June 13, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapters 50-59]

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[Anyway, I'm going to start my summary at arc 2 – four years later after they 'finish' off Lucia. A little background what happened before that: Shinobu manage to defeat Rihito so Mei lost Rihito to crazy Lucia who treated him like some boy toy with Shinobu drugging him. Fortunately for Mei, Kento takes over as her butler. Kento is pretty frustrated with Mei because she is always Rihito this and Rihito that. Soon, Mei realizes that what she is doing is hurting Kento. Kento confesses to her then they kiss. Then, Kento thinks that it is just pity. Shinobu took a picture of the kiss and uses that to 'brainwash' Rihito. Later on, Fujiko has a little problem with her family – something about being 'sold' to the triad in HK. Mei and Kento help her but Kento ended up being shot when he tried to save her. Mei returns back to school and is surprised that Lucia willingly returns Rihito back to her. [Okay, I'm not that sure about that part since I'm just basing it on what I can recall.] Rihito seems to be not himself then goes into a jealous rage when Mei secretly uses the computer to contact Kento to see how he is doing. Then, later on, they all thought that Kento went missing. Against Rihito's wishes, Mei decides to look for him. Before Mei can get on the helicopter that just landed, Rihito finds her. Mei confesses and kisses him. I think it created a different reaction to him and Lucia claims Rihito back. What Mei didn't know is Kento is actually there to see her confess and kiss Rihito.

Kento decides that it is okay if Mei doesn't like him but he will still be the best butler for her. Kento tells Mei to quit crying and he will help her get Rihito back. So, there is a duel to the death challenge and to their surprise, Lucia is going to use Rihito to fight with Kento. Lucia tries to make Mei depressed by saying that everything is all her fault – she shouldn't exist else the brothers wouldn't have to fight and Rihito became like that because of her mistake – kissing with Kento. This almost made Mei commit suicide but then, Kento stops her and gives her another pep talk. He tells her that her existence is important to him that is why he is doing all this. Then, Kento trained a bit with fencing but he is already pretty good. Mei has grown a bit since she no longer commit the mistakes that she made with Rihito. She showed to Kento the note from Rihito about wanting to meet her instead of hiding it like what she did with Rihito before. She even rips the paper apart and says that if Rihito wants to talk, he should go to her instead. Soon, it's finally the day of the duel. The brothers are wearing white since Lucia wants to see blood visibly on them. ^^; After Mei prepares herself, she goes out with the others waiting for her. Mei tells Kento that they will definitely win and save Rihito. Everyone is watching including the headmaster and Mei's grandfather. Rihito comes in with Lucia who is in a wedding dress. Shinobu is dressed in black. Kento is surrounded by Mei's friends and butlers. Their flag is a rabbit with an eyepatch. Mei also made her grand entrance in a peculiar outfit. It turns out that her gown is dirtied so she removes the skirt. Izumi lends her a cape. Miruku lends her bunny doll. Kanzaki lends her cap. I think their entrance is cool. Anyway, Mei asks Rihito if he really wants to fight. Rihito says yes. Kento tells her Mei that he will try not to hurt Rihito for her but to his surprise, Mei tells him to do his best. The headmaster tells them the rules of the duel. It is pretty much just remove the rose on one's chest. Kento did his best but he is of no match for Rihito because he has lots of wounds. Before a break, each brother only has a petal left. Mei gets invited to tea by Lucia and Mei accepts. Lucia tries to scare Mei that she might poison her but Mei believes she won't try to pull that in front of everyone there. Lucia then calls Rihito and kisses him right in front of Mei. Before she can become depressed, the bunny doll starts making a loud noise. This made Mei snap out of it and tells her that she isn't sad at all because that Rihito is just a fake and she doesn't like a butler just doing whatever the ojou-sama wants like a robot even if it is very cruel. Shinobu tells Rihito to get ready for the duel. After he left, Mei tells Lucia that all Lucia has is fake love, fake friends and fake loyalty. “Everything around you is not real. Have you also already realized that?” Lucia says that Mei is quite conceited when she isn't going to win. Mei tells her that if she loses that duel, she'll only loses Rihito but for Lucia, no matter if it is Rihito or the status of being Lucia, she will lose everything. Mei asks her what would be left of her if she is no longer 'Lucia'. This made Lucia furious that she starts screaming that Mei should be killed. Shinobu calms her down then Lucia hides behind her umbrella. Her underlings are becoming worried about Lucia's strange actions lately. Shinobu praises Mei that she did well and this is her victory.

