June 13, 2011

Yoru Cafe - My Sweet Knights - [Chapter 5-6]

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Chapter 5: A pretty looking young woman is holding a postcard. She calls out to Hina who is standing outside the café. She exclaims to be Hina that she has found the place and tells Hina that it’s her. Hina recognizes her. Hina introduces her friend to Yoshimi and Nozomu as ‘Zhijia Sakura’ [Sakura is the surname but I can’t find the name in romanji or rather it is translated as ‘Minoru Yoshimi’ so I’ll just use her surname in calling her.] who is her friend since high school. The two guys greet her. Nozomu thinks that Sakura is really different from Hina, is she an office worker. Yoshimi thinks the two women is such a strange pair. Sakura apologizes for just coming uninvited. She happily tells Hina that she got her New Year card and so she thought of coming to see her. But, it seems you’re doing well, that’s good, how are you, since then, have your feelings calmed down? Hina smiles and says it is, thanks. Looking around, Sakura says this place is nice and very quiet. Next time, I’ll come and eat here and.. She glances at Yoshizumi and Nozomu who notice her doing that. Sakura says being surrounded by these workers while drinking tea is really soothing to the eyes ♥ Not bad, Hina, how about giving me one --♥ Hina laughs and says what is she talking about. Looking at Hina, Sakura says Hina is being surrounded by that kind of surrounding, it seems it isn’t quite well-suited with the reason why I came here. Hina asks what is it. Sakura says it’s.. Then, Hina exclaims, group date?! Sakura says it will be on this Friday. It isn’t bad for most of the people joining would be from big corporations. The one who who plans to go won’t be able to come. So, I’m asking you to replace that person hence I’m asking this favor.

Hina is troubled by this as she exclaims that she can’t go to a group date and she doesn’t want to engage in that kind of activity. Also, her husband has just died so she can’t join. Sakura insists that it is just to make the group complete and it is okay even if she just sit there and have a chat with the others. Hina says that isn’t the problem. Sakura says the people she tried to get to come are either working or have a date on that day...she wasn’t able to find any other person so she is asking her..please. In the end, Hina relents and finally decides to go. Sakura is really happy that she thanks Hina and says that she is a big help. Hina says it is only because Sakura beg her that way so she is going but there is one important thing that she wants her to hear. I, have decided not to fall in love again. I have already decided to totally give everything to that person..give them to Kunikazu, so regarding this thing, I’m really perplexed. Sakura apologizes and says yes..is that so..I now know, next time, I won’t ask you again. Yoshizumi looks downcast here. Nozomu calls out to Hina that it is time to buy things else it will be late. Hina looks at the clock and it is already 4:05pm. She exclaims that she didn’t realize it is late already so she should go. She tells Sakura to wait for a moment since she will just go out. Hina asks Yoshizumi to keep Sakura accompany. Yoshizumi says he will.

Later on, while drinking tea, Sakura asks Yoshizumi if it is as Hina said. She is surrounded by good-looking guys like them yet she really doesn’t have any a single feeling [for them]? Yoshizumi says that’s right, not one bit of feeling for them. Sakura asks could it be you are not single. Yoshizumi says no, I don’t have a partner, for now. He asks her why she is quite passionate in getting Hina go to the group date. If they just lack one person, they can just find anyone to fill the group. Sakura nervously laughs and says so you’ve noticed. It is just my assumption. When I learned that her husband has passed away, I have this bad feeling. Do you know what she is like? Yoshizumi says he pretty much knows. Nozomu is listening in the conversation while cleaning a plate. Sakura continues that it is because of that, Hina will tend to cling too tightly on things that reminds her of her past happiness. When she was in the orphanage, she will keep on holding on to this stuffed toy that she will always carry it until high school even if the sewing on the toy always falls apart many times. It is only when she got married when she finally threw it away. So, when I saw the New Year card she sent me, I have felt that she will definitely defend/hold on to this café all her life. Yoshizumi says so that’s why you want her to join the group date. Sakura sighs and says she believes that one can’t give all one’s feelings to only one guy. How can I say this..I want to somehow give her an opportunity to look at the outside world. After all, she is already 23 years old. Even if it seems that I’m just being nosy but because Hina looks quite active/positive, but in reality, she is still very depressed/negative.

Yoshizumi says yes, I understand. Sakura looks at him in surprise as he says, they have the same point of view. I believe that one cannot be forever be bound to the past. Sakura is happy about this as she exclaims that they are similar. Yoshizumi just smiles and repeats what she said. Sakura says but, even if what Hina says those things, but no one really know what’s she is actually feeling inside. Nozomu is thinking, inside..ah, ah, that’s true. The door opens and Nozomu looks up. He greets a tired looking Soushi. Yoshizumi tells Soushi that he has been late lately. Soushi gloomily says because rejecting blind dates [arranged with intent to marry] are really troublesome. Sakura looks at Soushi and exclaims, you are Soushi Sawatari, right? Hina showed me a lot of your pictures before. Ah--! What is a former professional tennis player doing there?! Soushi asks Yoshizumi who she is. Yoshizumi replies it’s the boss’ friend, she asked boss to join a group date. Soushi looks surprised. Nozomu adds the boss agreed to go. This utterly shocks Soushi who quickly retreats to the staff room. Yoshizumi says in a flash, he hide inside the room. Nozomu says that is quite an extreme way of shocking him. Sakura is surprised by this and wonders if Soushi is actually interested in Hina. She asks Yoshizumi why is Soushi there. Yoshizumi just says that it is a long story. Just then, Hina arrives.

