July 14, 2011

Hadashi de Bara wo Fume [Chapter 47]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on July 7, 2011

Cover page: “Forced into a corner, Sumi chose Nozomu. What will be her fate...!?” At Kiyomizu’s clinic, Soichiroh wakes up. Relieved Eisuke asks if he is alright. Soichiroh asks where he is. Eisuke tells him to relax, he is at the clinic/hospital. Soichiroh is a bit puzzled when Eisuke couldn’t quite answer him as to where Sumi is. At some restaurant [I think], Nozomu holds up a glass of wine for a toast with everyone there. He thanked everyone who are extremely busy yet found the time to come here to join his ‘becoming president’ party. He tells them that from today on, in place of his recuperating father, he will be holding two positions - one as Ijuin Bank’s bank president [and the other as president of the Ashida Products.] “And, at the same time, as a leader among corporations [/top tycoon], I will also definitely do my utmost best to not to put this work [/mission] into disgrace.” A woman asks another woman as to where Nozomu’s wife today. The other woman tells her that she heard their relationship isn’t good and right now, they are living separately. Then, the two women entertain thoughts on the possibility of Nozomu and his wife divorcing and thus, they will have a chance with Nozomu. Then, Nozomu says, “Before the banquet [/toast], there is someone whom I want to introduce to everyone.” While everyone is wondering who it is, Nozomu tells someone to come in. All dolled up, Sumi enters the room. The women exclaim that it is the past president’s wife. Nozomu smiles at serious looking Sumi who walks toward him. While Sumi stands beside him, Nozomu says, “She is my fiancee, Miss Sumi.” Everyone is in an uproar for Sumi is the past president’s wife. Then, barefooted Soichiroh charges into the room. A guy tries to stop Soichiroh and shouts that he cannot go in. Soichiroh shouts back for the guy not to hinder him. While Sumi isn’t reacting, Nozomu mutters in surprised that this voice is..

Then, Soichiroh manages to ‘shoo’ away the guy temporarily to let him go. Soichiroh heads toward to Sumi. It is only this time when Sumi becomes flustered and calls out his name. Everyone is now gossiping that it is President Ashida or rather, the past president. Some are surprised that it is him because Soichiroh looked really wretched [/unpresentable]. Flustered Soichiroh apologizes to Sumi that because of him, she.. Holding out his hand to her, Soichiroh says, “Come with me.” Sumi blushes and is about to hold Soichiroh’s hand. Nozomu is flustered and displeased over this. Then, Sumi clenches her fist and tells him to go. This surprises Soichiroh. Then, he is in a shock when Sumi shouts for him to go since she already had enough of living a penniless and poor life [/cannot bear a life without money]. “Since you’ve become wretchedly poor, you are already useless to me!” Nozomu smiles in relief and tells the men to drive Soichiroh out. The men quickly grab shocked Soichiroh and escort him out. Nozomu asks flustered Sumi if she is alright. Sumi didn’t reply. While the men got Soichiroh out of the building and told him not to be slow, Sumi looks at Soichiroh from the window. She is unmindful of Nozomu who is talking with someone or the women who were gossiping about her. The women mutter that Sumi married the past president for his money and now, she is trying to get Nozomu. “She is obviously also a wretched poor. She’s really such a despicable woman.” Then, at the building’s gate, the men toss Soichiroh out on the street and threaten him not to come back and show his face again. Eisuke rushes to Soichiroh and helps him up. Eisuke reminds Soichiroh that he is currently sick so he shouldn’t force himself and be reckless. “See, your face’s complexion is already very white!” Still shocked, Soichiroh mutters, “Sumi..” Eisuke asks what. Soichiroh tells him that compared to him [Soichiroh], money is more important for Sumi. Eisuke looks at him in disbelief that he exclaims what did he just said.
At Nozomu’s house [formerly Soichiroh’s], Nozomu and Sumi is greeted by Komai and three maids including Keiko. Sumi is surprised that everyone is there. Nozomu tells her that being in a familiar house and household help, it will help Sumi become less nervous and be at ease. Maid A tells them that there is already hot water in the bathtub. Putting his arm around Sumi, Nozomu tells the servants that they will go to their room first to rest and they [servants] can withdraw first. Bowing Komai says that it will be as he ordered. As Sumi seems to try to say something to Komai, Nozomu tells her that they should go up. In the bedroom, Sumi is surprised to see a bed. Nozomu says that he kept everything as is except for the bed. Sumi scolds him for having such a vulgar taste. Sumi becomes scared when Nozomu darkly glares at her and tells her that he also won’t accept any of her retorts. Nozomu brightly smiles and says that this is her gift for her. He opens a small box which has a huge heart-shaped gem ring. Nozomu tells her that he had it custom made just for her. Sumi tells him that she doesn’t want it. Nozomu is displeased. He takes something from his pocket and asks Sumi if she wants to wear this instead. Nozomu holds up a ring. Sumi immediately thinks that it is her wedding ring from Soichiroh. Nozomu tells her that he got it back from the doctor after paying for Soichiroh’s medical fees. Sumi thanks him and tries to reach for the ring. To her surprise, Nozomu quickly turns around and tosses the ring out the window. The ring falls to the rose bushes down below. Sumi looks down the window and exclaims for the ring. When Sumi starts crying, Nozomu hugs her from behind and says that he has been eagerly anticipating this day [/today will actualize the dream that I’ve always thought of..]. Nozomu twists her face [to kiss her] but Sumi quickly pushes him away and says, “No..” Nozomu grabs her hand and forcefully, pushes her down on the bed. Trembling Sumi is scared. Holding up her hand, Nozomu puts his ring on her finger. He asks how many times did Soichiroh hug/cherish* her in that room. [*the word used is sometimes used to mean ‘sex’.] Somewhat putting her hand on his face, Nozomu menacingly says, “Just thinking of how you were cherished by Soichiroh, day after day, day after day, I have gone through countless sleepless nights. *lying down beside Sumi* And, finally, from tonight on, the one who will cherish you, Miss Sumi, will be me!”
Scans by babystar1028 for BW.

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