June 13, 2011

V.B. Rose [Chapters 73-74]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on October 10, 2008

[This is the last summary for this series because I've lost interest in the series.]

Ageha and Yukari are shock when Mitsuya tells them that he is going to leave that place at the end of the month. Ageha couldn’t believe that Mitsuya could easily just say that when she had a hard time saying her problem to Yukari especially since what Mitsuya said is even more serious compared to her problem. Mitsuya notices Ageha fainting then falling backwards that he quickly shouted for Ageha to get up and that they misunderstood him. He clarifies that he is no longer going to live there in V.B.R but he is still going to work there. Ageha stands up again and sighs in relief. She tells him not to surprise her like that. She asks if he is going to live in a place of his own. Ageha is surprised when Mitsuya says that he is going to live with Tsuyu. Blushing, Ageha asks if they are going to live in the same house. Mitsuya says they would since he is going to move to Tsuyu’s place. Ageha is happy about this then wonders what about Tsuyu’s father. Ageha decides not to spoil Mistuya’s happiness since technically they aren’t living together [alone]. Mitsuya happily tells Yukari that he will commute on his way to work. Yukari asks about a celebration due to his moving out but Mitsuya says he is just satisfied with Yukari’s love. Yukari tells him that he doesn’t want to do that. [Basically, they are joking around] Mitsuya says that if they are busy at work then he will just stay there for the night so things will be the same as before. Ageha asks won’t Yukari be lonely since he is all alone there at night. Mitsuya tells Yukari that they nurture their love for each other while they don’t see each other. Yukari is deadpan as he tells him, “Whatever.” Ageha shouts at Mitsuya that compared to that, he should be focusing on giving back to Tsuyu the 10 years that they had lost. Then, Ageha goes into shock again. Yukari tells her if it is hard for her to be ‘calm’. He asks her what it is this time. Ageha tells him that this will add to the emotions that Yukari is feeling. She says that she will be having her exams soon. Yukari tells her to do her best. What she said sunk in and he goes into shock. [I think that is because Ageha won’t be coming to the store so he would be lonelier and they are quite busy so more work for them.] Yukari snaps out of it and tells her that it is already late so he’ll drive her home.

The car is parked outside of Ageha’s house and they are silent. Ageha thinks that ever since Yukari’s father died, Mitsuya lives in the house with him so now that Mitsuya is moving out, he’s probably lonely. Ageha lightly pulls his sleeve and tells him to cheer up. Yukari asks what she is talking about. Ageha exclaims that it is about Mitsuya because he must be thinking about it. Yukari denies that he is thinking of that. He says that since she is going to have her exams, the store will be quieter. Ageha angrily apologizes for being noisy. He smiles at her and says that [without her], the place seems empty. Ageha blushes about this until he tells her that if he said that, what she would do. Ageha is furious since he was teasing her. She shouts that he is stupid and she won’t worry about him anymore. Yukari tells her that he was just teasing her. Ageha angrily shouts that she doesn’t understand what he is saying. To Ageha’s shock, Yukari asks what that thing she was hiding earlier was. She tries to muster the courage to tell him but in the end, she chickens out. She gets out of the car and tells him that he might be lonely if she isn’t at the store but, she will email him. She bids him goodbye as she tells him that she will do her best in her exams. Yukari tries to call her back but it was futile. Both of them then wonder what they are doing. Yukari returns home but no one is there. Mitsuya left a letter to tell him that he has gone out for a while. Yukari looks at the empty and dark workplace. He remembers the time he looks at it when he was in junior high. [It’s probably after his father died]. Yukari thinks that time cannot be stopped.

Ageha’s exams are finished so she goes back to VBR to greet everyone. What she sees are Yukari and others all very busy at work. She is surprised that even Natsume is there. Mitsuya notices that Ageha is there so he gives her some paperwork to check the materials that were delivered. Natsuna shouts at Mitsuya being an eyesore before going to a room. Ageha asks if Natsume now works in the store. Mitsuya says yes and within the year, they had asked her for 1.5 times already. Ageha is glad about the work and she hopes that things will turn out okay that day. Mitsuya then asks her to trim the gown by 2cm. Ageha didn’t get what he was saying that Tsuyu tells Mitsuya that she is free so she’ll handle that. Then, Natsuna shouts to Mitsuya about giving her some work. While they are all busy, Ageha becomes depressed that she wasn’t able to help much. She gloomily checks the materials when she notices that Yukari is looking at her. She asks him what the matter is. Yukari says that it seems she’s already there. This made Ageha more depressed since Yukari didn’t notice that she was already there a while ago. She tells him that the others can do a lot of things but she can only talk to herself. Yukari tells her that she has done a lot of things for them that they are now more relaxed. [I think he means their personal lives] Ageha cheers up a bit until Yukari asks him about her future aspiration/plan. Ageha goes into shock for this is the topic that she doesn’t want to discuss about.