Back at the fight, Rihito is trying to psyche Kento out by saying that his hard work is meaningless since if he returns, Kento will be 'abandoned' since an ojou-sama needs only one butler. Kento says, “Are you stupid? It has nothing to do with that. Isn't fulfilling the ojou-sama's wish a butler's job..!” Rihito manages to send Kento's sword flying. Rihito tells him that what Kento did is admirable but then, he is still far from becoming 'Mei-chan's butler'. To their surprise, Rihito removes the last rose petal from his coat. Rihito bends down and apologizes to Mei for being late. “Rihito Shibata has returned.” Everyone is shock by this development. Kento is furious at him for pulling that trick after all that has happened. Rihito tells him not to worry for his wounds isn't serious. Kento shouts that he doesn't mean himself but rather Mei's hurt feelings. Mei hugs Rihito and they made up. Kento is just satisfied that it went well. Lucia protests about him tricking her but then, the final blow is when Rihito tells her that she isn't the ojou-sama he is tasked to serve. So, Lucia is stripped of her title. Soon, everyone celebrates. Mei is still worried about Lucia/Shiori. Shinobu tries to attack Mei but Kento saves her. Shinobu tells them about Shiori being made to marry some old man by the grandfather because she lost. Mei asks if Shiori knows about it. Shinobu says that her grandfather might have called. Mei shouts that he shouldn't have left Shiori alone. She rushes to Shiori's place to find her all bloodied. She used a knife to blind her eyes. Then, she hears Rihito shouting Mei's name. This made Shiori furious that she plans to stab herself but Mei hugs her and got stabbed on the arm instead. Kento wants to help but Rihito tells him to leave it to Mei. Shiori exclaims that her eyes, ears, nose, feet, hands..everything is useless. A flashback of young Shiori being told that she is already a useless person. Mei tells her that someone will be sad if she doesn't exists. Shiori shouts that she is lying. She repeats that as Mei tells her that it is true. Shinobu takes Shiori and uses medicine to make her sleep. He suggests that they make it appear that Shiori and himself died so that they will be 'free'. Mei tells Shinobu to take care of Shiori. They set fire on the place. They later learned from the grandfather that he knew all about it. Shinobu has asked the grandfather about it so he tricks everyone maybe except Rihito who has a hunch about it. Somewhere, Shinobu is pretending to be Rihito to make blind Shiori happy. She also has forgotten all about a butler called Shinobu. Then, grandfather asks Mei to choose among the brothers whom she wants to be her butler. She chooses both. =P While Kento is running outside, he meets his grandfather who told him that he still can't be Mei's butler so does he want to leave that place or..Kento smiles. Mei looks out the window and thinks that Kento is always doing his best and it will be interesting if they are together. She says that Kento is quite slow. Change scene, Mei is looking out the window but she now has longer hair. Rihito tells her that it is time to go to school, Mei stands up and says that she's ready. Four years later, the story still continues.. Whew, what a long background. And after that..]

