June 13, 2011

Zenbu Chodai [Chapter 6]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on December 17, 2008

While Ren is deeply kissing Himeko, Himeko remembers what Ren told her that if she says that she likes him then he will really like her to the point of kneeling down to her. Himeko then grabs Ren’s shirt as the two are now bending down the floor while still deeply kissing each other. Himeko thinks that she cannot confess since her pride as Sakura Himeko won’t allow it but then, if she said that she ‘like’ him then, Ren will truly become hers. The two stop kissing. Himeko looks at him as she wonders if she says it, would he be at her side always. “If that is how it is..then I..” Ren tells Himeko to say it. Himeko then shouts, “What are you talking about? I’m Sakura Himeko! I couldn’t possibly like you!” Himeko freezes as she thinks that she still can’t confess. Himeko exclaims that he had kissed her so he should be the one who say it first. “Liking beautiful me is but natural. Do not be embarrassed, say it.” Blushing, she pouts as she wonders if Ren would say it. To her surprise, Ren stands in front of her and says, “That’s right, I..” Just then, one of Himeko’s fan boys enters the room thus interrupting them. Fanboy shouts that for them to help out since the store is overflowing with customers. This made Himeko really angry at her fanboy. She angrily says that she knows so she’ll quickly go. Fanboy cries to Ren asking what he did wrong. Ren says that he might have did something wrong but then, for him [Ren], he came at the right time. Crying fanboy is puzzled.

At the café, while holding a tray of drinks, Himeko is pouting. She is angry at the timing of the fanboy who entered just when she is about to hear Ren’s feelings. “But then, kissing me like that. Can I assume that Oozora Ren also likes me? But then, I cannot totally trust the things that Ren does. But if I ask him about it now, it would seem that I like Oozora Ren. I want to make Oozora Ren say it himself.” Fanboy calls out to gloomy Himeko to quickly bring the drinks over. Ren appears from behind her and asks why she is staring off like that. This surprises Himeko that she drops the glasses from the tray. Fanboy asks if she is alright. Himeko says that she is okay and she is going to clean it up. Before she can pick it up, Ren stops her and says that it is dangerous. While holding her hand, it seems that Ren is going to lick it. This made Himeko blush and pull her hand away. She shouts that she is going to get a broom. She then bumps into the wall/table. A fanboy asks if she is alright. [By the way, Himeko has 4 fanboys]. Two of the fanboys are talking to each other that ever since Himeko came out from the clinic, she is acting strange. They are surprised when they notice Ren laughing. One of the fanboys asks Ren what he did to Himeko. Ren says that Himeko’s reaction is too candid and very cute. The fanboys think that Ren isn’t answering the question. Ren says that it is alright even if he made the move first in confessing since he gets to see Himeko become nervous because of him. Looking dark, Ren says that his super S [sadist] switch is turned on. “I’ll definitely make you confess.” The two fanboys are shock that Ren would say such things. The two fanboys talk to each other. They know that Ren likes Himeko and he doesn’t even try to keep it a secret. Himeko also likes Ren though it makes them sad and not want to accept it. They think that if the two go on like that it will be very difficult. The one who will be difficult and scary is Himeko. [I think since she is going to vent her frustration on them] The two stare at each other then both agree with something.

At school, their teacher tells the class that their café won an award for the most sales during the festival. The reward is everyone will have free tickets to a water amusement park. Fanboys exclaim that it is all thanks to Himeko. Himeko says, “But of course.” The fanboys tell her that the water amusement park is quite fun and famous so in the next break/no-school day, they should go. A fanboy asks if Ren would want to go, too. Himeko perks up when he says yes. Himeko agrees to go with them. So, it is decided. During class, Himeko looks at her calendar and thinks that it is three days before the break. She plans to quickly buy a swimsuit then wonders why she is doing that when she won’t be alone with Ren. She notices Ren looking at her with his finger on his lips. Himeko looks away and blushes. Himeko thinks that she wants for that day to come soon so that next time, she can ask about Ren’s feelings for her. On that day, Himeko is standing by the station and wonder if she came too early. Ren arrives and says she is quite early. Himeko denies that it is very early. Ren asks where the others are. Just then, Ren gets an email. Ren shows it to Himeko. The fanboys say that they had a stomachache from food poisoning so they can’t go but they shouldn’t worry about them. Ren wonders what they ate. Himeko wonders if that means that the plan is cancelled. She becomes gloomy and decides to punish the fanboys next time. Ren says that it can’t be helped that today.. Himeko turns around and says that she knows and that is they should go home.

Ren says what is she saying, of course, the two of them are going since they are already there. Himeko turns around looking surprised then delighted that now she has a chance. Himeko says that if he wants to go then she can accompany him. Ren then says not to force herself and they should just go home. Himeko tells him to wait as Ren starts to walk away. She wonders if he is really going home. She thinks that she couldn’t say now that she wants to go. Ren stops and turns back to her. Holding his hand out, he says that he is just kidding and they should go. Himeko blushes and says if he want to go then.. Ren says that she is still saying that. Ren laughs and says, “But, that is like your style.” Himeko is surprised when Ren grabs her hand. Ren says it is okay since they are alone. “This is a date.” This made Himeko blush in surprise. As they walk away, Himeko’s fanboys are whispering if the two have left. One of them exclaims that it is going according to plan. The food poisoning is just an alibi. “For Himeko-classmate’s happiness, for Ren, for the smooth progress of the two, we, the servants are going to do this by ourselves.” The other three fanboys shouts in agreement.

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