June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapters 25-26]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on January 7, 2009

Hanabi calls out to Atsumi who is eating her second serving of salad. Hanabi says that she has something to tell her and that is.. Hanabi suddenly exclaims if Atsumi knows that there are heart-shaped Pinky [candies] available. Atsumi is surprised and happy about this news who wants to buy them. Hanabi thinks that even if she already knows who Sasa likes, she cannot tell it to Atsumi even if she knew of Atsumi’s feelings because she has to also consider Sasa’s feelings. She plans to just support Atsumi in some other way. Hanabi tells Atsumi that she’ll buy the Pinky for Atsumi as her Christmas gift for her. Atsumi says that indeed Christmas is coming soon. She happily says that she will depend on Hanabi for the whole set of heart-shaped Pinky. Atsumi asks what she wants. Hanabi thinks hard then says, “That guy..” To her shock, Atsumi is already talking with their other two friends about some delicious juice. Mii then tells Hanabi that she should now grab the opportunity because she has heard from glasses that Chikai seems to have broke up with his girlfriend. Hanabi just says yes as she is still split over being happy or sad about it. At the other class, Chikai tells gloomy Shinichi that he is annoying. Shinichi just says, “Because..because~~” Flashback: Note says that for the first time while waiting for Mii, he finally manages to coincidentally meet her on the way to school. Shinichi is really happy about this while Mii thought he is annoying. Shinichi apologized to her for being very happy. He then said that Chikai must be lonely because he has broken up with his girlfriend. This surprised Mii. Shinichi then quickly covered his mouth. End flashback.

Chikai says, “Blaring trumpet. I wanted to scold you this way but even if you let your girl know, it is of no concern to me.” To Chikai and his two friends’ surprise, Shinichi shouts that he is concerned/hurt. While Chikai is looking at him since Shinichi looks quite troubled, Shinichi looks up to him and says that he is just joking and he just says that Chikai’s surprised expression is quite cute. Chikai denies that he is surprised. They are interrupted when Hanabi calls out to Chikai and asks if he can come to her for a moment. Shinichi approaches Hanabi and welcomes her. Hanabi backs away a bit as she thinks that she isn’t calling for him. Shinchi tells her that even if she hates guys, she would even go there so she must be doing her best [to woo Chikai]. With a scary look, Shinichi says, “Let me say! You should do your best more! Do not let any other girl take Chikai away!” Hanabi is freaking out and puzzled by what he said. She can only mutter her thanks for his support. She becomes slightly puzzled when Shinichi’s look softened and tells her that it’s true [he is supporting her]. Shinichi walks away as Chikai approaches Hanabi and asks her what’s up. Holding a small dessert, Hanabi says that she just made a red tea pudding. She wants to give it to him after it has cooled. Shinichi is totally cute as he is doing some cheering dance behind them. =P Their two friends wonder what’s up with Shinichi. Chikai tastes the pudding. Hanabi blushes when she sees that Chikai is wearing the small pompom hair band that she made before. “I will grab this opportunity,” she thinks. Hanabi exclaims that Christmas is coming soon. Chikai says that it is so, according to the calendar. Hanabi asks if he can go out with her. Chikai says that it’s finally here, but why does it feel like she is asking for charity [asking something in return] when he heard that. Hanabi is blushing and closing her eyes as she waits for his answer.

Chikai changes the topic as he asks her what does she meant about ‘recharge’ this morning. Hanabi apologizes and exclaims that it is quite shameless of her to do. Chikai says that what she is doing now is also quite shameless. Hanabi goes into shock when she realized that she took the initiative to touch Chikai. She’s freaking about the touch. Chikai says that it seems she isn’t discouraged and would she want a reward. They exchanged emails via infrared. Chikai tells him to email him when she decided to go out. While walking away, Hanabi wonders what kind of Christmas would make Chikai happy. She thinks that Chikai’s email has Cleo in it. [Smiliey? It’s xx.u.x.u] She notices the numbers 1223 in the email address and this made her think that it is Chikai’s birthday. Outside the school, Yukine is waiting at the gate. She then notices Chikai walking by with Soutarou [black haired friend]. Soutarou is telling Chikai about having a gig at a Christmas boat and four clubhouses which is not the same as the Live House tonight. Chikai says that Soutarou is really great. They didn’t notice Yukine since she hid behind the post where she is standing. Elsewhere, Karashi is grocery shopping with Masato, her boyfriend. Kareshi points out a wreath made of fruits and vegetables and that it will be Christmas soon. Masato says that is true. He asks her how her mother is doing and if it is okay if he spends Christmas at her place. Kareshi says of course it is okay and everyone is eagerly anticipating it. She also says that her mother is feeling better now. “But, I’ll be asking you to prepare things with me.” Masato tells her to leave it to him – the decorations and the food. He then happily points out to her that those potatoes at the display are on sale at 358 yen. As he takes a bag, he asks her, “Can I be their brother any time?” The two smile at each other while walking and carrying the grocery basket together. She says, “Anytime..ah.” He exclaims that’s right. [That page only has speech bubbles so I might have switch the two’s conversation ^^;]