Mei and others are now on the sixth level and that is equivalent to third year high school. Mei is still in umbra rank. I think because she doesn't want to leave Tami all alone. Well, Tami has become quite tall and well..boyish looking that Rihito can't help but stand in front so that Tami won't stand so close to Mei. =P [It is either that or he doesn't like Tami since Mei is stuck in umbra because of her. Or Tami is really a guy. ^^;] Izumi informs Mei that there will be foreign students who will be coming to their school. Fujiko asks Mei if Kento wrote her a letter. Kento has written that he is in England and he has no time to see her so he wishes her luck. I think he teases her by calling her ugly which made her angry. She thinks that he won't be coming this year, too. Then, grandfather is asking Rihito again if he has slept with Mei. Rihito tells him that he has already told him many times already that it is time for Mei to think of her future and as a butler, he isn't going to do anything that will deter Mei's growth. Grandfather suggests about doing something but Rihito threatens him not to even if he is a grandfather. Grandfather says that he is still scary and if he wants to play that game, it is okay with him but then, his patience is already at its limit. Rihito asks what he meant by that. Grandfather says if he is curious, he has a plan. Then, Rihito wonders what it is about when he snaps out of it, Mei tells him why is he always staring somewhere else. Rihito snaps out of it and he is going to trim Mei's hair. Mei thinks that she is embarrassed if Rihito stands too close to her. [The scan is blurred and I think Mei says that she believes that if her hair is long, things will be peaceful so she wants it long.] Rihito is about to say something when Mei turns around. She loses her balance so Rihito tries to catch her. He catches her then they become uneasy/embarrassed when Mei's chest is on his. Rihito accidentally snips her hair short. Rihito is aghast over what he has done. Tami enters and berates him for doing that for a girl's life is her hair. Rihito apologizes to Mei. Mei says that it is alright since it will grow again. Mei's hair become short just like before. Tami and Kanzaki says that it suits Mei more. Then, Mei's stomach growls. Mei then tells Rihito that she wants to eat that food that he hadn't cooked for a long time. Then, Mei's grandfather gives the headmaster a rare wine in return for a favor. Mei and the girls + butlers head to the airport to wait for the new foreign students. To their shock, they are all guys- 6 of them.

[Sorry, I'm lazy to find their names so I'm basing it on what they are/nationality. If you know, kindly tell me. ^^] There is this conceited Arabian rich guy who has two butlers/servants. He looks down on everyone that the butlers just smile and bear it while the ojou-samas are furious. Then, there is a Chinese guy with his butler. Then, a girl-looking prince from some small country + butler. Then, there is some sleepy guy with his butler. Miruku seems to like that guy. Then, there is an actor that no one has ever heard of + butler. And finally, some junior high kid. Izumi finds it weird because there is supposed to 7 of them. They say that the other one is a Count from England but he isn't there. Arabian guy is bored then spots Rika whom he asked to be part of his harem. The guy insulted her that she can also accompany his father since his father is a fan of her mother. She is to be number 8 of her harem. Rika slaps him but Aoyama is hit. Aoyama covered for her as the other girls try to calm Rika down. Aoyama was the one who apologized to the Arabian guy. The Arabian guy even made Aoyama prostrate down to apologize. The Arabian guy then says that it difficult to watch so he'll go back to his country. He then asks if there is a Mei Hongo in their school. Mei gives him an uppercut and sends him flying. Nezu asks Rihito why didn't he stop Mei. Mei shouts to the Arabian guy that is a lesson to him for insulting her friend. She even calls him trash, a garbage prince. Everyone then surprised as they learn that she is Mei Hongo. Her friends start talking about what they will do for damage control. Arabian guy's servants are shock to see that Rihito is a S-rank butler. Arabian guy tells his servant to get back and asks if she is Mei Hongo. Mei says that she is. Mei looks serious as she doesn't want to lose to him. To her and Rihito's surprise, the Arabian guy exclaims that she will be his first princess/queen. Everyone else sweatdrops. It turns out that all of those guys are all candidates to be Mei's husband for her happiness. It is set up by the grandfather. The grandfather wonders what Rihito will do now and he wants Mei to find her happiness soon since he doesn't have much time left.

Back to Mei, it seems that for the Arabian prince a girl hitting a guy is a way of showing one's love. This shocks Mei that she didn't know about that. He carries her and tells his servants to inform this to his father. Before he can leave, all the other suitors –Chinese, girly prince, sleepy guy- point their weapons at Arabian prince and tell him that all of them are Mei's future fiancé. Everyone is shock by this. The other two suitors don't seem to know about this. Rihito then gets Mei back from the Arabian prince who learns who Rihito is. Mei sticks out her tongue at him and this made the prince fall for her. ^^; Izumi tells the others that they should go to their rooms first. Mei exclaims for them to wait for she wants to know about that fiancé stuff. Girly prince gives her a rose and woos her before leaving. She becomes embarrassed since everyone are looking at her since she is still being carried by Rihito. Mei apologizes and goes down. Rika berates her for doing a 'arranged marriage interview' outside since it is quite troublesome. Mei sadly says that she is still not thinking of marriage. Rika asks her up to when does she plan on playing that love butler game. She says that it is good to re-analyze one's life for they will soon be adults. Mei thinks that she isn't playing that love game for she really wants Rihito to notice her so she came there. Looking at them from afar, Tami asks if Mei will marry one of those guys. Kanzaki asks if Tami is mindful of it. Tami says yes. Girly prince asks Izumi if there are guys in that school. Izumi says it is a princess within. [This made me think that Tami is a guy. They always emphasize the 'princess' ^^;] Through a video link, Mei angrily complains about this to her grandfather. Her grandfather says he has something important to say and that is some tips on courting. He tells her that these are the ones he has chosen all throughout the world and if there is someone else better, it is okay. He tells her to analyze her feelings. He hangs up and Mei thinks that he is quite cruel for she is just 17 years old so how can she think of marriage. To her surprise, Rihito agrees with her grandfather. To her shock, Rihito doesn't mind if she goes steady with any one of them. Mei goes to her room and jumps into bed, thinking that Rihito is an idiot.

