July 29, 2011

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapters 23]

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At the carriage, crying Yuulin wonders what to do for she is going to be..most definitely going to be dismissed upon returning to the harem because the ‘Wolf King’ is only an act, and she is only working. She becomes nervous when Reishou tells her not to cry like that. Holding up her face to him, he says that he doesn’t know how to comfort her. Touching her face, Reishou tells her not to cry. Yuulin continues to cry, and thinks that for her to come to like this man, there is no sufficient reason, not even one. Then, they were surprised that the carriage suddenly stops. It made Yuulin lose her balance and lean on Reishou. Reishou asks what’s up. The driver apologizes and says, that.. In front of the carriage, there are some masked men. They ask if the one inside is the Princess. They charge on to the carriage to kill her. Yuulin wonders if they are assassins. Someone shouts for them to look at the mood. Dai jumps out [<-driver?] and uses his ropes to attack the assassins. Dai taunts them if that’s all they can do, even if he is on top of the carriage and embarrassingly restraining himself. Yuulin exclaims in shock that it is Dai, and he’s here. Reishou is speechless. Reishou sighs and tells Yuulin to be good and stay there, he’ll quickly come back. Yuulin tries to protest but Reishou smiles at her and says that if she is afraid, she should just close her eyes. Reishou draws his sword to fight with the assassins. He shouts for Dai to guard the carriage. Dai says okay. Teary-eyed Yuulin looks out and thinks that she is very afraid but she couldn’t run away and escape. A guy in a hooded cape watches from the roof then leaves. Back at the harem, Jun says so, because of the unexpected resistance, the assassins quickly retreated. One ran away from home on one’s own. <- Trembling Yuulin. The other, on his own initiative, met and got the other one back. <- Looking away Reishou. Jun angrily says that in the end, they even got themselves attacked at will. Crying and trembling Yuulin thinks that Jun is angrier than how she imagined, and if this continues, without a doubt, she will be dismissed. Yuulin quickly blurts out her apology. To Yuulin’s surprise, Reishou stands in front of her and tells Jun not to rebuke Yuulin, for he is the one to blame for what happened. Glaring Jun angrily reminds Reishou that they were attacked on their way back from Han’s residence and, if this grave incident has something to do with Chancellor Ryu, it will be a very troublesome problem.

