June 13, 2011

Zenbu Chodai [Chapters 7-8]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on January 10, 2009

If Sakura Himeko and Oozora Ren’s relationship is like a board game, it will be like they are already in the last step/box before the ‘end’/goal. That is what Himeko’s four ‘servants’/fanboys think. It is already very easy for them to get together if only Himeko just be honest with herself. “So, for Himeko, we, her servants will help them!” At the water amusement park, Himeko has already dressed up in her bikini. She is pouting as she thinks that this is the first time she has gone out on a date with someone. Ren comes out and comments that Himeko dressed up really quick. Himeko blushes when she sees him. “Where are your glasses?!” she exclaims. Ren says that it is a hindrance so he removed it. It turns out that he can see fine without them. Himeko just says is that so. Looking away from him, she thinks if it is because he doesn’t look the way he normally does that is why her heart is beating so fast. “Or perhaps, being in a date makes one quite excited?!” Himeko then notices Ren looking glum that she wonders what he is thinking about. Ren has noticed the guys behind Himeko who are looking at her because she looks cute and sexy in her bikini. Ren immediately puts his coat on her. Himeko asks why he did that when she isn’t cold. Blushing a bit, Ren admits that when other guys look at her, it infuriates him. This made Himeko blush. Ren then holds her hand as they walk around the place. Himeko wonders if Ren likes her and it isn’t a one-sided love. “I want to know his feelings. I want to know. If I can ask him today, then I can be honest..Can I be honest?”

In the swimming pool, while holding a heart-shaped lifesaver, Himeko thinks that she cannot just casually asks about someone else’s feelings. Seeing a lovey-dovey couple, she thinks about trying to get near like that with Ren. She blushes when she sees Ren. She quickly moves away from him while thinking that she can’t do it. Seeing this, the fanboys have decided to help. One of the fanboy bumps hard into Himeko causing her to get close to Ren. Ren asks her what the matter is. Himeko quickly says that it’s nothing as she backs away. She collides with the fanboy. They ended up unconscious as they float on the water. ^^; At a table, Ren asks Himeko if she is alright. Himeko exclaims that it is no big deal. Ren suggests that they have fun by going to some ‘haunted house’ there. Upon hearing this, the fanboys decide to go into action since there is a high probability of ‘lovey-dovey’ moments in that place. Another fanboy volunteers to act as a monster. While walking inside a passage in a cavern-like place, Ren asks if Himeko isn’t afraid of these kinds of things. Himeko says of course, she isn’t afraid of anything. Himeko thinks if during this time, she should pretend to be afraid so that she can try to get close to Ren. “But then, this is something that I, Himeko Sakura, cannot do.” Just then, a scary looking monster comes out and it scared Sakura. The other three fanboys are wondering if the other fanboy has succeeded. They only saw the scene of Himeko giving the poor ‘monster’ fanboy an uppercut punch. Back at the table, Ren asks if she is okay. Himeko says she is. She gloomily thinks that everything is turning out embarrassing.

The fanboys look at them from the bushes. One of them asks if they are actually hindering the two. Black-haired fanboy says that this time, they are going to help. He loudly exclaims about a rumor that if one rides the slide there with the person you like, it will help improve the progress of their relationship. Himeko overheard that and so, Ren and Himeko ride it. Unfortunately, Himeko thinks that Ren is too close to her that she ends up nosebleeding. ^^; Back at the table, Himeko gloomily puts her head on the table. Ren tells her that he is going to buy something to drink. Himeko couldn’t believe that she had a nosebleed. “If it’s like this, then there is no way I can ask about his feelings. Even if this is a rare first date, even if I’m perfect queen Sakura Himeko, but everything turned out quite embarrassing. It is possible that he already hates me now.” The fanboys are sad that they had made Himeko quite depressed. They are surprised when Ren, who is standing behind them, asks what they are doing. They ask him when he realized. Ren said that he knew since the start but he just acted that he didn’t know. They apologize to him for they didn’t intent to hinder them for they are just trying to become ‘matchmakers’. Ren looks thoughtful. Ren goes back to Himeko and tells her that he has bought some juice. Since she didn’t rise up her head, he asks her if she is feeling uncomfortable. Himeko tells him that she isn’t but rather, she looks unsightly right now so she doesn’t want him to see her, looking strange like that. She thinks that she wants to maintain her perfection in front of Ren. Ren tells her to rise up her head but Himeko doesn’t want to. Since Ren kept on insisting, Himeko looks up to him then shouts that she doesn’t want to. To her surprise, Ren gives her a kiss on the lips and says, “I like you, Himeko.”

