June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapters 21 - 22]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on October 17, 2008

Chikai calls Yukine up. Yukine happily asks what’s up since it has been awhile since he called. Chikai tells her that he will be going out with his dog along with Marui Hanabi. Yukine is surprised. After a pause, she then smiles and says, “Going out? Really? Take care on your way there! Wear something warm.” Chikai looks surprise and sad[?]. The next day, Hanabi is very excited about going out with Uno Chikai. She has overpacked because she is carrying four bags that a policeman calls her attention. Hanabi is delighted to see Chikai carrying Cleo is a bag. Chikai looks ill as he asks if she is going to a very long overnight trip because of all the things she is carrying. This made Hanabi blush as she exclaims that they are going to return on the same day so what is he saying. Chikai says of course and that they should go before the train leaves. Hanabi is surprised that Chikai didn’t brought a lot of things with him. Chikai asks Hanabi to give him a bag so that he would look good in case someone sees them. Hanabi tells herself that she is going to be with a guy...together with Uno Chikai. During the train ride, Hanabi happily offers candies like milk candy and snacks for one of her bags. At the park, the foursome look happy as they think that a dog park is a dog’s paradise. The dogs happily run. Nanpa goes to a female dog. Cleo reprimands him about it that Nanpa barks back that he is just greeting ‘someone’. Hanabi happily shouts to Nanpa and throws a Frisbee disc. Nanpa catches it. Chikai comments that Nanpa is quite able. Cleo seems jealous. Hanabi then happily shows Chikai her bag filled with dog toys and asks if he wants to try it. Chikai says later on. Chikai then tries to get Cleo to jump over a little pole [like those used in equestrian.] Cleo just goes under it. Chikai reprimands Cleo as Hanabi laughs. A woman asks if they are lovers. This made Hanabi blush. She asks if she meant the dogs. The woman says both. This surprises Hanabi. Then, she thinks that it doesn’t matter because in this occasion, it doesn’t matter if others have a bit of misunderstanding. Hanabi smiles as she watches Chikai playing chase with the two dogs.

Soon, it’s lunch time. Hanabi puts all the food on a picnic blanket. Chikai asks if she made all of it. Hanabi says that she did and it is the L cuisine which she is proud of though she isn’t that confident about the taste. She then gives some to the two dogs. Chikai says that it’s not bad [?] and asks Hanabi if the secret ingredient is love. This made Hanabi blush. Chikai then says that it isn’t really secret. This made Hanabi exclaim not to eat it but Chikai says she already told him to eat. Chikai notices his cellphone rings. [I think when he got it, it has stopped ringing.] Chikai checks his call log and is surprised to see the number of times that Yukine called – 11:21, 11:56, 12:05, 12:21, 12:57 and 12:59. Chikai then excuses himself to call someone. Hanabi knows that it is Yukine. Farther away, near a tree, Chikai calls up Yukine and asks what the matter is. Yukine apologizes and says that it is not a big deal. She tells Chikai that she is just wondering if her KAT-TUN album is at Chikai’s place. Chikai says that it is with him. “[you called]..Just because of that?” Yukine then says, “Ah! Sorry! I’m disturbing you! Goodbye!” She then presses the hang-up button. The two look sad. Chikai returns to see another dog pouncing on Hanabi who is laughing. She tells Chikai that she’s playing dead. This made Chikai smile slightly. While they are playing with the dogs, Hanabi thinks, “It’s like the time in a dream..and just like in a dream, it passes away quickly. It’s Uno Chikai who made it pass by quickly.” On their way home, it has already become dark and soon, it starts raining. They say that it is a good thing that they are already going home. Hanabi says that it is going to fall heavily soon so they should make a run for it to the train station. When they arrive at the station, they are all wet. It’s a station with no staff in it. Inside, Hanabi berates herself for forgetting to bring towels when she has brought tissues and dog roller [?]. Chikai tells her that she is easily excited. He says that it is okay since the train is coming soon and it would be warmer inside. Hanabi blushes that Chikai tells her that he isn’t comforting her.

