June 13, 2011

Yoru Cafe - My Sweets Knights - [Chapter 10]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on August 18, 2008

Yoshizumi is waked by the door bell. He complains what is that about since he is still sleeping. He shouts that he is coming as he opens the door. The man at the door introduces himself as a staff from Blue Bear moving company. “I have heard that this is the room of the administrator of the apartment.” Yoshizumi says that he is right and asks what the matter is. To his shock, the man tells him that room 203’s Miss Takatoh is moving out and he was told to give him a key and a letter from her. At a street across the café, Hina watches over the man who is putting her stuff in a van. Hisaki is sitting in the car. [He must have accompanied her.] He asks if it is okay for her not to talk to the others. Hina says, “That’s right. I know this is very cowardly but I cannot tell them the reason why I’m leaving and I’m not quite confident that I can lie about it to them.” Hisaki says, “They could hate you for it especially Soushi whom you gave a part of yourself to.” Hina says that it’s okay. She thinks that if it’s them, they should be able to go back to how things were before she came. At the staff room of the café, Nozomu exclaims, “Move?! Boss?!” He reads Hina’s letter which says that she is moving out and apologizes for it. [Sorry, the font is too small but I think Hina just mentioned that she has some reasons for doing so and she’ll explain it later] Nozomu asks out loud as to what is the meaning of that letter because it isn’t clear and the reason why she left isn’t mentioned. Yoshizumi says that he totally didn’t know and he can’t contact her on the phone. Nozomu crumples the letter and says, “What does this mean..did she made a fool out of us? It’s really strange. What did we do wrong?” Nozomu notices Soushi walking out of the room that he calls out to Soushi. Soushi says, “I don’t know the reason but it has already happened. She has left. Even if we quarrel about it, nothing will change.”

This irks Nozomu that he shouts for Soushi to stop right there. Nozomu holds Soushi’s shoulder to stop him from going out and shouts, “I think that lately, you’ve been acting strange! When something is mentioned about boss, you used to be the first person to be very nervous and worried. Why are you so calm now? You know the reason why she left, right?! Why did the boss move away?!” Soushi denies that he knows something. He takes Nozomu’s hand off his shoulder and just says that Nozomu is mistaken. Nozomu tries to stop him again but Soushi says, “Keep on clinging on to someone can be quite annoying.” This shocks Nozomu then he looks as if he is on the verge of tears. Yoshizumi reprimands Soushi that he had said too much. Nozomu cries, “..Why..Why do we have to be in this situation? Being annoyed and arguing at each other! It’s all the fault of boss, right..!” Soushi remembers Hina telling him that she doesn’t want to destroy the three’s relationship and no matter what, she is still the boss. Nozomu shouts, “What’s the meaning of just leaving a heartless letter. What kind of joke is this..!” Soushi looks tense as he closes his eyes. Later, at the café, a couple of customers are disappointed that there is no cake that day. Yoshizumi apologizes and says that it is because the dessert chef is not feeling well. The two customers are sad about it since they are expecting it. They tell Yoshizumi to tell the chef to take care. Yoshizumi just nervously smiles and didn’t say anything. Nozomu coldly tells Soushi that there are two orders of royal milk tea. Soushi tries to apologize to Nozomu by saying that what he said earlier was too much. Nozomu looks away from him and just says, “If you want to apologize, just tell us what you know.” Soushi looks a bit sad about this.

