June 13, 2011

V. B. Rose [Chapter 70]

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On the day of the blind date, Ichihashi, Tsuyu’s aunt, exclaims how cute Tsuyu looks in her kimono. She tells Tsuyu that she is really surprised since Tsuyu really look beautiful. Ichihashi calls Kasumi, Tsuyu’s father, to quickly look at Tsuyu since she is all dressed up. Kasumi enters the room and tells his [older] sister not to shout so loud since he can hear her. Kasumi looks at Tsuyu in surprise then he smiles a bit saying that Tsuyu looks beautiful. Ichihashi then ‘knees’ [make Kasumi bend by hitting the back of his knees] Kasumi and exclaims what’s with that gloomy mood. It isn’t like Tsuyu is getting married. You should smile a bit. Kasumi asks if that means they can also reject the date. Ichihashi is already glittering and exclaims that Tsuyu will definitely like the other party. Tsuyu and Kasumi shiver as Ichihashi isn’t listening. [I think I know where Tsuyu got her traits especially being timid ^^; hehe from her father] Ichihashi tells Tsuyu that they are going. Kasumi tries to call out to his sister. Tsuyu remembers asking Mitsuya before [while in the train?] if she really doesn’t have to do anything. Waving his hand in a ‘no’ motion, Mitsuya says yes, there will be no problem. He then said, oh yes, there is something. Tsuyu quickly asked what is it. Touching her hand, Mitsuya said that she must be determined about wanting to be with him. They held hands as Mitsuya smiled at her. Back to present, Tsuyu puts her hands on her mouth and blushes. Kasumi notices this and calls out to her. He asks her if something is wrong. Tsuyu denies it by saying there is no problem.

At a old style Japanese restaurant, the hostess greets Ichihashi and tells them that the other party have already arrived. She leads them to a private room. Yukari is disguised as a waiter. He sees them and quickly informs Mitsuya about it. [They are communicating via headphones. Where did they get the gadgets? Well, in weddings here, coordinators use that so maybe they borrow from their connections. ^^] Yukari then remembers that he has go change. He is about to go when a customer calls out to him. Yukari put on his best smile and asks what does the customer wants. Mitsuya overhears this that he laughs that Yukari is really good at this. Yukari mentally calls Mitsuya stupid and notes to himself for Mitsuya to just wait. [Yukari plans to get back at him later on] Mitsuya cheers for Yukari to do his best and asks Yukari if he has seen Tsuyu’s father. He mentions to watch out for the other party based on the picture since the rest of the work is quite troublesome. Yukari mentally sweatdrops as if he is dreading something. He is taking the orders of ice cream from the customers. Just then, Ageha informs Mitsuya that Tsuyu and others have already entered the room. Mitsuya thinks that it is now going to start.

Inside the room, Tsuyu and Kasumi are sitting beside each other while the other party, a man and his mother is at the other side. The aunt is at the head of the table as mediator. The mother of the guy starts rambling about her son’s accomplishments. The guy asks her mother to give him an opportunity to talk. He is about to say something when his mother interrupts again and says that when her son saw Tsuyu’s picture, he has already anticipated on seeing her. Tsuyu and Kasumi think that the mother just can’t stop talking. The guy apologizes that his mother for keep on talking. Tsuyu can only say it’s okay. He tells Tsuyu that he really anticipated for this day and she is cute in actual person. It is the first time for him to have such a feeling in his heart. Tsuyu wonders if she should answer since it will be quite rude not to. To her surprise, the guy is still talking. He is apologizing that he is quite nervous so he doesn’t talk much. Tsuyu thinks but you already said a lot. Just then, a waitress asks if she can enter for she is going to give them their drinks. Tsuyu is glad over the intrusion since this will make the guy stop talking. To her shock, the guy is still talking. Tsuyu pauses and thinks that she knows that voice. She looks at the waitress and to her surprise, it is Ageha, wearing glasses and a kimono. Tsuyu is shock. Ageha brings in their drinks. The guy is still talking about Tsuyu living with him and he will be able to settle down. Ageha thinks how could Tsuyu let things progress that fast. She pulls out a small gadget from her sleeve and press the button. Mitsuya hears this and quickly stands up from some bushes.

Ichihashi tells the two isn’t marriage too fast. She thinks that Tsuyu haven’t said anything yet. The mother apologizes for being rude but her son has thought of this for a long time already. Kasumi worriedly looks at his daughter. Tsuyu is nervously gripping her hand. Ageha whispers to her that it will be alright. Ageha leaves as Tsuyu is now relaxed and blushes a bit. Kasumi notices this. He is about to say something when the guy’s mother is talking again about Kasumi planning to expand his clothing store and her son, Michihiko is interested in that so if he gives his daughter’s hand in marriage.. Just then, they hear a loud stomping sound. The door opens and Mitsuya shouts, wait a minute. Someone asks who he is. Tsuyu calls out Mitsuya’s name. Mitsuya shouts, Tsuyu, come here. Tsuyu is in tears as she remembers Mitsuya telling her just to be determined in wanting to be with him. She thinks, sorry, papa, I want to be with this person. She stands up and holds on to Mitsuya’s arm. They hold hands and leave. Michihiko exclaims Tsuyu’s name. Kasumi realizes that it was Mitsuya Kuromine. He just smiles. Michihiko’s mother shouts at Ichihashi as to what is the meaning of this. Ichihashi just looks away. The mother orders her son to chase after Tsuyu. Michihiko quickly goes out and he trips on the hallway because Ageha pulled a string to make him fall. [Oldest trick in the book =P]

She quickly apologizes and asks if he is hurt. Michihiko exclaims he isn’t and.. He stares at Ageha and says are you.. Ageha becomes nervous because she thinks the guy has discovered her relationship with Tsuyu. To her surprise, Michihiko says if she remove her glasses, she will definitely be prettier. Sweatdropping, Ageha reminds him that he is chasing after someone. Michihiko says oh yeah, that’s right. See you again. Ageha looks ill as she wonders if this is what you call stupid son. Holding a document envelope, Ageha remembers she still has to do something. She whistles as she goes to the private room. Michihiko then sees an obi [ribbon behind a kimono] at the corner of the hallway. Thinking it is Tsuyu, he goes to her and trips again. Michihiko wonders what’s up with today. He shouts why don’t you be careful.. Then, he is awestruck to see a beautiful long haired woman. It is Yukari! Michihiko holds ‘her’ hands and says, bishoujo [beautiful girl]..would you tell me your name. Yukari is saying something that Michihiko can’t hear. Yukari says I’m a guy, is that okay? Michihiko is shock that he turns into stone. Inside the car, Mitsuya informs Tsuyu that Michihiko becomes a pervert/playboy when he sees a girl he likes. He seems to be accused of sexual harassment [I think] by some girl and because of this, he can’t go back to Tokyo. Tsuyu begins to worry about her father and aunt since she just left them. Mitsuya hugs her head and says not to worry because he has prepared everything. In the room, the guy’s mother shouts at Ichihashi to explain what is that all about. Ichihashi just looks at Kasumi as the two are speechless. Just then, Ageha comes in and apologizes for interrupting them. She is holding the envelope.

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