July 20, 2011

Akuma to Love Song [Chapters 89-90]

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Cover page: “Blooming smiles, deep bonds, until forever.” Maria narrates that she had separated from Shin, last September and during that time, she felt that she can always wait for him. “No matter how far the distance is, because I believe that it will definitely be alright, but—“ Soon, Yuusuke and others are called and informed that Shin is in town.

As they gather around, Shin tells them that he only temporarily came back to the country and will have to return next week. Yuusuke says is that so and Shin should have sent word that he is coming. Shin apologizes for it. Then, he smiles at Maria who blushes really red. Maria nervously wonders what’s with that smile.

Narration: “Upon separation, one will quickly think of seeing each other again.” Yuusuke says that Shin gives off a different vibe, as if he has become mature. Shin tells him that he didn’t change. Narration: “Right now, I already do not know as to why, at that time, I felt ‘it is alright even if we separated’--”

While drinking something at a restaurant, Shintaro asks Shin about his hand. Shin says that it is already been operated and currently, it is in rehabilitation. Ayu exclaims that scar makes it seem like it was really painful. While opening and closing his hand, Shin tells them that right now, it doesn’t hurt but only, his fingers do not move too smoothly yet.

They are surprised that it has healed up to that degree already. Shin is surprised when Maria asks if he can already play the piano. Then, Maria retracts by saying that it isn’t like she is impatient, and for his hand to heal to that degree, it must have very difficult but she is only.. While Tomoyo tries to calm Maria down, Shin sadly says that it has been difficult. This made Maria flustered that she apologizes to him.

Looking at his hand, Shin says that from the start, it cannot even make a single move. At one side, the surgery has been very painful and at the other side, he is doing his best for it to get well. Maria apologizes again and says that she.. Shin looks at her then says that he’s kidding. This surprises Maria. Waving his fingers at her, Shin teasingly smiles at her and says that he can already play simple piano music. Maria blushes and pouts over this.

While Ayu and Shintaro reprimand him, Shin tells Maria that even if he can play but he temporarily cannot play it passionately like before. Then, Shin notices Maria’s flustered and downcast expression. He asks Maria if she is angry. Shintaro exclaims that of course she is, and she is quite pitiful for how could Shin deliberately tease her..it really can infuriate someone.

Shin looks at blushing and teary-eyed Maria who thinks that it is good that Shin’s hand is okay. A bit flustered, Shin suddenly pulls her to him and apologizes for going over the top in teasing her. This surprises Maria and wonders what she should do, her heart is beating so fast that she won’t dare look at Shin.

Yuusuke seems to look surprise at the two. Back at the Sakuragichō station, Tomoyo and Ayu happily tell the couple to slowly take their time together. Shintaro exclaims for them not to do anything lewd. Then, Shin tells Yuusuke that he would want to talk with him so can he free some time later for this. Yuusuke says okay. Shin tells him that he’ll contact him again later on.

As the couple leaves, Shintaro is making faces. Yuusuke looks slightly flustered and thoughtful. He mutters if Shin overcame it all by himself. While walking, Shin turns around and asks Maria what’s with her..she’s increasing the distance between them. Blushing Maria is walking some distance behind him. Shin tries to go near her but Maria backs away.

Shin exclaims what’s up with her. Maria just exclaims, “But..” Maria thinks that she is very nervous. “What’s going on.. when obviously, it isn’t easy to see each other again.. Idiot.. I’m such an idiot..” Shin looks at her and says that the video is really well made. This made Maria blush. Shin tells her that while she is singing with the others, Maria had such a happy smile that it made him relax for she is very happy. “But, I’m not in that video, that it kind of made me feel a bit lonely..?”
Maria says that he unexpectedly has seen it and honestly, it is quite surprising that Shin was able to see that video. Shin tells her that someone told him, it is Mouri. Maria exclaims in surprised that it is Anna. Shin tells her that he accidentally met Anna in the rehabilitation center. Anna had told him that even if she has given up on it before, but now, she wants to continue practicing to regain her voice.

Anna had seen their video and it gave her the idea of ‘I really want to sing along together with them one day’. This surprises Maria.Then, Shin tells her that Anna also said that she is going to steal the lead singer position from Maria. Maria sweatdrops over this and thinks that Anna hasn’t changed a bit.

Touching her necklace, Maria says that it is quite baffling that they can communicate with each other like this. “I’ve always been singing only for you, alone. But in some unknown manner, our voices had moved other people’s heart.. Should I be guilty about that, I feel that I should apologize to the people.”

Shin smiles at her and says that it is alright. He pats her head and says that it is fine for her to sing only for him. Maria blushes really red. She tries to protest but Shin tells her to let it be, since those who listen to it will have their own ‘empathize’ [relating to the song]. The song and their own feelings [/interpretation] will overlap together. “So, isn’t this very good, during the [/one’s] ‘first’ time.”

Maria looks surprised then remembers the time when Shin gave her his piano concert tickets and urged her to listen to the first time he’s going to play Ave Maria. Maria wonders if Shin is also like her, he has always been playing for her, but it isn’t the same right now. “For himself, and so that a lot more people can listen, he is doing his best to rehabilitate in order for his hand to get well-- I want to chase after him!”
 Maria calls out to Shin and tells him that they perform together. This surprises Shin. Maria tells him to play the music that he can play, and, together with everyone, they will perform for many people. Shin smiles at her as she looks determined. Shin tells her that her expression has changed. This surprises Maria.