In Hisaki’s apartment, Hina is busy cooking. She is shock that she unconsciously cooked for 6 people. She decided to just eat the leftovers. A note says that she has an appetite of 3 people. ^^; She looks behind her and remembers the time when she happily serves food for the three guys. Then, she is in the verge of tears as she remembers the guys happily working in the café and looking at her. “I knew I have lost it. I didn’t stay there [at the café] because I have no choice but rather, it is because I love that place.” Her thoughts are interrupted by Hisaki’s calling out to her. He looks flustered. Hina comments that he is home early. Hisaki says that he wants to help her unpack her luggage so what is the meaning of that [dinner]. Hina says that she has nothing to do so she prepared dinner. “Are you troubled by it?” Hisaki says that he isn’t but rather, since he came home early, it would seem that he wanted to eat the food she cooked. “I’m quite troubled because this wasn’t his original intention.” Hisaki is stunned when Hina tells him that she only took out the things she needed from her luggage because she planned on leaving that place as soon as she can. Hina smiles and tells him, “It’s quite an inconvenience for you to let me stay here for such a long time..I also want to go out and find work since I can’t just stay here all day long and not do anything.” Still flustered, Hisaki exclaims why she has to find work and why does she want to leave that place. “Ah..if that’s how it is, then, how about working at my office?” Hina looks surprised and asks, “Ah..but is there vacancy there..” Hisaki exclaims, “There is..there is! It’s fortunate that there is a person doing office work who just resigned.” Hina is happy about that and tells him that she’ll be then depending on him. Hisaki is thrilled as he thinks, “Fate is still in my favor! I even get to eat dinner with her.” Hisaki tells her to eat already before the food becomes cold. Hina agrees. Hisaki thinks that he has to think of a way for Hina not to move out of his house. [I think he is going to influence others not to recommend any other place for Hina to move to.]

After a few days, Hisaki introduces Hina to his long time secretary, Miss Ezaki whom Hina can ask if she has any problems. Ezaki stares at Hina as Hina says that she will be under her care. Ezaki thinks that Hina looks stupid. “Can she be of use? So this is the type of girl that he likes.” Hina is puzzled at Ezaki’s stare. While in the ‘making coffee/tea’ room, Ezaki is surprised that Hina is living with Hisaki. Hina says that is true and it is because of various complicated reasons. “But in order to avoid inconvenience, I will quickly move out.” Ezaki thinks that Hisaki doesn’t feel inconvenience by her. Hina says that she is ashamed to admit that she has not done any work outside before. “So, if you think that I’m inadequate in this work, please inform me.” Ezaki is surprised and says, “Miss Takatoh, you haven’t even notice the lawyer’s feelings for you?” [She calls Hisaki, lawyer] Hina didn’t hear it because someone has just rang the doorbell. Hina says that there is a visitor so they should quickly open the door. Hina greets the visitor and is surprised to see that it is Nozomu. Nozomu says, “Just as I thought.” Hina looks sad. Hisaki comes out and asks what the matter is when he sees Nozomu. Nozomu says, “How are you, sempai. For boss, doing disappearance act is quite magnificent [implying that Hina isn’t capable of doing it] so I thought that there is someone secretly behind all this.” Hisaki replies, “That’s quite unpleasant to hear.” Nozomu asks if he can talk with the boss. Hisaki says that it is fine but keep it short because it is office hours.

In a separate room, Nozomu is looking down. There is a cup of tea/coffee on the table. Hina looks downcast as she asks how everybody is. Nozomu angrily looks at her and says, “Do you think we’re fine? Leaving a strange letter then abandoning us, you even [have the guts to] ask how we are doing.” Hina exclaims, “I’m not abandoning you guys! I never planned it that way!” Nozomu replies, “Then, what did you plan? I thought that things will go back to as it was before boss came but the truth is it cannot be. Because there is no cakes, Yoshizumi has to apologize to the customers everyday that Yoshizumi is already quite tired of it. Soushi has started to act strangely... he never talked to me like that before..It is all because of you, we and the store aren’t the same anymore! Because you irresponsibly left, just like that!” Hina is surprise and sad upon learning this. She tries to explain but emotional Nozomu continues, “Are we nothing to you?! With just a piece of paper, you just discard us? If it is like that, then it would have been better if you didn’t come in the first place! Do not pretend to be a family member and just enter into our group..We have clearly said that we won’t abandon you! That night...!” Hina remembers that night they promised her when Soushi was sick and there was a blackout. Tears start to fall down on Hina’s face. Meanwhile, at the café, Yoshizumi looks out the window and notices that it is raining. He thinks that there will be few customers that day. Sitting in front of the table with a laptop, Yoshizumi sighs and thinks that after the boss left, the work has increased just like before. Yoshizumi then feels a sharp pain in his chest. “Could it be because of the table tennis game before? No, no, it has been a long time already. Maybe it is because of the hard work lately. I’ll just rest for a moment then it will be okay.” He lies down on the sofa and starts to breathe hard. “Damn..because lately, it haven’t been acting up that I neglected it too much.”