Walking home, Shinichi tells Mii that Christmas is coming soon. He asks her if she is free on that day. Mii says generally, she is. Shinichi exclaims that is great and thanks her for being free on that day for him. A note says that today is also the first time that Shinichi gets to walk home with Mii. [I think he is wearing that short scarf that Mii gave him.] Shinichi is really excited and asks her what kind of Christmas she wants. He happily smiles at her but Mii just looks away and tells him not to flatter her/a Christmas wherein he doesn’t flatter her. This made Shinichi dejected. He then musters his courage and jumps on top of the rail of a bridge. He exclaims that it cannot be done. “I will flatter you because I want you to turn around and look at me! ..I, will be waiting.” This surprises Mii then she pushes him off the rail. Shinichi manages to cling on the railing so that he won’t fall. He exclaims that is very dangerous. Turning around to him, Mii says, “Idiot guy.” This made Shinichi blush and asks her to say it once more. Mii is speechless and angry. Then, at the small forest path, Hanabi has been waiting for Chikai. She exclaims why he haven’t arrived and it is quite cold already. She decides to write him an email. “You’re too slow! Did you go home already? Or, are you still in school?” Hanabi then gloomily thinks who does she thinks she is. She decided to change her email into ‘Regarding the Christmas thing, is 23th okay? I’ll be working on the morning shift so I’ll be free at night.” After sending it, Hanabi hopes that she can make Chikai happy on his birthday and on Christmas. She decides to go home as she wonders when he would reply. Hanabi is surprised to see Yukine waiting for her. Yukine smiles and tells Hanabi that she has been waiting for her at the gate but then her friends told her that Hanabi walks home on that path. Hanabi is a bit nervous as she asks why Yukine is looking for her. Hanabi is surprised when Yukine’s hand goes over her face. She quickly closes her eyes [expecting a slap] but to her surprise, Yukine just touches her face and apologizes for hitting her before. “Did it hurt?”

Hanabi denies that it hurt as she wonders what is this all about. Yukine apologizes again and asks Hanabi to forgive her for momentarily losing her temper. “I can tell you anything regarding Chikai.” Hanabi blushes a bit then looks down. She thanks Yukine as she wonders if this is the kind of relationship between one who currently likes Chikai and the ex-girlfriend. She feels a bit uneasy about it. Yukine then invites Hanabi to a publicized Christmas party [I think for the staff people working at the mall] on Christmas Eve day since Atsumi is also coming. Hanabi nervously just says yes. Chikai has typed that 23th is okay. Hanabi asks if it is really okay for her to go to that kind of party. Yukine says that it is alright because they work at the same place. [By the way, Yukine is smiling all throughout here.] Hanabi can just nervously say yes while smiling. Just then, Hanabi’s phone starts ringing and from the ringtone, Hanabi realizes that it is Chikai. Yukine smiles and says that she knows that ringtone and it is Chikai. Hanabi looks ill as to why she used that ringtone. Yukine asks if it okay for her not to answer it. Hanabi tells her that it is just an email. Yukine asks Hanabi if Chikai’s email messages are short. Hanabi looks at her then says that she doesn’t know because she hasn’t seen them yet. Hanabi thinks that even if it makes her happy to talk about those things yet she has a losing feeling inside her. Yukine bids her goodbye and she hopes to see Hanabi on Christmas Eve. Hanabi just looks at Yukine as she walks away. At a live house concert, Chikai and Arashi [crop hair friend] are listening to Soutarou’s band playing. Soutarou is a drummer and he is all made up – make up, half-naked, & black necklace. When Chikai closes his flip phone, Arashi asks if it is a girl. Chikai just says that he can’t quite say. Arashi didn’t hear him. They then see Shinichi happily waving at them as they wonder what happy thing happened that Shinichi is looking really happy. Chikai then tells Shinichi that they go in front.

