June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapters 23 - 24]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on November 19, 2008

After taking a bite of the chicken, Nanpa looks up to see Hanabi just slapped. Hanabi thinks that upon feeling that pain on her face, she realizes that it is because of her that the two’s mood is like that. Chikai holds Yukine’s shoulder and calls out her name. She looks back at him. This seems to surprise Chikai. Hanabi can only look away. Chikai takes his hand off [or did Yukine take his hand off]. She then picks up her umbrella and runs off. Hanabi apologizes and says that it seems they had a fight. Chikai says he thinks it’s better if they did fight. Hanabi is puzzled. Flashback: Chikai returned the CD to Yukine. Yukine apologized and asked if he has recorded it. Chikai said he hasn’t. Yukine told him that after she listened to it tonight, she’ll lend it back to him. Chikai asked, “..Yukine. Are you happy being with me?” Yukine is puzzled then laughed as she said what he is talking about. “But of course!” Chikai then said, “..hey, let’s break up.” Yukine looked slightly sad-surprised. To his surprise, Yukine told him if that is what Chikai wanted. End flashback. Chikai says, “-So..just now I was just walking her home until the end since I’m a gentleman.” While walking away, Hanabi shouts for him to wait and what he meant by until the end. Without looking at her, Chikai says, “In the end, is what.” Hanabi’s face is split into sadness and shock-nervous. She feels that she is split into half. [I think it’s like one part of her is happy yet the other part is sad.] Hanabi exclaims if it is alright if they didn’t talk about things first. Chikai asks her if she wants them to talk. Hanabi is about to protest but Chikai just slightly smiles with a hint of sadness. He says, “It’s good right. I..’m free.” As he walks away, Hanabi wonders what he meant by ‘it’s good’ when his expression said otherwise.

At the store where Hanabi works, she is looking at some things. Her boss tells her that she has that look again. While calling her young girl with lots of worries, he says that she doesn’t have work today. Hanabi says that it is okay for she is just staying there. He exclaims that she should then smile. Hanabi forces a smile. Tomo says that her smile is quite stiff. Hanabi just tells her that it is because she is made to smile unexpectedly. Her boss says that she is so cute since she doesn’t wear any mask. He then teases that it is like someone who stripped off one’s clothes. Hanabi is embarrassed by that. She thinks that it’s like Chikai teasing her. While thinking that it is best that she can just smile, she looks outside the door and sees Yukine looking at her. Hanabi goes after her but she lost Yukine in the crowd. Yukine goes to the crepe shop and greets Atsumi who is tending the shop. [I think Yukine’s shift is over.] The guy with Atsumi says that Yukine looks so pretty and would Atsumi introduce him to her. Later on, probably during Atsumi’s break, Hanabi informs Atsumi what happened between Chikai and Yukine. Atsumi couldn’t believe it since Yukine greeted her normally just like before. Hanabi says that the reason could be her. Atsumi asks why she said that. “Did Yukine tell you anything?” Pointing to her cheek, Hanabi says that she was slapped there. Atsumi exclaims that it’s like in a television drama. Hanabi admits that she can’t be totally happy since she feels hurt when she thinks of Yukine and Chikai who is also definitely hurt. “But then, I’m also very happy! I’m quite disappointed with myself that I can actually be happy about other people’s unhappiness.”

Atsumi says that she thinks that is normal. Atsumi admits that there are times that she hopes that Sasa gets dumped/rejected. “It’s like she wants to do her best yet she is also weak.” She is happy that she doesn’t know who her rival is but at times, she doesn’t know what kind of method she should use to fight. She says that it’s like she is currently dieting but who knows, maybe her rival is more huge and fat than her so it is meaningless for her to diet. “I’m afraid yet in order to do my best, I want to know the person that Sasa likes.” She then happily tells Hanabi that their love problems had increased. Hanabi asks, “Re..really?” Hanabi thinks that Atsumi’s strength is quite beautiful while she [Hanabi] is feeling quite confused. Her thoughts are interrupted when she sees Sasa downstairs as she went down the escalator. Hanabi calls out to him. Hanabi mentally calls out to Atsumi that Sasa is there. She asks Sasa if he is going to buy something. Sasa says that he is. Hanabi asks if he is alone and if he frequently goes there. Hanabi is expecting to follow it up with a question on how about they eat together so that she can arrange for him to meet Atsumi. Hanabi is puzzled when Sasa said that when he came, he is alone. Hanabi asks if he meant that on the way home, he won’t be alone. Sasa laughs and says that he will also be going home alone. “But, the person I want to see is in this place.” Hanabi realizes that the person Sasa likes is there. She bluntly asks who it is. Sasa comments that she’s quite blunt. Hanabi just laughs it off. Sasa just says that it is a person who definitely who doesn’t want to see him. Hanabi realizes that it isn’t a girlfriend. Hanabi apologizes. Sasa says it’s okay. They bid each other goodbye.

