July 5, 2011

Faster than a Kiss [Chapter 44]

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The elder Sasa is smiling. He tells Kazuma to become an amazing person just like his father and he [Sasa] really, eagerly anticipate that day. Narration: “‘It would be nice if Sasa is my father’. How many times did I want to say those words but it stops in my lips because Sasa as a ‘secretary’ cannot change his position but I still..” At the hospital, the doctor tells the worried group led by Fumino that Kazuma only lack sleep so he collapsed. Even if he has a slight fever, but Kazuma is very healthy. The doctor wants Kazuma to be confined for a day since he would want to examine that foot. Ryuu tells the doctor that they’ll leave it up to him. Teppei asks the doctor if Kazuma is alright. The doctor assures him that he is fine. Fumino sits on the floor in relief. Shoma tartly tells Fumino that she is living together with Kazuma so how could she be that unconcerned [/didn’t notice] about Kazuma’s health that he wasn’t sleeping properly. Meg tells Shoma not to say it that way for it isn’t a grave illness and wasn’t he also very worried that he insisted on going to this hospital which he is familiar with. Embarrassed Shoma tells her to shut up. Then, Fumino sees the younger Sasa walking at the hallway. She calls him as Akio-san. This surprises Akio that he asks her how she knew his name. Fumino bows to him and thanks him for saving them earlier. She tells him that Kazuma has told her regarding the past. Akio offers to drive her home to get the things that young master Kazuma will need at the hospital. Fumino tells the others that she’ll leave for a while. Teppei and Ryuu bid her goodbye. Shoma is saying that for Fumino to sit in Sasa’s car, would she be coming back. Meg teases him for being worried. While sitting in the car that Akio is driving, Fumino thinks about Kazuma being called ‘young master and Akio is quite modest, compared to the Akio that she heard from Kazuma. Akio asks her how much she knows about Kazuma’s past. Fumino tells her that it is the time when Kazuma is in kindergarten and also because of Sasa-san, Akio’s father, Kazuma finally knew what is ‘loneliness’ is. Fumino[/Akio] thinks that it is such a sad yet warm part of Kazuma’s life.

Akio tells her that his father didn’t treat young master Kazuma as a family or his being a secretary towards Kazuma, though even if it is like that, some of the feeling has still, slowly penetrated into Kazuma’s heart and softened it, as well as fulfill Kazuma’s longing for family affection. Kazuo, Akio’s father, will always remind Kazuma that the ‘father in his eyes’ should be Kazuma’s father and not him. It is like some incantation to keep on telling Kazuma that Kazuma’s father is great and really amazing. Akio tells Fumino that honestly speaking, he doesn’t consider some father to be great if he would send his own son to his subordinate’s house to take care of that child. This surprises Fumino that Akio tells her that is being rude [to his boss] and to keep this a secret since it is in the past. Akio continues his story that during the time he doesn’t know of, Kazuma learned that his ‘super busy’ father has already re-married with some other woman and had a son. Then, Kazuma was hurriedly made to return back to the Ojiro family. It gave Kazuma such a deep impression of confusion and hopelessness. Flashback: Kazuo, the elder Sasa, told young Kazuma that his father definitely wanted to give Kazuma a new family. Kazuma said that he totally wasn’t consulted about this. Kazuo told downcast Kazuma that regarding Akio, from today on, they will be taking care of him and he will be staying at his house. Kazuma perked up and asks Akio if this is true. Akio told him, “YOUNG MASTER KAZUMA, please call me ‘Sasa’” Akio and his father had set up a division between them and Kazuma, although they really have no other alternative to do otherwise. To their surprise, Kazuma started to cry and said that he hates..he hates everyone. “I will seal up everything [that happened] here, all of the happiness.. as well as the sadness. Afterwards, you guys, do not care about me anymore.” So from that day on, young master Kazuma severed off such emotions. *Fumino becomes teary-eyed after hearing that*

When Kazuma reaches high school, he ran away from home and that is when Akio started to take care of him and at the same time, secretly watched over Kazuma’s every move. End flashback. “—but, I totally never imagined that he’ll be living with his student.” This made Fumino blush really red. Akio admits to her that if it is him, he will absolutely not tolerate anything that will make young master Kazuma do such a dangerous action but it cannot be helped. “—Young master Kazuma unexpectedly showed such a happy expression (so right now, he definitely--) A few days ago, my father is also hospitalized. It is a grave illness and because his body is weak, I thought that he also really wanted to see young master Kazuma. So, I sent him a letter. ([see him] While my father is still alive--) Right now, it is like an insect saying its prayer..” At the hospital, Kazuma wakes up and looks surprised. Ryuu says that he’s awake. As shocked Kazuma sits up, Teppei worriedly asks if his foot hurts and does he still have a fever. Kazuma says that he is fine and asks if he had fallen unconscious. Ryuu scolds him that it is lack of sleep and a sprain, he should liven up a bit. [<- probably take care of himself more]. While Kazuma is gloomy over being reprimanded, Teppei hugs him tight. Fumino arrives and exclaims that he is awake. Ryuu tells Fumino that he’ll go home first and leave Teppei to her. Fumino thanks him. As Fumino takes Teppei to cuddle, Kazuma apologizes to her. Fumino exclaims what he is saying when his sprain and fever is all because of her. Touching her nose with his finger, Kazuma says that it is nothing and it’s good that she is alright. Blushing Fumino apologizes again with a bow, but she ends up hitting Teppei’s head because Teppei is sitting on her lap. ^^; While Fumino apologizes to Teppei, Kazuma gestures for her to keep the noise down. He asks her what’s up. Kazuma pouts when she told him that Akio told her about Kazuma’s past including about the letter.

