July 5, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapter 104]

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Mei wakes up and wonders where she is. She suddenly sits up and looks at the side of the bed. Rihito isn’t there. She rushes out and there’s no sign of Rihito in the room. Just when she is thinking if he.., Mei notices a note on the table. It is from Rihito who greeted her a good morning and apologized for not prepare her breakfast himself. He had asked the hotel to prepare her meals. “Today, there is a necessity for me to go and finish something. Before I return, please do not leave the room. Please do not worry, I will come back very quickly.” Mei remembers that before leaving the academy, Rihito told him about those two butlers having some other intention so he would want to investigate them in some other ways. Mei wonders what that intention is. “In the end.. Rihito-san is busy.. and even in a little bit, I still wasn’t able to help him..” Soon, it is night. Mei is already eating her dinner. She looks at the clock which seems to show that it is around 7 o’ clock. [<- Too dark to see clearly ^^;] She remembers Rihito telling her that he’ll come back quickly. Mei takes a bite of her food and thinks that Rihito is a liar. Then, she begins to wonder if he got into some accident/trouble. She dismisses that thought and believes that Rihito is alright. Then, she worries again if Rihito will be okay since he is only one while those butlers are two. “If Shibata is here...” Then, she becomes flustered because Kento told her that he’ll disappear from her life so goodbye. She once again thinks, “No way! I only have to tell him the reason, and Shibata will definitely help me! *takes up the phone and puts it on her ear*... ...ah? What is Shibata’s cellphone number? *falls on her knees* ..idiot..! I’m such a huge idiot! Not only Shibata’s number, I also do not know the other butler’s numbers.. how can this be..” A note says that ojousama-s don’t carry cellphones except for Miruku.

Then, Mei tries to think of some other phone number that she remembers. In some house, Natsumi* gets a phone call. [<- invented name based on kanji 夏美] She asks her mother who it is. Her mother tells her that she’ll know once she answers it. Natsumi is surprised that it is Mei. Note says that Natsumi is her best friend since elementary. Natsumi tells her that Kento hasn’t come back and wasn’t Kento supposed to be in the same school as Mei. Mei says that is right but a lot of things happened. Mei asks her to pass a message for her if Kento goes back there. Natsumi says that it is okay. When Kanata [Baseball guy] is about to eat, the phone rings. Kanata is asked to pass a message to Kento, and it is urgent. Kanata tries to call Kento but it is busy. He wonders if Kento is at work but since it seems like urgent. He then remembers something. Kanata calls Kei [actor fiance] who is preparing at the dressing room. While he is given a drink and put make-up on, Kei is also asked to pass the message to Shinnosuke [Kei’s manager; likes Izumi]. A note says that Kei managed to revive his showbiz career. Holding a book, Shinnosuke says he understands but he is no longer at the academy so can he give him some time. Then, Kiba gets a call from Shinnosuke. Kiba tries to tell him that he’ll call him later on [since he is still serving Izumi’s dinner. I think only first course is served because of the empty soup bowl.] Then, Kiba is surprised by what Shinnosuke told him. Kiba goes to Izumi and apologizes for disturbing her but there is a message from Shinnosuke. Izumi becomes dark over hearing that name. Izumi reads the note in front of everyone – ‘Shitai went to Steel Wire. At arena, catching fireflies. Faction really delicious ♡ Fujiko buy desktop computer.’ [<- that is literal and, suppose to be a pun of the real message.] The other girls are puzzled about the message especially Fujiko who doesn’t need a computer. Soon, Shinnosuke tells Kei, who tells Kanata, who tells Natsumi that the message has been received. Natsumi tells Mei that it was a success. Delighted, Mei thanks her.

After hanging up the phone, Mei waits for Kento’s phone call. Rrrringgg. Mei quickly picks it up and says, “Hello?” The other line says, “Mei..?” Mei is surprised for it is Izumi. Izumi says that it’s good to know that she is okay. Izumi is using a new technology phone that has a 100% effective scrambler. Kiba is glad that it was a success. Leon congratulates the ones who tried to decipher the message. Nezu is the one who guessed the message right – ‘Please tell Shibata! I’m currently at Harbor Hotel room 118, I’m using Fujiko’s name to register in. Please make him quickly contact me.’ Daimon had a headache for trying to guess. Aoyama has a new respect for Nezu who managed to understand the message. After a long pause, Mei apologizes to Izumi for secretly leaving the academy on her own. Izumi says that if it is convenient for her, can Mei tell her the reason. Afterwards, Izumi says, “..I understand. Kanzaki and others are heading out right now. Mei, stay right there and wait for them to arrive.” Mei asks her about Kento. Izumi tells her that Kento isn’t there. Surprised, Mei says that Kento isn’t at Four either. After a pause, Izumi tells her that Kento left the academy to chase after them, together with those two butlers. Mei is surprised over this. Izumi tells Mei to listen carefully, for right now, Kento is treating Shibata Rihito as the culprit for kidnapping her. “He will, treat Shibata-san as.. an enemy that must be defeated.” Mei is totally shock over this. Then, Izumi is surprised when Mei hangs up on her. Thinking over what Izumi just told her, Mei mentally tells Kento that it isn’t like that.

To her surprise, the phone starts ringing again. She wonders if it is Rihito. Mei answers it and it is from the front desk. The receptionist tells her that right now, s/he will pass the phone to her companion. The other line says, “..Mei-ojousama.” Mei happily exclaims, “Rihito-san..!?” Rihito tells her to prepare a bit and then head down. “I’ll be waiting for you at the first floor.” Mei says okay. Mei is really happy that Rihito is safe and sound. The elevator opens and she sees Rihito waiting for her. She rushes to him when Rihito holds her shoulder and says that they will be going out the back door for someone is chasing after them so they have to hurry. Mei exclaims if it is Kento who are chasing after them. Rihito asks how she knew. While running through the harbor, Mei thinks, “So, it is..” Mei apologizes and says that it is because she is really worried about him so she contacted Izumi who told her about it. “Shibata, he.. thought that you had kidnapped me, then afterwards, escape.. so he is with those other two butlers, wanting to catch you.. He is totally mistaken.. for it is I, who wanted to go away with you!” Mei is surprised to see a huge antique [like a pirate] ship with some rose-type decorations, waiting at the pier. Rihito tells her to quickly board that ship. After boarding up the ship, Mei looks around and thinks that ship is huge but then, how come she doesn’t see any other person there. Rihito tells her to follow him to that side. While walking behind him, Mei asks Rihito about the ship. With a different voice, Rihito says, “For you, Mei-ojousama, to be deceived.. it seems that my disguise this time around has been quite a success..” Surprised Mei recognizes the voice and wonders, “Could it be..” ‘Rihito’ takes off his wig and says, “It has been a long time since I’ve seen you, Mei-ojousama.” Mei thinks, “Shinobu..san--?”

Scans by 17kkmh.com

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