After Sasa left, Hanabi wonders if he is already dumped. For Atsumi to do her best, Hanabi decides to follow Sasa. She is surprised when Sasa goes in the store where she works. Sasa greets Tomo. Hanabi wonders if it is Tomo. She then notices a couple of guys shoplifting a bag while talking about what they would eat. One of the boys had put the bag inside his shirt. Hanabi shouts, “Thief!” The two guys ask who she is. While looking away [still scared of guys], Hanabi tells them that she is a saleslady there. She shouts that they will be at a loss if they do that. She reprimands them about how much time and effort is made to make that item so how could they just steal it. They tell her that it isn’t shoplifting since they are still inside the store. They say that they just put it there for safe keeping since it isn’t easy to buy things for girls. [Their alibi is that they are embarrassed to buy girlie things.] They start to harass her to compensate them as an apology. Appearing from behind, Sasa asks if that is a gift and their interest is quite disgusting. This shocks Hanabi as she wonders if Sasa thinks their products are disgusting. Sasa says, “That thing doesn’t have any love, the other party won’t be happy.” [A stolen item won’t make the girl happy about it.]

One of the guys grabs Sasa’s hair. Hanabi shouts for him to let Sasa go but the other guy grabs Hanabi from behind – pinning her shoulders so that she can’t move. The guy then says that this kid is quite cute. Sasa and Hanabi look surprised. The boss grabs the shoplifter boy’s hair and says, “Do you want to become..a real monk, Customer?” [kid and monk sound the same so the boss is making a joke.] The boy lets go of Sasa’s hair. The boy shouts for the boss to let him go else, he’ll file a report. Boss says that Sasa came, he did well. [Note: The boss is calling Sasa by his surname so obviously, he knows Sasa.] He apologizes for this to happen when he isn’t around. The other boy takes this opportunity to escape as he throws the stolen bag away. The boss tells the boy he caught that he has been abandoned when they are having fun shoplifting a while ago. The boy denies that they are shoplifting. The boss then brings the boy at the back to show him the video that their surveillance camera has recorded. He tells Tomo to rewind it until the incident and contact the authorities. The boss calls out to Sasa to take care of Hanabi since her hand is shaking. Sasa smiles and says, yes. Hanabi realizes that she is indeed shaking. The boy shouts that this time, he didn’t steal. The boss says that is quite a confession since he said ‘this time’. Hanabi laughs and says that she didn’t know how great their boss is. Sasa laughs and says, “He is that kind of person.” Hanabi is surprised by this comment. Sasa gives her a teddy bear to hold to calm her down. Hanabi feels that her feelings are in confusion, “Could it be..like that?” Hanabi asks if Sasa knows the boss. Sasa says yes but it is only in that place where he met the boss and later on, it is only in that place where he can see the boss.

Hanabi asks, “The person that..Sasa likes is..” Seeing Sasa smile, Hanabi dropped the teddy bear while looking aghast. Sasa just laughs and says that she has guessed it. Hanabi stutters as she says, “Bu-But! He..he is..a guy..” Sasa replies, “..I liked a girl before but right now..it doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl, I just like that person.” He then looks at the boss as he is making a phone call. Hanabi thinks, “That honest side-view face..I feel ashamed of myself for the moment when I felt disgusted about his feelings.” Later on, [I think on the way to school] she is standing near a post while lots of guys are passing by. She thinks that she is quite surprised when Sasa said that it doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl. “If Chikai is a girl, would I like him?” She imagines Chikai as a girl while asking for ‘faithful dog’s [her] paw. Hanabi thinks that she can’t and she wouldn’t want to be his friend either. Hanabi thinks that Atsumi’s obstacle is bigger than she thought. Hanabi then notices Chikai walking. [I guess she was waiting for him.] He passes by her and asks why she is there for it is a place where there are a lot of guys. “Ah, you’re finally in heat?” Hanabi feels her hair stand stiff. She says, “I want to recharge.” She holds his sleeve and says, “Recharge.” Hanabi is blushing. Chikai asks if this is admiration. Some of the boys are whistling as they murmur that they are starting so early in the morning. Narration: “What guy, what girl, that is quite confusing. The only reason is obviously and clearly, only one.”

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