July 14, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 88]

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Narration: “Even if I made a lot of detours, but finally, I found my goal!!” Tsubaki exclaimed to Hiro that she wants to be a hairstylist. At *parfait salon, at the cashier, the manager calls out to Tsubaki that she can get off work. Tsubaki tells her yes, but she’ll finish sweeping first before leaving. As Tsubaki sweeps the floor, the manager tells Hiro that Tsubaki is not bad at all, and no wonder she is recommended by Hiro. Hiro says that it is good to hire Tsubaki since she is very serious at work and he should properly consider what he wants. Hiro then says to forget about that, he eagerly anticipates Tsubaki’s 150 percent. The manager sighs and tells him that Tsubaki hasn’t worked for a month yet, and she is already doing very well. Tsubaki bows and thanks her for the compliment. When Tsubaki is bidding her goodbye, the manger shows her a flyer and asks if Tsubaki wants to go there. It is a one day orientation of a beauty school. The manager tells her that Hiro graduated from that school and this coming Saturday, Hiro is going to hold a hairstyle design demonstration. “So, do you want to go and watch it?” Holding the flyer, Tsubaki asks, “Saturday?” Hiro tells the manager not to do that for seeing Tsubaki having such perseverance [in doing everything?], he doesn’t want to go with her. This surprises Tsubaki that she exclaims, what!? Hiro asks if he is mistaken for wasn’t she going to have an exam for cram school this Saturday. “Anyway, you won’t openly resist your parents, and you cannot convince them, right? Then, that exaggerated [/boastful] declaration [ of ‘I want to be a hairstylist’] is really nothing, right? *turns around and wave goodbye* You’ve really disappointed me!! Good work! [<- polite saying after work]” The manager scowls at Hiro. Tsubaki looks flustered. At home, Tsubaki exclaims that she is home. Her mother is sitting on the dining table and seems to be reading a booklet/magazine about schools. Sakura is watching the television. Tsubaki’s mother asks if Tsubaki has been studying late again, and was she eating alright, is she hungry. Tsubaki tells her that she is okay. Happily flipping through the booklet, her mother says that last time, Tsubaki got very good grades in the exam and it will be nice if this time around, Tsubaki can get into [her] ideal university. Her mother asks if Tsubaki will soon determine which school is her first choice. Tsubaki nervously interrupts her and asks if they have the money for it. Her mother says that there will be all sorts of expenses but she will also do her best just like Tsubaki, so Tsubaki shouldn’t worry and just properly do her best to get into the ideal university as her goal. Tsubaki shouts for her to wait, and didn’t she tell her before, she doesn’t want to go to college. “I want to go study in a school that specializes in hairstyling.”


Her mother sighs and looks straight at Tsubaki. She asks, “Do not want to go to college? Could it be that it is because you want to run away from the exam?” Tsubaki looks at her mother in surprise over what her mother is accusing her of. Her mother tells her not to be afraid of the exam just because she failed at it during junior high. “If you give it up right now, you will regret it for the rest of your life. Understand? *prepares to leave the room* I thought that you understand.. Tsubaki-chan, can’t you be more positive?” After her mother left, Tsubaki looks downcast. Frustrated, she says, “Hairstylist.. I absolutely will not run away from my goal again!” Then, Tsubaki notices something. She looks surprised to see Sakura happily smiling and giggling at her. Tsubaki asks her what’s with that expression. Sakura happily says that Tsubaki had finally decided on becoming a hairstylist and since she already found her goal, Tsubaki can now be together with Kyouta again. To Sakura’s shock, Tsubaki says that she still can’t until she convinces their mother. As Tsubaki picks her bag, Sakura exclaims that isn’t it already good that she has finally thought of what she wanted to do, and what will happen if she wasn’t able to convince their mother. Tsubaki confidently tells her that she will definitely convince their mother so just watch and see, because she fundamentally doesn’t have any other plans. Sakura is surprised by her sister’s answer. After Tsubaki leaves the room, Sakura wonders if she is being bold to do this. Taking out her cellphone, Sakura mutters that it ought to be okay to report about it. At the hospital, the physical therapist is freaking out over how fast Kyouta is working out with the weights and dumbbells. He had to shout to Kyouta that this is rehabilitation, not training. He asks Kyouta if he is feeling something that is not right. Kyouta says that it is the opposite. While the therapist removes the weights from Kyouta’s foot, Kyouta remembers reading an email from Sakura. Sakura wrote: “Sis has finally decided on becoming a hairstylist. The two of you will quickly be together again!” Kyouta looks at his left hand and remembers holding Tsubaki’s hand in class before. Slightly blushing, Kyouta puts his left hand on his lips as if to kiss it and thinks, “Very soon..right? She.. and also me..” On Saturday, Tsubaki is holding the flyer the parlor manager gave her. Then, she looks at the side. There is a huge board about national mock exam in her cram school. She shoves the flyer in her bag and starts walking into the school. She is surprised when someone calls out that she is always still doing things that she dislikes. She turns around to see Hiro standing behind his car. After calling out his name, Tsubaki asks why he is there. Hiro asks back why she chose to go to that place, and she made him really disappointed with her. Hiro quickly grabs Tsubaki to quickly get in his car. As Hiro trying to push her into the car, Tsubaki grabs the roof of the car [to stop him from shoving her in]. Tsubaki exclaims for him to wait and what is he doing. Holding Tsubaki’s shoulder, Hiro tells her that he wants to force her to stand on the point of no return. “If you are to run away from the simulation[/mock] exam, then there will be no way out anymore. Then, you will only have to face up to your mother..right?”
