July 5, 2011

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 22]

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Smiling Jun says, “—Come, Your Highness Yuulin, we should go. Please pack your luggage quickly and prepare to leave this place.” Yuulin exclaims in shock that Jun himself specially came to fetch her. Flustered Yuulin says that she still cannot go back. Smiling dark Jun says, “Hahaha- what are you saying. You’re being fired. Sacked! Didn’t I say that useless workers should quickly go back to their hometown?” Yuulin goes into shock. Pushing up his glasses, Jun sighs and says, “Really.. you’re always doing some unnecessary things. Leaving the palace on your own initiative and the last straw is that you even harbored an evil desire towards His Majesty. Let me tell you, as a small worker, what are you planning to do?” Yuulin wonders what this ‘evil desire’ is. Then, she remembers telling Suigetsu that she likes Reishou. Aghast Yuulin protests about that, but Jun prepares to leave. He tells her, “Next time, I’ll just hire a worker who is more serious at work. Ah, by the way, your debt didn’t even decrease much so just use your whole lifetime to pay it back. Bwahahaha” Trying to run after him, Yuulin shouts, “Wa..please wait. It’s really not like that! *cries* That is simply, just an act--!!” Yuulin wakes up when Kouju happily greets her a good morning and tells her to get up. Looking aghast, Yuulin thinks that it is just a dream but it seemed too real. Kouju asks Yuulin if she is alright for it seems that she is in anguish. Still shaken by the dream, Yuulin assures Kouju that she is alright. Yuulin tells herself to calm down. It was just a simple conversation which ended up in that direction = Suigetsu asking if she likes His Majesty to which Yuulin said yes. “Acting as Her Highness, of course, the answer can only be one answer *blushing* and there is no other meaning to it. It’s work. A job! It isn’t something that I’m going to be fired for..” Kouju happily calls Yuulin and tells her to look at that side. Kouju hands her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Kouju says that His Majesty has sent someone early in the morning to bring them to her. She also tells her that other room is filled with flowers. “Even if you are not beside him, His Majesty is always thinking of you, Your Highness.” Yuulin blushes really red over this. She thinks that it isn’t like that, it is just an act as a loving husband-wife. “Heart, don’t go thump thump and jumping around on me. How ‘His Majesty’ treats ‘Her Highness’ is such an exaggeration. Geez, that guy-- *touching the flowers* Calm down. Calm down. ..I want to quickly end this confusion. I obviously wanted to go back quickly..”

At the palace, Jun tells Reishou that the next agenda is a usual meeting with the ministers. He then asks Reishou if he wants to rest a bit for the officials had been fearful and exhausted because of him. Dark Reishou says that isn’t this normal, for the Wolf King is a loathsome character. Jun is speechless over that. Reishou glumly adds that there is even some guy who is afraid of him [Reishou], that he won’t come to work. Jun asks if Reishou is referring to Suigetsu. Jun tells him that Suigetsu is a different case and that is also quite troublesome for Chancellor Han. Then, Jun seriously tells Reishou that regarding Yuulin’s staying at the Han residence, he still cannot just, not mind it so before things become unfavorable, about ‘dealing with it’.. Frowning Reishou quietly listens. Back to Kouju’s place, Yuulin is told that there is an emissary from the palace, sent to see her. Yuulin becomes nervous for she remembers that ‘You are fired by Jun’ dream. To her surprise, it is Ryu Houen. Surrounded by flowers, Houen politely says that Her Servant has been entrusted by His Majesty to bring these to her. Yuulin thinks that it is flowers again. Houen tells her if she has any message for His Majesty, she can tell it to him so that he can pass it on. Blushing Yuulin tells him to tell His Majesty that she has been spending time freely without any inconvenience. She thinks that actually from here, she should be saying that she’s going back. Displeased Houen looks at her and says that he totally knows that this is something that he shouldn’t be interfering with, but would she let him say one sentence. Houen angrily tells shock Yuulin, “Are you an idiot? Stop making irresponsible remarks and just go back to the harem already! The Princess leaving His Majesty’s side and going to His Servant’s resident to visit? How could you do such a careless thing? It really makes one unable to believe it! Without even thinking, you’re acting like a spoiled child towards His Majesty. Doing whatever it is that you just thought, there should be some propriety!” Aghast Yuulin thinks that what he said is fundamentally more than one sentence. Trembling, Yuulin tells him that she is only staying over at a friend’s house and for Houen to speak like that is really over the top. Houen scowls at her and asks if she really think that way. “You’re such an outrageous Princess.” Yuulin couldn’t answer back for she also knew that. “Of course, I know that it isn’t a good thing for the Princess to go out of the harem. But, I still have not.. I do not have the confidence to go back, and properly act. If I weren’t able to do the Princess job then I’ll really be fired.” They were interrupted by Suigetsu who says that there is some reason for that. Smiling, he asks Houen to sit down and he’ll prepare some tea. Houen grumbles that it is Han Suigetsu. Suigetsu says that they should be talking about some other interesting topics like the Spring Banquet. Yuulin thinks that Suigetsu has come to help her by changing the topic.

