June 13, 2011

Zenbu Chodai [Chapter 5]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on November 4, 2008

While riding on a train, a couple of guys try to flirt with Himeko but Himeko tells them to first kneel down to her before they talk with her. The two boys are turned on by what she said. Himeko does her usual introduction of being queen and everyone kneels down to her except for a certain Oozora Ren whom she really wants to kneel down to her and he is the guy she likes. She thinks that with Ren, it feels refreshing. [Not boring] It is the school’s cultural festival and their class is going to do a café activity. Fanboys scream that Himeko looks beautiful. Himeko smiles and says, “Of course!” Standing from behind, Ren tells them that it is about to start. Fanboys scream that Ren looks great. They ask Himeko what’s her opinion. Himeko just says that he looks okay. Ren goes to her and says, “To have been praised, it’s an honor, Queen-sama.” This made Himeko blush. She exclaims that she isn’t praising him and don’t think too highly of himself. Looking at her, Ren says that he thinks she’s cute. Himeko exclaims, “But of course!” She blushes and thinks that she is already used to people telling her that she’s cute but when Ren said it, she feels really happy. “If I heard him say, ‘I like you’, what will I feel then?”

Himeko starts to get the orders of some guys. Her fanboys exclaim that thanks to Himeko, their sales are doing well. Himeko says, “But of course!” She is surprised to hear some screaming. The fangirls have come to see Ren. Himeko’s fanboys say that the girl guests from other schools came for Ren. Himeko thinks that those girls came to see Ren because they like Ren. She is quite gloomy as she tries to calm herself. She closes her eyes and thinks, “I’m not bothered. I’m Sakura Himeko. My beauty is perfect. There’s no other girl who can compare to me.” She opens her eyes and sees Ren serving the fangirls. She suddenly starts pushing Ren until he hits his head on the window. Ren says that it hurts and asks what she is doing. He is surprised to see her looking quite shock. Himeko thinks, “Wait, what did I just do?! Oozora Ren is just with those girls and I’m already agitated. I’m Sakura Himeko who is beautiful compared to others, perfect compared to others. This thing, it seems like..” Ren then asks, “Jealous?” This made Himeko embarrassed as she loudly denies it. “That is totally impossible! I’m Sakura Himeko, a perfect queen! How could I be like that.. That is really impossible!” She turns away and angrily stomps her feet. Ren just smiles at her. He is then surprise by a scream. One of the fanboys has tripped and spilled a pot full of tea on Himeko’s back.

Ren accompanies Himeko to the clinic. Holding an ice pack, Ren tells Himeko to strip. Himeko exclaims in shock. Ren tells her that he needs to put the ice on her back. Himeko insists that she can do it on her own. Ren tells her to stop resisting else he’ll do it. He unintentionally touch Himeko’s chest that Himeko either punched him or headbutts him. Himeko shouts that he is a pervert and she really doesn’t want to take it off. Ren shouts for her to strip by herself then. “If we didn’t put the ice quickly, it will become a scar! You’re making me worry..!” Himeko blushes and finally relents. She just takes off her clothes [only the top part so that the ice can be put at her back]. Ren sees her underwear that he blushes. He looks away and says that he is now going to put the ice. He hugs her while putting the ice on her back. Himeko is embarrassed and thinks that this is what they call ‘one’s heart beating like a drum’. Ren is blushing then to Himeko’s surprise, he laughs that her heart is beating too loudly. Himeko tries to explain why but Ren says, “You really like me, don’t you?” Himeko is totally shock. After putting her clothes on, she exclaims, “What are you talking about?! Having someone seen one in one’s underwear, anyone would..Let me say, you are quite disappointing. Who..who do you think I am? I’m Sakura Himeko!!!” Ren starts laughing that Himeko shouts why he is laughing. Pulling her to him, Ren says, “It’s no use. Your whole body is saying that you like me.” Blushing, Himeko says, “I’ve said, what are you talking about..?!” She thinks, “He’ really an infuriating guy! Because of Oozora Ren, for the first time, I’m jealous of someone. He also made my heart beat so fast as if it’s going to break. Right now, too..to the point of embarrassment since I felt that I like him.”

Himeko screams, “I don’t like you..!” Ren lets her go as Himeko moves away from him. Blushing a bit, Ren says, “You said before that you want me to kneel down to you, right? It’s very simple. If you said that you like me then I will really like you to the point of kneeling down to you.” Surprised Himeko blushes. She looks back as Ren touches her lips. Himeko says, “You’re an idiot..I’m Sakura Himeko. There’s no way I’ll say those words!” To her surprise, Ren kisses her on the lips. He says, “You’ll say it. Come, let me hear it, Himeko!” He then starts to kiss her again.

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