July 20, 2011

Chitose, Etc [Chapter 30]

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Walking at the hallway, Yuki is called by Machi [<- senpai whom Yuki is partly dating before; she appeared during the school festival]. After exchanging greetings, Machi tells him that she is finally free this weekend so let’s go on a date. Yuki apologizes and says that he can’t. Machi asks if someone else had already taken that day, can’t he cancel it. While Yuki tries to decline, Machi says that she only had dated him once and isn’t it still within the limit of having two dates [per girl]. Yuki explains to her that he doesn’t do that kind of stuff anymore because from today onwards, he doesn’t go out with any other girls except for his girlfriend. Machi exclaims why, and lately, Saaya is with some other guy, and it seems to be Akaishi-kun from Matsuri club. Yuki laughs and says that it is because those two are going steady. Machi exclaims in shock that he has broken up with Saaya. She asks, if this means that he is now single. Scratching his head, Yuki tells her no, he also has a [new] girlfriend. Machi asks who it is. Yuki refuses to tell her by saying that it is a secret. Yuki tries to bid her goodbye but Machi holds his shoulder. She tells him to explain it clearly to her and even if he won’t tell her, this issue will quickly be known. “Who is your new girlfriend!?” Elsewhere, Chitose is walking at the hallway. Some girls are gossiping that ‘she’ is Yuki’s new girlfriend and could it be that Yuki’s taste has changed since ‘she’ is really different from Saaya. Someone says that it is quite amazing to choose a girlfriend, not based on one’s appearance. Another one says that it isn’t just an ordinary appearance, there is definitely some method Chitose used because her ex-boyfriend is Shun. A guy says that maybe Chitose has a very good sex appeal. The other guy doesn’t believe him. Then, Shun walks beside with Chitose. He tells her that she has been gaining a lot of attention. He asks her if Yuki’s fans are bullying her. The other girls are gossiping that the people in Matsuri club are really peculiar for even if they are ex-lovers, they still can talk normally. They wonder if they were dumped before so they’ve become lovers but then, from the start, who is the lover of whom. Chitose assures Shun to relax for she is okay. Occasionally, they would just look at her suspiciously or perhaps they are glaring at her. She tells him that she told her good friends about the sequence of events regarding what happened and they understand her situation. Shun says that is good.

