June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 21]

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“His eyes, only has me. Of course, my eyes and my heart, only has him.” Kotori is in tears when she turned around and says Kera's name. Kera points to her and exclaims if she was just dumped by Yukito. This stuns Kotori. She quickly shouts that she wasn't but.. Kotori remembers what Matsushita said about Yukito didn't plan on going steady with her from the very start. Thinking that if it is true, Kotori gloomily tells Kera that she might have been dumped earlier on. Kera asks what does she mean by that. Kotori wonders why would Yukito go steady with her if he wasn't serious. Kera asks her if something happened between her and Yukito. Kotori says it's nothing. Kera asks if it's true because she looks depressed. Kotori remembers that Kera used to have a good relationship with Yukito so maybe he knows but then, maybe because they are in good terms that he doesn't know what's going on with Yukito. Kotori asks Kera if he has ever gone steady with someone whom he doesn't like. To Kotori's shock, Kera says he did. Kera says that it's just by impulse. “If, one isn't that really interested but the other who confessed is okay, then, they can go steady. If one doesn't have any feelings for the other, it is still possible for that person would like the other person later on. If, one temporarily wants to have a girlfriend. If, one doesn't want to be pressured/rushed by friends. If for a second, one thinks the girl is very cute, one would want to go steady with her. Those kind of circumstances..” With a teasing look, Kera asks Kotori if Yukito said that. Blushing, Kotori quickly denies it. “He didn't say it..but..” Kotori becomes depressed. Kera says that he doesn't understand the situation. He then happily says, “But, if you're dumped by Yukito, will you go steady with me?” This surprises Kotori.

Kera says that he has time since he recently broke up with his girlfriend so he is currently single. Seeing Kotori backing away from him, Kera says that it seems she is intimidated by him. Kotori tries to explain. Kera then says, “You like Yukito, right? Then, that's enough. Randomly thinking of many things is just a waste of feelings/time. Happily thinking of the person you like is better than having inferior thoughts.” Kotori blushes and says that Kera is quite proactive. Kera smiles and says that he is very afraid of trouble/annoyance. Kotori comments that she admires him a bit for that. Kotori is then surprised to see Yukito with his friends. Yukito asks why is Kotori there and where are Matsushita and others. Kotori apologizes and tells him that she just remembered that she has something to do so she is on her way [home]. Yukito glances at Kera. Kera quickly bids them goodbye as he says that he still has a date/meeting. Yukito asks Kotori if she just met Kera. Kotori says that it was Kera who saw her and greeted her. The two then look gloomy. Yukito's friends ask if he isn't going. Yukito then bids Kotori goodbye. Kotori says goodbye to him, too. She looks at him as he goes back to his friends. Kotori looks depressed again as she begins to wonder again if what Matsushita said is true or not. She thinks that if it's true then all the things that happened before is just fake. “And that kiss. Is everything fake?” At school, Kotori groans as she put her head on the table. She continues to think that what she enjoys is different from Yukito and their relationship isn't like that of friends. “Are we really incompatible? Is Yukito not really serious about going steady with me..but then, I don't know what is the good point of knowing whether the relationship is real or not. It is best that I ask the person himself.” Her internal struggle is interrupted when Natsume asks her how was her boyfriend's friends. Kotori looks at Natsume and remembers her picture on the magazine. Kotori gloomily says that if she is like Natsume, maybe it won't turn out that way. Natsume tensely asks what happened.

At the hallway, Natsume is surprised that those things had happened yesterday. Natsume exclaims that girl [Matsushima] is really irritating and she obviously likes Yukito. She asks Kotori if she has confirmed with Yukito about what Matsushima said regarding their relationship. Kotori says she didn't because she thinks that Yukito will be unhappy if she said too much about his friend and when she criticized him [about Matsushima], Yukito protected his friend. Natsume tells her that is right for even if the other party is wrong, he would still protect his friend. “But, if he isn't serious in going steady and yet, he is teasing you around, what could he be planning? Ah~~but this is quite infuriating. I really want to scold him.” Kotori holds Natsume's hand and thanks her for being angry for her sake. Natsume exclaims what is she saying because at this time, she should be angry. Kotori sheepishly says that even if it's fake, it is already a miracle that she has a boyfriend. Natsume asks what's up with her. “That ice cream incident is already over the top! Do people ordinarily do that in front of another person's girlfriend? Just hearing that makes me angry. He is also wrong since he didn't tell it clearly to that girl!” Kotori gloomily remembers the times when Matsushima kept on holding on to Yukito and trying to share her ice cream with him then when she told him this, he defends Matsushima. Kotori sadly says that if she's not thinking about the relationship being true or not, then she thinks of those other things, it makes her angry. Natsume comments that Kotori is quite patient. Natsume then suggests that Kotori go to her house and stay overnight to play. “Put that boyfriend problem to the side, how about we play PS [playstation] 'Memories of Falling in Love' game all night!” Kotori is excited about this. Natsume tells Kotori to just pour out all her heart's problems to Hikaru. She suggests that she conquer any two-timer character by making the boyfriend jealous. “Ah! This is what you should do!” Kotori says that she doesn't know why but she feels quite happy and she has never played the game all night. Natsume tells Kotori that there is no one at her house so they should go eat outside. Kotori agrees with this. The two then give each other a 'hi-five' and shout, “'Memories of Falling in Love'!” A couple of Yukito's friends pass by and see the two girls.