While making tea, Suigetsu says that first of all, he thinks that they should prepare a huge [music] band and a dance group to show His Majesty’s great... Houen interrupts by saying that a royal activity/event should be done more solemnly. Houen argues that what’s important is real progress and guaranteeing safety for if one only thinks of the appearance, there is a possibility that it will be thought of as superficial and fake. Suigetsu retorts back if that is so, and if one is only to ‘copy mechanically without attempting for originality’ [/too formal?], then one might be mistaken over the essence of the ceremony. While the two are busy debating, Yuulin watches them and thinks that it seems that she had this feeling before, as if she has seen this kind of scene in some place before. Then, she remembers that some days ago, she was watching Chancellor Shisei and Chancellor Gikou arguing before her. Yuulin thinks, “Ryu vs Han re-enactment!? *sweatdrops* Together with these guys’ fathers, their relationship isn’t good, either?” Still smiling, Suigetsu tells scowling Houen that no matter what is said, this is the first Spring Banquet that is going to be held, since His Majesty ascended to the throne so it won’t do if it isn’t done well. After a pause, Houen tells Suigetsu that he can really talk, yet he won’t dare stand in front of His Majesty [to say all that]..so this is just a waste of time. Houen looks at startled Yuulin and asks if he can already take his leave. Yuulin exclaims yes. After Houen leaves, Yuulin trembles in anger at how Houen looked at her with contempt, and it seems that Houen was unwilling to go out from the palace as an emissary to the Princess who has abandoned her duty. Suigetsu sadly says that if he is going to seriously work like that, then it is possible that he’ll lose his heart and other important things. Aghast, Yuulin says no, it seems that that kind of thinking isn’t exactly right. Suigetsu looks at her in puzzlement. Dispirited Yuulin tells him that even if the current her might perhaps, not be able to speak persuasively but working is really worthy of respect. Yuulin groans and thinks that she really wants to quickly go back to work. Smiling Suigetsu says that Her Highness is really bewildering [/incomprehensible]. That is a shock for Yuulin for she has been told to be bewildering, by a bewildering guy.

Taking a cup of tea to give to Yuulin, Suigetsu says that she is totally dearly loved by His Majesty. “Not knowing about the palace’s affairs and doing this baffling thing.. it is also understandable why Ryu Houen is worried.” Taking the cup, Yuulin widens her eyes in puzzlement and asks, “..Worry?” Suigetsu says that is right, Houen is very worried for Her Highness has unconsciously and unwittingly got involved into this power struggle. “--..It’s like this. Right now, within the palace, regarding who will be responsible for the Spring Banquet, ..it will be Your Highness who is going to decide on it.” Yuulin goes into shock and exclaims, “..e.eh!? Why me!?” Suigetsu says that it seems that she isn’t aware of it. “--a few days ago, didn’t the two Chancellors go, to see you regarding the Spring Banquet? Then, afterwards, Her Highness went here to visit.. Regarding this issue, it seems that a lot of people thought of it that way.” Aghast Yuulin shouts that it isn’t like that and His Majesty will not make her decide on such an important issue. Suigetsu tells her that even if that is the truth, the people around do not think that way because Her Highness is a special existence to His Majesty. “The disagreement between the Ryu family and the Han family is very serious. This time around, everyone is paying attention as to which side, His Majesty will choose. ..please, you should also be careful. Even if you are unaware of it but you are also in the middle of this problem.” Somewhere in the palace, the man, who told Gikou before that Yuulin went to Kouju’s place, tells Gikou that it really displeases him to see the Han faction looking happy as the day [of decision] approaches. “—Chancellor Gikou, if this continues on..” Gikou asks if he is saying that Her Highness is still staying at Han’s family residence. The man says yes, and His Majesty even sent someone to give flowers to her, thus His Majesty’s love for her has not been affected, by a little bit. Gikou tells him that someone like Her Highness is special and for him [officials of lower ranking] to get close, isn’t a good thing. “I’ll just wait for her to return to the palace and I might admonish her with a sentence, and that will be enough.” The man bows and says that it will be just as Gikou said.