Himeko exclaims what is he saying and how could he just say those words in that place. “Are you an idiot?! How can I believe that! It’s impossible, because today, I’m specially--” She thinks that she isn’t the same as usual since she did a lot of embarrassing things that day, detestable that it’s not strange [for him to hate her]... Before she can finish that thought, Ren says, “It’s because I’m very happy today so I wanted to say it. You’re so cute that you wholeheartedly think of me. Whether you are perfect or not perfect, all of you are cute which I like.” This made Himeko blush. Himeko thinks, “I’m Sakura Himeko, a perfect queen, but in front of Oozora Ren, I wasn’t able to maintain my perfection. I already like him so much. Is it okay even if I’m not perfect?” Himeko stutters as she says, “I..I also..I also do not hate you. So..about that, with you..going steady with you..I can also go steady with you!” To Himeko and the fanboys’ shock, Ren says, “No, there is no need for that.” Ren continues, “I like you and I would want to go steady with you. But last time, you said that you don’t like me, right?” Peep-peep: Ren’s sadist thermometer is rising. Himeko is shock. “For me, before going steady, I would like the other party to clearly say that she likes me, too.” Peep-peep: it’s now in the middle level. Himeko thinks, “This guy..” At the peak level of sadist, Ren says, “So, I’ll wait for you to say you like me then I’ll confess again, okay?” Himeko is furious since Ren already knows of her feelings. “This guy is really infuriating!” Himeko points at him and angrily shouts, “Okay, if that is what you want then I’ll make you cry and say, ‘Please go steady with me’ while you are kneeling down to [or worshipping] me!” Himeko angrily left. Blushing a bit, Ren says to himself, “She’s fairly angry but then, that can’t be helped. I also wanted to hear you say that you like me. Even if I’ll be spending a lot of time, I’ll also definitely make you say it.” Fanboys groan and fall on the floor as they wonder what they were doing. “It all seems meaningless.” And so, the two are still stuck in that one step before the goal.

“Hello, everyone, we are the ‘servants’. A few days after Sakura Himeko and Ren Oozora’s date, we can say that the two’s relationship has become really bad though that could be said about Himeko’s mood.” At school, Himeko is in a foul mood over Ren’s request for her to confess to him when he already knows of her feelings for him. Ren is just napping on his seat. The fanboys go to him to tell him why he would ask Himeko to take the initiative to confess to him when Ren already know of her feelings for him. Ren says, “There are some things [in life] wherein even if you already know, you still want to ask [to know].” They think that Ren is quite cute for thinking that way until Ren adds, “And the more she doesn’t want to say it, the more that I would want to make her say it.” The fanboys gloomily think, “It’s over, he is such a super S.” Himeko goes to the roof of the school, probably to cool off. She is still angry at herself for being troubled by matters regarding Ren. She is surprised to see Ren sleeping at the rooftop after eating his lunch. She realizes that Ren sleeps there during lunch so she hasn’t seen him around during those times. She is a bit agitated that he is sleeping quite leisurely while she has been suffering – thinking of a way to win. She thinks, “The truth is this guy is really infuriating for making me, Sakura Himeko, confess. Normally, in this kind of situation, that is impossible! But, I still like him to the point of hating myself. No matter how angry he makes me, I still like him. But, to confess, is something that my pride won’t allow.” She sits beside him.

