June 13, 2011

Yoru Cafe - My Sweets Knights - [Chapter 7]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on April 20, 2008

It is snowing when Hina is walking in the streets holding two bags of stuff. Hina says it’s cold and today, it is a rare sight to have a heavy snowfall in Tokyo. She thinks she has bought a lot of things so she has to walk carefully. Soushi calls out to her from behind. Hina tells him that he is coming home quite early today compared before. Soushi says that’s right, it is because of the snow, there isn’t much work. He asks in this weather, why did you bought a lot of things? Hina says that it is because they are on sale and also, she eats a lot. Soushi offers to help her. When he reaches out his hand to get the bags, Hina suddenly remembers the night they were together. She blushes and quickly exclaims that he doesn’t have to. Since the ground is slippery, she slips backwards. Soushi manages to grab her hand while shouting that it is dangerous. Unfortunately, he also loses his footing and they both fell, sending the groceries flying. Hina covers her head so that they won’t hit her but one of the bags fells on Soushi’s head. Hina turns around and is shock to see that she is sitting on Soushi. Hina quickly apologizes. Soushi is angry as he shouts, why you, why didn’t you just give it to me! Then this wouldn’t have happened! Hina then holds up a bag and says, here, as you asked. Blushing a bit, Soushi says okay. While they were walking, Hina thinks from that day on, when I see Soushi, I will think of it..the night when I learned about doing that thing unknowingly to Soushi and also thinking of a different kind of life. Then, I have become unsure of myself. Hina remembers Yoshizumi telling her that it isn’t being frivolous but one’s true feelings coming out. Glancing at Soushi, she thinks that Soushi doesn’t seem to mind what had happened. She notices that Soushi’s face is quite reddish. Soushi notices that she is looking at him and asks if there is something on his face. Hina says it’s nothing. They walk in silence to the café.

They have arrived in the café as Nozomu greets them and how come Soushi is with her. Soushi says that they just met each other on the way. Hina thinks that she can’t tell him about being worried about that thing because I’m the boss here. I have come here in a night café, Queen Café, for half a year already. Kunizaku gave this store to me and this is my current goal in life so this isn’t the time to mind other things but there is something that bothers me.. The café has already opened. A couple of women greet Nozomu a happy valentines day and give him a two boxes of chocolate. Nozomu happily thanks them and accepts the chocolates. One of the women says that it is snowing so they hesitated to go there but because they want to give him-- Hina is staring at Nozomu as she wonders, do these three guys have girlfriends? But he [Nozomu] said not to pry on one’s private life. That’s right, this person is the first to decline [talking about it] and he even said it in such a serious manner. What that person said before has become reality. Nozomu notices her and asks her why is she staring at him. Nozomu whispers to her, don’t worry, next time, I will give all of this to you. Hina smiles and thanks him. Then, they hear a loud crashing sound. Soushi is kneeling on the floor. Nozomu approaches him and asks what is the matter. Looking sick, Soushi curses and says that he already drank medicine. Nozomu shouts that his fever is quite high. Hina realizes that is why Soushi’s face look reddish earlier.