Then, Tami as ninja with Kanzaki plans to spy on the suitors. There is a party, Rihito hopes Mei will do well. Mei complains about wanting her back to be more exposed and her make-up more seductive. To her shock, Rihito says that is already the limit. Mei thinks that Rihito is quite cold and if it was before, he would hug her and not let her be with some other guy. Rihito tells her to hurry since it will be rude to keep others waiting. Rihito opens the door then a lot of roses/flowers falls on Mei, 'drowning' her. At Arabian prince's place, he is happy that Mei will like the gift and the person whom he is more worried about is Rihito. They hear a noise and the servants throw knives in that direction. A straw 'voodoo' doll falls. Kanzaki grabs Tami as they go to the next target. Chinese guy's butler seems to have put some smoke to deter spies that it even made the Chinese guy feel sick. This forces Tami and Kanzaki to go to the next suitor. Girly prince seems to want to marry Mei because of her money in order to save his country and he wants his butler to also help. This is all because of a promise with someone to protect the country. Then, there is a ball to probably welcome the new 'students'. Rika didn't go because she is still angry that she's 8th while Mei is 1st in the harem. The new guys are 'wow-ing' the girls. Arabian prince sees Mei angrily rushing to her that he asks if she likes the gift. Mei sends him flying and shouts if he plans to kill her. She belatedly remembers that hitting means love so Mei tries to shoo him away as Arabian prince clings on her. She is saved by girly prince who challenges Arabian prince. Mei shouts for them not to fight so girly prince tells her to choose between them whom she will be with for the night. She picks girly prince.

At the balcony, Mei asks what he meant about partner for the night and to her relief, girly prince only meant as a dance partner. He praises her for her dancing. The other butlers are wondering who is feeling 'dark' – Rihito is in a dark mood than Arabian prince. =P The Arabian prince wants to kill girly prince but his servants say that he only has a sister and only guys can inherit the kingdom. Arabian prince lost his desire to kill because he has 36 siblings. He looks at Rihito and says that even if he is quite calm, he is quite angry. Rihito just pretends not to know. Mei drinks from the wine that girly prince has offered. Mei irritatedly looks at Rihito. Girly prince gives Mei another drink. While drinking, Mei spits out when girly prince tells her that they should get married. He holds her hand and asks if she doesn't want to. Mei cries and exclaims that she already likes someone else. He asks who. Mei says that it is her butler, Rihito. Girly prince laughs at this for he is just a butler and someone like her is not the same as a servant so they can't marry. Mei seriously says that she doesn't mind about background and status. This made girly prince shout at her that even if one likes, one can't selfishly love and those kinds of things exist only in books. Mei is surprise by his outburst. Girly prince then apologizes and claims that it is because Mei likes someone else that is why he is jealous. He says that he understands her feelings and he hopes she understands his feelings, too. He hugs her then Mei falls asleep – drunk. Mei is too heavy for girly prince [GP] that he has to call her butler for help. Rihito tells GP's butler to greet that girl-like beautiful prince for him. Girly prince asks his butler what did Rihito say. GP's butler says that he'll leave the important ojou-sama to him. Girly prince says that he'll take good care of Mei. GP's butler wonders if Rihito knows the truth. They put sleeping Mei on the bed. Girly prince tells his butler to sleep with Mei but he doesn't want to. Girly prince leaves and says that he will stay at his [butler] room. GP's butler exclaims if he knows what he is doing. Girly prince says that is an order and it is the best method in saving their country.

