June 25, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 87]

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Cover page: "Separated for two months, reuniting with Kyouta, Tsubaki will.." Flustered Tsubaki looks at expressionless Kyouta whom she heard will be retained for a year. Her eyes widen when Kyouta turns away from her. While Kyouta is being interrogated by some girls about being retained for a year and Kyouta is surprised where they learned about it, Tsubaki thinks that Kyouta has looked away from her without situation. She dismisses it as something inevitable, because it is her fault that his life is all messed up. Putting his arm around Kyouta, Nishiki points to him where his seat is and asks if he is going to class. Kyouta tells him how could he and isn’t it obvious because of his [casual] clothes. Then, Kyouta notices that Tsubaki is looking really flustered as if she is on the verge of tears. The school bell rings. The teacher comes in and tells the student that is enough, lunch break is over. Some girls tell Kyouta to come back to school soon. Nishiki bids Kyouta goodbye. Looking down and holding her other arm, Tsubaki thinks that it isn’t easy seeing each other after two months of separation. Kyouta walks to his seat and sits down. He calls out to the teacher that he’s not going to do anything when he gets back home so can he sit in class. Flustered Tsubaki looks up when the teacher says that it is okay. The teacher tells Tsubaki to share her textbook with Kyouta. Tsubaki says yes. Tsubaki pushes her table to Kyouta’s then puts the textbook in between their tables. Tsubaki urges him to look but to her shock, Kyouta won’t look at it. Tsubaki continues to be flustered then she writes a note on a sheet of her notebook and passes it to Kyouta to read. “I’m sorry. If you are going to be retained for a year, then even if I apologize.. [/it’s my fault] I’m really very sorry..” Tsubaki closes her eyes and braces for an answer. Kyouta looks at her then takes a pen from her pencil case. Tsubaki opens her eyes to see what he is doing then closes them again. Her heart is beating fast and loud. She opens her eyes again to see the note that Kyouta put on her table. “I won’t be retained. It’s barely enough. [/Do not worry about it, it is alright.] Getting well is also going smoothly. By the way..we are seatmates again.” [<-About being retained, from what I’ve understood, it is an almost but it is okay now so no need to worry about.] Tsubaki looks flustered-surprised for even if Kyouta had a right arm fracture, he can already do this..writing well to this extent. “After we separated, he had properly done his best. *Flashback of Kyouta hugging her and promising that he’ll get well soon. She promised to find her own future.* Compared to Tsubaki-kun, I..”

Kyouta notices that Tsubaki is looking really frustrated. He puts another note to her. “Congratulates on being a model.” Tsubaki goes, ‘ha’. So, Kyouta says, ‘Popular cute braid’. That is the title of the article that features Tsubaki and Hiro’s work. Tsubaki immediately stands up and exclaims if he saw that. The teacher angrily scolds her to be quiet. Tsubaki apologizes and sits down. She thinks that it is Sakura who showed it to Kyouta. Kyouta gives her another note. “By the way, are you fundamentally the type of person who can do that kind of thing? You’ve changed for a short period of time when we had not seen each other.” Thinking that it isn’t like that, Tsubaki quickly writes an answer back to him. “It isn’t like that!! I basically didn’t know that a picture will be taken [and put on the magazine] that until now, I’m still baffled by it!” The rest says that she is being used as a model by a hairstylist, then, a picture is taken etc. [Sorry, it is a bit small so it is hard to read/make sense of ^^;] Kyouta is surprised by how long her answer is. He holds up a paper which says, “Did you have fun taking the picture [because she is smiling]?” Tsubaki blushes and mutters, “That is..” She writes her answer. Flashback: Hiro, together with a photographer, scratched his head and told glum Tsubaki to smile a bit. Tsubaki told him that it is only going to be used as a reference so shouldn’t it be okay to just take a picture of the hairstyle. “And, it is also unnecessary to put on make-up like this.. and even change my clothes.. how short [this shirt is].” To her irritation, Hiro told her that she doesn’t know anything. “Facial expression, make-up, and clothes, are all parts of a whole. If these parts aren’t coordinated with the braided hairstyle, then even if the braid itself is well done, then it is a failed work. Speaking of that, look at these strange expressions, would anyone want to have their hair braided [upon seeing that]? You are currently ruining my work [of art/hairstyle].” Hiro shows Tsubaki of her earlier photographs. One is a forced airhead kind of smile while the other one, Tsubaki is frowning. Flustered, Tsubaki apologized and asked, “Will this do?” Tsubaki smiled in a forceful way that made her look creepy.