Meanwhile, at the lockers, Yukito calls Kera on his cellphone. Kera is with his friend. Kera answers the phone and says that Yukito must have liked him so much that he is calling him at school. Blushing, Yukito exclaims no. Kera asks what's up. Yukito hesitantly tries to ask about what happened yesterday but ends up asking if Kera ate a umaibou [delicious stick snack]. Kera exclaims what he meant for he doesn't understand what he is saying. Yukito finally blurts out that he is going to ask him something. Kera teases Yukito if he is not doing anything [bored] and what's up with Kaiji Kotori. “..That's right, it seems that Kotori is troubled..” To Yukito's shock, Kera hangs up on him. Kera sticks out his tongue for playing this trick on Yukito. Yukito gloomily wonders what it is about for it makes him really curious. “I want to know! Tell me! What were the two of you talking about yesterday!” While Yukito is looking depressed, his friends ask if he isn't going to eat. Yukito tells them that embarrassing him is currently gloomy. “Go ahead and laugh.” They wonder what he meant by that. They then tell him that they saw Kotori looking quite happy. “It is the first time I saw her excited like that. Saying something about playing all night.” This surprises Yukito as he exclaims, “All night?! That girl? No way!” Abe says that he isn't lying for they say they are going to play Memories of Falling in Love all night. “Those two's relationship is quite good, so this is good news. Yukito becomes even gloomier when his friends mention about Kotori becoming cuter than before. This made Yukito gives Abe a knuckle twist on the head. In the classroom, Yukito plays with Kotori's hair then asks her if she is free after school and if she is free, they can go out and have some fun. Kotori apologizes and says that she already planned on going out with a friend. This shocks Yukito as he slumps on the table. “I've lost to Memories of Falling in Love...” Yukito then remembers what Kera said about Kotori being troubled. Yukito wonders what is troubling Kotori. Kotori is overly conscious about turning down Yukito quickly because she didn't expect him to ask this during class. She thinks that she is still bothered about what happened yesterday that she isn't confident about being alone with Yukito and most important of all, she already planned on meeting with Natsume so she has no choice. “I'm afraid that if we are together, I might ask the question that I don't want to ask which is 'Are you really serious about going steady with me?'”

Outside the school, Harada has this stupid smile look on her face. Her friend exclaims that Harada is up to something. Harada happily says that she thought of something good. Her friend happily asks what is it. Harada shows her a DS. Her friend asks if it is about Memories of Falling in Love. Harada blushes and says that's right. “I'm going to use this to pose as Hikaru in the chat. Then, when we decide to meet each other, I'll invite Kotori to Ohara's group date.” Harada then pretends to be Kotori and exclaims, “Ah..the Hikaru I'm chatting with is the same one whom I met at the train and it seems Hikaru is from Shoei High?! I cannot believe it! He's better than Yukito ♥” Harada hopes that Kotori will feel that way. Her friend comments that she never thought that Harada would go that far but then, what did she said to Ohara. Harada laughs that she'll think about it later on. Her friend laughs, too and asks if that will be okay. Natsume overhears this and thinks Harada is an idiot. At a convenient store, Kotori and Natsume are going to buy some midnight snacks since they are going to play all night. Natstume tells her to just buy only a few because there are a lot of snacks in her house. While they are choosing, Yukito and Abe are spying on them. Yukito comments that Kotori is really to stay overnight with Natsume. Abe asks if he is doubting. Abe also asks him why they are doing this. “Shouldn't we go and greet them?” Yukito says there is no need because today, he is a walking dead. He thinks that Kotori looks quite happy and she doesn't look like she is troubled at all. Just then, Natsume turns to their direction and says that she likes that snack. The two boys quickly duck so that they won't be spotted. Kotori says that she likes that too. Thinking that it is safe, Yukito peeks out and to his shock, he sees Natsume glaring down at him. Yukito sheepishly says that it is a coincidence. Natsume snorts then quickly turns away. She happily tells Kotori that they should get going if she is finished. Yukito freezes then gloomily thinks that Natsume just snorted at him.