On Friday, Nozomu and Yoshizumi are busy preparing the café. Yoshizumi asks if the boss is leaving at 5pm. Nozomu says most probably so. He calls out to Soushi if he is free. The two guys just look at Soushi who is gloomily eating potato chips on the table. Yoshizumi says that it has been a few days already and Soushi haven’t recovered yet. Nozomu angrily says really, when they are obviously understaffed. Hina comes in and calls out to Yoshizumi about the cakes and the meal. The guys are surprised at how nice Hina looked. Hina tells Yoshizumi that the cakes are in the refrigerator while their food is still on the stove. After she tells them the rest of the instructions, she says she will leave everything to them. Yoshizumi waves goodbye and says leave it to me, be careful on your way. After she left, Nozomu says she just dress up, and she actually looks cute! She actually looks quite enthusiastic. Yoshizumi says even so, she herself doesn’t think so, but from her looks, she does seem quite appealing. Soushi is now gloomier than ever as he is slumping down on the table. Nozomu angrily shouts at him, ..what, fall apart again! You’re really such a nuisance! Really! Soushi curses himself for he really thought that Hina looks cute. The two guys look at him. Nozomu says let me say, Soushi, you are already pretty much at your limit. You have also decided not to fall in love again so I know you let yourself and Hina be compared together but you and the boss aren’t the same person. No one knows what the other person is thinking.

It’s 5:30pm and the three guys are eating their dinner in silence. Nozomu then says,..I have thought of it..people drink wine when they are in group dates, right? They murmur, definitely, there will be wine, of course, there is. Soushi angrily shouts at Nozomu why didn’t you realize it earlier, idiot! Are you really a college student?! I find that hard to believe! Nozomu angrily shouts back at him, are you blaming me? Are you blaming me about this?! I don’t want to be called an idiot by you, a simple-minded jock! [The actual term used is simple mind, developed limbs which means, one kept on moving/active in sports, that one wasn’t able to develop one’s brains.] Yoshizumi is holding the food and tells the two to stop quarrelling or they will spill the food. Soushi shouts back, nonsense! So, what now! What if boss get eaten whole by someone in the group date. Nozomu shouts, just as I said, are you saying it’s my fault! Yoshizumi says no, it will actually be quite interesting. Yoshizumi apologizes for it when Soushi is angrily staring at him. Youshizumi tells them that he actually asked where the group date is going to be held.

At the restaurant, the three guys actually go there to watch over Hina. [How sweet of them ^^] Nozomu asks what are they going to do if Hina really made a commotion. Someone says, then, we’ll just quickly rush to her. Won’t she realize that we didn’t open tonight. Let’s just pray that she won’t know. A scene of a couple of women disappointed that the café is closed. The three continue with their conversation: Is she still drinking wine? Still drinking, but in small amounts though she is definitely drinking. It seems her smile is quite hesitant. At Hina’s table, they ask her didn’t she ate too few? Hina just smile and didn’t say anything. They ask her what does she do during her free day. Hina replies that she reads books and just stay at home. The man laughs and says, how nice [like she’s such a good girl]. Hina looks uneasy and thinks, I really feel out of place here. Even if I’m about their age, but what they are talking about seems to be from a different world. Going to the office to work, hanging around different groups of people, and many ways of having fun..it is a world that I never experienced. But, that kind of world, if it is the past me, I probably can, perhaps even now.. Sakura then asks her why is she staring off, isn’t she feeling well. Sakura denies it. She then goes back to thinking. She reprimands herself for thinking that [joining the corporate world]. When right now, there is nothing to be unsatisfied about with my current life. Kunikazu giving that store to me who doesn’t have anything, I’m already quite satisfied. I have decided to take care of that store my whole life, so why am I thinking ‘perhaps’. I’m really disappointed with myself. Sakura is looking at Hina.

Just then, someone says, I’ve arrived late, I’m busy at work, sorry,..eh, huh? Hina looks at him in surprise for it is Hisaki. The guys are equally shock that Yoshizumi spilled the water on himself when he is going to drink. They sweatdrop and collectively wonder, lawyer, why are you here! Hina and Hisaki ask each other if they are indeed whom they thought they are. [Hehe, basically can’t believe that they are in a group date] A guy asks if they know each other. Hisaki says they occasionally meet each other. Someone says, no way, that’s hard to believe. Hisaki tells Hina that he never expect to see her there..what is it? Your face is so red, are you uncomfortable? Hina says maybe it is because it has been a long time since she drunk wine. Hisaki asks if she is drunk, that isn’t good. Back at the guys, Soushi says that they can’t hear what they are saying. Nozomu notes that they are now both standing. Soushi asks what, what are they doing? Hisaki tells the others that he is going to accompany Hina to the balcony for some air, they will be right back. A woman in the group date think are they already in good terms while another guy laments that he has been eyeing on Hina. Sakura just looks at them. Nozomu exclaims that they are going to the balcony, they won’t be able to watch over her now. Soushi angrily says, really that lawyer, he is really meddlesome. Yoshizumi says even so, they can’t do anything about it.

