June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapters 27 -29]

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Holding his birthday gift, Hanabi stutters as she says, “So, it's..that person's..birthday.” Chikai asks what will happen to that gift. Hanabi says that she'll keep it until Chikai's birthday. He asks if it is perishable. Hanabi exclaims that it isn't food. Nanpa looks at Hanabi and asks her what do do with this kind of love. Putting the gift back into the bag, she exclaims that she was confused by it. She asks him when is his birthday. Chikai says summer. Hanabi exclaims that it is a totally different season. “Sorry! Just forget all about it!” Then, they continue to eat in silence. Chikai then asks if he can have it. Assuming he wants the gift, Hanabi exclaims that he cannot have it and she'll give it to him on summer. To Hanabi's embarrassment, Chikai is actually talking about the last piece of fried chicken. She shouts that he can go ahead and have it. Hanabi gloomily thinks that she was the only one overly tense and for Chikai, 'Yukine' is an familiar/everyday existence. Hanabi then says, “..Using your girlfriend's birthday on your email, right now, you must be hurting. 'Ah ouch ouch ouch' kind of feeling.” Chikai angrily says that if she mentions that again, he's leaving. Then, Chikai claims he doesn't remember other people's numbers. Hanabi thinks that Chikai used Yukine's birthday on his email so that he won't forget her birthday. Hanabi wants him to forget since they already broke up. Just then, Chikai's cellphone rings. Hanabi notices Chikai's surprised look. She quickly realizes that it is Yukine calling. Hanabi is flustered that Chikai isn't answering that she shouts for him to answer it. “Quickly!” This made everyone look at her. Chikai looks at her then takes the call.

After the call, he returns to the table. Hanabi asks what did Yukine said. Chikai says about wanting to meet him. Hanabi quickly says that they should cancel the dessert and leave. This surprises Chikai. Hanabi is already crying as she shouts at him, “Are you a man?! If you are an idiot, then be like an idiot and go like that!” Hanabi thinks that Chikai wants to go and that he still thinks of Yukine that is why he didn't change his email yet. They paid for the food and went their separate ways. While walking Nanpa home, Hanabi thinks that she has thought of many ways to make Chikai happy that day. She opens the gift and it is like a blanket clothing for Cleo. She tried to put it on Nanpa but it won't fit him. Nanpa realizes that Hanabi is crying. Hanabi asks why did it end up that way and why she has become quite greedy. “What I want is..Uno Chikai to be facing towards me/my side.” At school, the teacher dismisses the students who are looking forward to the winter vacation. On a table, Hanabi and friends exchange gifts. Kareshi gets some ordinary things that she wants. Mii gets some useful things. Atsumi gets food. Hanabi gets cute things. Kareshi says that she hopes everyone have a happy Christmas eve then, she stops herself. They then ask Hanabi how did the date turn out – if she nicely go home after eating. Hanabi didn't answer. She just wonders if Yukine has sincerely invited her to the party or Yukine just doesn't want her to be with Chikai on Christmas eve. She begins to think that Yukine has no plans on going to that party and she wants to meet with Chikai on that day. While working at her part time job, the boss tells Hanabi that she can take a break. She goes outside and finds Yukine waiting for her. Yukine bows and apologizes to her that she can't go to the party even if she was the one who invited her. Hanabi bluntly asks if she is going to meet with Chikai. This surprises Yukine that she asks how did Hanabi know. Hanabi didn't answer. Yukine admits that it is true and she has already told her boss that she is getting off early from work. “..We..are going to meet..Sorry.” Yukine's face is emotionless. A bit flustered, Hanabi says, “You don't really feel sorry, right?” This surprises Yukine. Hanabi thinks that she doesn't want the current Uno Chikai for she wants him to look only at her. Hanabi tells Yukine that she doesn't want to give up Uno Chikai. Yukine just looks away. Hanabi thinks that it isn't enough for her to just prepare her heart for the possibility of being hurt. “If one likes/loves, no matter it's a boy or a girl, one also needs to prepare oneself in hurting other people's feelings.” Hanabi then goes back to work.