Hina puts his arm on her shoulder as she helps him get back to his apartment room. Inside his room, Hina asks if he is okay. Soushi apologizes to her about [not being in the] store. Hina exclaims that it is okay since it is snowing, there isn’t much customers. Nozomu and Yoshizumi are doing their best so she can go with him there. She tells him not to work when he is feeling sick like that. Soushi says he is okay and he can walk by himself. Hina panics when Soushi is becoming tipsy and looks as if he is going to fall. Hina tells him not to force himself if he can’t do it. She freezes and blushes when Soushi removes his shirt. She quickly looks away and tells herself as to why she is embarrassed but this will make her remember what happened that night. Soushi is saying that he can’t find something. He calls out to Hina and apologizes as he asks her to get his pajamas in the bathroom. She goes into the bathroom to get them. She tells herself that this isn’t the time to be randomly thinking of such things. I am here to take care of him. I have to persevere. The only one whom Soushi can depend on now is me! Hina then finds the pajamas. Soushi gets startled when Hina shouts, persevere! Soushi is now on bed as Hina takes his temperature. It is 40.7C. Hina says it’s quite high. Why didn’t the medicine work? She tells him that it would be better for him to go the hospital but she had called a taxi. The person said that it is snowing hard and all of the cars are already out. Soushi says is that so, I’m okay, just go back to the store, I’ll just lie here. Even if you stay here, you can’t do anything. Hina protests that something might happen if she isn’t there. Soushi asks but, doesn’t she keep on thinking [uneasy about] what happened that night. Hina is surprised as her heart beat. Looking away, Soushi tells her not to worry too much about it, he isn’t a bit angry. If you plan to apologize, there is really no need to do that. Hina says it will be a lie if she says she doesn’t mind [about that night]. Even if there is no reason [to stay], I still cannot just leave and not care about Soushi. Because Soushi is my important.. Hina stops and thinks, important what? I’m not saying the same things. Hina stands up and says that she will make something warm for him. Do not look down on a fever, that person [Kunikazu] also had a high fever before the end [he died].

Suddenly, the lights went out. They were surprised that it is a brownout. In the café, Nozomu and Yoshizumi are trying to calm the customers. Hina thought, no electricity, could it be because of the snow?! No way, no electricity at this time. She asks Soushi as to where is the flashlight. Soushi tells her that it is in the kitchen on top of a rack. Hina goes and tries to find it. Soushi gets uneasy as Hina is breaking things while she is shouting okay..[crash]..something must have broken [crash] what is this, ah..[crash]. Soushi stands up from bed and thinks that Hina is going to break everything. While Hina is reaching for something, Soushi asks if she is okay. Hina blushes and thinks that he came. Don’t come when it’s so dark. Hina says she is okay so he doesn’t have to move because if he forces himself, his temperature might go up. Something crashes again. Soushi gloomily thinks who is the one causing his temperature to go higher. Hina exclaims could this be it. She explains the description but Soushi says it is for tea. Finally, Hina finds it. She quickly turns around and bumps into Soushi. The two falls down again. They shout at each other if they are okay. Soushi tells her to open the flashlight. When she opens it, she finds herself on Soushi and her skirt is lifted up. Hina gloomily thinks that Soushi has seen her underwear. Soushi blushes and just says it’s an accident, an accident. He holds the flashlight and goes back to bed. Hina notices that Soushi is laughing. Hina asks him not to laugh that way. Soushi apologizes and says that Kunikazu is quite a dignified person, how could he marry someone who like you who is quite careless. I’m always quite doubtful [about it]. But now, I know why. It’s because he can’t just leave you. That person is a capitalist yet he likes to look after people. Hina thinks, about that person, I should be able to talk about him to Soushi but why? Why don’t I want to talk about him [Kunikazu] with this person [Soushi]?

Hina starts to shiver and says that there is still no electricity. She wonders how is the store and if Yoshizumi and others are okay. She then realizes something and asks Soushi if there is anything there that can be used to warm them without using electricity. Soushi says that he doesn’t have any of that sort. Hina thinks that the situation is really bad. Hina rushes off and says that she will try to make him something warm. Hina panics since all of the cookware [stove, tea pot, etc] there has to use electricity for them to work. Hina ponders on what should she do. If this continue, Soushi will.. Hina looks at him as he is shivering and says it’s cold. Looking determined, Hina hugs him..or rather his head. ^^; This surprises Soushi as he blushes. He tries to protest but Hina hugs him tighter. Hina says this is urgent, if you don’t have any objections, just think of this as a gratitude for the ramen you made for me before. Soushi didn’t protest anymore. He closes his eyes and says sorry, I’m a bit.. Hina is surprised when Soushi loses consciousness. Hina calls his name. She remembers the time when the doctor told her that if the fever didn’t go down for 2-3 days, the body might not recover so please tell the family.. Hina is becoming uneasy as she calls Soushi’s name again. She again remembers when she is crying on top of Kunikazu who is in the hospital and shouting that it’s hot, why isn’t it working, isn’t the body still warm? Why! Then, Hina shouts, no..don’t die! Meanwhile, Yoshizumi and Nozomu are walking in the hallway. Nozomu is angrily complaining when the electricity will come back. Yoshizumi says that they should check on the boss and Soushi. They go in Soushi’s room and call out if the two are alright. The two were a bit uneasy when they see Hina hugging Soushi. Hina turns around to look at them. She is crying.