Then, she finds herself being awaken up by Ren. She is surprised that she has fallen asleep and even more surprised that it is already night. After calming down a bit, Himeko exclaims how could this happen and what time is it. Ren says he doesn’t know and it seems that the two of them have fallen asleep and were locked outside. Himeko realizes this as she tried to open the door. It is locked. She asks if he has a cellphone. Ren tells her that he forgot his today. Himeko left hers in the classroom. Ren says that there is nothing they can do but wait until morning. Himeko is aghast as she thinks that this is like a date which will last until morning. The two sit together. After some time not talking to each other, Himeko says that this is really disastrous. Ren says that it is indeed disastrous but then, since she is there with him, it isn’t so disastrous. Himeko blushes as Ren looks at her. Himeko calls him an idiot. Ren just asks if it is so. He leans over and touches her hair. Himeko thinks that she also knows that it isn’t so disastrous. Just when they are about to kiss, it suddenly rains. They are now dripping wet. Himeko thinks that even if the rain has stopped, it is awful that now they are cold. She is surprised to see Ren taking off his shirt. Himeko exclaims why he is stripping. She blushes as she thinks if this is part of the date wherein they take their clothes off and huddle together in order to warm themselves up. She closes her eyes as Ren just looks at her. To her surprise, Ren just squeezed the excess water from his shirt then, he wore it again. She exclaims if he is wearing it again. Ren asks why he won’t wear it. Embarrassed, Himeko exclaims it’s nothing. She thinks that there are no such situations happening in dates. Ren approaches her and asks if she just thought of that ‘stripping off clothes then hugging to warm themselves’ date scene. Himeko quickly tries to deny it but Ren hugs her. He says, “Although this isn’t a date, but like this, we can warm ourselves a bit.”

This made Himeko blush as she hugs him back. She says, “Let me tell you clearly first that this is just because I’m cold so there is no other choice.” Ren blushes then smiles. He says, “That’s right, it’s because it is cold.” The two hug each other while sitting down near the door. Himeko thinks, “How long has it been? Even if it is really cold, but I felt that my body is becoming warmer and warmer. Just now, I feel that my heart is beating very fast.” Himeko then becomes surprised. She asks Ren why she can also hear the heartbeat loudly in Ren’s body. Ren looks at her and says, “Why are you asking this? You should know why because right now, I’m with the girl I like.” This surprises Himeko as Ren slightly blushes. Himeko thinks that she didn’t expect him to be like that and that she could make his heart beat fast like that. “Before, I think that my pride won’t allow me confessing to Ren. But, I don’t know why, but now, I can confess and I also want to confess. But no matter how I think, but I don’t know how to say it properly.” It starts raining again. Ren stands up and says that they can’t stay there until morning so they should go down. Himeko asks how he plans to do that. Ren goes over the railing and says that way. Ren says that he is going to jump down and break the window below so that he can get inside. Himeko exclaims what if he falls down. She tries to grab him and says that it is dangerous. This made Ren fall over. Himeko is totally shock but Ren manages to hold on to the edge. Himeko asks if he is alright and if he can climb back up. “Wait there, I’ll go help you!” Ren says that there is no need to, else she’ll also fall down.

Sakura exclaims, “I’m Sakura Himeko so I won’t fall down!” Ren laughs and says that there are trees below so he won’t die and at most, he’ll just have some injuries. “And, I did jump down from the third floor before.” Himeko shouts what he is laughing about. “..You..want me to confess to you, right? If you get even one wound, I would never confess to you in my lifetime.” This made Ren look sad and says, “Really, that’s quite regrettable.” Himeko is shock when Ren let go of his hand. To her surprise, Ren just easily climbs up the ledge. Ren tells her that for someone like him, it’s easy for him to climb up. Himeko shouts if he just tricked her. Ren says that he never said that he can’t climb up. He goes to her and says, “Come, fulfill what you said earlier, right now, I came back without a single wound.” Himeko quickly gives him a headbutt on his chin. She exclaims what he means by no single wound. She looks away and says that he made her really angry for she was really worried about him. Himeko is already crying. Ren hugs her and apologizes since his teasing has been too extreme. “Sorry, I didn’t expect you to cry.” While crying, Himeko tells him that even if he apologizes, she won’t forgive him nor she’ll confess to him. Ren tells her that is a bit too severe. Himeko says, “Of course.” Ren says, “..then, even if it’s a nod, it’s okay. Can you please tell me, do you.. like me?” Himeko blushes as she thinks, “Asking me this kind of question, is there even a need to answer? I like you.” Himeko nods her head.

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