June 13, 2011

Zenbu Chodai [Chapter 9]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on January 28, 2009

The fanboys congratulate Himeko and Ren when they entered the classroom. Himeko tells them that there is no need for that since she is Sakura Himeko so things would naturally go smoothly. Ren giggles that Himeko asks what it is. Ren holds her hand and says that it is nothing. Himeko blushes when Ren smiles at her. Himeko narrates , “After meeting Oozora Ren, a lot of infuriating things had happened, but..it’s a good thing that at that time, for the first time, I was able to be honest. [She’s referring to her nod to admit that she likes Ren] Afterwards, I will always be with Oozora Ren. *laughs* We will go home together, exchanging emails, and many other things that I want to do.” She is then surprised when she heard a snap. It seems that Ren just took her picture with his cellphone. Himeko tells Ren that she was surprised by that and asks why he did that. Ren says that at times, she has that expression of her liking him very much. “It would be nice if you also honestly show that expression during normal times.” Himeko denies that she had that expression. “Don’t be so full of yourself!” After walking away from him, Himeko blushes and wonders if she really does have that kind of expression. “No..I was already honest during the confession. Making me honest again is impossible!” At the boys’ locker room, the fanboys tell Ren to properly treasure Himeko. Ren says that he will, definitely. With a dark smile, Ren adds, “Using my own way.” The fanboys are shock as they have a bad feeling about this. After class, Himeko is excited that she’ll get to walk home with Ren. To her shock, Ren is already leaving the room by himself. Himeko exclaims this to Ren who just asks what the matter is. Himeko couldn’t ask ‘why he is leaving alone’ and ‘why don’t we go home together’. “If I did that then, it would seem that I’m the only one who wants to do that. Does Oozora Ren think the same way, too?” Himeko says that it is nothing. Ren says that if it is nothing then he’s going ahead. This surprises Himeko. Ren then kisses her and says, “See you tomorrow.” Himeko blushes and thinks that if Ren has something to do then there’s nothing she can do about it. “Starting tomorrow, we will always be together. And tonight, he’ll email me.” Sitting on her princess-style bed, Himeko anxious waits as her heart is beating fast. She’s slightly disappointed – heartbeats and trying to be patient - when it is already 11pm and yet no email. Her mood is already foul when it is already 3am and still there’s no email. “What is the meaning of this,” Himeko thought. It’s already 6am and she has 0 email.

In class, Himeko is in a foul mood. “I have already been going steady with Oozora Ren for a week and from the start, he didn’t walk me home nor send me an email. Then, he would only just sleep in school. Ever since then, I also didn’t get a kiss from him. Why? Aren’t we going steady? Although I’m frustrated, but..I always think of Oozora Ren. Isn’t Oozora Ren like this, too? Perhaps if like that time, I’m a bit honest, would there be some change? But I cannot easily be honest!” She angrily hits the table. The fanboys tries to cheer her up by telling her that it will be her birthday soon. Himeko says that she has forgotten all about it because she was thinking too much about Ren. Himeko tells them that it is true and what of it. They tell her that for her birthday gift, Ren is definitely working so he is very tired. Himeko is surprised by this and starts to entertain thoughts that Ren is indeed working so that he’ll buy her a birthday gift. She thinks that Ren is going to surprise her. To the fanboys' delight, this has cheered up Himeko. On her birthday, the fanboys greet her a happy birthday, but Himeko is looking glum and unsatisfied. Himeko tells the guys that it is already noon and yet Ren isn't there yet. The fanboys can't answer her. Himeko wonders if Ren has forgotten about her birthday. “If he likes me then, he shouldn't have forgotten about it. Can't I be recognized like this..?” Just then, the door slides open. Himeko perks up and greets Ren. She freezes when he sees that he isn't holding anything = no gift and he is yawning so he just woke up. The fanboys become uneasy. One of the fanboys approach Ren and asks if he doesn't have anything on his hand. Ren asks why he is asking that and what day is it suppose to be. Himeko is seething in anger as she thinks, “What day is it suppose to be? Is that what he just said? Today is my birthday.” The fanboys are nervous because Himeko is getting angry then to their surprise, Himeko looks as if she is going to cry. Himeko asks Ren, “Today, is my birthday. Have you forgotten? You forgot it, right?” Himeko wonders why Ren didn't walk her home nor emailed her if he forgot her birthday. Her anger is at it's peak that she grabs the table and throws it at Ren. Ren manages to evade it. He tells her that it is dangerous. He stops her from throwing another table as he tries to calm her down. Himeko shouts for him to not mind her and to let her go. “You didn't do anything that a boyfriend should be doing..you also forgot my birthday..!”

To her surprise, Ren puts a heart-shaped pendant[?] on her hand. Blushing a bit, Ren says that he never said he forgot. Himeko also blushes as she exclaims about giving her that only now. She thinks, “Although I'm frustrated, but everyday, I'm thinking of Oozora Ren. Oozora Ren is..always thinking of me, too.” Ren hugs her as Himeko exclaims that Ren is quite cunning. The fanboys are happy for Himeko and they exclaims that it seems Ren really did work for Himeko. Ren tells them that he didn't work. Himeko then asks why he always didn't do those things. Laughing, Ren says that it's because she'll always thinks of him but she's not yet honest about it. He also tells her that he really likes to make her go around in circles. This shocks the fanboys. Himeko is angry as she thinks that Ren is really a super S. Himeko shouts that a guy like him really infuriates her. Ren smiles and says, “Why, I really like to tease you but I like it more when you are more honest. So, tell me everything.” Ren hugs her. Himeko thinks that her pride won't allow her to be honest. “It makes me feel embarrassed.” Himeko says, “So, if I honestly say it, will you do anything for me?” Ren smiles and says, “I would. Because..I'm a perfect guy.” Himeko thinks, “Even if I'm very frustrated, but in front of Oozora Ren, I can become honest one more time.” Holding hands while walking home, Himeko says, “I want us to walk home like this everyday. I want you to call me every morning. Don't always go to sleep at school. You'll also email me everyday.” Himeko blushes as she adds, “..that is what I think but you didn't do those things. And, there's one more thing, I wish you kiss me everyday and say that you love me.” Himeko thinks that she wants him to think of her everyday and tell her that today, he also likes her. Ren removes his glasses and gives her a kiss. After that kiss, Ren tries to kiss her again. Himeko says that he shouldn't because they are outside. Ren says that he can't because he wants to kiss her. He then gives her a deep kiss. After the kiss, Ren says that he did say that he likes her when she's honest. “But what I like about you the most is when you have that 'you like me' expression.” Himeko is blushing as she says what is he saying. Blushing a bit, Ren adds, “And, you'll have the same expression as mine.” Ren laughs as Himeko blushes. “I'm really frustrated. But I'm quite happy that you've shown me that kind of expression, definitely next time, I won't be honest again.”

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