In Chikai's house, Chikai's mother greets Yukine whom she haven't seen for a long time. She tells Yukine that Chikai is in his room where he is probably sleeping. Yukine goes into Chikai's room and did find him sleeping. She bends down to kiss him when he opens his eyes. This slightly surprises Yukine. She moves away and happily tells him to put on a blanket else he'll catch a cold. Chikai tells her that they should go since that store is nearby. The scan is a bit blurred but I think Yukine wants to return an item at a jewelry store but she can only have an exchange so she tells Chikai that she'll get something for him so that her money won't be wasted. On the way to the party, Hanabi tells Astsumi that Yukine isn't coming and Yukine is going to meet with Chikai. This made Atsumi hold Hanabi's hand and exclaim that during Christmas, they should eat a lot so if Hanabi wants someone to accompany her, she'll be there for her. Hanabi tells her that there is no need for that because she isn't going to give up. Atsumi looks surprised as Hanabi smiles at her. Atsumi tells Hanabi that she's quite brave for a newbie in love. Hanabi replies that she isn't but Atsumi is. At Kareshi's house, the family is celebrating Christmas. They are going to eat a cake with strawberries. Masato enters in a Santa suit. The kids rushes to hug him. Masato fails in trying to convince them that he is Santa. He then distributes the gifts. Kareshi's mother seems to approve of Masato. Then, Masato removes his beard and gives Kareshi a ring. As he puts the ring on her finger, he tells her that after high school graduation, they'll get married. Kareshi blushes then to Masato's shock, she tells him that he is quite naïve. At the park, Shinichi happily thinks that they watched a movie [though Mii slept through it] and ate dinner together [I think Mii just took the food home/doggie bag]. Shinichi dreamily says that it is a magical special Christmas eve. Mii just asks really. Smiling at Mii, Shinichi then takes out a gift for her. Shinichi tells her that he tries to think of something that will suit her but then, it is a good thing that he is from craftsmen section. Shichichi says that it is a super make-up kit – small bag with some handy things like scissors, tweezer, flashlight, etc attached to it. Mii asks if he made it. Shinichi says he did and tells her how and why he made it. Mii honestly tells him that it isn't bad. Shinichi is really happy. To Shinichi's delight, Mii says she has something for him, too. It is just a pair of toy glasses with fake eyes on it. He wears it and it made Mii laugh. He blushes and exclaims that he will wear it forever. Mii calls him an idiot. Shinichi says that he doesn't care even if he is an idiot if he can make Mii laugh. Mii seriously tells him that he is an idiot. “You know, right? The one I like is Uno Chikai.” Shinichi shouts out loud at the same time when she says Chikai's name. He then covers her mouth. Shinichi exclaims that it is because she is Mii that is why she is avoiding a troublesome relationship. “It's alright! Right now..just treat me as a 'haven'.” Mii slightly smiles at him.

At the jewelry store, Yukine asks Chikai if the necklace's length is okay. The clerk asks if she has to put it in a bag or he'll just wear it. Yukine says that he'll wear it. All throughout, Yukine has that smile on her face. Outside, Yukine thanks Chikai for accompanying her. She asks if it is okay since he is going to meet with his friends. Chikai says it is okay. Yukine tells Chikai that he can do whatever he wants with the necklace. She bids him goodbye. Chikai looks at her then takes off the necklace. Yukine looks surprised when Chikai returns the necklace. He apologizes and says that he cannot accept anything from her. “Next time..find someone who can accept things from you.” Yukine takes the necklace then the two parted ways. At the party, Hanabi is stressed out since a drunk guy kept on pestering her about singing together. Hanabi turns him down. He then tries to go on a date with her. She is saved by Atsumi who told the guy that some other girl is calling him. Atsumi tells Hanabi that this kind of Christmas is quite depressing. Hanabi says that hopefully, next year would be better. Atsumi happily exclaims for Santa to give her a better Christmas next year. She imagines herself being thinner and having a date with Sasa. Hanabi just smiles. Then, someone calls out if Marui Hanabi is there. Hanabi exclaims that she is. Hanabi wonders what's up. Atsumi tells her that it is one of the workers in the crepe shop. This stuns Hanabi as she wonders what is the meaning of it. She then spots Yukine walking towards her direction. She is surprised when Yukine holds up her bag and is about to hit Hanabi with it. Yukine's face isn't shown. Chikai manages to stop Yukine by holding her wrist. He tells her, “It has nothing to do..with that person.” Later on, Hanabi and Yukine are sitting by the river bank. Chikai tells her that it is a good thing that he ran after Yukine but then, it seems that Hanabi is already caught up with their problem. There is a flashback of Chikai looking back at Yukine when he saw her quickly running off. He says that until the end, Yukine didn't vent her anger/frustration on him. “Today..could be her last chance.” Hanabi is looking sad and has a tear in her eye. As the snow is falling, Hanabi can only listen to what Chikai is saying. “That person..is a goldfish. I'm the one who turned her into a goldfish.”