Tsubaki looks surprised at him. Then, she shouts for him to let her go, she has her own way of dealing with it. Hiro sighs then carries shock Tsubaki, ala princess carry. Hiro tells her that it is because she has no other way that is why she is going to take that exam. Tsubaki looks surprised again, and then she shouts that she didn’t go there to take the exam. “I came here to quit because I won’t be going to study in the cram school anymore... *Hiro looks surprised* I have told my mother about it so many times already but she just won’t listen.. so this is the only thing that I can do..” Hiro says is that so. “I also do not want to do this kind of thing.. *holds her hand and pulls her out of the car* I had misunderstood you, I’m sorry. *smiles* Be quick! I’ll drive you to the [beauty] school! *Tsubaki exclaims in surprise* Don’t you want to go to the orientation?” Tsubaki blushes over that and says, “Yes, but.. *takes her hand from Hiro* I can ride the train to go there!” Afterwards, Tsubaki heads out of the cram school. She holds her chest and thinks that she really isn’t going to that school anymore. Then, she spots some girls fussing about something. They say that ‘it is really him’, ‘I’m your fan’ and ‘can I shake your hand’. Seeing that they are surrounding Hiro, Tsubaki thinks that he is really amazing to be popular with those girls from an elite school. Just when she is passing by them, Tsubaki overhears a girl happily saying that she heard from her teacher that Hiro used to be a student from their school so can she call him ‘senpai’. With a ‘Huh??’, Tsubaki turns around and nervously looks at Hiro who is looking at her. Soon, in Hiro’s car, Tsubaki looks embarrassed. While driving, Hiro asks her that wasn’t she going to take the train. Tsubaki asks him if he graduated from Nariyoshi High. Hiro says ya, what about it. Tsubaki says that is amazing. Hiro asks what’s amazing about it. Tsubaki insists that it is amazing. Since Hiro is puzzled, Tsubaki apologizes and says that it is because no matter how much she did her best, she couldn’t get into Nariyoshi High, which is her first choice high school to go to in this town. Tsubaki clenches her fist and asks, “As a person who went to that school.. that.. you didn’t go to college, did you regret it?” Hiro shakes his head and says, “No way.” Tsubaki nervously asks if that is so and he answered it very frankly. Hiro says, “Why? That is because.. because I am able to do what I wanted to do! There is nothing better compared to it!” Tsubaki blushes and looks in surprise. Hiro tells her to think of it this way, the past him is unsophisticated and shy that aside from getting good grades, he is someone who cannot master anything. “But, when I was in third year high school, for the first time, my [elder] sister brought me to a beauty parlor.. and got a pretty cool hair cut. And from that day on, I felt embarrassed.. *Flashback: People are saying that he has changed and he has become handsome/cool* From how they were saying those stuff then, unknowingly and unwittingly, I started to become optimistic. In such a short period of time, a shy person can change and I thought this kind of job is not bad at all. At that time, I’ve gotten through a lot of ‘attacks’ [/setbacks].. I thought that if it isn’t the thing that I wanted to do, then nothing else will do. *looks at Tsubaki* Hibino Tsubaki, it’s the same with you, right? It’s alright. Your choice today is absolutely not a mistake!” Blushing Tsubaki looks enlightened by what Hiro said. At her house, Tsubaki’s mother happily greets Tsubaki upon her return and asks her how the exam was. Her mother looks surprised when Tsubaki declares, “Mama.. I won’t be going to cram school anymore.. *hugging a large envelope from the beauty school* Because my first choice is.. to go to a school that specializes in hair styling!!” Next chapter on July 20th.
Scans by amyangel19910323 for BW and summary is based on 17kkmh.com.