July 23, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapter 105]

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Mei is in shock to see Shinobu there. She wonders why is he there. After Mei called his name, Shinobu says that it has been a long time since someone called him by that name. Mei asks him where Rihito is and why is he pretending to be Rihito. Mei is surprised when Shinobu tells her that Rihito will come there soon. “But before that, I want to ask Mei-ojousama to come and chat with Shiori-ojousama. Please come with me..” Surprised Mei asks if Shiori is there. Shinobu says that she is, and right now, she is very healthy. “From that day on, she never even once, gotten a cold.” Mei remembers the time when Shiori wounded her eyes because no one needs her anymore. Mei exclaims how can that be possible for if Shinobu didn’t say that lie, Shiori would have not.. “Do you want to seize Shiori-ojousama that much?!” Shinobu asks, “Seizing Shiori-ojousama?” Mei angrily says that is right because didn’t he tell that to her grandfather. Shinobu tells her that it seems she is misunderstanding something. “What I have asked isn’t Shiori-ojousama herself, but rather, her life.” Mei asks what the difference is. Shinobu says that it is different. “For what I want — as a butler serving Shiori-ojousama, is ‘the right to make her happy throughout her life’.” Mei is surprised and asks why would he still..and it is because of his lie that Shiori lost her eyes. Shinobu smiles and tells her to relax. “With this, Shiori-ojousama’s eyes will no longer be polluted by this dirty world. Shiori-ojousama is currently living an incomparably happy life.” Mei angrily says that he can actually calmly say such a thing.

To Mei’s surprise, Shinobu says that it is because Shiori-ojousama is currently together with her beloved butler, Shibata Rihito. Wondering what’s going on, Mei asks him if he had once again taken [/kidnap] Rihito. Shinobu says, “That Shibata Rihito.. Wasn’t it four years ago when you took him away from Shiori-ojousama’s side? *change voice* And this Shibata Rihito..will absolutely not betray Shiori-ojousama.” Mei is surprised at how Shinobu managed to copy Rihito’s voice, expression and actions. She wonders if this is how Shinobu always pretended to be Rihito. Shinobu tells her that right now, Shiori’s memories stopped from when she was 13 years old - the time when Shibata Rihito is still her butler. So, about the academy, ‘Shinobu’ and of course about Mei, Shiori has totally forgotten all about it. “I ask you to please do not destroy Shiori-ojousama’s beautiful dream this time around.” Mei tells him that is a fake world and does he think that Shiori will truly happy with this. Shinobu asks back, “Then, do you consent on giving Shibata Rihito back to Shiori-ojousama?” Mei stutters and couldn’t answer him. Shinobu says, “That’s right. In the end, you still cannot do anything. You basically have no plans on sincerely helping Shiori-ojousama and yet, here you are, talking about some principles. I really won’t even dare compliment about your conduct. *smiles* Come, it’s this way.” After a pause, Mei asks Shinobu if this is really okay. “Since within Shiori-ojousama’s memories, there is no you.. Won’t you also feel lonely..?” Shinobu says no, on contrary, one should say that he is happier [about this]. Mei asks, “..happy..?” Turning away from her, Shinobu says that it is because he can do this [show Shiori affection] out in the open. Mei looks surprised at him. Then, Shinobu apologizes for blurting out a secret and tells Mei that they are here.

Opening the door, Shinobu tells her that the rose fragrance here is very strong so she should be careful and not be intoxicated by it. Mei looks surprised for the room is filled with roses and dotted with some Greek-style columns. In the middle is a wheel chair where Shiori is sitting, facing away from Mei. Shiori asks if she is Shinonome Mei. Surprised Mei says that she is. Turning the wheelchair around, Shiori says that Mei’s name is really cute. Then, Shiori introduces herself as Hongo Shiori. Mei looks mesmerized by her and thinks that Shiori didn’t change a bit. She actually looks ‘lively’ than before. Mei remembers Shinobu telling her that right now, Shiori is living an incomparably happy life. Mei sadly wonders if Shiori really feels happy. Interrupting Mei’s thoughts, Shiori apologizes and asks if Mei can come to her since her eyes cannot see. Mei has forgotten about this. She quickly tells Shiori, okay. Mei kneels in front of Shiori for Shiori to touch her face. Shiori smiles and says that Mei’s features are cute. Mei awkwardly thanks Shiori for her compliment. Shiori tells Mei that she has heard from ‘Rihito’ that just like her, Mei has run away together with her beloved butler. Mei says, “Ah..” Shiori says that Mei is the same with her, for she had abandoned her grandfather and the position of being Hongo’s heir. “Because, with only ‘Rihito’ by my side, I’m perfectly contented. *touching Mei’s face and smiles* The two of us are really alike.” Mei looks bothered as she sees the ‘her in the mirror’ smiling. “Really so similar.” Then, the real Rihito manages to go onboard the ship. He is surprised when someone says that he is right on schedule. Rihito follows the voice that is leading him until he finds himself in front of a double door. Rihito opens the door and sees ‘himself’ standing by the fireplace of the living room. ‘Rihito’ looks at him and says, “Welcome, Shibata Rihito.”

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