Back at the office, Nozomu has already calmed down. He admits that when Hina first came, he hated her a bit. “I also don’t have a family. I’m always alone. I met Yoshizumi and Soushi there then I thought that I finally have a family. But one day, a woman as a boss came and gradually entered our group. But, you are very open and hard working. Even if I made fun of you, you didn’t hate me even for one bit. Before I realize it, your existence has become a ‘must’. Ah, you said before that if you cannot ignore it if you know that you are needed. Now is that time because you have already integrated into our group. Come back. I don’t know the reason [why you left] but without you, we are lonely..” Hina starts crying and thinks that she didn’t know. “I’m not the only one who needs that place.” Hina says, “But..” Nozomu asks what it is. Hina says that she did something quite disappointing. “I..” Hisaki interrupts and says, “Sorry..I cannot let Miss Takatoh go back because we are getting married.” Nozomu is shock while Hina is surprised by what he said. Hisaki says, “In the final analysis, you guys are just pitiful knights that are bounded together by the king. But, I’m not the same. I can do things in accordance to my own determination. To whom do you think this mission is more suitable? After all, you guys can never be princes.” Hina is puzzled over what Hisaki is talking about. Nozomu is stunned. He looks downcast then quickly leaves as he says that he is leaving. Hina tries to call after Nozomu to wait but Hisaki stops her. Hina asks him what did he meant by what he said earlier. Hisaki just asks if she just said that she wants to go back. “If that is so, then the situation won’t change. Even if you go back, you will again be tormented by the same thing. I said that so that they won’t bother/contact you anymore.” Hina realizes the truth in his words so she didn’t chase after Nozomu.

Hina is surprised when Hisaki says that Nozomu wants her to come back is because of his own anguish. “Nozomu Nanjo. His father is originally a president of a company that is affiliated with Takatoh Group. But then, under his charge, it fell and became bankrupt. Because of that, Nozomu’s mother just left a letter and left them. Later on, his father committed suicide and only left a last will for Nozomu.” [How awful..] There is a scene of young Nozomu opening the door and saw his father hanged in the room. “Afterwards, Nozomu is passed on to relatives but he can’t get along with any of them. Takatoh-san cannot bear to see what is happening to outstanding [in studies?] Nozomu so he proposed to subsidize Nozomu’s tuition so that Nozomu can be independent. Your ‘letter’ pretty much revived that anguish in his heart. So, when he first came here, I can comprehend his feelings but-- you don’t have the strength to remove his anguish. Right now, it’s okay for you to just love and protect yourself.” Hina is surprised when she learns about Nozomu’s past and she knows Hisaki’s concern for her. “Ah, so he [Nozomu] is the same as me. More than me, he wishes for a ‘family’. More than me, he’s afraid of being abandoned without care. But..already..what am I doing..I originally did this for them, but...” Anguished Nozomu is walking in the rain and the rain probably covered his tears. Meanwhile, Soushi has arrived in the café. He complains about the rain but is surprised to see the café all dark and Yoshizumi is not there. Soushi wonders what happened since the café isn’t prepared yet. He goes into the staff room and says, “Hey, what are you doing, Yoshizumi..” He is shock to find Yoshizumi unconscious on the floor.

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