June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 20]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on January 3, 2009

Hikaru-lookalike greets Harada. Harada blushes then looks at the television then exclaims, “Hikaru?!” After a while, Harada asks if he is Shoei High’s Ohara-kun [surname]. Ohara comments that she remembered his name. Looking ‘ga-ga’ at him, Harada says how she can forget a handsome guy like him. “This is really such a coincidence.” Ohara smiles and says that is true. He tells her that she has become cuter compared before that he almost didn’t recognize her. Harada is flattered by that. He tells her that they see each other rarely so they should organize another group date. Harada happily says of course, definitely. Ohara then says, “Ah, that’s right. In the last group date, a girl didn’t come. What is she called..her name seems to be quite strange. Ah, that’s right..she’s called Kotori, right? Get that girl to come along, too. Okay ♥” Harada has a blank and irritated look when she heard that. Ohara bids her goodbye and tells her to contact him through email anytime. Harada has a bored look as she just rises up her hand to wave goodbye. After he left, she angrily shouts, “What is it Kaiji again!!” At Kotori’s bedroom, she has been turning around on her bed then blushes when she remembers their kiss. She calls herself a pervert for unconsciously remembering the kiss before. She takes out her lollipops and blushes when she sees it. She wonders why even if they are already going steady, there are times when it feels natural when they kiss and there are times when it isn’t. There are times when she feels particularly embarrassed and there are times when she doesn’t. “It’s quite unimaginable but this time, it’s really good that I was able to understand Yukito’s feelings.” She remembers when he told her that he doesn’t know what to do then he kissed her. Kotori blushes and hugs the pillow tight. “I totally feel that because of that kiss, I was able to become closer to Yukito’s feelings. What about Yukito?”

During lunch at school, Yukito says, “What a big mouth.” Kotori is about to bite into her bakudan [bomb-shaped] onigiri. This made Kotori blush. Yukito’s friend [Kera?] tells Yukito not to tease Kotori. Another friend tells Yukito to accompany him to buy a bakudan onigiri. With a teasing look, Yukito says, “Hehe, idiot.” Still with her mouth open, Kotori is totally shock by this. Natsume who is eating beside her says, “How sweet.” This surprises Kotori as she asks if she meant that as sweet. Kotori tells her that occasionally Yukito will do strange things and they are mostly about teasing her. Natsume tells her that it seems that Yukito is that kind of guy who likes to tease the person he likes. “Lately, you have been eating with me during lunch so he might be jealous.” Natsume stands up and tells her that she is going to buy some drinks. After she left, Kotori blushes as she thinks about what Natsume said and if it is true. Kotori mutters, “really..jealous, huh.” She then hears a gloomy voice saying, “I’m not jealous..” Kotori is surprised to see Yukito looking really gloomy behind her and telling her not to exaggerate* herself. [*to imagine oneself to be a gift to the opposite sex] Yukito then grabs her onigiri then starts eating it. Yukito says that it is delicious. He asks if it is a new flavor of bakudan onigiri. “I haven’t bought this flavor so let me eat it a bit.” Kotori exclaims that he should say that first before eating it. Noticing that Yukito ate a lot, she holds his shoulder while exclaiming that only a little bit is left. The two then laugh together. Kotori then suddenly thinks that the feeling just now is quite natural and if it’s the usual times, she would not know what to do. “Yet this time, it is natural.” Kotori happily smiles as Yukito asks her what is it, it looks creepy.