Girly prince lies down on her butler's bed and smells his scent. He imagines the butler having sex with Mei. He quickly sits up – tries to eavesdrop, look at them from the balcony then he wonders what he is doing. He blushes and decides to take a bath. GP's butler just sits on the sofa and thinks that he can't just do that even if the prince said so. He wonders why things turn out that way and the prince isn't like that. He hopes for God or someone to help because he doesn't want this kind of life. He is shock when Mei suddenly stands up. Mei asks if he called her. GP's butler is freaking out as he says that he didn't. Mei feels like she wants to vomit so the bulter tries to get something which she can puke on. Mei wants to go home that when the butler returned, she is no longer there. Mei is walking around calling out to Rihito when she sees a lighted room. She wants to take a shower so she strips and head into the bathroom. She is shock to see girly prince's huge breasts. Yup, he is a 'she'. GP's butler goes in and exclaims that Mei is gone. He is shock to see the two naked ladies. Girly prince already has a towel to cover herself. Rihito jumps down on the butler and he got there thanks to Tami and Kanzaki. Rihito puts a coat on Mei as Mei exclaims the prince's breasts are larger than hers. With a knife, Girly prince tells Rihito not to say anything. Her butler tells him to let it be for Rihito already knows about it. Rihito apologizes for realizing it at once that 'he' is really a princess. Rihito says that their kingdom has twins – a prince and a princess but ten years ago, because of a boating accident, the princess died but in reality, it is the prince who has died – this is a secret. GP's butler explained that they are doing this because only guys can ascend the throne and if they have no heir, their country will be given to the other country. Mei exclaims that their country is strange for making the princess pretend to be a boy just because of that. The butler says that the royal couple is also against it. Girly prince tells her that this is her decision that she will become the prince. Mei asks why. Girly prince says that she has to protect the kingdom since that is her fate being born in the royalty unlike some rich girl who leisurely do things. GP's butler apologizes for that remark and if Mei wants to retaliate, she can do it to him. Girly prince blushes and tells the butler to step aside. Mei realizes that girly prince likes the butler that is why she mentioned before about not loving selfishly. The butler's phone rings and he tells the princess that the other country has realized that the prince is a girl. There is a flashback of the princess asking the prince that they go boating. The boat sunk and the prince died. Their parents decide that it's fate so they let the other country get their country but the princess wanted to pretend to be the prince since she has promised her twin that they will make the country happy. GP's butler also supported the idea. End flashback. GP's butler tell her not to be depressed. That night, they prepare to leave and head to their country. Mei offers to get them there with her cessuna [it's like a fighter jet] which is faster. Girly prince doesn't want to accept her help at first because she thinks she is doing that on a whim like most ojou-sama. Mei says that ojou-sama's exist because of this kind of times for if they don't use that power, when will they use it. Girly prince finally accepts. GP's butler comments to Rihito that his ojou-sama is interesting. Rihito remembers Mei asking him that they help out girly prince. Rihito says that her kindness is the world's number one. With space helmets on everyone, the cessuna blasts off. The Arabian prince sees this and decides to follow.

Everyone arrives at the prince's kingdom. Girly prince and butler are dizzy because of the trip. Mei asks a farmer couple as to where the palace is. The couple offered them a ride. To Mei's shock, the couple are actually girly prince's parents = they are the royal couple. They pass by the farmers who happily greet the royal family. Rihito comments that their countrymen are at ease even if the country is in danger. Girly prince says that it is because they hid the situation from them. They learn that there are many posters spreading around that the prince is actually a girl. They think that it is her uncle who is doing it since he knows the truth. While they went in, Mei asks Rihito if there is any way to help them. Rihito says that there is nothing she can do for 'good intention' things can easily become 'too meddling'. He says that the girly prince is quite strong and she might step on her pride. Mei insists that she doesn't care about that nor if they are meddling with internal affairs, she wishes for girly prince's happiness. Rihito says that they will arrange something. Girly prince tells them that the other country is attacking them with tanks so Mei and Rihito just quickly leave for safety in another country. Girly prince isn't going to leave the country. To her shock, her parents plan to leave the country. They think that no one will be happy if they kept on lying about the truth. Her father thanks her for doing her best. Girly prince blames herself for all this mess because she invited her brother to ride a boat. Her mother shouts that is an accident and it is nobody's fault. Even if she is the only one who lived, they are already very happy about it. Rihito tells Mei that it seems the other country plans to commercialize the place so they will destroy everything. This made girly prince rush off and ride on a horse. The royal couple ask why Rihito told that to her. Rihito just says that he can't lie. Girly prince wants to protect that place along with the prince who is inside her. Mei follows her on a horse. They talk as Mei says that the bread there is delicious and she should protect that place and live happily with each other. Girly prince is surprised because that is what her twin had said before. Girly prince climbs back up the horse and tells her that they talk about that later on.

