June 13, 2011

Yoru Cafe - My Sweets Knights - [Chapter 8]

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Hina is surprised when the man rings his bell and tells her that she won a family trip to the onsen [hot springs]. She had just won the lottery. [The ones wherein you wind this gadget and a ball falls down. Colored balls have a corresponding prize while white balls’ reward is just tissue, I think.] Hina asks if it’s true. The man says yes, it is and it will be in Atami [famous place for hot springs]. He gives her an envelope for the onsen trip. Hina thinks it’s really great that she rushes over the café and shouts to the others that they are going on a vacation. The guys just look at her. Nozomu asks what is she talking about. Hina says that she just won the prize in the lottery and it is a free family trip to the onsen. Yoshizumi is stunned and says, free. To Soushi’s surprise, Yoshizumi hugs Hina and exclaims that she is really great. Onsen and it is free. Boss is a goddess. Yoshizumi then goes away happily singing/whistling and dancing. Hina says she didn’t know that Yoshizumi likes onsen that much. Nozomu says no, it is because it is free. Looking at the envelope, Soushi’s face soften and says, family, huh. Hina looks surprised then smiles at Soushi. This puzzled Soushi. Hina then says it’s time for them to work.

After a few days, they close the store to go to the onsen trip. They arrive at the inn as Yoshizumi is really happy since it’s free. They are welcomed by a lady as Hina says the place isn’t that bad. Nozomu notices that Hina is going to a different room. He asks aren’t they suppose to stay in one room. Hina explains that she paid for another room for herself. Hina says they’ll meet again when they are going to take a bath. Inside her room, Hina thinks that she cannot be in the same room as them. Even if we are closer now, but this thing [staying in one room] is not possible. Hina realizes that she will also be taking a bath on her own. She thinks that because she is a woman, so there is still a gap between her and the guys. Later on, Nozomu exclaims that the bath is really nice and the food is great. It is like they are in heaven. Soushi notices a table tennis/ping pong table in a room. He asks the others if they want to play. The three guys approach the table as Hina thinks that the three guys relationship is really good that it makes her happy. She wonders why these three guys are gathered together in that café. Hina notices Nozomu going to her direction so she asks if he’s not going to play. Nozomu says he just took a bath so he doesn’t want to be sweaty all over. Soushi teases him that Nozomu will definitely lose. Nozomu shouts, shut up, stupid jock. Hina suggests a special bonus at the end of the month to whoever wins. [I can almost see the glitter in Yoshizumi’s eye when he heard that] Nozomu asks if it is okay. Hina says it is.

Yoshizumi becomes serious in winning that he won 14-0 against Soushi. Soushi is frustrated and wonders why a genius like him can’t even score a point. Hina asks Nozomu if Yoshizu has played ping pong before. Nozomu says he is just an amateur. Soushi starts telling Yoshizumi to play properly in accordance to the rules of ping pong. Yoshizumi says anything is okay with him so let’s start already. Soushi asks him if he knows what is ping pong in English. Yoshizumi says it’s table tennis. Soushi proudly says that’s right and since there is a tennis word in there, he will surely be able to win this since it is his forte. Hina and Nozomu sweatdrop and wonders if Soushi is an idiot. Yoshizumi says isn’t tennis suppose to also use brains. Soushi asks what does he mean. Yoshizumi looks at the side and asks what is that. Soushi looks where Yoshizumi is looking. Yoshizumi quickly serves the ball. Soushi exclaims that is unfair. Yoshizumi tells him to quit talking and start the second round already. Soushi says okay, start and you better not cry at the end. Hina and Nozomu eagerly anticipate the next round but in the end, they were speechless. Yoshizumi wins again with 12-0. Hina asks Nozomu if Yoshizumi is an Olympic player. Nozomu says no, didn’t I say he is an amateur. Yoshizumi darkly smiles at frightened Soushi as Yoshizumi says now, he is going all out with his full strength. A scream is heard.

Later on, they are already walking to their room. Soushi says he finds it weird that the tears won’t stop falling. Yoshizumi is just whistling. Nozomu tells Hina that if money is involved, Yoshizumi isn’t the same as before. It’s boss’ fault. Hina points out to the window and tells Soushi to look up there. There are many stars and doesn’t that comfort him. It makes him think that even if he wins or loses, it doesn’t matter. Hina looks at him but Soushi didn’t react much and is still teary-eyed. Soushi just walks away as Nozomu tells Hina that it has an opposite effect on Soushi. Hina looks at Soushi and wonders if he is really serious about the game and he reminded her a bit when Soushi was still an athlete. It is already 9pm. They wonder what they should be doing next. Someone suggests that they play a card game in their room. Hina touches her neck then becomes nervous. They ask her what’s the matter. Hina says she has to do something so they should go ahead and play. They wonder why she left and maybe she wants a midnight snack since dinner isn’t enough. While playing cards, Nozomu says that boss is taking such a long time. Even if she is going to make something to eat, it takes such a long time. Nozomu is winning the card game while Soushi is losing. Soushi says he is worried so he is going to see where she is. He sweatdrops when Nozomu accuses him of trying to escape.