Chitose adds that it seems that her friends still couldn’t believe it = rather than about her and Shun, they are amazed that she transferred school for Yuki. Shun laughs at this. He tells her to just wait for some time for everyone’s interest to diminish, and then the people won’t talk about this anymore. And, just like what Shun said, after a week, the gossips ended. Even if Chitose is with Yuki, people don’t throw glances at her. But, every time she meets with Machi, Machi would act hostile at Chitose as if she is an enemy. Machi would shout, “Why you!?” At the clubroom, Midoriko comes in with a box. She happily exclaims that the chocolate are already done. Looking at the individually wrapped heart-shaped chocolate on a stick, Chitose says that it is so cute. Midoriko agrees with her and this time around, she is helped by some people who are fond of dessert [/sweets]. Holding a chocolate heart, Chitose asks if it will be used for the face-to-face confession and the participants are very brave. Kanata says that the people in his class are excited over it. Whether guys, girls, lovers, friends or even teachers, they are all going to participate in the activity. This year, more than 20 people had signed up for it. Chitose exclaims that is a lot. Saaya says that they already told the ones who will be confessed to, to be prepared but those people still don’t know the identity of the person who will confess to them. Midoriko happily says that even if the confession isn’t successful, because it is a festive Valentine’s Day activity, one won’t be too sad by it. They have already got the help of the music club to liven up the mood. Chitose says, is that so. Yuki tells her that it is said that those who succeeded in becoming lovers during this activity, will become partners until they grow old. Chitose is surprise to hear that. Midoriko suggests that Chitose try confessing to Yuki that way and this is an opportunity to show off a bit. “How about it?” Chitose is aghast and shock by that. Chitose exclaims that she couldn’t do it and it is too embarrassing. Midoriko tells her that it is fine and she just to be bold about it. Yuki says that he actually doesn’t mind. While at the bookcase, Shun tells Saaya to try it and he will answer her. Saaya asks him why doesn’t he do it and, she’ll accept it [/confession]. Shun tells her that she is really not cute. Saaya says that it is mutual [same to you]. While the two are on a stand-off, sweatdropping Midoriko shouts for them not to compete with each other there. After telling everyone to sit at the table, Midoriko sits between Saaya and Shun. Midoriko tells them that she will confirm things again, one more time. She starts saying that Kanata is responsible for ushering the people on stage and of the 22 people who are participating, three people of whom will be confessed to refuses to go on stage..
Soon, there is an announcement that the Valentine’s Day activity is now going to commence. People are asked to come to also listen to the splendid music to be performed by the music club. People are talking about who is going to confess. Yuki is checking with Saaya about the program. Kanata is registering the names of the participants. Chitose has just come out of the club room. While carrying a box and an envelope under her arm, she is walking at the hallway. Then, she hears a ‘shr shr’ sound and wonders what it is. She turns around and to her shock, the survey questionnaires from the envelope are scattering all over the place. Chitose tries to gather the papers and exclaims for them not to fly around. She is surprised when someone holds some of the paper to her. She looks up to see a guy [,the one who is looking at the Valentines’ day poster in the last chapter]. Chitose thinks that it is a very cute guy and could he from the acting division. Chitose smiles and thanks him. Pointing at the side, the guy tells to quickly grab those papers that are in the sports field. Chitose immediately goes to get the papers while the guy helps her get the ones at the hallway. After gathering all the papers, Chitose thanks him and says that he has been a great help. The guy asks if she is from the Matsuri club. “..Midoriko? Or is it Chitose?” Puzzled, Chitose tells him that she is Chitose. The guy tells her that he has seen the names on the poster. Chitose says, I see. She introduces herself as first year section 2, Kaneshiro Chitose. “And you?” The guy looks at her and asks isn’t she in a hurry. This surprise Chitose and exclaims that she is right, she should go. Holding a chocolate heart, Chitose happily says, “Right, as thank you, I’ll give this to you. Happy Valentines’ Day!” The guy seems surprised. Smiling Chitose tells him that she’s going ahead, and thank you. As she walks away, the guy is holding the chocolate heart and is watching her leave. At the auditorium/gym, people are rejoicing over the birth of the twelfth love couple. At the back, Yuki and Chitose are clapping. Then, Yuki whispers to Chitose to go out with him. After going out of the auditorium, Chitose asks what it is. Yuki apologizes for calling her out in the middle of the program. “Because since the start, I’m very curious about that paper bag that you were always carrying around.” Chitose blushes really red since she is indeed holding a bag behind her back. Yuki asks if it is for him. Chitose says, yes it is and he noticed it. She tells him that she wasn’t able to give it to him before the start of the activity so she has always been waiting for the opportunity to do so. “These.. are sweets that I’ve made... Even if it isn’t as pretty as the ones bought outside but the taste..”
Yuki hugs her and tells her that is okay, just give it to him. He takes the bag from her and asks if he can open it. Holding her blushing face, Chitose tells him no for there is a card inside and even if she didn’t write anything special but she is still shy about it so please just look at it when he gets home. Yuki pats her head and says okay, he’ll do it according to what she wants. “Thank you.” Then, Yuki asks if she has been using that mechanical pen that she got during the [Christmas] exchange gift. Chitose says she does, but she only uses it at home because she fears that it will get dirty if she brought it to school. “I really like that pen ♡” To Chitose’s shock, Yuki admits to her that he was the one who bought it. Chitose exclaims that he said before that it isn’t him. Yuki says that it is a little lie because everyone is there that he couldn’t say it. At that time, when Yuki is getting Chitose’s gift, he notices that his gift hasn’t been taken yet so he unconsciously switched the numbers. “Because when I was buying it, I thought that this is something that Chi will like, so it is for the best that Chi gets it.” Chitose blushes over this then tells him that it isn’t good to lie. Yuki timidly says yes, he is wrong. Then, Chitose happily says, “..But, I’m happy that you are really the one who bought that mechanical pencil!” Yuki smiles over this. While they are talking, someone is watching them from the side. It is the guy who helped Chitose in picking the papers earlier. While eating the heart chocolate, the guy mutters, “So that’s it. That girl, is Furuya Yukito’s girlfriend.” That night, Chitose is watching television with her brother. Then, Chitose exclaims in surprise that it is him, so he is an actor. Tadashi asks what it is. Pointing at the television, Chitose says that the one who is playing Roshi* is from their school [*invented name from kanji 老四. Really invented.. ^^;]. Tadashi remembers that there is an acting division in their school. He says that the guy is very cute, and his acting is quite good. “What’s his name?” Chitose says that she forgot to ask. Tadashi decides to check it on his cellphone as to who is playing Roshi. He tells her that it is ‘Subaru’. Chitose asks, Subaru, what. Tadashi says that it is only that word and it sounds really cool. Chitose happily looks smiling Subaru at the television and thinks, “Hmm..Subaru-kun, huh?”
Scans by §星空ツ泪 for BW