Hiro and the photographer were aghast. The photographer asked Hiro what to do for they can’t use that. Hiro agreed with him. Hiro smiled and asked Tsubaki that she has a cute bracelet and from the start, he has been curious about it. Bending down to Tsubaki, Hiro told her that camellia [/tsubaki in japanese] style Tiara Link really suits her. Tsubaki asked if it is true. She held it up and said that it is given to her as a birthday gift. While gesturing to the photographer to get ready/take pictures, Hiro asked if it is given to her by her boyfriend. Blushing Tsubaki says that is true. Hiro said that guy isn’t bad at all, and she ought to be going steady with that nice guy. This made Tsubaki blushed and smiled. While holding the bracelet, Tsubaki said yes, it is a guy who suits her yet he is a bit wasteful [for buying something very expensive. The other translation is he is the person whom she always admired.] End flashback. Note: “So, that is when I inadvertently thought of you that I’ve shown that expression. It is really embarrassing.. Please forget about it.. *That made Kyouta blush.* The bracelet always supported me. I’ve always been wearing the bracelet just like what you’ve told me (except when I’m taking a bath or dressing up). See, even right now..” Kyouta looks at her and sees Tsubaki pulling down her sleeve for him to see the bracelet. This made Kyouta flustered. To Tsubaki’s surprise, Kyouta suddenly put a note on her other arm that is on the table. This made Tsubaki blush and nervous over what he is doing. Then, she notices part of the note asking her if she had quickly found what she wanted to do. Kyouta notices Tsubaki’s frustrated expression which made him realize what the answer is. As the note flies to the ground, Kyouta holds her hand behind the table and tells her, “It’s alright. There’s no need to hurry. I’ll always wait for you.” Then, the class bell rings. Kyouta heads out of the classroom. Some girls ask if he is already leaving and won’t he sit in for the next [6th period] class. Kyouta turns to Tsubaki and smiles at her as if to say, ‘Gambatte’. This made Tsubaki blush and think, “Thank you, Tsubaki-kun.. I’ll definitely, absolutely do my best.”

Later on, determined-looking Tsubaki fixes her hair into a ponytail. When the class is dismissed, Miho starts looking for Tsubaki. She asks Haru if he has knows where she went. Haru says that Tsubaki quickly dashed out of the classroom when the bell rang. Miho laments over this because she wants to know what happened to her and Kyouta during 5th period class. Haru smiles and says that he thinks that it ought to be very good. Miho happily asks if he heard what they talked about. Haru says that even if he didn’t hear it, but it has been such a long time since he has seen Tsubaki looking very bright [/cheerful]. Running on the streets, Tsubaki thinks that from that day on, it is always on her mind – Hiro trimming, ironing and braiding her hair. “After seeing the skill of a hairstylist, it made me feel good and also really ashamed. But compared to that, I couldn’t suppress the thoughts of wanting to learn more about it. *she remembers Hiro telling her that she isn’t suitable for this work because she doesn’t have the perseverance to even convince her parents* Because of those words, I’m finally aware. ‘If for Tsubaki-kun, astronautics is something that can make him lose himself and be very passionate about’ then, the reason why I wasn’t able to find it, no matter how I’ve searched for it, is because I’ve already found one. What I must do is apparently, not to look for other paths.” At *parfait parlor, Hiro is blow-drying the hair of a customer when he notices Tsubaki coming in. Tsubaki exclaims, “I..want to become a hairstylist!! Are you still recruiting for a work staff!?” Tsubaki thinks, “And, in order to realize my biggest dream, I should have sufficient perseverance.” After Tsubaki bows and left, the store manager [whom I formerly thought to be the receptionist ^^;] complains to Hiro, who is waving goodbye to Tsubaki, that she already has enough workers and it is troublesome for her that he would add another one without her permission. Hiro says that she already hired Tsubaki and those other things, he’ll just trouble [/leave it] to her. Going back to the cashier, the owner says it is because Hiro asked her so she cannot refuse. It is the same as the last time. Holding the magazine page of Tsubaki, the manager says that this page’s model has obviously already been decided but Hiro suddenly insisted that it has to be this girl. “You have really taken a fancy on that girl.” Hiro laughs and apologizes. He tells her that he always felt concerned [/mindful of Tsubaki]. “Should I say [she’s] very interesting, perhaps I want her to stay at my..side.” Tsubaki happily walks away and touches her bracelet. Next chapter will be on July 5th. Volume 12 on June 24th.

Scans by 17kkmh.com but most of the summary is based on Mercury Studio’s translation.

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