June 13, 2011

Zenbu Chodai [Chapter 4]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on October 14, 2008

Narration: “I’m Sakura Himeko who is perfect in every aspect but for the first time, I had met a guy who is more perfect than me. Even if I’m quite frustrated [won’t admit defeat], I do admit that I like Oozora Ren.” At school, the fanboys happily greet Himeko and says that she is also beautiful today. Himeko says, “But of course.” Himeko looks around the class and says that Ren isn’t there yet. The fanboys tell her that Ren must be absent. “Maybe his fever hasn’t gone down yet. After class, we are going to visit him. Do you want to go with us?” Blushing, Himeko says, “Why should I go?” Number 1 fanboy exclaims, “That’s too bad..” Then he and the other fanboys are surprised that Himeko is gone. They wonder where she went. In front of a building, Himeko says that it is Ren’s house. She thinks, “I didn’t come here because I’m worried about him but rather, I feel responsible for making me compete even if he is feverish.” She wonders if her hairstyle looks strange. She has fixed her hair rather than just let it all down. After one last check on her hair, she rings the door bell of Ren’s apartment.

Himeko’s heart is beating really loud and louder when she hears Ren asking who it is. Ren opens the door and she goes into shock because he just came out of the shower. He is just wearing a pair of shorts [which he probably hastily grabbed] and a towel on his head. Ren says, “Ah? You..” Himeko is really embarrassed that she quickly bids him goodbye and walks away. Ren is puzzled. Himeko wasn’t looking where she is going that she walks straight on the door of the neighbor who just opened the door. Himeko is really dizzy that she tries to grab something to steady herself. To Himeko and Ren’s surprise, Himeko grabs Ren’s shorts. She loses balance and pulls the shorts down. Lol Himeko goes into total shock as Ren just looks embarrassed.

In Ren’s bedroom, Ren has already dressed up. Himeko is sitting on the bed. Ren asks if she has calmed down. Himeko just whimpers and asks if he is feeling better. He tells her that he no longer has a fever and he is just skipping class. Ren then laughs and teases Himeko about her really nervous expression a while ago. Holding a cup of tea, Himeko angrily pouts and thinks that Ren is such an annoying guy because whenever she is with him, she isn’t her normal self. “Maybe I shouldn’t have come.” Ren tells her that he didn’t expect her to come. Himeko exclaims that she just came because someone told her to. To Himeko’s surprise, Ren says, “Even if that is so, I’m really happy that you came.” Blushing, Himeko tells him not to call her ‘you’ since it’s quite rude. Ren then whispers to her ear, “Himeko.” This made Himeko blush beet red that she pushes him away and exclaims that he’s quite thick-faced to casually call her by her name. [I think she just wants him to call her by her surname like ‘Sakura-chan’ since saying one’s first name means they are close.] Ren laughs and tells her not to be that embarrassed. Himeko denies that she is very embarrassed.

Ren sits beside her and holds her hand. He leans near to her and asks, “Really?” Since he is very near, Himeko closes her eyes and thinks that he is going to kiss her. Suddenly, Ren’s stomach growls. Ren just says, “I’m hungry. I better eat something.” He casually just walks away. This made Himeko really embarrassed and wonders if Ren wasn’t thinking of kissing her. She doesn’t understand what happened and that maybe Ren is really just an annoying guy. Before going out of the room, Ren asks if she wants to eat, too. “I’m quite good in cooking.” Himeko proudly says that she is better at cooking. Ren says that she doesn’t seem to be. Himeko gets irked by this as she challenges Ren, “Then let’s have a contest! There is nothing that I, perfect queen Himeko, can’t do!” Ren holds her hand and pats her head. He says, “No, today we are not going to compete. Just let me taste the food you’ve cooked.”

At the dining table, Ren is sitting on the chair and lots of food are on the table. Himeko proudly says, “How is it? It’s pretty good, right?” Ren says that it is delicious. Himeko exclaims, “But of course! I’m Sakura Himeko!” Ren laughs and says, “It’s really delicious.” Himeko blushes and thinks that her food is very delicious and it’s no big deal to her but when she heard Oozora Ren say it, it is quite nice to hear. Himeko then hears a cat meow. She sees a cute little kitten. Himeko happily touches it and says that it is very cute. She asks Ren what is its name then sees Ren looking dark. Himeko notices Ren’s chopsticks holding a strip of green pepper. She asks what’s with that reaction. “Don’t you like to eat green pepper?” Ren tells her not to laugh at him like a kid. Himeko is surprised then starts laughing as she says, “Okay. I won’t laugh.” Ren is speechless and says that he is finished eating. The two then washes the dishes together. Ren tells her to go ahead to the room. [He’ll probably finish washing after all, she is his guest] Himeko goes into Ren’s bedroom and starts to laugh. “Green pepper. Perfect Ren Oozora turns out to be afraid of eating green pepper! It’s very funny. He likes to eat, has a pet cat, his room is a bit disorderly..I came to know a little more about Ren Oozora. I have also experience a heart beat that I have never experienced before.” Himeko smiles and blushes.

Ren enters the room and apologizes for making her wait. Ren finds her sound asleep on his bed. Ren says, “How defenseless.” He approaches her. He is surprised when Himeko shouts in her sleep, “I will definitely win, Oozora Ren!” Ren laughs and says, “Do you really want to win that much?” He bends near the bed and says, “When I first met you, you are really such a strange girl. Saying things like making me kneel down to you. Everyday, you challenge me to a competition and do so many reckless things but, you are strong, straightforward, and I don’t hate those aspects of you...it’s not that I don’t hate..,” Ren removes his glasses and says, “I..like you.” He gives sleeping Himeko a kiss on the lips. His kitten meows. Ren points to his lips and tells the cat, “Can you keep this a secret? As long as the thing about Kiriasa isn’t resolve yet, the confession will have to wait until then.” Touching Himeko’s face, Ren says, “Until that day comes, keep on liking me.” Narration: “At that time, I didn’t know of the blissful thing that has happened but this is satisfying dream that I had.” Dream: In a suit, Ren runs towards Himeko and says, “I like you. I love you. I want to kneel down to you all throughout my whole lifetime, can I?” Himeko says, “Oozora Ren..of course you can.” Ren kneels down and kisses her hand.

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