June 13, 2011

Zenbu Chodai [Chapter 10-11 ( Last Chapter)]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on February 26, 2009

In Ren's apartment, on his bed, Ren and Himeko are kissing. After they kiss, Ren looks at her then puts his glasses back on. Himeko asks what is it. Ren tells her that Himeko is cute for always blushing whenever they kiss even if they did it many times already. This embarrasses Himeko that she shouts for him to shut up. Ren tells her that he was praising her. Himeko thinks that Ren infuriates her because he obvious like her yet he is more calm than her. She is frustrated since it seems that she likes him more than he does. Himeko sits on his lap as she wonders how to make Ren nervous, just like her. Ren says that it will be Christmas soon so what are her plans for that day. Himeko says nothing. Ren says if that so, then they'll do nothing. This shocks Himeko. Ren then says that he is just kidding because she is still not honest. Himeko thinks that he definitely makes her angry. Just then, the door bell rings. It's the fanboys and others. They come for an early Christmas celebration since Ren and Himeko will be spending that day together. One of the fanboys tells the two that they are going to tell them about it but they already went home after school. The other fanboy tells them that they even bought some food and drinks. They distribute the drinks. Ren is drinking from a can when he suddenly looks surprised. Himeko asks what is it. He suddenly grabs one of the fanboys and gives him a kiss. This shocks Himeko and the other fanboys. Himeko shouts what he is doing. One of the fanboys asks if he is drunk. The fanboys realize that they bought some alcoholic drinks by mistake. Ren is drinking another can that Himeko tries to stop him. Ren then grabs Himeko and gives her a deep kiss. The fanboys + others blush over this except for one fanboy who was still aghast that he was kissed by Ren. The fanboys decide that they should go home and leave those two.

After everyone left, Ren is still kissing Himeko. Then, she pushes Ren down on the bed and tells him to behave himself. With doggy sad eyes, Ren asks, “Don't you want me to kiss you anymore?” This totally shock Himeko as she wonders who this guy is. Himeko blushes and stutters that isn't what she meant. Ren happily says, really. He then hugs shock Himeko. While Ren is still hugging her, complete with hearts all around, Himeko thinks that it is quite unexpected that Ren will be like that when he is drunk and for him to be drunk even if he just drank a small amount of alcohol. She then orders Ren around. “Smile.” Ren smiles. “Get angry.” Ren looks angry. “Give me your hand.” Ren puts his hand on her and shouts, “Woof!” Himeko happily thinks that is quite fun and interesting because Ren will do anything that he normally doesn't do. Holding a rabbit shaped apple, Ren says, “Come, say ah--” Himeko takes a bite as she thinks that he will even do this. She wonders what else Ren will do. Ren then keeps on kissing her when Himeko has an idea. Himeko pushes him down on the bed and tells him not to kiss her again today for she is now going to be the one to kiss him. Himeko is amused that Ren looks surprised. She thinks that usually, she is the one who is teased by Ren but now, it's her turn. Himeko is shock when Ren says, “Okay..kiss me.” Himeko's heart is beating fast as she thinks that it seems that she is doing something bad. She kisses him and thinks that it seems she doesn't want to stop. Himeko tells Ren that this is the first time wherein she takes the initiative to kiss him. “Every time you kissed me, I come to like you more. So, I'm going to kiss you a lot today so that you will like me even more, so that you won't be calm like before.” She kisses Ren again and thinks that she wants him to love her very passionately.

Then, Himeko notices that one of the can drinks has spilled. She quickly goes to clean it up when Ren hugs her from behind. Ren tells her that there is no need to do that because he wants to continue. Himeko is surprised when Ren goes for her neck. Himeko tells him to wait and asks what he meant by continue. She goes into shock as she wonders if he meant about the kissing stuff. She freaks out when Ren puts his hand under her blouse. She wants him to stop and to her shock, Ren suddenly punches his own face. She asks him what he is doing. Ren admits that he can't keep himself calm and it is not only now, but most of the time. “If I don't keep a calm face, I don't know what I might do to you. I like you a lot more than you think.” He then hugs her. Himeko blushes and thinks that Ren is really cunning that it infuriates her. It is because he said those stuff which makes her really happy that she felt that no matter what he does to her is alright. Himeko then hugs him and tells him not to say anymore, else she'll be embarrassed. “Make me become Ren's girl--” She waits for him and to her shock, Ren has fallen asleep. Himeko is furious that she can't believe that happened. She puts him on bed then decided to forget it as she lies down beside him. She thinks, “I'm very happy today so I'll forgive you.” She wonders that since he is drunk then he won't remember what had happened but it's good because that will be too embarrassing for her. The next day at school, the fanboys ask the two what happened afterwards. Himeko tells them that Ren has immediately fallen asleep. Ren says he doesn't remember anything. The fanboys groan in disappointment. Then, one of the fanboys say that when Ren was drunk before, he wasn't quite normal. This shocks Himeko. Ren just says, “..Is that so?” Himeko asks him if he was really sleeping yesterday and doesn't remember anything. With a sly smile, Ren says, “Yes..” This made Himeko furious at him because she doesn't know if it's true or not. Hehe..Ren is so cunning and loves to tease her. I think he just played along with her and wondered what she'll do if he lets her to what she wants with him. Ren is awfully cute when he does what she tells him. =P

