July 14, 2011

The One [Chapter 79]

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Sitting beside sleeping Eros, Lele puts her hands on her chin and watches him intently. Mentally drooling yet not daring to hold his hand tightly else she’ll wake him up, Lele touches the back of Eros’ hand and remembers the warm memories that she felt from it. It is something that she cannot forget even if she tried to. Soon, Lele is caressing the hand with both hands. Then while putting her face on it, she thinks, “And there will be a day, I’ll definitely, definitely.. regain that warmth again--” Her thoughts are interrupted when Eros opens his eyes and angrily shouted what Lele is doing there. As Lele braces for Eros to kick her out again, Eros stops midway from shouting for her to go out since he feels weak and just falls limp beside the bed. After sweatdropping over this, Lele laughs out loud and exclaims that who would have thought that such a day would come for Mr. Violent [/cruel] among fashion show directors. Tucked in bed, Eros is shaking in anger but he couldn’t move. While mentally cursing in frustration, Eros asks her who let her in. Lele says that of course, it is Taylor who went to buy some basic supplies and there is no way for him to take care of Eros for 24 hours. Lele adds that what’s important is, since yesterday until today, except for her congee, Eros would vomit everything that he would eat. Eros couldn’t refute that. Turning around Lele happily says that since he is awake, she is going to feed him so she’ll go get the congee. Eros sits up and shouts that didn’t Lele say that she doesn’t care about him whether he lives or dies. This made Lele stop and realize that Eros didn’t hear a single sentence she shouted as a love confession to him before. She wonders if he had totally forgotten about her unreasonable trust in him since the first time they met. Aghast, Lele turns to face him and tells him not to be shameless for Taylor is paying her for her time, and that is why she agreed to serve/take care of him. Turning around again, Lele asks who would accept such a difficult patient. Lele gets irked when Eros answers back that since it is like that, why doesn’t she just leave because even her congee is useless, and he feels that his illness will become graver upon seeing someone he detest. This made Lele answers back if Eros thinks that she likes him but actually, she is just respecting her elders, and that is why she couldn’t refuse Taylor’s request. Pointing at Eros, Lele shouts that she won’t leave until Taylor returns. Before leaving, Lele dares him to move and fight with her. To Eros’ aghast, Lele laughs at him and says that with his body like that, he would just have to accept his fate.