Just then, Yukito has an email on his cellphone. While Yukito is reading it, Kotori thinks, “Email again. Always not noticing that I’m here. Although I’m with Yukito, he will always look [answer] his cellphone. I wish that when we are together, he won’t keep on looking at his cellphone. But although we are going steady, this situation haven’t change, too..should..” She remembers Matsushima. “No way. Could it be that Matsushima girl again? What is it? I really want to know! If I ask then I might be thought of as annoying. But..but..” Kotori asks him who is it. Yukito says that it is his friend. This made Kotori glum-freeze. She starts making a face at him. She is surprised when Yukito suddenly looks at her and asks if she is free after school today. Yukito asks what’s with that scary face. Kotori says that it’s nothing and what is it about after school. Yukito tells her that his junior high friends said that they go out after school dismissal and he wants her to go with them. Kotori exclaims if they will go out with Yukito’s friends. Yukito says that is right because some of his friends wanted to see his girlfriend. “But, I also wanted to introduce you to my very good friends..” Kotori blushes at the thought that Yukito will be introducing her as a girlfriend to his friends. Yukito tells her that his friends aren’t the type to make her nervous so she should just relax. Yukito leaves and says that he’ll see her later. Kotori wonders what she should do since these are Yukito’s friends. She is very happy but what should she say since she is very nervous. Someone tells her that she should give a good impression. It is Natsume. She says, “Since it’s for your boyfriend, it is better for you to ‘dress up’ in order to become a bit cuter.” Kotori exclaims that she has heard all about it.

At an amusement center, Kotori arrives with curled hair and painted nails. Yukito asks why she is quite enthusiastic about it when she wasn’t like that earlier. “Are you trying to seduce my friends?” Kotori remembers Natsume holding a hair curler and nail polish while telling that it is better for her to be a bit cuter. Blushing, Kotori asks if it looks strange. “I..I just do not want to give a strange impression on your friends but then like this, will they think that you are going steady with a strange person?” Yukito blushes and looks away. He says, “It’s..it’s very cute so it’s alright.” He then says that some of his friends have arrived. Two of Yukito’s friends who look like delinquents greet her. Kotori tensely greets them as she remembers them as Yukito’s mature-looking friends at the karaoke before. Pointing at Kotori, Yukito says, “This girl is my girlfriend.” Kotori bows and greets them. Yukito’s friends tease Yukito for trying to be cool when he introduced Kotori that way. This made Yukito blush as he denies it. His friends then say that Kotori’s name is quite rare that it is cute and easy to remember. Kotori thanks them and says that no one said that before. Yukito’s friends exclaim in surprise about that. Yukito thinks that he said that before. His friends start to interview Kotori as to where she studied during junior high, what she usually do, where she lives, if they can exchange phone numbers and if she wants to see Yukito’s picture during junior high. Kotori says that she would want to see. This made Yukito exclaim if they are just talking [or picking her up]. Yukito puts his friend on a head grip and happily exclaims that they are making him angry. His friend laughs and says that it is Yukito’s famous head grip. Kotori thinks that this feels great for she was quite afraid at first that she won’t dare talk but she never thought that they would talk to her naturally and while talking, she feels quite relaxed. Kotori laughs with them as she thinks that this is quite fun. Kotori then notices Yukito looking at her and smiling at her. This made Kotori blush. She wonders if everyone is concerned about her because she was afraid. She wonders why Yukito now doesn’t look the same as the Yukito before. “What is it..he feels more friendly/relaxed now..is it the expression? There are times when he gives people that moving feeling. Is it because of this place? Is it because he is with his friends? Or is it just me? Perhaps I just don’t notice it before?”

She freezes when she hears Matsushima call out to the others and apologize for being late. Kotori wonders why she is there. Yukito says that he thought that Kotori will find it boring if all of them are all guys. Matsushima passes by Kotori and greets the two other guys – Hirata and Kazeda and asks what they have been doing. Kotori looks flustered. Yukito asks Kotori what she would want to eat since the others say that they are going to eat something. He tells her if she isn’t hungry then she can just drink something. Kotori says that she just wants some juice. Matsushima holds on to Yukito’s arm and tells him that she wants an ice cream. Yukito tells her to buy it on her own. She even tells him to feed her with it. Yukito tells her to mind her own business. Kotori is angry that they are intimate to each other again. Matsushima has ordered a large bowl of ice cream sundae and exclaims to Yukito that it looks delicious. Yukito snubs her as he just asks Kotori if just a juice is enough. Matsushima calls Yukito if he is listening to her. Kotori can only gloomily say that it’s fine. Matsushima then calls out to Yukito that she can’t finish her ice cream so why don’t they eat it together. Yukito is also just drinking some juice. Matsushima tries to feed a spoonful to him but Yukito tells her that he doesn’t want to eat it. Matsushima is leaning on to Yukito with one of her legs up on the bench. Yukito tell her to quit leaning on him but Matsushima deliberately leans on him. Kotori wonders what’s up with that. “Why is she doing that? Right in front of his girlfriend. Why does Yukito let that girl touch him like that as if it is nothing? It’s so strange.” Kotori is standing in front of a UFO catcher when Matsushima approaches her and asks her what she is just standing there. “Kuja-chan is so nice. What do you talk about with Yukito everyday? Is there nothing to talk about?” Kotori is just embarrassed. The other two guys tell Matsushima that she is being mean. The three then talk about all sort of things that Kotori is starting to feel left out.