Reishou agrees that if one is going to think as to who is really displeased about the closeness of the Princess and the Han family, it will be that person [Chancellor Ryu]. Still hiding behind Reishou, Yuulin expresses her disbelief that Gikou will send in assassins just because of a Princess’s visit. Jun tells her that those two families are in bad terms and they are currently in a fight that won’t budge at all. So probably, it was determined that the Princess is an eyesore. It is okay if the Ryu and Han family are fighting but if in this case, military strength is put into play, one could say that things have become more troublesome. Yuulin thinks that it seems that the situation has become anything but good. Reishou looks at Yuulin and tells her that it is only a possibility, a theory. She is surprised when he suggests that she should go back to her room first to rest. Puppy mode Reishou smiles and apologizes for roughly forcing her to go back and no matter what, he wanted her to quickly go back there at the palace. “Yuulin, you do not have to worry about anything.. I’ll wait until you have calmed down and let’s properly talk again, alright?” Teary-eyed Yuulin says, yes. Yuulin thinks that it is His Kind Puppy Majesty, and it has been such a long time since he [/she] is relaxed like this. Furious Jun angrily grinds his teeth and asks frightened Yuulin what is that ‘roughly’ Reishou said. “What happened, girl.. quickly speak up.” Smiling Reishou looks at Yuulin as she quickly tells Jun that she’s going to her room. While walking away, flustered Yuulin thinks that she willfully ran away because of panic and ends up stirring up a lot of trouble. Remembering smiling Reishou, Yuulin thinks that she fundamentally only wanted to help out His Majesty. The next day, at the office, Gikou reports to Reishou to let him deal with this issue. Reishou agrees and says that he’ll await his good news. Then, Gikou asks if the Princess had already returned to the palace. Reishou comments that his news is really quick. Gikou says that regarding the person whom His Majesty really dotes on, there are people, who are concerned about that, and they will at least mention it to him. The man who reports to Gikou, is also there with Gikou. Gikou says that Reishou might think that he’s too meddlesome but things become like that because of granting too much independence [to Yuulin], and she is even a special person to him. “The harem’s flower has to accompany the king at his side. She is a flower that will bloom only for the king. If you cherish her, just leave her at your side and properly love and take care of her. Do not let the Princess get involved with things outside the harem. If you do not want her to encounter anything dangerous, please let her be at your side and properly cherish her.” After Gikou and his two men left, Reishou tells Jun that it is the same with Gikou’s usual preaching, though it is also a warning. Jun says that in short, Gikou isn’t an opponent who will easily make a move, and no matter what, it is really necessary to quickly decide on that Spring Banquet issue. Reishou just looks serious.
Meanwhile, Yuulin is sitting at the corner, facing the wall. Dai comes in and asks Princess-chan, if her mood is still bad. While eating a bun, Dai asks, isn’t she not angry anymore, so cheer up since it will be quite gloomy. Pouting Yuulin turns to face him then, she becomes teary-eyed again. Yuulin tells him that she had stirred up trouble and afterwards, no one can sufficiently tell her as to what’s going on. “The thing/s that I can do, there’s none at all, not even one.” Yuulin thinks that it is already no good, and because she is like that, she will definitely be dismissed. Puzzled Dai tells her not to think that way. “You only have to think of ‘without doing anything, I’m going to receive money. How lucky☆’. Isn’t that way of thinking really good?” This surprises Yuulin that she looks ‘!?’ at Dai. Dai happily asks why does she think that she will definitely be dismissed because of running away and failing in something. “You’re really amazing. Fundamentally, the people at His Majesty’s side are all capable [/talented] people. Just like me!! That person usually cannot tolerate people who are useless. If it is me, even if it is to go out and run away, I cannot do that. What His Majesty considers to be really important is to completely accomplish all sorts of assigned tasks. –So, he only needs to feel that person can be used, even if he hates that person and who knows that that person is thinking deep within his stomach [= known as the second brain], he will use that person. Like those two ojisans [/uncles]. Among those, if someone is unqualified, s/he would be sent to one side. Hahaha That is except for sparkling you. Hahaha Rather than being used, you are even spoke highly of!” Yuulin tells him that it seems that right now, he is treating her like a fool. Dai continues to laugh and says no, that is amazing for isn’t he doing his utmost best to praise and compliment her. “You are really special-- *looks at Yuulin who has a dark and irritated expression* --ah, Princess-chan, your eyes are glaring [at me].” Yuulin tells him that she is going to see His Majesty. Nervous Dai asks if she will [see Reishou] with that kind of expression and with that tone of voice. He tries to pacify her and tells her to wait and calm down. Yuulin shouts that ever since then, she has never been has calmed down as she is right now. Flustered Yuulin thinks that she is really an idiot. “Wavered by emotions, I was mistaken over the most important thing.”
At the hallway, Houen overhears a couple of guys saying that it seems the Princess will once again go to the house of Han’s daughter and it seems that she is really liked. Houen looks irritated over this. The carriage stops in front of Kouju’s residence. Kouju happily welcomes Yuulin and tells her that it is such an honor for her once again [that Yuulin came to visit], even if a few days ago, she suddenly left. Gloomy Yuulin tells her that it is because His Majesty suddenly called her back with great urgency. Kouju asks if there is still a problem between her and His Majesty. With a slightly embarrassed expression, Yuulin tells Kouju that there is a bit of secret favor that she wants to ask of her. Then, at the lakeside where he usually plays music, Suigetsu is also informed that the Princess has once again gone to his younger sister’s place. The messenger says, “Yes, and then--..” Suigetsu quietly listens. Soon, it is night. Yuulin is sitting by herself in back of one of the houses in the Han estate which faces the backyard. “--..the preparation to be done is only to weaken the defense and within the mansion of Han’s daughter, there will be no one guarding the Princess’ moves.” Flashback: Reishou asked, “Bait?” Yuulin said, “Yes. The princess has still not learned from her lesson and would still keep on having a favorable relationship with the Han family. If there is really someone who hates this kind of situation, I think that person will definitely come again and attack.” Reishou replied, “The motive in doing this kind of thing is very clear. *wolf mode* But, it isn’t necessary to put yourself in danger. ..did someone say some things to you?” To his surprise, trembling and teary-eyed Yuulin exclaimed that she is extremely pitiful that she felt so ashamed. “Always, until now, I’ve always planned on sincerely and firmly living on, based on my goal. But, for some time, I’ve lost to my emotions. I do not want that one day I will be known as a ‘salary thief’..! *there is a scene of nervous Dai * (This is something that I should do.) Please, Your Majesty, please give me an opportunity wherein I can do something with my utmost ability. *determined look* There is an enemy at your side but, you do not know who it is. I do not want that.” Frowning Reishou looked surprised over that declaration. End flashback.
Sitting by herself, Yuulin looks at the pond near the wall. She thinks, “This is the job of a so-called temporary bride. Doesn’t know anything nor think of anything. Only have to properly ‘act’ the role of the Princess whom the Wolf King loves.” The assassins look out from the wall and mutter, “—[she’s] there and this time around, definitely--” Dai smiles and says, “—coming, they’re coming. Look at the mood, comrades.” The assassins rush in towards Yuulin. Yuulin thinks, “It’s alright. With my utmost best, I should properly work.” Reishou suddenly comes out in front of Yuulin and blocks the attack of the assassins. Without skipping a beat, Reishou tells Jun to bring the Princess to a safe place. Jun says okay. Inside the room, Yuulin thinks that it will be alright, and even if it is like this, she didn’t think that His Majesty himself will go there. Jun happily tells Yuulin, ‘good work’, and since they know how the enemy attacked before, they can think of a way to deal with the enemy. Jun laughs and says that it was even Yuulin, herself who suggested that she become a bait. “I give you a very high assessment for having the heart to do this kind of thing! (and even refusing His Majesty).” Yuulin looks at Jun and thinks that that it seems he looks really happy and it seems that she won’t be dismissed. Touching her chest, blushing Yuulin thinks, “It’s alright. ..It’s alright. –I’ll hide my inclination [/that idea], and this way, I can continue on working. As well as stay at your side, and act as your partner [/comrade].” Outside the mansion, as the two are dealing with the assassins, Dai says that it is quite unexpected that Reishou agreed to this bait thing. Reishou says that if he thinks about it for such a long time, he will think of words that he is afraid to say..it should be that kind of reason. Dai replies, ah.. Reishou tells him that he wanted Yuulin to be always smiling at that safe place where there won’t be anything that will make her uneasy but she flew and ran out of that place. “Regardless of whether she is angry or crying, she is still the same her. *sheathing his sword* Just like this, I want to completely treasure all of those times, *sighs and sheepish smile* what is the best way for me to do it? ..it’s really quite problematic.” Dai thinks that Princess-chan is really amazing. Narration: “—Mutual way of thinking, has slightly missed each other.” Soon, Jun and Yuulin go out to join the others in confronting the tied up assassins. Jun asks them who told them to do this. Narration: “The problem is going to be concluded.” One of the assassins nervously exclaims, “—it’s Ryu clan. It is by Chancellor Ryu’s orders.”
Scans by 狼陛下汉化組.

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