July 14, 2011

Barajou no Kiss [Chapter 34]

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Cover page: “Whether it is fate or reality, hope or desperation, in accordance to my wish, I will seize everything.” Punishment 34: KNIGHTS Narration: “Defeat the Grey Rose— Due to worshipping the devil, he has fallen and became an ominous existence. And right now, we regard him as a very strong enemy obstructing our path.” While summoning his demons, Grey Rose shouts for his demons to tightly encircle those Rose Knights. Anis tells Kaede to concentrate his attacks on the left side while Mutsuki to go on an offensive attack from below. Anis thinks that if they didn’t think, and [she] just randomly give instructions, the Knights will be exposed to danger but.. Anis is breathing hard and thinks that it hurts, feeling Mutsuki’s pain on deciding to sever the life of someone important to him. “Could it be that I have no way of saving him?” Suddenly, Tenjoh is surprise that his barrier vanishes. Kaede’s sword and Mutsuki’s strings also disappear. They are shock to find that Anis is already lying on the ground. Anis wonders if this is the limit to what she can do. While the demons start to surround them, the Knights are calling to Anis. Anis thinks of blood, and if the Rose Princess isn’t a bit strong, everyone cannot fight. Suddenly, someone else calls out to Anis. It is Seiran. He removes the cork from a test tube and puts the contents into his mouth. Then, he kisses Anis in order to help her drink the liquid. Seiran tells her that she is showing off too much. After Seiran breaks the kiss and Anis drank the liquid, Anis wakes up and is surprised to see Seiran, who smiles and asks if she is alright. Seiran tells her that her ‘blood’ ought to be able to recover a bit and it is a good thing that he anticipated this situation so he made that medicine, since he doesn’t want Anis to feel pain again. Anis says, no [it is alright]. She thanks him and says that this time, everyone can fight again. After recovering their powers, the other three Knights manage to hold back the enemies again. Someone suggests that they suppress their power at all costs while fighting in order to protect Anis. Anis asks Seiran about Idel. Seiran says that he is okay. He got Ninufa to bring Idel back to Itsushi, and he’ll definitely be okay.

Anis thinks that they don’t have time. She stands up and says that she’s going to that tall building. Seiran is shock by this. Anis tells him that after going to that building, she is going to stop her father’s device in order to destroy the ‘barrier’. “And I can also save the Green Rose. (There isn’t much time for me to act.. I don’t want to just stay here and always be protected by everyone.) And, it can [/might] also decrease the Grey Rose’s source of power--.. (And, maybe, it would also give Mutsuki a different ‘choice’.)” Tenjoh protests over this idea because Anis’ body is weak and if she were to go alone.. Kaede interrupts and tells Anis, “Go, leave this place to us, and we’ll protect your consciousness as well.” Anis is surprised by this. Tenjoh continues to protest that he won’t allow this huge gamble [staking everything on one throw] just depend on this pep talk, and does Kaede, with his eyes wide open, plans on sending Anis to her death. Kaede asks him that didn’t Tenjoh have that Compensation Magic which he already used with Seiran before. “Use it on me. Without the Dominion’s ‘blood’, we, Rose Knights, have no way of fighting but, getting part of that burden from Anis’ body and transfer it to me in a jiffy-- there is a way for that, right? If it is you.” Tenjoh couldn’t answer back. Seiran exclaims ‘that magic’ rebounds back 10 times the pain and Kaede is still fighting at this side. Mutsuki offers that they use it on him because he ought to be able to hold it better than humans. Kaede says that while Mutsuki is wearing that choker, it has already cost him a lot of his power. “It seems that Anis had found something that only she can do, and I also have my own responsibility. (I am your Knight. Your Sword. Your Shield.) Go, Anis.” Tenjoh and Mutsuki finally accept that plan. Seiran offers to go with Anis to back her up. Anis says, “Thank you, everyone.. *prepares to leave* You guys, are absolutely not allowed to die, this is an order--” While walking towards the tall building, Anis thinks that she will definitely go there and will definitely accomplish her mission. “The goal is the top of that building where papa is--..”

