thinks, with just that, she has become brave again. “Thank you.. Caesar..” Soon, she is alone again. She remembers Loki’s warning that power can impair her life. She thinks that if she cannot see it, then they cannot move forward, and except for this, they have no other methods to use. Suddenly, her Arcana activates. She sees a ruined city at night wherein people are lying dead on the street. Then, some people are panicking and struggling over some snakes that had coiled around them. Nakaba thinks that this is a town that is being attacked. Suddenly, the vision disappears and Nakaba falls on the floor. Nakaba feels worn out and her life [force] weakened but nevertheless, she has seen it. The next day, at the library, Ahkil asks if there are any clues. Nakaba, together with Loki, tells him that she saw the town, that is attacked, has a tower. Ahkil says that if he isn’t mistaken, that band of thieves has not yet attacked a town that has a tower. Remembering her vision, Nakaba tells Ahkil that she remembered that night is a new moon so if it will happen in the future, it should be ten days from now. Ahkil comments that he didn’t imagine that this power can show it, up to this degree. “I will remember this favor, Nakaba.” Loki just looks serious. Preparing to leave, Ahkil tells them that he’ll go report to his brother so they can go back and rest. Nakaba is surprised when Loki asks her to go ahead without him. Nakaba did as told. While walking at the hallway surrounded by pillars, Ahkil is surprised when Loki suddenly comes out from one of the pillars and calls out his name from behind. Ahkil angrily shouts if Loki planned on shocking him to death, and do not just suddenly come out like that. Loki tells him that he ought to know. “You obviously knew that the Arcana of Time can impair one’s life yet you still asked this kind of request from Princess Nakaba, right?” Ahkil looks surprised by that. He admits that he had investigated a lot regarding it and even so, he still proposed that request since it is for his older brother to become the next in line for the throne. “And, it is also for my wish.. but, I have no malice in it, Ajin servant.”

The two look at each other. Their glaring were interrupted when Emilia, together with Leo, shouts that it is quite rare to see that kind of designs [on the door] and it is really Lithvanel’s style [of interiors]. Emilia looks at the two and asks what they are talking about. Ahkil looks scared. She tries to approach him but Ahkil quickly and keeps on backing away from her. Puzzled Emilia stops walking. After he is 5 meters away from Emilia, Ahkil tells her not to come near him, and speaking of that, what are they.. While Emilia is pouting over this, Loki tells her that it seems Ahkil doesn’t like girls. Ahkil nervously says that it is okay to go sight-seeing but aren’t they a bit too conspicuous. Ahkil says that their country’s clothes are too conspicuous so he’ll go prepare some clothes for them. With that, Ahkil quickly runs away, leaving Loki and Emilia speechless. Later on, Ahkil orders to troops to be in formation. He then goes to his brother Azhar who is sitting on a camel. Ahkil tells him that everything is ready. Azhar calls out that they are moving out. Caesar, Loki and Nakaba look at Azhar who is traveling in comfort = shade, someone giving him a drink and another one fanning him. Nakaba comments that no matter how she sees it, Azhar is quite graceful [eye-catching] so is this okay. Ahkil tells her that his brother usually goes inspecting around the place like that so if they are to go in full military formation, it might alert the band of thieves. From the outside, they are inspecting Lasik [拉西克; invented name]’s nearby towns but in actuality, they are checking out a town that has one tower – Lasik’s state of affairs. Nakaba thinks that they really thought of everything. “Unpredictable thieves.. Even if through the Arcana of Time, I had seen that town’s miserable state.. Can it still be rescued... If the future is going to change--.. This time, will there still be a price to be paid? Price-- *remembers Loki stabbing Cain* But.. upon knowing that a tragedy will happen in future.. then one just have to take action.” At night, Nakaba stands in front of an oasis where they had camped. Then, her Arcana activates again. She ‘sees’ the same town with people lying on the ground. A soldier calls out to capture that hooded guy. Soon, he and another soldier scream over snakes coiling around them. Azhar exclaims what is going on. Ahkil says, “That is..”

Then, Nakaba ‘sees’ a snake around her neck. Frightened Nakaba quickly tries to get it away from her but it turns out that she is grabbing thin air. She holds her neck and thinks that was really scary. The next day, Nakaba tells Azhar about there will be a huge quantity of snakes, and the soldiers are attacked by those snakes. Azhar says that it could be they plan to release poisonous snakes. He thanks her for her report. He decides that they should quickly move on for they still need half a day to reach their destination. Soon, the town is in sight. Azhar tells them that town is Lina and the one at the back is Lasik. The distance between the two towns are very near. Azhar says that he has sent his double and a huge portion of their troops to Lina. Then, they, together with a small group of soldiers, will advance to Lasik. Azhar assures Nakaba that the ones with them are elite soldiers. Nakaba and others start walking through the town’s streets. Watching some traders offering their wares, Nakaba comments that it is a lively town. Ahkil explains that even if Lasik is a small town but it is a necessary route for the silk trade so a lot of businessmen/traders go back and forth in this town. Azhar says that those thieves probably also know about this, and it is because they are attacking far away from the [capital] city so they are very hard to catch. The places that the thieves have been through are burned and totally destroyed. Those thieves are really cunning and cruel. Azhar tells them that the town has already been surrounded with soldiers and before their enemy acts, they should rest for a while. Later on, a soldier at his post says that tonight, there are also no anomalies. He wonders why Ahkil specifically told them to be extra vigilant on a night that has a new moon. To his surprise, a snake sudden coils around his leg and bites him.

A hooded person comes to collect her snake. [<- I’m assuming that it is a ‘she’.] She tells her other five hooded companions that it is a soldier from the capital. She says that she doesn’t know why they knew that their next target is Lasik but it is okay if they only totally eradicate them all. In the bedroom, Emilia is sound asleep. Nakaba is standing in front of the window and looks at the new moon. She thinks that it is the same as in the vision but it seems that it isn’t tonight. To her surprise, the Arcana activates. She ‘sees’ the town’s gate. Then, she ‘sees’ six hooded persons running towards the town. Meanwhile, Loki is standing on top of the roof. It seems that he is on a look out. Then he mutters, “—[they’re] coming..” Emilia is surprised when Nakaba suddenly wakes her up and pulls her out of the room. Nakaba shouts for Caesar and Loki to quickly wake up. The snake person watches Azhar giving orders to the people. She finds it strange that before the attack, they had already noticed. “—but, it is already too late♪” As the people are going out the gate, they notice something on the floor. Everyone goes into a panic for the snakes are coming inside. The snakes are so many that they totally cover the floor. While the people are screaming in panic, the snakes coil around them and bite them. Sitting on top of the tower, the snake person laughs over this. Holding a torch, Leo shouts for the people to back away. He uses the fire to burn the snakes to a crisp. Using their swords, Caesar and Loki are protecting Nakaba from the snakes. Caesar complains that there is no end to the snakes. The snake person is getting angry on how they dare treated her subordinates [/snakes]. Loki smells something and says that he found it. Puzzled Nakaba asks what it is. Loki throws a knife at snake person. Snake person quickly blocks it using her arm, or else, it would have hit her head. Snake person seems to be a bit surprised by this. Then, she quickly jumps down from the tower and heads straight to Loki and the others. Snake person quickly draws her sword which Loki blocks with his sword. Silver [/white?] hair flows out from the hood. A scaled skinned and snake-like eyes woman points to her eyes and says that there are palace soldiers and Ajin-s there. “Did you come to catch me? Let me see your [<- plural form] skills.” Loki comments that it is a snake Ajin.

Scans by 17kkmh.com

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