June 13, 2011

Yoru Cafe - My Sweets Knights - [Chapter 9]

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Hina is on the phone with Sakura. Sakura apologizes that she can’t talk with her since she is busy with the end of the month accounting. “I have been working overtime everyday that I have to rush so that I can catch the last bus.” Hina says, “Is that so, it must be quite hectic?” Sakura apologizes again and promises to be in touch when it is all over. Hina hangs up and phone and lies on her bed. She remembers Nozomu asking her why she is so listless when they are preparing to open the café. “Ever since we came back from the onsen [hot springs], you had been quite listless. Are you concerned about Soushi’s hand?” Hina blushed and looked at Soushi who is sitting at the bar. His hand is bandaged. They looked at each other then Soushi quickly looks away. Nozomu assured Hina if that is so then don’t worry about it since the injury isn’t serious and most important of all, it is all Soushi’s fault for being careless. End flashback. While lying on bed, Hina has been thinking. “I don’t know how I should face Soushi. I can’t smile at him just like before. This is something that I can’t ask Yoshizumi and Nozomu. The things that I hide from them are increasing and at the same time, I have violated my promise to Kunikazu. Right now, what is there left of me?” In Tohdo Law office, Hisaki is reading a newspaper when his secretary comes in. She tells him that there is a Miss Takatoh looking for him but she doesn’t seem to have an appointment. “Do you know her..?” The secretary haven’t finished talking but Hisaki has already run out of the office and shouting, “Hina?!”

Hisaki, who is still breathing hard from running, asks Hina, “What is the matter? That you came here.” Hina apologizes for interrupting his work. She tells him that she is just passing by that place so. “You see, we haven’t been meeting each other in the streets coincidentally like before so I just want to see how you have been.” Hisaki remembers that night when Hina hugging him and calling him Kunikazu. Hisaki sheepishly says that it is true that they haven’t been seeing each other lately. Looking at the clock [325pm], Hisaki says that he can’t go out right now for tea because he has an appointment. Turning around, Hina says, “Oh, you’re busy. I’ll just come ba..” Blushing, Hisaki tells her to wait. “Evening! Until evening, I’m free then. Can you wait for me until then? You rarely come by so I can’t just let you go without even treating you out.” Hina smiles and agrees. She tells him that she will just pass time somewhere nearby. Hisaki sighs in relief. He waves goodbye to Hina and wonders if it’s alright just to leave the café. He then thinks, “Forget about it.” Hina smiles back and says, “See you later.” In the staff room of Queen’s Café, Yoshizumi enters the room and greets out only to find no one is there. Yoshizumi scratches his head and thinks that usually the boss is there around that time. He sees a note from Hina saying that she isn’t home and the cakes are in the refrigerator. Yoshizumi remembers Hina crying. He tells himself that he should have asked what happened then.

That night, Hisaki enters the bar. The waiter welcomes him and asks if he is alone. Hisaki says, “No, there is someone waiting for me inside.” Hisaki thinks, “I never thought she’ll wait for me in a bar. I have a bad premonition.” Hisaki calls out to Hina. While holding a glass of wine, Hina greets him back. Hisaki exclaims for Hina not to drink wine. Hina is about to explain that it is because Hisaki said he will be out by 5pm. Then, she realizes something. Looking at Hisaki, Hina asks if he also know about her going crazy when she drinks wine. Hisaki sheepishly admits that he does. Hina asks if it is during the group date. “What did I do?” Hisaki says, “Not much..You just mistook me as Kunikazu and hugged me.” Hina is shock. She apologizes that she does a lot of embarrassing things. Hisaki says, “No, to be mistaken for such a great man, I feel honored.” Hisaki then orders a Moscow Mule. Blushing, Hina says, “That won’t happen again because I have already identified my weakness.” Hisaki replies, “Weakness? I think you are very strong because until now, you have wholeheartedly thinking only of Kunikazu. To the extent..” Hina slams her glass on the table and shouts, “No! I’m not wholeheartedly thinking of him, if it is so, then this thing wouldn’t have happened! I had been trying my best into believing that and yet I didn’t realize what I really feel.” Hisaki notices Hina’s hands are shaking as she holds the glass of wine. Hisaki holds her hand and tells her to calm down else she breaks the glass. Hisaki says, “It seems you can show your temper like that. Something has happened that you can’t handle it by yourself. You want to calm down regarding that that thing so you deliberately came to this place which you normally wouldn’t go, right?”