The next day in school, Hanabi tells her friends about Yukine’s invitation to her. Hanabi asks if Atsumi is going. Atsumi says she is. Kareshi tells Hanabi that there is a chance that Yukine planned that so that Hanabi and Chikai will not meet on Christmas Eve. Hanabi wonders if that is the reason behind Yukine’s kindness. Hanabi tells them that she is going out with Chikai on the 23th. They are happy for her. She thinks that as Yukine had said, Chikai’s email message is indeed short. Hanabi begins to think if what Yukine is doing has some ulterior motive to it and is she trying to make Hanabi lower her guard/feel happy. The day went normally and at night, Hanabi is busy sewing. Nanpa can only look at Hanabi as she exclaims when she pricked her finger on the needle while she is working on the sewing machine. Hanabi bites/sucks her bleeding finger and thinks that if Yukine plans on getting Chikai’s feelings back, she won’t lose to her. Finally, on the day, Hanabi happily toast with Chikai a Merry Christmas. The two dogs are wearing ‘reindeer’ headgear. They are eating at the porch of a restaurant. While drinking, Chikai asks Hanabi why she has decided on eating out like that when it’s very cold. Hanabi asks if it is cold and is he an old man [being afraid of the cold]. Hanabi happily points out that there are hot orange juices, steaming hot food, a heater under the table and a warm blanket on them. She thinks, “And, most important of all, passionate feelings! Even if it is just one sided.” Chikai drops the topic and asks why the dogs are with them at the café. To the dogs’ shock, Hanabi admitted that she doesn’t plan on bringing them along. “But..” Hanabi thinks that she doesn’t know what will make Chikai happy. Chikai smiles and asks, “But?” Hanabi blushes and thinks that Chikai is such a huge S [sadist] for wanting to make her say it and even if she did say it, he would just ignore her feelings.

Hanabi tells him that she has prepared a gift. It looks like a friendship charm band for him and Cleo. For him, it’s a bracelet but for Cleo, it is a collar/necklace. Hanabi happily exclaims that it is a pair. Chikai blushes and says that it’s quite nice. He asks if it is handmade. Hanabi says that it is. He says that she is quite capable. Hanabi exclaims what is a person from ‘craftsman’ section talking about. [= no need to praise her since he is also into that kind of ‘work’] Hanabi’s smile freezes when Chikai tells her that he didn’t prepare anything. Looking gloomy, Hanabi just laughs and says that she doesn’t mind one bit. Chikai comments that she doesn’t look like she doesn’t mind it. Holding her fingers out with a four-symbol, Hanabi exclaims that she wants a group picture of the four of them. Chikai notices the wounds on her fingers. Chikai then tells her that he’ll go call the staff. Hanabi is happy about this as she gets Nanpa to wear the hat properly for the picture. Chikai comes out with a Santa guy. While they are sitting with the dogs, Santa tells them to move closer. Hanabi freaks out about this. Finally, a nice group picture is taken using Hanabi’s cellphone. Hanabi is really happy about this as she looks at the picture. Santa then takes out something from his pocket and says that there is something else. He then gives her a set of bone and dog earring. Hanabi asks if it is a special gift. Pointing at Chikai who is fixing Cleo’s headgear, Santa says that it’s from him. Chikai tells her that he just happen to see it at the jewelry store there so he bought it. Blushing, Hanabi happily shouts her thanks. Chikai tells her that she’s quite loud. Hanabi exclaims that she still has another gift for him. Chikai asks how many gifts does she plan to give. Holding a package, Hanabi exclaims, “Happy Birthday!” Chikai looks at her and says, “Ha? Whose birthday?” Hanabi freezes then becomes puzzled. Hanabi says that it is because his email has 1223 in it. Chikai tells her that is Yukine’s birthday. Hanabi can only nervously smile at her blooper. The dogs look at them. Nanpa narrates that people who over-analyze is bound to have a misunderstanding. “And, this misunderstanding can bring about huge ‘waves’ [impact?]. It is something that will soon happen.”

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