Yukari, Mitsuya and Tsuyu are surprised when Ageha is about to faint but Ageha stops herself. She then tells Yukari that she hasn’t decided on it yet. Yukari is shock and comments that until now she hasn’t. This struck Ageha since she manages to avoid it by running away from Saki-sensei. Ageha thinks that this is the chance to ask. She asks Yukari if she can work at VBR. To her shock, Yukari quickly answers, “No.” Yukari goes back to work as he tells Mitsuya to be careful on his way home. Ageha recovers from her shock and exclaims to Yukari that she is serious about this and she really wants to work there since she wants to work with everyone else. Mitsuya and others overhear this. Yukari tells her that he is serious because right now, what can she do. Ageha is stunned since a while ago, she wasn’t able to help much with anything. Ageha admits that there are still many things that she cannot do but if the others would teach her then she would slowly learn it. Yukari tells her that they don’t have free time to teach her. He adds that it is her future aspiration so she should think about it really well and no matter what she studies, she should really think what she should study [after graduating]. Ageha looks sad as she thinks that she has been thinking and can’t think of something. She wonders why Yukari said such harsh words to her.

At home, Ageha goes to bed and cries about being lectured by her boyfriend. She was really depressed that she had quickly finished her work in VBR and run back home. Ageha ponders on what are her aspiration, wish and circumstance. She then thinks what her dream is. To her shock, she doesn’t have any. She then remembers something and that is to be a bride. She then browses her diary. She remembers that her world before revolves around her sister. She wants to become like her sister who is kind and can do everything but that world crashes down when her sister told her that she is pregnant. She then realizes that she doesn’t live for ‘herself’. After that incident, she realize that she cannot be like her sister but she still likes her. Soon, she came to like working on bridal dresses that she works at VBR. She likes to sew and making bags is her specialty but she never thought of doing it in the future. [Probably it’s just a hobby]. In VBR, she has fun even if they are busy. She begins to cry that even if it’s fun, she can’t do many things at VBR. She starts to cry as she cannot think of anything else for she has lost her own goal in life.

At VBR, Mitsuya thinks of himself as a brother so he wants to help out Ageha. He tells Yukari that ever since that day, Ageha didn’t go back to the store. Yukari doesn’t react to this so Mitsuya shows him an email from Ageha. Ageha wrote to Mitsuya that that she is sorry and she doesn’t have any face to show herself to the others. She will go back to the store after she has prepared herself [emotionally]. She apologizes again for not being able to help when everyone is busy and she apologizes for giving them trouble. Mitsuya tries to irritate Yukari as he cries that Ageha has emailed him which she did for the first time. Yukari sadly says that he didn’t say anything wrong. Mitsuya says that Yukari is wrong in how he said it. Mistsuya also tells Yukari that he made a mistake in the measurements for making it 2m instead of 2cm. Mitsuya tells him that if he is bothered by what he said to Ageha then he should talk to her about it. Mitsuya asks him, “What’s your reason for saying that to Ageha.” Yukari looks sad then blushes as he looks away. Mitsuya angrily shouts that he isn’t cute at all. While the two fight, Tsuyu looks thoughtful. At Ageha’s house, Ageha thinks that it has already been a week since then and she even emailed that strange mail. She is still trying to find ‘herself’ and what she wants to do. She now fears facing Yukari. Her thoughts are interrupted when someone mails her. It is Tsuyu who wants to have tea with her at a nearby café.

In the café, Tsuyu greets Ageha who is looking lifeless and gloomy. Mitsuya who is also there tells Ageha that it seems she is carrying a lot on her shoulders. When she notices that he is there, she reprimands him for being there since useful people should be where they are needed. The two freak out. Tsuyu try to calm her down by offering her some tea and cake to eat while Mitsuya tries to explain that he is currently free. After Ageha calms down, she apologizes to Mitsuya because she vented her frustration on him. He comments that being a ‘brother’ is quite hard work. Tsuyu tries to cheer Ageha up and explain why Yukari said that but Ageha becomes gloomy. Ageha wonders out loud what has she been doing in VBR and she knows that she is giving others trouble that she didn’t notice it. Tsuyu and Mitsuya tell her that she did do something like saving Yukari’s heart, falling in love, etc. Ageha asks if they mean the time when they met. Tsuyu and Mitsuya are at a loss what to say. Mitsuya apologizes to Ageha and says that he could be the reason why Yukari said that.


  1. aww D: no more summaries for this ? MMM I'd like to har your opinion as to why you lost interest o: ! haah but thank you for all the summaries you have done!

    1. The end part is a bit boring since there isn't much on the couple anymore and iirc, just preparing for Mitsuya and Tsuyu wedding with Yukari crossdressing again. orz. Then, the end is Ageha videotaping everyone with some mini interview and of course, going to get married to Yukari.

      There is also a huge gap of time from the last summary to the scans and I tend to lose interest if a series wasn't updated for a long time.

      Thanks for reading them ^-^

  2. Where did you read the last few chapters of vbr?? I can only find up to 73 =/ your help will be very appreciated

    1. You can read the rest in Chinese scans here:

      It is by volume, not chapter.

  3. Are there any copies of the last few chapters of vbr in english? i really want to finish but i can only find up to 73... if there is anywhere i can read that would be much appreciated.

    1. Sorry, I don't know. Checking around, it seems to be only up to chapter 73..for now.