As she rides away, she thinks that Mei is really strange for she didn't expect rich girls to be like that. Her butler manages to catch up to her and tells her that everyone is worried about her. Girly prince tells him that she is going to use herself as a shield to protect the country. She tells him that it is okay for him not to accompany her. He can just use his own method to protect the country. Her butler refuses and says that a knight's duty is to protect the princess. This made girly prince blush as she shouts that she is a prince. The butler laughs and just says yes, yes. She then faces of with his uncle who taunts her and even dares her to strip to prove that she is a prince. Her butler tells them not to do anything to the prince and he shouts for her to go back to the palace. The uncle shouts to the soldiers to go and strip the prince's clothes. They were interrupted when Rihito arrive with Mei on a horse. To everyone's shock, Mei tells everyone that she just bought that country. The uncle still refuses to give up that Mei orders Rihito to deal with him. Rihito finishes him with ease just using a twig. ^^; With the help of Miruku and actor guy, they seem to have planted viruses in the computer of the other country and cause a lot of chaos. They threaten even more damage if they don't pull out of the country so the other country's tanks and soldiers retreat. Girly prince is furious at his father for agreeing to sell the country for a mere 50,000 yen. The king tells her that when he was a prince, he met an older man who fainted on the road. He gave him his lunch. The man says that the bread is delicious and the place is nice so he should treasure it. “Once an important thing is lost, it cannot be brought back. Money can be earned anytime.” That guy was his [current king] father's fishing buddy. [Hm..he looks like Mei's grandfather.] End flashback. That is why he decided not to turn the fields into an industrial place when he became king. He thinks that if he sold the country to Mei, she together with her [princess] can make the countrymen happy. GP's butler ask about the rule that only guys can inherit the country. Mei darkly says that the country is hers so she can change the rules. Mei tells girly prince that she can keep on cosplaying as a prince.

Then, the countrymen come in to celebrate with everyone. Girly prince apologize to everyone that she is actually a girl. To her shock, everyone already knows about it. Girly prince wonder what kind of parents Mei has. Rihito tells them that Mei's parents had passed away so she is currently finding her own path. Girly prince and butler sweatdrop when Rihito starts narrating Mei's bad characteristics like stupid, etc. He asks girly prince to be Mei's friend. She blushes and says that she will help. Mei teases girly prince about cosplaying as a prince and if she is a relationship with her butler. Girly prince denies it as she exclaims that they are just childhood friends. She is blushing though. She then accuses her butler that he likes her twin more. The butler tries to explain that it is because the prince is sickly. Mei smiles over this – having childhood friends- then wonders about Kento. Rihito then asks if she is alright. Mei says that she is okay then she falls into the wall – destroying it. They then find some kind of drawing – last banquet painting. I think that can help them with the money or something so everyone is rejoicing. Arabian prince overhears the celebration and gatecrashes. Mei seems to be drunk as she asks why is he there. Arabian prince says that it is to save the country. Mei says that Rihito already finishes off the uncle. Girly prince asks why is he there. Arabian prince says that he learned that he is a girl so 'he' has to withdraw from being a fiancé. Arabian prince is shock to see how 'womanly' girly prince is because she is just wearing a blouse. Arabian prince shouts that she will be his 9th. GP's butler exclaims for him not to think of it. Mei tells girly prince that guy is rich. Girly prince is curious while her butler is furious. Soon, the country become popular with their golden fields and Mei buying the country has become a legend. It's night and Mei is sleeping. Rihito carries Mei to bed and touches her hair. Mei then says Kento's name in her sleep. This stuns and saddens Rihito. The Chinese guy and his butler seems to be plotting something. They find what happened interesting and it is the strength of Mei's butler and her friends. Looking up the sky, the butler says that they want to see it clearly if Mei's dream suits a true ojou-sama.