Yukito calls out to Kotori and asks her what arcade game would she want to play. Kotori holds his arm. Noticing that something is wrong, Yukito tells the others to go ahead. Yukito asks her what the matter is. Kotori asks if they are friends. “Are you and Matsushima just friends?” Yukito asks what about Matsushima. Kotori says that maybe Matsushima likes Yukito. Yukito laughs it off and says that it is impossible. Kotori insists that Matsushima touches Yukito that way and would always be near him. “She would do all sorts of intimate things..not minding that I’m here. Why is it that you don’t care? When we obviously haven’t done those kind of things in front of others..” Kotori thinks that she can’t stop when she shouldn’t be saying such things. “It seems that compared with me, you have fun with her. Even if we are close, it still feels as if we are far away from each other..” Yukito blushes and explains that he can’t be intimate when he is in front of his friends. “And about that person, she is like that even before. It’s like an illness. There is also no meaning when she touches someone like that. But, at the start, I’m also quite troubled by it but even if I told her not to, she doesn’t listen. She is like that with everyone so everyone thinks that she is that kind of person. So, don’t think too much about it. And that person already has a sweet boyfriend.” This surprises Kotori that she exclaims, “Boyfriend?” Kotori couldn’t believe it for how could Matsushima act like that when she already has a boyfriend. Yukito hugs her and asks if she is jealous. “Ha ha, you are jealous, right? Ha ha because of me.” Kotori hugs him tightly that he screams out in pain. Kotori shouts that she doesn’t know. She thinks that maybe even if Matsushima already has a boyfriend, she might still like Yukito and what he said seems like some kind of joke. Kotori realizes what she is doing that she quickly pushes Yukito away. Yukito exclaims what’s wrong with her. Kotori blushes as she can’t believe that she has fiercely hugged him.

One of Yukito’s friends call out that Ookaze and others don’t know where the meeting place is. Yukito says that he will quickly go. Yukito says that there are others who are coming so he is going to fetch them. He asks Kotori if she wants to come along. Kotori stubbornly says that she doesn’t want to. To her surprise, Yukito tells her to just wait there. Kotori turns around to where Yukito has gone and she notices Matsuhima looking at her. Matsushima tells Kotori that Yukito has changed. “The truth is he wasn’t originally that kind of a sentimental person. The former Yukito is much better.” Kotori asks what she meant by that. She wonders if Matsushima is really.. Matsushima says that it is nothing. “I’m just saying that friend Yukito has changed and I feel bored by it. Doesn’t it seem that the two of you aren’t going steady? It totally feels like a mismatch. How should I say it..It makes one feel that one can’t give an approval.” Kotori gloomily wonders what’s up with this person. After thinking, Matsushima exclaims, “Ah, it’s like this! He wasn’t serious about going steady with you from the start. At the beginning, Yukito has never planned to seriously go steady with you and if it’s like that, then he doesn’t know how to think of/deal with things right now.” This shocks Kotori. [I think Kotori is now on her way home since she seems to be standing in the streets instead of the arcades.] Kotori is still stunned as she wonders if Yukito wasn’t serious about going steady with her. Just then, someone exclaims, “Huh? Is it you again? Kaiji Kotori?” It is Kera who greets her, “Hi, what’s the matter? You look quite gloomy.” Kotori turns around and Kera is a bit surprised to see her on the verge of crying.

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