July 20, 2011

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapter 81]

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To Setsuna and Mioko’s delight Utsugi informs them that he managed to pinpoint Towako’s location. Mioko says that is great. Setsuna says that it is all thanks to her so now, they’ll get Utsugi, with some people, to search and investigate that suspicious place. Setsuna asks the people there if they have some staff for this. To Setsuna’s surprise, they tell him that if it isn’t the Master’s command, they won’t meddle with other families’ affairs. Utsugi shouts what they are talking about when Setsuna returned back here with the position of being the successor. The men say that even if it is so, please forgive them for they cannot obey him. Setsuna and others are surprise by this. Setsuna mutters that it seems that he is still not recognized. Setsuna asks Utsugi if it would be better if he go and ask permission from his father or just contact with someone in the Gokurakuin. Then, Mitsuya appears and tells everyone to help his brother. He apologizes to Setsuna for he had overheard their conversation and isn’t this current situation, urgent. With a pleading look, Mitsuya asks the men to please help his brother. To Setsuna’s surprise, the men relent and agree to help. [<- it is like they find Mitsuya so cute that they cannot refuse. ^^;] Mitsuya tells them to listen to Utsugi’s instructions. Utsugi starts telling them on what to do. Setsuna thanks Mitsuya for his help. Mitsuya tells his brother that the Kanmitsuki family is the most secluded of all the Godaimeika. It isn’t only because of their father being strict, but it is because the whole clan is bounded by the old way of thinking and practices. Setsuna comments that what he heard is true. Mitsuya smiles and says, “Even if it is like that, Aside from father-sama-- and besides me, they won’t listen to anyone else’s commands. So, brother, from today on, if there is still any problem, please tell me.” Setsuna is badly shaken by the implication of what Mitsuya just told him.

At the warehouse, Yuuga asks Kyousuke if he did divorce with Towako, if he really did that, what will they benefit from it. Kyousuke says that Yuuga ought to already know clear about his position as the next heir of the Gokurakuin, and all this relies on his wife. Yuuga says that means, if he divorced Towako, Ritsuki can get Towako as well as all of Gokurakuin’s wealth. Kyousuke says that Yuuga’s quite intelligent that it is easy to talk to him, and they only need to get Gokurakuin in order to take hold of the Godaimeika. Yuuga asks what they are planning. Kyousuke says that with money, they can do anything. First, they are going to initiate an economic crisis and during the panic, we will grab the political power. We will advance a lot of reforms such as eliminating the difference between the rich and the poor as well as eliminate any private assets. All the property and assets will all be returned to the country [/state], and everyone in the world will be equal. “Isn’t it really amazing? This is a revolution.” Yuuga sweatdrops and mutters in disbelief on how grand their plan is that it involves the country. Kyousuke continues to say that Ritsuki’s goal is to take away all of the wealth of the rich and the Godaimeika is only a stepping stone for that. “Now that I think of it in detail, you are also quite pitiful. If you didn’t encounter Gokurakuin Towako, you won’t be involved in this kind of mess. But, if you only just sincerely write the divorce papers then, I will let you go right away.” Kyousuke is surprised when Yuuga says that he really cannot take it. Yuuga suddenly frees himself from the ropes and shouts that he really cannot listen anymore of Kyousuke’s nonsense talk. While Kyousuke is surprise by this, Tsubaki swings down from the beam on the ceiling and gives Kyousuke a ninja kick. Kyousuke falls down. As he and Tsubaki look down on Kyousuke, Yuuga tells him that now, the situation has changed. Kyousuke asks why. Yuuga tells him that before Kyousuke captured him, he had already met with Tsubaki. Flashback: They were fussing about like what the heck is Yuuga is doing and Yuuga shouted for her not to mind him. Then, they notice that Kyousuke is approaching so Yuuga decide to let Kyousuke capture him. Before Kyousuke enters the room, Tsubaki has already loosened Yuuga’s ropes and Tsubaki is waiting on the ceiling. End flashback.
Yuuga tells Tsubaki that it is good, doing it according to what he said. Tsubaki reprimands Yuuga that it isn’t good at all for they still do not know where Towako is. For him to do this, Yuuga is placing himself in great danger so next time, he is not to do this ever again. Also, Yuuga moved ahead of schedule from the time they talked about. Yuuga exclaims that cannot be helped for he can no longer stand to listen to the nonsense that guy is talking about. Kyousuke says that he dares call it nonsense. Yuuga apologizes to him since he [Yuuga] doesn’t care whatever happens to rich people or Japan, nor does he felt that the whole world is hopeless. “Because in this world, there is this person, Gokurakuin Towako.” On the balcony of the tall building, Towako thinks of Yuuga and that she’ll definitely go back to his side, even if there is only one way. Towako looks down and sweatdrops over the rope she made from blankets. [<- which doesn’t even seem to reach the ground. ^^;] Thinking that she should have learned to climb, Towako slowly climbs down using her make-shift rope. Then, Ritsuki calls out to her from the balcony. Ritsuki pulls her up and says what she is doing, it is really reckless. After pulling her up, Ritsuki tells her to go back in the balcony. Towako refuses and tells him to let her go, she’s going back. To her surprise, Ritsuki suddenly hugs her. Ritsuki tells her that if she wants to go, he’ll let her go. “No matter where, I’ll accompany you to that place. But! Absolutely do not leave me!” Towako looks at Ritsuki and wonders what’s up with this guy. “He suddenly seemed like a child who clung on me and won’t let go. That’s right, he already won’t hurt me like that again. But, he definitely won’t let me go. Forever. He won’t let me go back.. to Yuuga’s side--...” Towako is already standing in the balcony and removes the make-shift rope from her. Ritsuki is bending down in front of her. [<- probably tired from pulling her up.] Towako tells him that even if she might be letting him down, but she cannot stay at his side. Ritsuki is shock to see some long hair floating by and a necklace with a ring on it. While Ritsuki tries to grab her hand, Towako had bent backwards and falls downwards, head first. Towako closes her eyes and says, “I’m sorry..”
Scans by 17kkmh.com.

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