Then, Arabian Prince wants to date Mei since Rihito has no objections, his servants suggest that they go shopping in Shibuya. Everyone wants to go, too. Girly prince is also back with the group. Sleepy guy doesn't want to go. Chinese duo also declines to go. Mei finds the Chinese duo strange. Anyway, everyone wears casual clothes including the butlers as they head to Shibuya. Actor guy tries to hide himself but get teased at so he stupidly removes his disguise so fangirls 'attack' him that his butler and security has to bring him elsewhere. Arabian prince tells Mei that he'll buy anything she wants. Mei exclaims that she'll buy anything she wants with her own money. She then realizes that she is broke because she used her money to buy a country. Izumi says that window shopping is fun, too. Rika is going on a shopping spree. Arabian prince points to Mei about some cute outfits but it turns out to be mostly underwear. ^^; He then wants Mei to wear some cat-uniform outfit but Rihito decides to take Mei to safety away from that prince. Rihito suggests that they walk around in some quiet place. Tami sees this as Kanzaki tells Tami that Rihito is the strongest enemy. Mei and Rihito goes around some nice cute shops. She sees a pair of shoes that she likes but unfortunately, she doesn't have any money. Rihito offers to buy it for her as her advance birthday gift. Mei protests that it is expensive but Rihito tells her that he has a salary. After buying the shoes, Mei is so happy that she wants to carry the shopping bag herself. She almost trips so Rihito offers to carry it for her. Mei asks if she can hold his hands. Rihito agrees so they walk together holding hands. They shop and eat as everyone is looking at them because of the Rihito's 'gentlemen' ways or he is good looking. They rest at some playground. Rihito asks if she is tired because they walked a lot. While eating a crepe, Mei says that she isn't and she is really happy. Mei comments that it is the first time she saw him in casual clothes. Rihito says that it is rare for him to wear casual clothes. Mei thinks that she is a bit uneasy because seeing Rihito in casual clothes seems like he is a stranger. Rihito asks if there is something on his face since she is staring at him. Mei says it is nothing. Mei then says that she hopes all those possible fiancé just go home since she is just 17 and she never thought of marriage.. Rihito tells her that his mother married at 16. He tells her that it isn't surprising for him that she is being set up to marry in the age of 18 since he thinks that she is already an ojou-sama who can marry. This made Mei blush.

After a pause, she calls his name. She plans to give her hand in marriage to him. She is blushing as she closes her eyes. Rihito looks at her then stands up and tells her that they should leave else the plane departs. Rihito is surprised to see Mei crying. She exclaims that lately, Rihito didn't kiss her even once. Mei runs off that Rihito is surprised then calls her to wait. Mei wonders why when before he can even hug her. She then bumps into someone. Mei has dropped her crepe. She apologizes to the guy. The guy then tells her that he has been looking for her. He calls her ugly. Mei looks up and wonders who he is. Flashback: Four years ago that day, Kento's grandfather told him that he isn't suitable to be Mei's butler so he should leave there for the meantime or.. Kento asked or what. His grandfather said, or go to England. Kento has decided not to give up even if Mei really likes Rihito. He planned to become the world's number 1 butler. Kento woke up when his grandfather said that they are already there. Kento saw that they are in a huge place that he wonders if it is a butler school. He thinks that it is like Lucia school. He is shock to learn that it is the place of some CountDuke Redford[? not sure; Edit: Correction, it's a duke ^^; They did mention when all the suitors have gathered that it's a Count so I don't know if it's a typo or they thought he's a Count and not a Duke]. With a twinkle in his eye, his grandfather told him that he will be studying there from then on and learn things that he can't learn from his current school. Kento wonders if he is going to be a servant there. He thought that in order for him to win against Rihito, he has to start as an amateur. He thought that the place is really huge because it is already 30 minutes and yet they aren't there yet. He became a bit nervous because it is a Count in England. They arrive at a huge mansion. His grandfather told him that he'll leave him there and tell him to take care. Kento told him to take care, too. Kento thought to himself that he will do his best. A butler from behind then welcomes him. Kento is amazed because he didn't sense the butler's presence. Kento bowed and said that he will be under his care. The butler told him that there is no need for that. Kento freaked out because his Japanese origin is exposed. He enters the mansion to find servants all lined up and said, “Welcome, young master Kento.” Kento is in a daze. The butler called him Kento-sama, the master is waiting for you there. Kento said that he wants to go home. Two guys grab him but Kento managed to get away. Unfortunately for him, the first butler caught him and carried him ala princess style. Kento can't get away as he is freaking out what is happening and why is he called young master. “Did they get the wrong person? I came here to become a butler.” In a room with paintings, he saw a man who looked like his mother. The man embraced him and exclaims that he wanted to see him. It turns out that the duke is his uncle and is a twin of his mother. His uncle explained that his father used to work for the Redford family as second butler. I think his father has fallen for the only daughter there but he is forced to leave. Soon after they were born, the only heiress has passed away and since they have no heir, they adopted one of the twin. Since the count has passed away, the uncle is now the duke. Kento just said is that so. His uncle commented that no wonder he is his twin's son for he easily accepted this story. Kento told them not to call him 'master' because he is there to study to become a butler. The uncle said that he won't because from then on, he will be his son, Kento Redford. Kento is in a shock.

