June 13, 2011

Yoru Cafe -My Sweet Knights- [Chapter 13]

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Hina cannot sleep because of what had happened that day. She has stayed at Soushi's room because her room doesn't have a bed/her stuff aren't there. She thinks that a lot has happened that day. She goes out from the bed and tries to wake up Soushi who is sleeping in the sofa. Soushi wakes up with a startle and starts blushing since Hina is only wearing a shirt. While eating, Soushi tells her that Yoshizumi is going to be discharged that day because the tests yielded positive results. He also tells her that he has already told Yoshizumi about them so if it's him, everything should be fine. Hina realizes that Soushi won't touch her until she has fixed things with Hisaki. Hina suddenly says that Soushi drinks coffee just like Kunikazu. She then says that maybe she shouldn't have said that. Soushi says that it is okay since she can now speak out about it like that for she has already moved on from Kunizaku. After eating, Soushi says that he is going out. He asks what she plans to do. She tells him that she is going to wait for Yoshizumi to return then she'll go out. He takes a bag and tells her to lock the door. As Hina waves goodbye, she wonders what does Soushi do in the mornings. Later on, at the cafe, Hina and Nozomu are delighted to see Yoshizumi back. Yoshizumi apologizes for the trouble. Nozomu tells him that it is alright and congratulates him for getting out of the hospital. Yoshizumi then notices Hina. He welcomes her back and says that he has heard what happened about her and Soushi. He pats her head and tells her that he feels good about it and since it's Soushi, he'll definitely love her fondly his whole life. He then makes a gesture with his hand [probably means sex] and angrily tells her with a smile that they [Hina and Soushhi] not make them look for them frantically again while they were doing that. Hina wonders how much Soushi told the two guys about them. Nozomu complains that bullying the boss is his special privilege. Yoshizumi tells him to relax for it was just sexual harrassment. Hina is quite gloomy and speechless by that comment.

Yoshizumi says that they should start to cafe's opening. Hina tells them that she has a place where she must go first and that is at Hisaki's place. Nozomu says that is right for her luggages are all in that guy's place. Hina sadly says that she said before that she won't leave a place where she is needed but after that happened wherein she wasn't able to do that, she finds herself quite laughable. “I don't want to be thought of as a wicked person and..for me to say it like that, would seem hypocritical. That guy told me that he likes me. I have also always depended on him. Since things have already turned out this way, I cannot maintain this kind of situation. So, I'm going out for now.” After she left, Nozomu comments that is quite boring because she doesn't seem to be the same boss/person as before. He explains that it is because Hina can now gradually give up things that she doesn't need and living like that is boring. Yoshizumi tells him that it isn't boring but loneliness. Hina goes to Hisaki's apartment. Hisaki lets her in. In the apartment, Hisaki tells her that she can go in anytime she wants since she has a key. Hina puts a card on the table and tells him that she is returning it. Hisaki asks if she has decided. Hina says she has so she has come to say goodbye. “From now on, I will be living with Soushi.” She also tells him that it doesn't matter if this is all set-up by Kunikazu. She bows and thanks him for taking care of her until now. Hisaki asks if she still remembered the time when they first met. “It was a hot day then..”

Flashback: Hisaki was driving his car when he saw Hina on the sidewalk. Her bag of groceries has break open because she bought too many things. Hisaki offered to drive her to her destination. Hisaki mentioned that it is a coincidence because he is also going to Takatoh's residence. Helping her carry the stuff, Hisaki wondered if she is a new helper. A maid called out to Hina as 'missus/mistress' and soon, he learned that Hina is Kunikazu's wife. Kunikazu thanked Hisaki for helping his wife. It was a big shock to Hisaki. Kunikazu said that he doesn't plan on keeping it a secret but re-marrying at his age will make people gossip. Hina lovingly looked at Kunikazu and told him that she doesn't mind it. End Flashback. Hisaki admits that ever since that day he entertained thoughts of what if she looks at him that way too. He finds it strange that he can't let it go. “But, even if you have that illness regarding Takatoh-san, although you're unconscious of it, you still gave yourself to Sawatari Soushi. At that time, I realized that is what was meant to be. Even if it was like that, I thought that I'm still lucky. I thought that as long as I don't confess, you will stay here. Perhaps, one day you will also fall for me. ..but, although we are living together, my heart still..since yesterday, I always kept on thinking what I should have done so that it would have turned out okay [for me]. Will it be okay if I was the one who was at the grave first? If I didn't talk about that, would it be okay? Should I have confessed earlier..? No matter what, I don't know the answer. There is no reason at all because you are already attracted to Sawatari-kun.” Hisaki is looking out the window when he said all this so Hina didn't see him crying. He tells her that he has already arranged for her luggage to be sent to the cafe tomorrow. “You can go. I also have to go to the office.” Hina looks sad about this as she just says, “Goodbye, Kondou-san.”