After some time, the train has not yet arrived. Chikai decides to call the emergency phone. Chikai exclaims in surprise and talks for a while. After he hung up the phone, Hanabi asks what the person said. Chikai tells her that it seems that they can’t go home today. This made Hanbi blush and exclaim what he meant by that. Chikai tells her that because of the storm, the train has stopped running. “Whether it will run today would depend on the weather.” Hanabi shouts that they should get someone to fetch them. Chikai says that all the roads are blocked. [I think they are in the mountains so roads are slippery.] Hanabi gets scared and panics as she exclaims how they can stay there when there is no one there at the station. Chikai calmly tells her, “We can only wait, faithful dog. Even if something happens to the three of you, I can handle it by myself.” As Chikai goes back in the station, Hanabi blushes and thinks, “That isn’t what I meant. What is that charm? He is so ‘manly’ that I actually thought, he’s ‘very cool’. It isn’t ‘disgusting’ nor ‘fear’, ah, it seems I’m done for. Is this love? But how can I handle this situation?!” Inside, Chikai is drying up Cleo. Hanabi calls her sister about the situation but her sister kept on implying that there’s something other than that will happened. After she hangs up, Hanabi freaks out when Chikai takes off his jacket. She exclaims why he is removing his clothes. She also shouts that she didn’t see anything. Chikai says that his clothes are wet. “No way, when you obviously hate guys, are you anticipating?” Making a pose, Chikai says, “Feeling hot.” Hanabi blushes and thinks that she really loses against him. She looks at her bag for something that can warm Chikai like the small towels/tissues but Chikai doesn’t like any of them. Hanabi is frustrated that she packed a lot of things but they are all useless. Then she spots something. The two huddle together and used the picnic blanket to warm themselves. The dogs think they are acting obscene. Hanabi is really tense because they are too close to each other. Chikai says that he is still cold and in times like this, one should hug. Hanabi exclaims, “No--!!! You shouldn’t to that! You have ‘Yukine’..’s..[love?]” Chikai is puzzled as he looks at her. It turns out that he meant hugging Cleo. This embarrasses Hanabi that she says that it’s nothing. Carrying Cleo, Chikai says that it seems she is still minds about taking other people’s things. Hanabi asks if he will tell. Chikai says he will since he is Uno Chikai. Hanabi says that there’s no way for her not to mind but compared to regret, the part which likes him is much stronger. Hanabi blushes and closes her eyes.

To her surprise, Chikai slightly smiles and pats her head. She becomes teary-eyed and wonders what it meant. Chikai then puts out his hand and says, “Paw.” Hanabi puts her hand on his. She then pulls her hand away since he is teasing her. Chikai climbs back in with Cleo in the blanket. Hanabi calls Nanpa to get in, too. Hanabi wonders what that pat meant. “Is he saying ‘okay’ [or be good]? ‘Okay’..is that a bit acceptable? I don’t know but my tears fell down. For the me, who is on my way to grief/pain, I felt that hand is very gentle.” Soon, that night [I think], they manage to return home. After bidding goodbye to each other, Hanabi calls out to Chikai and thanks him for accompanying her. Chikai points and says, “House!” [It probably meant go in the house.] This embarrasses Hanabi. Upon arriving at his house, Chikai notices an umbrella. It is Yukine waiting for him. Chikai asks what she is doing and until when has she been waiting there. Yukine says that she just arrived. Chikai tells her that the rain has already stopped. This surprises Yukine and says that she didn’t notice it. She closes her umbrella. Chikai asks her why she is there. Yukine seems to force herself to smile and tells him that she wants to get that CD that she talked about on the phone because she really wants to listen to it. Chikai tells her to wait while he go inside to get it. Later on, Hanabi is walking with Nanpa while eating a chicken lollipop. She tells him that it is quite an eventful day and he got to ride a train, too. Nanpa is interested in the chicken that she is eating. Hanabi thinks, “..and that guy is there.” She is surprised to see Chikai and Yukine together. Hanabi looks down and wonders why they are there. Yukine is looking away. Chikai asks what Hanabi is doing because it would make his ‘walking her home’ meaningless. Showing him the chicken, she nervously smiles and says it’s her late dinner since she wasn’t able to eat dinner, she went to buy at a convenient store. Suddenly, Chikai looks surprised. Yukine walks towards Hanabi and slaps Hanabi so hard that Hanabi drops the chicken. Nanpa is happy about it as he goes to the chicken. Hanabi looks shock.

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