July 5, 2011

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapter 80]

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Cover page: “Even if I’m restrained, or even ripped apart, there is still something that I want to retrieve.” Ritsuki is speechless over the black censored things that Towako is offering him as food. Towako tells him that even if he cannot distinguish it but it is congee so eat up. Towako sweatdrops when Ritsuki asks her that isn’t this instant rice. Flustered Towako angrily asks what he means by that. She shouts that if he doesn’t want to eat it then, don’t. To Towako’s surprise, blushing Ritsuki says no, he’ll eat it. Towako thinks that just now, it seems that Ritsuki has become sincere, and she assumes that it is because of his fever. Towako starts to become nervous since Ritsuki is eating with crunchy sounds. Finally, Towako exclaims if it is yucky. To her surprise, Ritsuki says no. Towako begins to think that ‘no’ = ‘very normal’ = ‘actually, very delicious’ = ‘really delicious’. Sparkling eyes Towako blushes and thinks that finally in her whole 18 years of life, she finally attained the peak of her culinary skills. She happily takes a taste and her expression freezes. Aghast, Towako looks at Ritsuki and wonders if he doesn’t have any sense of taste but then, is that because he has a fever. Towako tearfully thinks that she was happy for nothing. She also originally thought that she will make something for Ritsuki to eat and it will be her revenge if it turns out to be yucky so she didn’t bother tasting the food..yet in the end, it is all for nothing. “As expected, I’m not suited for cooking..” Ritsuki asks her if other people said that the food she makes is yucky. To her surprise, Ritsuki happily tells her that he is the only person who can smile while eating her cooked food. Flustered Towako admits that even if it is like that and even if he treated her well, she also won’t be happy about it. Ritsuki asks that wasn’t she super happy just now. Towako tries to deny it. Then, she drops the subject and says that if he is finished eating, she is now going to take his food tray away. When Towako leans towards Ritsuki to get the tray, Ritsuki tries to touch her. Towako suddenly remembers the time when he tried to rape her that she instinctively backs away and drops the tray.

While her hand is shaking, Towako apologizes and picks up the tray. Ritsuki realizes why Towako acted that way so he tells her not to be afraid of him because he won’t do that awful thing to her again. Towako looks surprised at Ritsuki’s flustered expression that she calls him a cruel person for suddenly acting like someone who’s innocent. “Do you even know what you are doing!? I won’t forgive you! If you are sincere about what you’ve just said, then let me go home right away!” Towako angrily slams the door upon leaving. She wonders what’s up with that nonsense stuff that Ritsuki is saying, and what could he be plotting. Towako thinks that Ritsuki is a guy who secretly planned scary plots to force her and Yuuga to separate. She won’t waver even if he suddenly became nice. “This isn’t the time to be restless. It is necessary to find a way to escape..” She looks at the curtained window and then, she opens the curtains. Trying to be brave, Towako tells herself that no matter what, she should escape from that place and go back to Yuuga’s side. At Kanmitsuki’s residence, Setsuna is shock that Towako hasn’t been found yet and Yuuga is also missing. He complains on how things turn out that way just when he left home and what is that idiot [Yuuga] doing. While on the computer, Utsugi is surprised to learn that they also couldn’t contact Tsubaki. Utsugi urges Setsuna that they go back to the Gokurakuin residence again because the intelligence network there [at Kanmitsuki] is quite limited. Setsuna decides against that for Ritsuki ought to have a spy in every place. He is worried about placing Towako in greater danger if they are to boldly take an action like that. He tells Utsugi that there are things that should be done there. When Utsugi tries to protest about not being able to get more intelligence there, a maid interrupts and says that Yachiougi’s Mioko has come to visit him. Setsuna exclaims in surprise as to why she is there so early in the morning. After tea is served, Mioko apologizes for being sudden and asks if Towako is in a dangerous situation. Setsuna is surprised that she knows. Mioko gives them a laptop computer and tells them to investigate it for it belongs to her husband. Mioko says that this has something to do with her husband. She doesn’t know if it will help or not, and she also brought his hard disk which she hopes that there will be some important data inside.

As Utsugi quickly takes the computer to work on it, Setsuna tells Mioko that even if he is really grateful for this but, is it really okay for her to be doing this. Mioko tells him not to unnecessarily worry about her for, it is because of her mistake that Yachiougi family [assets] is taken away and used to cause trouble for the Godaimeika. While Utsugi realizes that he has to figure out the password on the computer, Setsuna tells her not to say it that way for he is also partly responsible for it. “If there is someone to blame, you should blame that guy.” Setsuna advises her to talk things out with her grandfather for it ought to be not yet too late. Mioko interrupts him by saying that the one that Kyousuke loves, isn’t her, but rather, the one that person loves, along with that guy named Ritsuki, is to create a new world together. “He said that everything in the world is boring. They want to mess up this world’s order by controlling Japan’s economy..” In surprise, Setsuna says that is such an idiotic thing to do. Mioko agrees with him. She says that even if those two were able to actualize their goal, Kyousuke will definitely still feel despondent upon realizing that it is also very ‘boring’. “So-- it is necessary to stop him. Because, I am that person’s wife.” Setsuna looks surprised. Then, he says that he understands, okay, they should work together to properly prepare in order to put up with those guys until the end. They didn’t realize that Mitsuya is standing outside the room, eavesdropping on them. Meanwhile, in some storage area, Yuuga wakes up to find himself tied up on a pole. Someone says, “Are you awake? Takatori Yuuga.” Yuuga looks surprised for it is Kyousuke. Kyousuke tells Yuuga that for him to walk right into the trap, it is either Yuuga is brave or stupid. Yuuga shouts for him to shut up for he isn’t the person he’s looking for. Yuuga asks where Ritsuki and Towako are. Kyousuke tells Yuuga that originally, he planned to just quietly watch at the side but things have changed. Remembering Ritsuki confessing to him that he has fallen for Towako, Kyousuke says that he has some worries. Yuuga angrily says that he didn’t notice, as to what would make Kyousuke worried, and is Kyousuke treating him like a fool. [<- why Kyousuke would be worried about something when the one who is tied up is Yuuga.] Kyousuke says that he’ll say it one more time, break up with Gokurakuin Towako. Yuuga smirks and asks if it is that again. Yuuga is surprised when Kyousuke suddenly hits the wall with his fist. With a menacing look, Kyousuke says, “I’m not like Ritsuki who is quite naive. If you won’t listen, then, from today on, don’t think that you can see her again..!” Yuuga looks surprise over this threat.

Scans by 17kkmh.com

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