June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 19]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on November 20, 2008

During art class, Kotori keeps on staring at Yukito especially at his lips. Yukito calls out to her and says that she looks quite scary. He asks what the matter is. This made Kotori embarrassed as she says that it is nothing. Just then, a student calls out to the others that the teacher will be late so they can free-sketch. Everyone is happy about it. Yukito turns around to Kotori to ask if she heard it. He sees her drawing a pair of lips. [His, obviously =P ] Yukito is surprised by this and asks if those are lips and what kind of drawing is that. Kotori snaps out it. She suddenly covers the drawing while looking embarrassed. Yukito wonders what’s up with her. She thinks that after seeing Yukito eating that lollipop, she has that weird idea. Yukito then tells her that it is great since she seems to be getting along with Natsume. Blushing, Kotori says that’s right. Yukito asks what happened after they talked before since things seem to have progressed quite swiftly when she was really gloomy then. Kotori says that it is nothing special. “I just did in accordance to what you suggested. Just speaking out what I feel..but I thought that I should be able tell my feelings to Harada and Natsume. If I keep on not saying anything, I will definitely regret it..If it weren’t for your support, I definitely wouldn’t be able to do it. Tha..thank you!” Yukito blushes and says that he didn’t do much.

Kotori happily shows him that parrot phone strap that Natsume gave her. She tells him that Natsume also has one, too. “It’s the first time that I have the same thing with a friend.” Yukito says that she looks happy. Kotori says she is. This made Yukito angry. Yukito shows her the egg phone strap that he gave her before during their date. He says that they also have the same thing so why isn’t she using it. “I will also put it on. Having the same thing with me, doesn’t that make you happy?” This shocks Kotori and says that it is because it feels weird. Yukito is shock. Kotori says that she didn’t mean that kind of weird. Blushing, Kotori thinks that she is really happy but then, it is like that lollipop thing, this weird feeling is different from a friend. She doesn’t know why she has some strange idea when she thinks of Yukito and the lollipop. Kotori exclaims that as an apology, she’ll treat him out. Yukito gloomily says that because of Natsume and others, he was really shock when Kotori vents her frustration on him. He asks how she is going to compensate for him. “What else would you do, aside from treating me out? The teacher isn’t here. No one is looking at us. Right?” Yukito puts his arm around her. Yukito is a bit surprised that Kotori didn’t answer. He thinks that usually she would blush really red and become nervous. He wonders why she isn’t objecting now. He blushes as he thinks, “Could it mean that it’s okay to kiss?” Kotori looks dreamily at him. To Yukito’s surprise, Kotori keeps on touching/tracing his lips. Kotori snaps out of it. The two blush beet-red. They scream and quickly part from each other.

During the lunch break, Kotori runs in the hallway while pointing her index finger up. Kotori is freaking out over what she is doing. Outside, she thinks that she has been really strange lately and it really feels strange. She nervously exclaims if she is a pervert. She is surprised when Natsume, who is standing behind her, asks who is the pervert. Natsume says that she just came to school so how about they eat together. She is holding a bag of bread. Kotori asks about her hair since it is short and blond just like her wig before. Natsume says that it is related to work so she cut it short and dyed it. She asks if it looks good on her. Kotori says it is. The two girls smile at each other as they both hold out their DS with parrot strap. From the window, Yukito and friend [not sure if he’s Abe] are looking at Kotori and Natsume. Abe asks what’s up with those two since it feels kind of weird. He looks at Yukito then asks if Yukito is jealous. This made Yukito blush as he denies he is. Abe teases him that he is indeed jealous. Abe says that it seems that they haven’t eaten together for a long time. Another friend of Yukito asks what’s up with Kotori. Yukito puts Abe in a head lock as he exclaims that he is annoying. Yukito tells them that it is okay since Kotori worked really hard on becoming Natsume’s friend. “But..I’m a bit lonely.” His two friends say that it is okay since they will eat with him. Yukito asks if they pity him. They shout that it is because they are angry and envious of him since Yukito has a girlfriend. Yukito is shock and asks doesn’t he [one of the friends] have a girlfriend. The guy exclaim that they broke up.

His friend complains about his ex-girlfriend since he doesn’t know when she wants to do it and when she doesn’t want to do it. Yukito exclaims, “You too?” His friend asks if he had that experience, too. Yukito just says yes. He can’t say what happened when he tried to kiss Kotori before since it is embarrassing. His friend says that he made a mistake with the timing that he got dumped. Abe says that it seems that timing is also important. The friend says that’s right and he really doesn’t understand girls. Yukito talks out loud about if the mood is right, one should look at the girl’s expression. “What if while you are pondering if today is okay or not, the other suddenly did something unexpected, what should happen then? It is also that type of thing that kind of person wouldn’t do!” The two boys wonder what is that unexpected thing. Yukito becomes gloomy as he can’t tell them. They angrily ask what it is. Blushing, Yukito says that it is embarrassing to tell. While eating lunch with Natsume, Kotori exclaims that she is nervous because since entering this school, this is the first time she ate with a friend during lunch. “I can’t believe that I’m actually chatting real time with that Hikaru in the chat room.” Natsume smiles at her. She asks Kotori if she knows her showbiz name. Kotori says, ‘Ruka’. [They changed the spelling from Luka to Ruka ^^;] Natsume tells her that she got it from Hikaru that is read backwards -> RUKAhi. Kotori asks if she is a fan of Hikaru, too. The two happily exclaim that Hikaru isn’t bad. Natsume then invites Kotori to go to her house to play the second part of the dating sim game. Kotori is really happy about this since she can talk with someone about the game. Kotori is shock and gloomy when Natsume asks what she is talking about a while ago regarding a pervert. While holding her DS, Kotori asks if she can use the chatroom to tell her.