After walking around, Soushi wonders where Hina is and what is she doing. He then sees Hina’s half body out the window. Soushi quickly grabs her coat and asks her what she is doing, it’s dangerous. Hina is holding a broom. She shouts for him to let go since she almost reached it. Soushi shouts he is worried that she might fall. Hina shouts not to mind her and just let go. Before long, they lose balance and both fall down together. Hina is on top of Soushi. Soushi angrily shouts how many times did this happen already. Hina tells him didn’t she told him to let go. Hina then exclaims that her knee is on that place. Soushi becomes embarrassed. It is so narrow in that place that they can’t quite move. Soushi wonders out loud why is there a ditch there. Hina says maybe it used to be an outdoor hot spring. Hina hits something then exclaims out loud. Blushing, Soushi shouts for her not to make such weird noise. Hina is also blushing. She tells him not to blame her. Hina tries to reach up and says that she can’t reach it. She asks Soushi if he has a mobile phone. Soushi says he doesn’t have one. Does she have one. Hina says she doesn’t. Soushi then asks what is she doing there. Hina says she is trying to get that. She looks at the side where her necklace has fallen. She says it seems to have broken and she didn’t notice it. It is something that Kunikazu has given her. She shouldn’t be too happy that she brought it there.

Soushi tries to get the necklace but he quickly winces in pain. Hina asks what’s the matter. Soushi says it seems that his arm is sprained. Hina exclaims what. Soushi says it’s no big deal, it is just a small injury. Hina is in tears and says but his arm. Soushi smiles and says, I can’t play anymore? This surprised Hina. Soushi says ever since before, he wanted to ask a question to her. Hina asks what is it. Soushi asks why is she a fan of his. Hina exclaims that it will be quite embarrassing to tell the person himself. She tells him anyway. It was when she is in junior high, there is a period of time when she is a delinquent because of her different environment/circumstances. Soushi is shock that he says he never thought that she was a delinquent. Hina says she is in a rebellious stage. At that time, she passes by a television store and sees Soushi playing. She thought that this person is two years older than her yet he is already competing against world players. The eyes are quite charismatic like a wild animal, attacking with overwhelming power. It made her feel quite energetic. At that moment, I thought to myself that I should start to decide what I want out of my life. That is how it is. That isn’t to say that the current Soushi doesn’t have any charisma. She looks at Soushi who is quite embarrassed. Hina continues saying that when she arrived at the café, the Soushi she knew there is also quite charismatic. I actually thought that you are quite violent. I’m happy looking at you and the others as if the three of you are brothers. The most important of all is making me do things that I never thought of doing. This kind of Soushi, I also li-- [she is about to say like] Hina catches herself then looks at Soushi who looks at her in surprise.

Hina wonders what was she saying. Hina blushes and says this isn’t the time to be talking about this, they must think of a way [to get out of there] and I gave Soushi a lot of trouble. Hina is shock when Soushi says that is true, a lot of trouble. When I first met you, I encountered a lot of bad things. The bento is eaten. I got ‘surprise attack’ twice. Everyday, I have to see women’s underwear out the window. The same with what happened now. Because of you, I have injured my arm. Soushi looks at Hina and says, but.. I can’t just leave you alone..why? Hina is surprised as Soushi bends and kisses her. She hugs him and kisses him back. Meanwhile, Nozomu and Yoshizumi are looking for the two. Nozomu shouts as to why Soushi is also missing. Yoshizumi says it is quite troublesome since the two didn’t bring their mobile phones. Nozomu begins to wonder if they got into some accident. Should they call the police. Yoshizumi says that they should search again. Nozomu complains as to why this thing happen when they went there at the onsen. Back to the two, they are busy having sex. Hina thinks, ‘why’, ‘no’ and many other words are coming out of my mind yet my body won’t stop. Hina looks at Soushi and sees him with that ‘wild eyes’ that she saw before when he is still an athlete. Hina thinks, now, I finally understood. I’m really unsatisfied. Before, I don’t want to recognize it that deep inside my heart is emptiness.

Nozomu and Yoshizumi find a slipper near the window. Yoshizumi looks out and calls for the two if they are there. Hina shouts that she is and she is with Soushi. Yoshizumi tells Nozomu to call the staff for help. Nozomu quickly leaves. Yoshizumi asks why have they fallen there. Holding her necklace tightly, Hina says her necklace has fallen off the window. I tried to get it and things happen as to what it is now. Soushi looks surprised at how Hina is holding the necklace. Yoshizumi says so that’s how it is, are you hurt. Hina says she just have some scratches but Soushi is injured. Yoshizumi says okay, someone will quickly rescue them. Hina apologizes for making them worried. Still looking out the window, Yoshizumi says it’s okay since nothing bad has happened. He then looks surprised to see Hina crying as she keeps on apologizing. Hina thinks, the thing that I wanted to hold tightly in my hand. I thought that I will be fully satisfied with that. I have destroyed everything. Because I’m a woman. Soushi just closes his eyes and bows his head.

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