The two guys ask what is the matter and what happened. Hina exclaims that Soushi..Soushi will die..! Quick think of a way...should think of a way! Nozomu shouts he doesn’t understand what she is saying. Yoshizumi tells her to calm down and tell them what happened. Hina shouts he will die! If we didn’t think of a way, he will be like what happened at that time..will become like that person. Hina thinks, no, no, don’t happen again..! Soushi angrily says, hey, don’t treat me as dead. Hina and the two guys are surprised. Soushi says that I just loses consciousness for a moment, really, it’s just a little fever, how could I die of it? Yoshizumi asks if Soushi is okay. Soushi says yes, far from being dead. Nozomu starts to laugh and says, so that’s it. Boss, no matter what, that won’t happen. Soushi won’t die just because of this little thing. He used to be an athlete and he still have strength..strong/stubborn like a cockroach. Soushi gets a bit embarrassed and unhappy about that comment. Soushi says even if it isn’t like a cockroach, what Nozomu said is right, it is quite troublesome if you look down on me just because of a small cold. Nozomu smiles and says please don’t worry, boss, we are okay, we won’t abandon you. Hina looks at them and then closes her eyes as if she’s relieved. Just then, the lights come on. Yoshizumi[?] says it is the first time that he encounter such a long brownout and he hopes it won’t happen again. Nozomu looks stunned at the two. He asks, I’m thinking..who’s who hug the other first? Hina and Soushi look surprise then look at each other. Hina says Soushi said he is cold so. Soushi says boss said she’s cold, so he hugged her tighter. Nozomu tells them okay, okay. Yoshizumi seems thoughtful as he didn’t say anything. Hina asks what about the store. Yoshizumi says that the customers have all left.

Yoshizumi and Nozomu leave the room and walk in the hallway. Nozomu says that lately, it seems that something is up between Hina and Soushi. Yoshizumi didn’t seem to have heard it but Nozomu drops the subject. Yoshizumi asks what do you think is the reason why boss was entrusted to them by Kunikazu. Nozomu looks at him and says it’s for Queen-sama to choose a groom among them. Don’t know if she will accept them, but a total stranger is less ‘threatening/pressuring’. Kunikazu is really kind to us. Yoshizumi says that’s like your style. Nozomu says Soushi probably didn’t think of this. Inside the room, Hina has made something warm for Soushi to drink. Hina blushes and thinks that she just did another embarrassing thing. Soushi thanks her. This surprises Hina. Soushi smiles and tells her even if my mouth is quite stiff [not talkative or protesting earlier?], honestly, I feel that it would have been really bad if boss isn’t here. Hina blushes. She tells him that it’s very good that I was able to help. Tomorrow, you should definitely go to the hospital. Soushi says, yes. Hina narrates, Kunikazu, I really want to see you now and hope you’ll tell me that you believe in me. Because, I already can’t believe in myself. From that day on, it seems my heart is swallowed and vanished. Everyday, the time I spent thinking of you grows lesser and lesser. Later on, at the staff room, Nozomu is laughing that the medicine didn’t work because it is an epidemic cold [influenza] for that season. You need a special medicine for it to be cured. Yoshizumi sighs and says it is that guy’s fault, working at the service industry and yet, he didn’t get a vaccine. Hina is gloomy and speechless that he asks what is the matter. Hina says she didn’t get it either. The two guys are surprised and ask huh? Hina says I also didn’t get the vaccine..it’s not okay..right. The two guys were speechless as Hina becomes gloomy. A few days later, Hina is sick on bed. Hisaki rushes in with a bouquet of flowers. He shouts, Hina, I heard you were sick. Yoshizumi thinks, ah, the acting [temporary] cake chef is here. Lol

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