Elsewhere, Harada is angrily eating her lunch. She is frustrated that Natsume told her off about being not being able to do it [bullying] by herself. Harada’s friend tells her that it isn’t bad. She is playing Memories of Falling in Love 2 in her DS. Harada angrily shouts what she is doing. “Have you become a comrade of those two?” Her friend exclaims that it is her first time playing it but it is really great. “Do you want to try it?” Harada angrily shouts that she doesn’t want to. Her friend says that it says what girls wanted to hear. “It will call your name and talk with you. You can even give a name that you like to your favorite character. There is also a date! Harada, do you want to play, too?” Harada angrily shouts, “I don’t want to play!” Back to Kotori, Natsume looks a bit surprised at what Kotori typed in the DS about touching Yukito’s lips with her finger and Yukito would definitely think of her as a pervert. Natsume says that she is quite courageous. Kotori says isn’t it strange and abnormal. To her surprise, Natsume says that is normal or rather, it is instinct. Kotori goes into shock. Natsume tells her that the other party is her boyfriend whom she likes so she wants to touch him since she wants to be close to him. “You did that because your feelings are overflowing. You can’t bear it any longer, right?” Natsume informs her that it is the feeling of ‘like’ that she cannot express. Kotori blushes as she thinks that this is true. She admits that even if she is going steady with Yukito, she still doesn’t know what to do when she’s around Yukito. Kotori thinks that she becomes conscious when she saw a stranger [girl] is getting close with Yukito. She wants to be honest with Yukito but she was only able to express herself only a little bit to him. Natsume assures Kotori that she did that because her feelings for Yukito have overflowed. Kotori contemplate about these feelings she had and wonders if she can now be more expressive of her feelings to him.

During class, the homeroom teacher reminds them to study for the coming exams. After dismissal, Yukito’s friend reminded him that they are scheduled for cleaning. Kotori is about to call Yukito but he just walks away. Kotori chases after him. Outside, Yukito plans to sweep the floor. Blushing, Kotori asks why he is avoiding her. Blushing, Yukito denies it. Yukito’s phone rings so he reads his email. Kotori notices that it is from Matsushima. Kotori thinks that that girl gets close with Yukito in front of her and was even touching him. Yukito is surprise when Kotori gloomily pats his shoulder and kept on saying, “Intimate!” Yukito shouts what’s with her and that’s scary. Kotori shouts for him not to avoid her. Holding on to him, she asks if he is avoiding her because of what she did. Yukito looks surprised and says yes. Kotori starts crying as she says that she also thinks what she did is strange. “Thinking of you has made my heart beat loudly than before. I feel sad when I see others touching you. I want to touch you yet I won’t dare to. Then, before I knew it, I have already done it. I really don’t know what’s going on. It’s really weird..If you hate me for this, then I have no choice but don’t avoid me...” Blushing, Yukito says that is not so. Crying, Kotori asks what does he mean not so when he just said yes a while ago. Yukito insists that it isn’t so. He then accidentally hit the window with the broom. Someone goes out and exclaims who broke the window. He left when there is no one there.

The two Kaiji-s are hiding behind the small space between the buildings. Yukito is hugging her then gives her a kiss. Yukito then hugs her and says, “I..I don’t know what to do..When you did that, I feel embarrassed because you initiated it. I don’t know how I should face you..I’m sorry..” Kotori is surprised that Yukito also doesn’t know what to do and he is quite troubled by it. Kotori smiles as Yukito says that’s how it is. Embarrassed, Kotori says that she will be careful next time not to do anything strange. Yukito tells her that it is okay. Kotori blushes since they kissed for the second time. Yukito laughs that her face is really red. Elsewhere, Harada is angrily exclaiming what that stupid game is about, always talking about ‘Memories of Falling in Love’. “Who would want to play that game?” She passes by a television which advertises the game. Game character Hikaru says, “That expression doesn’t suit you. I know that you are forcing yourself to be strong. Come, smile a bit. A smile is more suitable to you. I know this really well..” Harada starts blushing as she is now infatuated with game character Hikaru. Just then someone calls out, “Hey, are you Harada? We have met before, right?” Harada looks at the person calling her. It is game character Hikaru’s real life lookalike. The boy says, “Long time no see.”

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