Later on, Eros shouts what she is doing. Lele has tied Eros up [bind upper body and hands on the back]. Lele happily calls him young master and says that his food is here. In a her nurse uniform, Lele holds up a spoonful of congee and tells him to say, ‘Ah’. While Eros is shouting what’s with that outfit, Lele shoves the spoon in his mouth. To her aghast, Eros promptly vomits it. And, while Eros seems to be vomiting, Lele cracks the whip and hits a lamp cover that falls beside surprised Eros. Lele threatens him not to dare vomit else she’ll wildly whip that weak body of his and it will quickly enable him to see the Heavenly father. “Do you want to go to heaven early, darling~” Eros sweatdrops in aghast over this. Meanwhile, Ulysses shows Angus an island that he bought for n years before. He tells Angus that the villa will be finished soon so he brought him there to look. This will be his second gift to Angus, and they can stay there for a few months to utmost enjoy themselves. Angus didn’t react that Ulysses asks if he isn’t happy about it. Ulysses is surprised when Angus says that he is an expert lover so what is there for him to be dissatisfied about. To Angus’ surprise, Ulysses quickly grabs his face and gives him a kiss. Then, Ulysses angrily bites Angus’ lower lip. After breaking off, he angrily shouts at Angus as to when will Angus understand that everything he is doing isn’t about asking a favor from Angus, but rather, it is to make him happy. Ulysses says that before they were getting along really well during that period of time. From outside, Angus isn’t disobeying his wishes, as if he’s a 100% good lover. “But.. this isn’t what I want! What I want isn’t a doll whose likes and dislikes are being dictated by someone!” As his lip is bleeding, Angus look tense then asks him what does Ulysses want, for didn’t he say that he wants a ‘lover who is willing to do it’, and isn’t that enough. “What else do you want from me?” Angus is surprised when Ulysses points to Angus’ chest. Ulysses exclaims, “Here! Let me in here!” Angus holds Ulysses’ pointing hand and says that is impossible and there is no condition about that in their agreement. This surprises Ulysses. He then hold Angus’ shoulders and tells him that the agreement is dead [non-living thing], and people are living. “If one is a person then he ought to have feelings! Could it be that during this time when we are getting along with each other, you don’t have any feelings for me, even for a little bit?” Angus tells him that he treated him well, they really got along with each other and he likes Ulysses but it isn’t ‘love’. Gesturing to his chest, Angus says that his ‘here’ cannot accommodate other people and he is a person who is incapable of loving ‘someone’. Ulysses asks if that old man [Angus’ father] had really hurt him deeply that Angus lose the basic requirement of [/need to have] ‘love’. Thinking that in his heart, there is only him until forever, Angus says perhaps or perhaps not, probably since he is an emotionally unstable person. “So..please do not have any expectations towards me, Ulysses. I won’t want to hurt you! Within these two years, let us get along with each other but after those two years, please forget about me! Don’t put me in your heart anymore.” This surprises Ulysses.
Back at the couple, Eros has finished clean his bowl of congee. Looking at aghast Eros, Lele happily says that didn’t he finish it all and he didn’t even vomit a single grain of rice..how thoughtful of him. Patting Eros’ face, Lele says that their silver-eyed monster is so obedient and this is how it should be. Eros angrily shouts when Taylor is coming back. Lele happily says, how should she know. At the grocery, Taylor decides to stroll a bit for Eros likes that girl and he would want them to be with each other more. And, that night, after Taylor returned, Lele witnessed how Eros is fighting off the pain. Lele stands by and watches Eros thrashing everything, and shouting in pain as Taylor tries to restrain him. Lele thinks that she thought she could help him just because she is there but she is stunned that while being there, she also couldn’t do anything. While restraining repeatedly twitching Eros, Taylor asks Lele to bring him a towel quick. After Lele bring it to him, Taylor shouts for Lele to quickly roll it up and put it inside Eros mouth. Taylor asks her to be quick in doing it while he restrains Eros, and that is to prevent Eros from biting his tongue. Somehow, Eros pushes[?] Lele away and tells her to go away. Taylor manages to put the rolled up towel in Eros’ mouth and shouts for Eros to listen, and bite into it. Lele watches on and thinks that it is like a shocking scene in a movie that is unfolding right before her eyes, but the lead character who is tormented, is the person whom she is most concerned with, but she.. Soon, Taylor manages to restrain Eros and he tells Lele to go [out of the room] first for what’s left is something that they cannot help Eros in. It is all up to Eros’ willpower to fight it, and just give him time, he’ll be able to do it. Lele is already crying. She heads out of the room and wonders if that is it, she can only stand at the side and not be useful a bit. When it is already dusk, at the living room, Lele asks Taylor for how long would it continue wherein Eros is like that. Lele can still hear from the room, Eros’ muffled cries in pain. Tired-looking Taylor says that it isn’t definite, sometimes it is a for a few hours and at times, it will continue for almost a day. Taylor exhales and Lele thinks that Taylor is also utterly exhausted. Soon, it is already 11:05pm. Taylor is sleeping at the sofa. Lele looks back at Eros’ room. Opening the door, Lele thinks that the sound has gradually subsided. She finds Eros sound asleep. Lele checks on him and sees that Eros’ lip bled from biting the towel and his hands must be tired and bruised from being tied up while struggling. Teary-eyed Lele tells herself not to cry. Lele turns Eros around then unties the rope. She treats his wounds and bruises. Then, to her surprise, Eros is calling out for his mother in his dream. He asks why his mother forgot about him when she said that he and Long [/Angus] are her life, but in the end, she is like ‘that person’, who chose only ‘Long’ and ‘abandoning’ him from her memories. “I.. really love you.. *cries* why..? why” This made Lele start crying. She holds his face and his hand. She thinks, “Yin, don’t cry! Don’t cry! What kind of sad memory is it, that it making you cry in your sleep? *pressing her face on his face* In this world, even if all of the people in it abandons you, I will be at your side!”
Soon, it is morning, sleeping Lele is holding sleeping Eros’s fingers. Beside Eros’ bed, Lele is sleeping on a sofa bed from the living room. Soon, Eros wakes up and is surprised to see Lele sleeping there. Eros quickly slaps Lele hand away and shouts why she left there for the night. Holding her painful hand, Lele complains what’s up with him and she hasn’t slept enough yet. Taylor rushes in the room and asks what happened and what’s with the noise. Pointing at dumbstruck Taylor, Lele shouts for Eros to empathize with old man Taylor who has to take care of such an unreasonable [/troublesome/demanding] guy like him, for 24 hours. This made Eros speechless. He timidly asks Taylor if this is true, is he a burden to him. After recovering from his sweatdrop, Taylor tries to tell Eros that he isn’t a burden to him, it is because of old age that he is useless. Leaning on the wall, Taylor says that after pacifying him in the afternoon, he suddenly started feeling dizzy and it seems that he is really already old. A note says that Taylor can act =P Sweatdropping Lele tells sweatdropping Eros, “See.” Taylor tells Eros that if it weren’t for Lele who took over for him, he wouldn’t have slept soundly because he doesn’t know what would suddenly happen to Eros. “Since it is rare for Lele to agree to help, you shouldn’t refuse her good intention.” Eros cannot answer back to that and so, just like that, without a hitch, Lele finally manages to be with Yin everyday, at his side. After some time, happy Lele is listening to her earphone music while vacuuming. Eros’ cellphone is ringing. Eros is also sleeping so no one is answering the phone. Crying and flustered Feidna hopes for Eros to quickly answer the phone. Teaser for the next chapter: Feidna went to see Glenn Devereaux to help her get back on the runway again, in order to reclaim the queen’s throne. And, in order to undo the pain in Eros’ heart, Lele decided to go visit the nursing home where Eros’ mother stayed while she is still living. Next chapter will be out on August 5th.
Scans by Blacknight for BW.

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