Soon, it's time to go to school again. Two weeks ago..two days after that night, Yukine quit her job. Hanabi has been doing her homework, working and going out with her friends for the shrine visit/hatsumode. It is a winter vacation without Chikai yet a day didn't pass without her thinking of him. Then, at school, Chikai lightly bumps Hanabi on the back with her bag and says that she's there. Chikai tells her that he thought she would at least greet him a happy New Year via email. Hanabi thinks that she did thought about it but then, she thought that writing 'happy' isn't appropriate. She asks him if he is sad about it. Chikai denies he is. Chikai walks ahead of her. Hanabi looks a bit sad as she thinks that it seems that she is closer to Chikai but the truth is she is quite far from him. “Not only that night..but always.” At class, the teacher informs the students that they are going to have the every year 'Nanayo [school name] Store' convention next month. The livelihood class and the industry class would put to use the things that they have learned to make a product which the business class will help sell. So, for one day, the whole school of Nanayo will become a store. Everyone is excited about this since customers will be coming to school to buy anything that they will make. Hanabi's excitement is short-lived because she overheard from the others that the guys will also intermingle with them. L class and I class are grouped together then divided into groups. Each group are discussing about what kind of product they will make. Hanabi is freaking out. Atsumi tells Hanabi to just hide behind her. Hanabi is happy that Atsumi is nearby. She thinks that it will be 'boys hell' when Class B joins in. She looks at where Chika is. He is grouped with Shinichi and Mii. She thinks that it would be nice if she is in that group but she changes her mind for she thinks that there is still a great distance between them. At Chikai's table, Shinichi is grinning from ear to ear. When Chikai is about to point something near Mii, Shinichi blocks his finger so that he won't get near Mii. Shinichi just gives some lame excuse as Chikai complains that it hurts. Chikai is puzzled about this. Mii whispers, “Really such an idiot.” Shinichi wonders if she means that he is an idiot because he is a hindrance. Shinichi then exclaims for Mii to just do some sewing whereas the others will handle the troublesome stuff. This made the other girls angry. Hanabi then overhears Chikai's two friends talking. Soutarou says that Shinichi really likes to pamper Mii. Arashi comments that it seems whatever Mii does, Shinichi will just accept it. Hanabi mentally laughs with that comment. She becomes surprised and sad when Soutarou says that in comparison to Chikai, Chikai is very quiet and at times, he can see Chikai's split/scar of the break up. Arashi commends Soutarou's observation and attributes it to Soutarou being a rock and roll musician.

During break, Hanabi and friends are walking the hallway. She looks out the window and sees Chikai walking alone below. She gestures with her hands as if she is going to hold him inside her hands. Hanabi think that this isn't 'wanting to have'. Hanabi opens the window and shouts, “Uno Chikai, because of the Nanayo Store, [we] will be very busy! Yes, we'll be busy. Right, being busy is good!” Chikai slightly smiles at her. He then answers back, “What are you saying, we aren't even in the same group.” Hanabi is blushing as she thinks, “It doesn't matter! I'm a dog..so I..want to protect my master.” Later on, Hanabi tries to help Sasa carry some folding chairs. Sasa says that it is okay since it is only at the gym. Hanabi insists on helping him as Sasa insists that it is fine. Sasa tells her that he won't lose to a girl in terms of strength so at this time, a girl should admit defeat. Hanabi smiles at him. Sasa says that it is just nearby. Hanabi walks with him to the gym. Hanabi thinks that it is because Sasa was the one who said about a girl admitting defeat, he seems kind but if a guy said that, it would seem he is proud. As Sasa put away the chairs, Hanabi exclaims that it is the first time she saw what's behind the backstage. Sasa then thanks Hanabi. Hanabi asks why is he thanking her when she didn't even help him. Sasa says that he doesn't mean that but for treating him the same as before. Hanabi realizes what he meant. Outside at the gym, a couple of girls are there since one of the girls retrieve her cellphone that she left during PE class. The girl apologizes for the trouble when the other girl motions for her to be quiet. She tells the other girl that there is a voice talking and the microphone is open. The microphone is inside the room where Hanabi and Sasa are. Hanabi smiles and says that at first, she is quite surprised for she didn't expect that the person Sasa likes is a guy. The two girls overheard this.

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