Hina is about to say something when her mobile phone starts ringing. It is Yoshizumi. It kept on ringing that Hisaki asks, “Are you going to answer that?” Hina says, “No, because I have no face to look at them. Even you would look down on me. Something happened between me and Soushi.” Hisaki is stunned. Hina continues, “As according to Kunikazu’s wish, I have inherited that store. They are definitely the family that Kunikazu want to give me. Later on, they came to accept me and I live together with them as a ‘comrade’. I thought with that I will be satisfied. I thought because of that, I won’t fall in love. Everything that Kunikazu has given me should have been sufficient. In the end, everything is just a lie. I have lost. I can’t control my desire for a man. So I don’t have the face to look at them. I didn’t get involve with them just to do this kind of thing.” Hisaki nervously asks if she likes Soushi. Hina replies, “I don’t know. I always idolize him and I feel that he is an important person to me but..but perhaps this is because of loneliness..perhaps at that time, it doesn’t matter who it is. Just to fill up my emptiness..anyone would do.” Hisaki looks sad then looks away as Hina is covering her face, feeling regretful.

At the Queen’s Café, Nozomu exclaims out loud that it is the first time that the boss didn’t answer Yoshizumi’s call and going out without even telling anyone about it. Soushi says that it’s true. Nozomu is puzzled by Soushi’s reaction that he asks him what is wrong since normally, he would be quite flustered and panicking, ‘Boss didn’t say anything as to where she has gone to?’ What is it? Did something happen between you and boss? ” Soushi just asks why he says so. Nozomu replies that it is because while they are at the onsen, they have been together in that place for quite a long time. Soushi says, “Nozomu, wherever the boss is and whatever she is doing, it is not something for us employees to worry about. Weren’t you the one who said that?” Nozomu is miffed that Soushi replied that way. Soushi remembers what happened that night after they did it. Flashback: Soushi asked why Hina didn’t protest. “Did you already have Kunikazu?” Soushi is surprised when Hina replied that it is because she is lonely. “It is because no matter how I wished, he won’t hug/take me like this. I always believed that if I just think of him, I can live on but I was mistaken. You know pretty much everything about me so you pity me.” Soushi looked away and said, “Perhaps so, but, I..” To Soushi’s surprise, Hina told him to pretend that it never happened. “It is because this is something that can’t be told to Yoshimizu and Nozomu. Like, for example, if there is something between me and Yoshimizu, we are hiding something, what would you think about it?” Soushi tried to answer but Hina said, “Sorry, that is bad example. Even if we had done this, it cannot be. I’m very selfish. I do not want to destroy your present relationship with the others. No matter what is said, I’m also the boss..so..” Soushi looked sad and said, “Everyone has some secrets. But if no matter what, this pains you. And, you cannot accept this..I will do as you wish and pretend that this has never happened if that is the way to make you at ease.” End Flashback. Soushi is interrupted from his thoughts when Yoshizumi shouts for him to quit being lazy just because he injured his hand.

In room 1103, Tohdo’s apartment, Hina is sleeping on the bed while Hisaki, wearing pajamas, is sitting on a sofa. He is covering his face and tells himself, “If I knew this would have happen, it would be better if I was the one who hug/take you. I’m afraid you’ll despise me.” He is interrupted in his thoughts by a phone ring. Hisaki takes out the mobile phone from Hina’s bag. After seeing that it is Soushi who is calling, Hisaki turns off the phone. Hina is groaning in her sleep. Hisaki goes to her and asks if she is okay. It seems that Hina is crying in her sleep. Hisaki wipes her tears and says, “How pitiful..Kunikazu holds/restrains her tightly like this. I will set her free.” Hisaki kisses the back of Hina’s neck. Meanwhile, the café is already closed. Soushi only gets a message that the call cannot be reached. Soushi wonders what is happening and if he should be worried or not. The next day, Hina wakes up. She is surprised and starts to freak out as to where she is and why is she sleeping there. She wonders if she did it again. She comes out of the room and finds Hisaki preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Hisaki greets her a good morning. Hina bows and apologizes that she doesn’t mean to give him any trouble. Hisaki says that there is no need to apologize. He then tells her where the washroom is. “I had left a towel and toothbrush inside for you to use. If you didn’t eat, you will feel uncomfortable.”

Hina blushes as her stomach groans. Hisaki tells her to eat because like him, she wasn’t able to each much last night. On the table, there is a pot of coffee, bread, salad, soup, etc. Hina sits down and says, “Itadakimasu’. Hina realizes that from the start, Hisaki knows how to cook so he was able to bake cakes. While eating, Hina mentions about what they talked about last night. Hisaki says that he has thought about it and there is only one way to resolve it. “That is for you to leave the café, no, you should leave the café. You know that yourself, right? You cannot have this kind of feelings and continue to act as a family member with them. In this apartment, I live alone and it’s too big for me. There is a spare room.” Hisaki smiles and continues, “If you want, you can live here with me until you find a place where you can stay. How is that?” Hina cries and says, “Yes, I’ll be in your care.” Hina narrates, “I honestly know about it but I’m just waiting for someone to think of the same and tell it to me. For me, those words are the same as saving me.”

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