At Natsume's house, Kotori is awed at how big the house is and she is especially surprised to see Natsume's room filled with Hikaru posters, dolls and figurines. Kotori exclaims that it's really great. “Can I use my cellphone to take a picture?” Natsume laughs and says that her mother is talkative so it is exposed. [I think her mother told people that Natsume likes Hikaru so friends/fans give Hikaru items to her.] Kotori exclaims that there is even a limited edition Hikaru. Holding a pair of pajamas, Natsume asks if that is okay with her. Kotori thanks her and says anything is fine. Kotori then sees Natsume's huge flatscreen lcd tv. Kotori happily exclaims that on that huge television screen, Hikaru and the other characters can be seen very clearly. Natsume giggles that Kotori's eyes are sparkling. While playing, Kotori exclaims that the game is so much fun. Natsume exclaims that Hikaru is so great and handsome. The two laughs and giggles as Natsume comments that it seems that they have a mental illness. Kotori says that it makes her want to shout out those things regarding Yukito. “When I'm with you, don't keep on looking at your cellphone! You're the one who invited me so don't just keep on talking with your friends then putting your girlfriend aside! [Then, directed at Matsushita] At that time, I also wanted to eat ice cream! Don't sit close to him! You are not my boyfriend so do not just affectionately call me, 'Kuja/Ana' [peacock]!” Kotori then tells Natsume that if it's her, it's alright for her to call her 'Ana'. The two then try calling each other's first names then becomes embarrassed by it. “If I'm all alone, I'll think too much but with a friend, it is quite fun.” Natsume asks if she is now happy. “What is it like when you are going steady with your boyfriend? Does the way he acts different from before that it made you think 'he isn't really serious with me' and is there some aspect where it feels fake?” After thinking for a moment, Kotori says that there was none. “I didn't have that kind of feeling..” She thinks, “No matter if it's a date or just hanging out, even when we unconsciously talk to each other and when we kissed..” Natsume tells her that if that is how she feels then it's alright. “Even if how you guys started out is a bit strange/different, it is alright for you to just believe in the current him.”

Kotori remembers Kera telling her the same thing that it is enough if she likes Yukito. Kotori then gets an email from Abe asking if something happened between her and Yukito because Yukito is acting strange and if it's nothing then just disregard what he wrote. Kotori then shouts out loud that she is going to see Yukito. Natsume asks if she is going now. Kotori says that she will quickly go back. She thinks, “Thank you everyone. Yukito, I'm sorry for doubting you a little bit!” Yukito sighs as he lies down on his bed. He then sits up when his cellphone rings. While walking to his house, Kotori asks Yukito if they can meet right now. Yukito looks at his clock -10:32- and tells Kotori that it is already past 22. Kotori then realizes this and asks what she should do. Yukito asks if she is already outside. Kotori says she is. Yukito calls her an idiot for it is dangerous [to go out late at night]. Kotori is surprised by this as she blushes. She thanks him for worrying about her. Yukito calls her an idiot again for calmly saying that. “I'll going out now, tell me where you are.” He walks downstairs and passes by Ohara who overhears his conversation. After Kotori told him, Yukito tells Kotori to stay at any convenient store that she passes by then call him again. As Yukito goes out of the building, Ohara looks at him. The two finally meet. Yukito seems tired from running. He asks Kotori if she met any suspicious person. Kotori says she didn't. She apologizes for calling him out so late at night. Yukito says that it is alright. He is still catching his breath. Kotori blushes as she thinks that Yukito has quickly gone out to meet her and it seems he is already getting ready to sleep because of his outfit -jogging suit. Kotori goes to hug surprised Yukito. Kotori exclaims, “Even..even if you are not serious about going steady with me, I will still do my best to make you truly like me! I will do my best to make you like me even more..! I just wanted to say this clearly in front of you.” This stuns Yukito as he asks from whom did she heard that. Kotori looks at him with a puzzled look. Yukito blushes a bit then hugs her. He smiles and says “Ah, sorry..thank you.”

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