That night, Yuulin couldn’t sleep. She thinks that she only went to a friend’s house and she never thought that this thing will be misunderstood that way. “During that time, I was really shock.. *Chomp!* and I have no other place to go.. *flustered Yuulin went to Kouju’s place* I feel that if I don’t quickly go back, things will become huge and it won’t be less than reassuring. *Dream Jun says that she is a useless worker* Because of an inconsiderate request based on my personal emotion, if I were to create problems for His Majesty, then, that’s too disappointing. It’s already not good if I don’t stir myself up properly. I should change my feelings and get back to work! ‘Not knowing anything, not thinking of anything, acting only as a Princess on the surface’. It is only like that. It’s fine if I can only do that. It isn’t something difficult to do.” Her thoughts are interrupted when a maid apologizes for disturbing her so late at night. “There is an emissary from the palace.” Yuulin asks, at this time. The maid says, “Yes. ..it is a secret visit by His Majesty’s close aide, Li Jun. Can I ask Your Highness if you want to see him or not?” Yuulin looks really afraid that he’s here. Somehow, she manages to mutter yes. While walking to meet with Jun, Yuulin thinks, “While I’m procrastinating, he really came! What to do, what to do, how should I prepare myself. *Dream Jun telling her that she’s fired* In the end, it will be like in that dream, right!? *Yuulin sees the servant telling Jun, who is wearing a hooded cape to come in* --no, even if it is not like that, first of all, I will absolutely going to be scolded!!” Jun is walking straight at Yuulin. Standing really straight and stiff, Yuulin exclaims, “I’m...I’m really sorry, Li Jun-sama. I wasn’t deliberately causing trouble for everyone--” She stops in surprise when Jun reaches out his hand to her face. It turns out that ‘Jun’ is Reishou. Reishou touches her face and says that she is quite lively. Yuulin looks at him in surprise and says, “You..Your..Majesty..?” Yuulin blushes and freaks out over this. Reishou tells her to keep it down, he is on a secret visit and he doesn’t want other people to know. As Reishou takes off his hood, Yuulin thinks, “No way- how can it be that the king himself came here!?” Yuulin’s heart is beating fast and loud.

Wolf mode Reishou asks, “—you’ve said that when you have calmed down, you’ll go back. I’m sorry to ask you this.. how long do I have to wait, Yuulin? It cannot keep on being like this, since this kind of situation of is just dragging things on.. just go back to the palace.” Yuulin cannot handle the loud and fast beating of her heart that she tearfully breaks away from him. Yuulin exclaims for surprised Reishou not to get close to her. Yuulin thinks that she still has no way of doing it. “My heart is beating so fast as if it is going to jump out. I have no way of looking at his face.” Reishou asks her if she is still angry. Shaking her head, Yuulin says no, it is her problem. Reishou asks, “—Are you still afraid?” As tears continues to fall, Yuulin thinks that his voice sounds cold. “It has been a long time since I have seen the Wolf King. *remembers Suigetsu saying that she likes Reishou even if he is scary and cold-hearted.* It isn’t like that. It isn’t ‘like’ and if I were to like him, I have no way of returning to his side.” Crying Yuulin apologizes to Reishou. After a pause, Reishou tells her, “..I’ve always thought of not forcing you [/your heart] –so, I permitted you to go out. If you need time, then I also gave you time. But right now, I won’t accept that refusal. *Yuulin continues to cry with closed eyes.* --Yuulin, only for now, can you deceive yourself and act for me. ..It is also okay even if it is just for a moment. *holding Yuulin’s face up to his* As a Princess who deeply loves me, nod and go back with me.” Yuulin looks at him in surprise and thinks, “Ah. Love..--!!?” Reishou quickly catches her before she falls down [from shock]. Reishou looks at her then lightly carries her on his shoulder. A note says that Yuulin has lost her strength thus she cannot resist. Reishou says, “Okay, if you got any objections, I’ll hear about it later on.” Reishou carries Yuulin out to a carriage where a driver is waiting. Yuulin is trembling and blushing. She thinks, “What’s up with this man!? What does he want me to do!? Detest..I really detest the Wolf King!! *Reishou tells the driver that they are going* It’s already over. There’s no way out. If this keeps up, I’ll quickly go through the finish line, where I’ll be fired--!!! Waaahh” Nearby the area, some suspicious men say that a woman is put inside the carriage and it is heading towards the harem. As they pull out their swords, someone say, “—Chase after it. The Wolf King’s Princess is inside.”

Scans by 狼陛下汉化組.


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