Ren welcomes Himeko to his apartment. Himeko will be staying over for a week at Ren's apartment. Flashback: Ten days ago, the fanboys are happy that it is vacation time. One of them asks what are their plans on vacation. The other guy says that his family is going to a trip and since he thinks it's such a hassle so he'll just stay home. They ask Himeko about her plans. Himeko tells them that every year, her whole family goes on a trip abroad but this year, she decided to stay. Ren asks if it is because of him. Himeko angrily denies this. One of the fanboys are worried about her being all alone in her house while her family is away on a trip for a week. He asks Ren what he thinks of this. Ren tells her to stay in his house during those days. Himeko is surprised and thrilled about this. So, that's how things are decided. End flashback. Himeko thinks that from that day, the two of them will be living in the house all alone. Her heart is beating fast as she is a bit nervous. She wonders what will the week be like. At the kitchen, the two are cooking. Ren tells her that before they have gone steady, she cooked at his house. “I'm going to tell you about it now. That day, while you were sleeping, I kissed you.” This surprises Himeko. He admits that the first time he met her, he thinks that she is a violent and strange girl but he doesn't know when he come to like her a bit. “O come to like you more now than that time.” Himeko exclaims, “But, of course!” She looks away blushing. Himeko thinks that even if she doesn't want to admit it, but she thinks that for her, it is a case of love at first sight. “Ah, me, too. Compared to that time, I come to like Ren more and more.” The two then kissed each other.

The two are now eating. Ren tells her that her food is delicious. Himeko says, “Of course!” She asks him if he wants another bowl of rice. Ren says okay. While putting some rice on the bowl, Himeko thinks that cooking together and eating together, it feels like they are married. She blushes then looks away from Ren. Ren looks at her and blushes a bit. While taking a bath, she thinks that normally at this time, she will be at home but right now, she is taking a bath in Ren's place. She feels a bit strange about it for today, they have been together since morning till night. She then goes into shock as she wonders where she is going to sleep that night. “That's right, before even if I haven't really thought of it but I almost had H with Oozora Ren..then, staying here, does it meant that? What should I do?!” Himeko sits away from Ren on the bed. She thanks him for letting her use the bathroom. Ren asks why she is sitting all the way there. Himeko says,” It..it's..it's nothing.” Ren sits beside her and asks, “Really?” This made Himeko scream then quickly moves away from him. She reprimands herself for doing that because it will become more obvious to Ren. Ren did realize it. He puts her down on bed and tells her that she should know where this is going to lead. Her heart is beating fast as she wonders if that is how it really is. Ren gives her a kiss. Himeko thinks that it isn't that she doesn't want to. “I think we can do this next time but now, I haven't prepared myself for it.” While she is panicking that Ren is about to go more serious, Ren suddenly bursts out in laughter as he exclaims that her expression is so funny. Himeko shouts what does he mean by that. “Could..could it be that you are just teasing me?” Ren says that he wants to bully her upon seeing her like that. Still flustered, Himeko says that she couldn't believe that he is so disappointing. She looks away and pouts. Ren apologizes and tells her that to be honest, just being with her is enough for him. “Ah, I'm not going to say that I don't have any plans, but I also won't force you.” He also tells her that they will be together for the whole week and he won't be troublesome for he'll wait for her. After sleeping that night, they wake up together. They brush their teeth together, they go to the grocery together and they sleep together. Himeko feels that it seems that one week isn't enough for her because she wants this kind of days to continue. “And, it..will be nice if that day has finally come.

Himeko is standing outside the balcony. She is sad since today is the last day of her week-long stay at Ren's place. She is about to cry when Ren pats her head. He asks her what is the matter and if she isn't cold. Then he realizes something. He laughs and asks, “Are you crying? You really like me.” Himeko denies this and tells him not to be conceited. “I'm not crying..but..tomorrow, I won't want to go home.” Ren tells her that can't be. Himeko shouts that she knows. She thinks that even if that is so, she still wants for them to be together. She wonders if she is the only one who is thinking about this. She is frustrated. She tells him that he is such an infuriating guy from the time they met until now. Ren tells her that when they first met, she said something about him kneeling down to her. “Do you still think that way?” Looking away, Himeko shouts, “Of course! I'm Sakura Himeko!” Ren smiles and says, “..Ah, then, just this once.” Himeko is puzzled. To her surprise, Ren kneels down and holds her hand. “Right now, we still can't always be together yet but we still go to the same high school. If possible, let's go to the same university. Then after graduation, Sakura Himeko, will you marry me and be by my side forever.” Himeko blushes and remembers her wish for them to be always together. She thinks that this is what she has been wishing for. Himeko says, “Do you know? I'm Sakura Himeko. It's natural for anyone to kneel down to me. So..so you should thank me, I'll marry you.” Ren then gives Himeko a kiss. Fastforward: Fanboys are walking when they receive an email from Himeko and Ren. The couple invites them to come to their new house. At the new house, Ren is with Himeko. Both are wearing wedding rings. Narration: “I'm Sakura Himeko, a perfect queen. Oozora Ren is the one and only whom I recognize as a perfect man. So, if I'm with you, it will be perfect forever and ever.” The End.

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