Tenjoh starts to say some incantation and it made Kaede to suddenly puke blood. Tenjoh asks him what’s up, for that is the cool Compensation Magic and it is only just starting. Wiping the blood from his mouth, Kaede sarcastically says, really, he can’t wait. Tenjoh says that it isn’t the scope of his barrier magic but he’ll also help Kaede, bear some of the burden. Wiping the blood from his mouth, Tenjoh says that they should go, to what seems like the difficult Knight’s flowery path*--. [<- *could mean ‘passage from audience to stage’ so..‘go into action’.] While looking at Grey Rose, Mutsuki remembers talking with Tenjoh before at his house, by the balcony. Flashback: Tenjoh told Mutsuki that regarding Mutsuki’s genuine ‘last memory’, he thinks that the key to it is in capturing the Grey Rose. “In the end, you only remembered that IT SEEMS I’VE KILLED Yokuto and from then, there is a memory of that scene. *The full moon is shining and there are trees above. Someone said, “Listen well, you are to become the Black Rose, make the Rose Princess.. make..* Was that Yokuto’s voice? Before I’ve discovered you, you were always in deep slumber within that coffin for such a long time that you have lost your memories-- And that coffin is sealed [with chains] from outside--..” Someone saying, ‘This is my last wish--’ Tenjoh thinks that it is a fact that since then, Mutsuki knew what exactly that ‘wish’, he [Yokuto] had said. [<- it is either that or wondering what exactly that ‘wish’ is. I’m not sure if it is a question or a statement. ^^;] Tenjoh said that currently, it will be difficult for all four of them to defeat the ‘Grey Rose’ even if the Red Rose is to attain his Awakening. “So, Mutsuki, you are the last trump card-- Try to infiltrate the ‘other side’, to where the Grey Rose is.” Mutsuki told him that he isn’t cunning like him and perhaps, he might really become a traitor. Tenjoh told him that it will be alright for if that happens, he’ll deal with him. Tenjoh then melancholically said, “Proceeding with such a cruel plot-- Will our Rose Princess forgive us for it?” End flashback.

While the three knights continue to fight, Mutsuki thinks, “Anis.. Whether or not, I can get my ‘last memories’ back, it doesn’t matter to me, even one bit. Even if you don’t forgive me, *Grey Rose calls out to Mutsuki to quickly come to where he is, so that he can eat him up. Mutsuki seriously looks at him.* I will eliminate any person who’ll harm you, even if it is me.” Soon, Anis reaches the entrance of the building. When Anis says that they are there, Seiran tells her that from here on, she is to go into the building by herself. Anis is puzzled. Seiran asks her if she still remembers Fake Dominion Ella’s ‘cards’. Anis remembers Ella telling her that she also has four cards, Violet, Grey, Gold and Silver. Anis realizes that there are still two other Fake Knights remaining. Seiran assures her that it is okay and this is the reason why he went with her. “I’ll definitely protect you, Miss Anis. *turns to the side* Even if the one I’ll have to confront is you.” To Anis’ surprise, a masked guy in Chinese-inspired outfit jumps down in front of them. The masked guy comments that he has been found out early. Seiran says that because he is Schwartz’s favorite[/preference], that he [Seiran] thought that he ought to be the Gold Rose. “Kusugi Haruto.” As Haruto removes his mask, Anis is shock that Haruto is the Fake Golden Rose. Haruto laughs and says that it seems that this curry color isn’t that popular so he wanted to be a bit cool so he changed..and he also became stronger. Anis still looks shaken. Haruto calls out to her and says that it has been such a long time since they have seen each other and the situation suddenly turned out that way. “Will you let me take you in?” Seiran shouts for Anis to quickly run. “You have some place that you have to go, quickly run- And, don’t look back!” Seeing Seiran’s serious expression, Anis shakes off her hesitation and thinks that he is right, she should proceed on. After entering the building, the entrance exploded. While Haruto looks at him, Seiran tells Haruto that like this, he can no longer chase after Anis no matter what happens to him [Seiran].

Scans by AMH字幕組.

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