He tells her that always until now, it is a cute expression and it is quite rare to bring out that cute expression on face of hers that will make one’s heart beat. Maria sweatdrops and is puzzled over what he is saying. Holding out his hand to her, Shin tells her that right now, it is a kind of beautifully imposing [expression]. Maria holds his hand and Shin pulls her in to hug her.

Narration: “I occasionally wondered, why did Meguro suddenly return to the country? When we separated, the two of us were really prepared and aware of the possibility of not seeing each other for many years. Could it be, that upon seeing the video, I’ve always count on seeing Meguro, so in order to support me, he came back to the country? That is what I thought.”

 Later on, Shin meets up with Yuusuke. Yuusuke asks him what he wants to talk with him about. Yuusuke is surprised when Shin asks if it was Yuusuke who filmed the video. Yuusuke admits that he did, all of it. Yuusuke asks if he knows about that. Shin says he knows and he wants to talk about the thing between Yuusuke and Maria.

The scene changes to an open area surrounded by some buildings. Wearing their school uniform, the gang congregated near some street lights and a piano. Ayu asks Yuusuke if he has already ready with the video camera. Yuusuke says yes. Tomoyo says that it is really surprising since she didn’t expect that Shin will also perform with them and..this will be their first live [on-site] performance.

Tomoyo also says that before, she did thought about street performing but it is a first to actual do it. Shougo appears and says yes, it is thanks to him that they got permission to play on the streets. Also, it is thanks to him that he helped bring a piano there. Maria and others tensely thanks him. Shin apologizes to Shougo for suddenly asking him to come and help them.
Shougo smiles and says that it is okay he is actually happy to help for it is his wish to see Maria perform live. Before, Maria’s street performance has been interrupted and from then on, Shougo always wondered what kind of influence can Maria make to the people around there. Shougo happily whistles and says that he can’t wait to see it.

Maria calls her friends and thanks them for coming to sing with her in that place. She tells them that before, she always thought that singing is a way of conveying one’s feeling. “During the choir competition, Tomoyo, Ayu and everyone has heard my ‘being alone is very lonely’ feeling. When I wanted to say ‘thank you’ to Kanda, I had also used singing as a method to do it.

And also, in my want to share my happiness with Kurosu. Thinking of Meguro as well as wanting to tell him something, I’ve always conveyed it through singing. But today, through everyone’s music, I want to attract more people’s attention!” Everyone looks touched by what she said.

Maria looks at the people passing by and thinks that no one is looking at them. Tomoyo calls out Maria’s name. Maria says that it is okay. She thinks that before, she is all alone and singing that song to cheer herself up but this time-- Maria starts singing, “Amazing grace, How sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. *People are looking at them and Yuusuke is filming them.* I once was lost, but now am found, Was blind, but now I see..”
Maria and friends now holds each other’s hands. Maria looks a bit disheartened to see that the people are just giving them glances. She perks up to see Shin smiling at her. Then, Shin plays the music in an upbeat manner. Holding up their hands together, Maria and others continue to happily sing Amazing Grace and doing some playful stuff.

Maria thinks, “Ah, I.. really cannot do it. I obviously requested to sing a ‘song that can move a lot of people’s hearts’ but I only still focus on immersing within my own happiness but--” Soon, Shougo looks surprised. Yuusuke hears someone clapping behind him. He turns around to see a lot of people clapping along with them while watching them.

Narration: “This happiness continuously expands, passing on to more people. Without everyone, I would have forever, not known this kind of feeling. Thank you-- Thank you, I really like you guys! Thank you..”

Flashback: Shin thanked Yuusuke. This puzzled Yuusuke and asked what he meant for he doesn’t understand. Blushing Shin said that he is his only friend. This made Yuusuke embarrassed and speechless over how blunt Shin is. Shin said that of course, Tomoyo and Shintaro, they are also friends, but the one whom he really trust and told everything to, is only Yuusuke.
This somewhat touched Yuusuke until Shin admitted that at first, he felt that Yuusuke is kind of annoying. “Thank you for always being considerate to me, and thank you for filming her PV. To be able to film the real her that way, I thought that no one else can do that, except you. Even if I still believe that during the time when we are apart, no matter how much she had changed, my feelings for her won’t change at all.

*Looking at a ‘crossed days’ calendar on the month of May* But honestly speaking.. I am still very uneasy and the healing’s progress has been quite difficult. Then, at that time, Mouri told me about a video. *Shin checked on the internet and saw Maria singing ‘You are loved. I love you..’* When I’ve realized the feeling of the person who is filming this video, I cannot help but sigh. You are really such an amazing guy. Thank you. I’m sorry that you’re always taking care [/being considerate] of me.”

Blushing Yuusuke smiled at him. End flashback. After they finished singing, the crowd is giving them a huge applause. They exclaim that it is splendid and to sing one more time. They were all surprised by the people’s reaction. Maria quickly turns to Shin and exclaims for him to listen to her.

Going to him, Maria tells him that right now, she is very, very happy for these strangers had ‘obtained’ happiness because of their song so she is truly very happy. As the people are talking with Tomoyo and Ayu, Maria asks Shin if this is what a singer does. “Even if [I] totally doesn’t know the others, [I] can still share [my] feelings to them!” Shin holds her face and gives her a kiss. While Maria is still looking surprised, Shin breaks the kiss and asks, “..Kawai. Will you come with me?”

Scans by 17kkmh.com and §星空ツ泪 for BW.

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