Hina thinks that even if she has already prepared herself for this, it still hurts since he is an important person in her life even if she doesn't have the feelings for him just like what she has for Kunikazu and Soushi. “At times, being important is not enough. In reality, there is no other choice.” At the cafe, the four celebrates the return of Hina and Yoshizumi. Hina tells Nozomu that he has forgotten something. Nozomu says that they are also celebrating the opening of the cafe tomorrow. Nozomu panicks that Hina is drinking alcohol. Hina just blushes a bit and laughs as she tells him that most probably, it is fine now. Yoshizumi says that is true because no matter what happen they also have a switch off. [I think he meant there is someone whom she can 'attack'] Soushi blushes because of that comment. Hina asks if she can ask a question and that is if ever Yoshizumi and Nozomu ever thought of wanting to go steady with her. Nozomu admits that he finds Hina cute but then whenever she is intoxicated, she never 'attacks' him. Soushi shouts why is he still whining about that. Nozomu pouts and asks, “Can't I?” Yoshizumi smiles and says that he thought that Hina is not bad at all. “If you can eat lesser food ♥” The others are gloomy as they realize that it was doomed from the start. Yoshizumi asks what's up with them. They realize that Yoshizumi just wants to get rich. After dinner, Hina and Soushi head upstairs. Hina says that it has been a long time since all four of them ate together. Soushi wonders if those two guys really think that way. Hina blushes as she tells Soushi that she went to Hisaki's place today and he told her that her luggage will be delivered back tomorrow so.. Soushi smiles and tells her to stay at his room for the night. Inside, Hina is a bit embarrassed as she tries to say something. To her surprise, Soushi hugs her from behind and then puts her on the bed. Hina tells him that she is going to take a bath first. Soushi tells her not to since it's a waste of time. Hina tells him that it is because she went out today so she has perspired. Soushi asks her why is she making him endure it/wait when he always has been waiting. Hina is blushing as she covers her eyes. Hina says that isn't what she meant for she also wanted to do this earlier. Hina narrates that the first time she did it with the person she likes, it is so romantic that she felt like she's going to lose her consciousness. “The person I love using the same passionate feelings to answer me, I know this kind of miracle exists in this world.” A bit later, Soushi seems to have stopped. Hina asks what is it. Soushi says that it seems that he can't stop. Hina says that it's okay and there's no need to stop. He hugs her and asks her which part makes her comfortable and has a feeling. “Tell me everything, I will touch everything until you're satisfied.” Hina is a bit surprised. She smiles and hugs him back. She says, “Then, I beg of you, do not..die ahead of me. You'll always love me, love me deeply. – love me until death. That is my one and only wish.” Soushi smiles and says, “Understood.”

After they had sex, Soushi admits that he is the same as her about not wanting to fall in love again. Hina asks what he meant. He tells her that his parents aren't rich and since he has talent, he became a tennis player. “I used the prize money in tournaments to pay off some of the debts. But, because it is quite a competitive world, when I'm not competing, I use that time to train.” His former girlfriend said that she felt tired of all of this. “I found it quite puzzling because I thought that just because we are together since junior high, we will be together until forever. But that way of thinking has no basis. I didn't stop her. I thought that it is best to just respect her opinion, ..it's just the same with you at that time.” He also tells her that he had a reason to stop her ex-girlfriend from leaving him yet he didn't and so he came to regret it to the point of losing his will to compete in tennis. He hugs her and says that it was almost the same as what happened to them. She holds his hands and says that he is quite nice to think of other people's feelings but she thinks of him like that as.. She then becomes surprised when she noticed that his hands are rough and calloused like a tennis player's hands. Soushi smiles at her and tells her that he never said that he has given up tennis. “Everyday, I'm at the tennis court but as a tennis club instructor.” This made Hina really happy that she glomps him and rubs his head on her chest as she exclaims that it's great. “I cannot believe it! I'm very happy-♥ Next time, I'll definitely go! I'll definitely watch you play!” The two then happily smile at each other.

The next day, they are about to re-start the cafe's business. Looking at the chart, Hina says that there might not be too many people going to their cafe that day yet. Yoshizumi and Nozomu look ill. Nozomu stops her from talking and says that Yoshizumi has something to say. Yoshizumi protests why he should be the one to say it. Nozomu says that it is because he is older. Hina asks them what is the matter since the two of them don't look well. Yoshizumi sighs and says, “I guess there is no other way. Boss, during H, your voice is QUITE LOUD.” Soushi is shock as Hina just looks puzzled because she didn't understand what he meant. Yoshizumi sighs again and says, “This building is quite old so there isn't much sound-proofing. Last night, your vulgar sounds can be heard throughout the whole building so how could we sleep.” Hina is really embarrassed by that as she realizes what he meant. Nozomu teases the two by saying that Hina is quite cute but who would thought that she is quite wild while Soushi's strength is quite too much. This embarrasses Soushi as he exclaims, “You! That is Hina, she..” Nozomu reprimands Soushi for calling her by her first name thus destroying the 'regulations'/mood of the cafe. Soushi protests what does that have anything to do with the cafe's regulations. Hina looks aghast while looking defeated on the floor. She thinks that it would be nice if they don't have 'barriers' = open with each other.

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