Kento called up his mother as to what is happening. His mother said that she sent him there to become his uncle's adopted son. Kento angrily ask why she secretly did this. His mother said that there is no other choice because his brother is gay. This freaked Kento out. It seems that the uncle blackmailed the mother about it that she can't refuse. Kento angrily shouted why him. His mother told him not to worry for even if his name changed, he is still their son. Kento angrily shouted not to use such nice words to trick him. His mother said that she is busy so she hanged up on him. Kento is totally depressed as his uncle commented that his twin is quite cold-hearted. Kento shouted to his uncle that if he wants to adopt someone why not Rihito since he is good looking and everything. The uncle said that Rihito is scary whereas Kento is cute. He starts touching Kento's face that made Kento shout for him not to get near him. Since everything is decided, the butler took him to his room against his will. From the first day, it was a nightmare for Kento for no matter how hard he tried to escape he is always caught by that butler. Kento wondered why since his level is already high. The uncle told him to give up but Kento won't because he promised to become the world's number 1 butler. The uncle knew that he is doing it for someone so he suggested that learn from his butler who is S level. Kento saw his pin and it is true. So, Kento decided to become the butler's apprentice. The butler agreed to teach him at night after the day's lessons. So, Kento started his days with ordinary lessons in the morning, he learns about the status, nobility, etc stuff from his uncle, and participating in parties, etc., the rest of the day. Kento dreamily look at the butlers to become like them while the girls are all looking at him. At night, he stalks the butler to teach him.

Soon, the butler tells the uncle who is cuddling a sheep that Kento's training and studies has progressed well and he attributes it to their Shibata blood. The uncle informs the butler about Hongo's head invitation to an interesting activity. In spring, Kento is now grown up and is already 17 years old. His uncle asked if he plans to marry. He showed him the picture. Kento planned to refuse until he saw that it is Mei. His uncle told him that the meeting place is at Lucia Academy. Kento exclaimed that he wanted to go. His uncle made him finish a lot of homework first before he can go. Kento has become a bit pervert that he imagines Mei in maid uniform and he is overly thrilled over the possibility of getting married to her. He also imagines Mei being his wife and doing this and that stuff. Seeing Kento enthusiastically doing the homeworks, Uncle told the butler to add more homework. The butler sweatdrops. Then, finally he can go to Japan to see Mei. He can't keep himself calm since he wasn't able to see her for four years. He arrived to learn that they went to Shibuya. The headmaster commented that Kento has grown up. He is shock when Nezu told him that Mei isn't there yet at the meeting place. Everyone is shock at how time flies when they learn he is Kento. Kento looked around the place and wondered what Mei will think upon seeing him. End flashback. Someone bumps into him. Mei apologizes. Kento exclaims, “I've been looking for you! Ugly..” He then sees her crying. He wonders who could have made her cry. “Could it be..” He then hears Rihito calling Mei. Kento angrily looks at Rihito and thinks, “..that guy!!” The brothers look at each other as Mei looks at Rihito.

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