As Kazuma puts on his glasses, Fumino thinks that in the end, he didn’t say about that dark and serious memory which he bears. Kazuma is clenching his fist on the blanket. Wondering if it is okay, Fumino holds Kazuma’s hand. Kazuma looks at her then asks what he should do. To his surprise, Fumino, carrying Teppei, suddenly rushes out of the room. Then, she returns with some clutches. Fumino shouts for Kazuma to quickly see Kazuo right now. Fumino wonders if it is okay if the two share responsibilities. Kazuma finally says, okay. While Kazuma tries to get up using the clutch, Fumino tells him that Akio told her that Kazuo is also admitted in the same hospital. Kazuma asks her what the number of the room is. Shoma comes in and tells Kazuma not to be like this. He cannot go out because he still has a fever. Kazuma tells him that it is alright, he can still walk. Fumino asks Shoma if Akio is still around. Since they snub him, Shoma is angry that he exclaims if they weren’t listening to him. “It isn’t that necessary, and why don’t you go back to bed and rest. *pulls curtains* Because he is staying beside you.” Everyone is surprised including Kazuo who is reading a book on a bed beside Kazuma’s. Nervous and flustered Kazuo says, “Long time no see.” Kazuma is quite shock. Shoma quickly grabs Fumino and Teppei, and tells his brother that they will go out first. Outside, Shoma quickly slams the door on them. Meg and Fumino say that Shoma is amazing. Shoma tells them that his brother isn’t the only one who was taken care of Sasa-san. After posing midway for them to wait, Kazuma blushes as he looks at smiling Kazuo. Kazuo asks if his body is okay. Sitting down and putting the clutches at the side, Kazuma asks back if Kazuo is okay since he has become thin. Kazuo laughs and says that of course, after 20 years, he’ll definitely become old. Kazuma thinks that after 20 years, Kazuo is now wrinkled and has white hair. Still glancing at a book, Kazuo says that it has been such a long time but he hasn’t forgotten about young master Kazuma.

Kazuma notices the book that Kazuo is reading. He quickly grabs it and looks at it. To Kazuma’s embarrassing horror, it turns out to be an album/scrapbook of his high school delinquent years. The pictures were taken secretly. Kazuma exclaims loudly about not knowing about the existence of those pictures. Kazuo happily tells him that he made Akio secretly take those pictures. Showing him a pile of albums, Kazuo says that it is all filed up accordingly from elementary, junior high, high school and until he enter society. Trembling and aghast, Kazuma asks why. Kazuo says that he gave it for the Ojiro family to see. Closing the album, serious Kazuma says that it is now a useless thing so did Kazuo took it back. Kazuo says yes, but he has no way of throwing them away because of his feeling. Kazuma looks surprised. Kazuo says, “During the four years when I lived together with young master Kazuma, it is always like having a grand dream. ‘It will be nice if he is my own son’ (This is something that I absolutely cannot cross over. Behind that protective screen, I’ve always hesitating.) *bowing to Kazuma with both hands on the bed* Giving you so much painful memories and not being able to do anything for you. I’m really, truly sorry.” Kazuma tells him that he should be the one who is saying sorry. Kazuo looks surprised. Touching his hand, Kazuma says, “You’ve already given me so much love but I haven’t even thanked you. (and also) I had been really happy during those four years with you. Thank you.. Quickly get well soon, PAPA. (two separate hearts had once again been reunited.)” Kazuo looks surprised by what Kazuma said. He touches teary-eyed Kazuma’s face and says, “You’ve already grown up..” Akio watches over them from outside.

Later on, at their house, Fumino is surprised when Kazuma says that he’s home. Fumino exclaims that wasn’t he going to be hospitalized. Kazuma says that his foot doesn’t hurt and he doesn’t have a fever anymore so he went home. Fumino asks him about Sasa-san. Kazuma tells her that there’s no problem, they have already properly talked and that is enough. Narration: “She knows about my serious past.” While Teppei pours tea for Kazuma, Kazuma asks Fumino what she felt upon learning his past, did it shock her? Narration: “I’m very afraid whether she’ll pity me or she’ll running away from my side.” Fumino clings on Kazuma’s shirt and says that she isn’t shock by it. Blushing, Fumino looks at him and says, “I only thought of making sensei become even more happier..” Kazuma looks surprised by this. Narration: “But, contrary to what I imagined, my wife turns out to be quite strong.” Hugging Fumino, Kazuma kisses her on the cheek and says, “Thank you. I like you.” Then, Kazuma pushes her down on the floor. Fumino freaks out and tells him to wait. Fumino blushes and freaks out even more when Kazuma tells her that later on, after they give birth to a child, how about they let Sasa see the child but then, that will happen in the far future. Fumino screams and says that what he said and what he is currently doing is totally different. Kazuma just laughs. And while they are lovey-dovey, Teppei has neatly poured the drink to three glasses. Last scene: On the second day, Akio has recruited Ryuu to help him take lot sorts of pictures of Kazuma, secretly for them, that will make Kazuma remorse his life [<- humiliating/embarrassing pictures]. Akio gives Ryuu a hat for disguise and an mp3 type of camera. Ryuu exclaims okay and those things are amazing. A note says that essentially, Akio is still the same. =P

Scans by 夜鶯工作室.

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