Out in the balcony, Hisaki asks why did Hina join the group date. Hina says that her friend asked her so earnestly and said that they need someone to complete the group. Hisaki says that’s the same for him, too, because of the relationship at work, it is hard to decline, it’s quite troublesome. Hina just smiles about it then she looks gloomy. She thinks, but I really shouldn’t be here. For just a moment, I had unexpectedly think of that. I really loath myself for thinking that way. [about leaving the café and doing something else] My head hurts..I want to quickly leave here and go back to the café. Hisaki tells her that he really doesn’t have any reason to go on a group date. Hina asks if he has a girlfriend. Hisaki is surprised and quickly says no, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. That isn’t what he meant. It’s because..I already have someone inside my heart whom I have decided on. Hina repeats, inside my heart..decided. She thinks that for her, it should be that person..that person alone. Hisaki holds her shoulders and says, Hina..I.. Then he looks surprised. [I really feel sorry for you, Hisaki.] At the restroom, Soushi is going in while thinking that Hisaki is like a stalker. Then, he overhears a couple of guys from the group date talking about Hina. A man exclaims, what, the Takatoh group..no way?! The other man says, I also thought she isn’t bad. She is said to be a salesclerk at a store and she was the wife of the deceased head [of Takatoh group]. They wonder out loud why would a recently widowed woman join a group date. The man says even so, she must have inherited a vast fortune. The other man says, that’s right, if one manages to get her, then one would become rich. The man laughs and says he is now more enthusiastic about this. The other man replies, also, she’s beautiful but she is already eaten by an uncle [old man].

Soushi angrily calls out to them and tells them not to talk such nonsense things to his relative. The man asks who he is, are you a older brother or a younger brother [of Hina]? Soushi gets embarrassed that he was thought to be a younger brother. He angrily says it isn’t like that, but..! Yoshizumi has just come in. He shouts at Soushi as to what is he doing. Yoshizumi nervously shakes pouting Soushi’s head and apologizes to the two guys. This guy has just drank too much, please forgive him. While they go out, Soushi is trying to tell Yoshizumi that those guys are saying those things about Hina. Yoshizumi tells him not to fuss about while inside the comfort room, are you a high schooler? But first, there is something that came up that is quite troublesome. The boss seems to have fainted and basically, it is because of drinking wine. They call out to Nozomu who looks at them, dejectedly. They ask what happened. Nozomu says that Hisaki is carrying unconscious Hina then tells something to people in the group date. Hisaki then takes the boss away. The two guys were surprised. Soushi exclaims, take away..take where? Nozomu says he doesn’t know because he wasn’t able to hear them clearly. Soushi shouts at Nozomu as to why didn’t he stop Hisaki. Nozomu looks surprised then gets angry. He asks, why would I stop him? If the boss create a commotion, I will definitely rush in but the situation isn’t like that. What are we to stop? Stop Hisaki who likes her. Her relationship with us is only as boss and workers, no more, no less. Soushi looks surprised as he wasn’t able to reply back for this is true. In the taxi, Hisaki tells the driver to drive to the café but then, changes it to some place else.

Hehe, when I first browsed this chapter, what caught my attention is the guys going there to watch over her. They really stand up true to their title ‘sweet knights’ ^_^ I think Kunikazu has really hand picked this guys to take care of his wife. I don’t think workers would just do that for their boss whom they just met. It seems that Hina is quite an introvert and tends to cling on the past or someone. She does want to go out and be independent but she feels that she is betraying Kunikazu memories if she does that. It has just been around 5 months since her husband died, assuming it is January, so it does seem to early for a group date. I guess Sakura wants to get Hina to go out already before she gets too attached to the café since Hina might not let it go when she wants to. And so, Sakura must be thinking that Hina still young and she can still start live all over again instead of being a widow for the rest of her life. It’s nice that Hina has a friend who cares for her. Ah, Hisaki, you’re second attempt in confessing to Hina has failed again. Lastly, Soushi seems to have some baggage, too. It turned out he also doesn’t want to fall in love again but obviously, he is falling really fast for Hina. Soushi is the type who can’t hide his feelings that he is really easy to read. Fortunately or not, Hina doesn’t realize it yet when the other guys already know. Hehe, it seems that he and Nozomu tend to quarrel and Yoshizumi acts like their older brother.. ^^

Chapter 6: Looking sad, Soushi repeats what Nozomu said that they only have a boss-worker relationship. Nozomu asks, is what I said, wrong? They were interrupted when Yoshizumi’s phone rings. It is Sakura who is making the phone call outside the balcony. Sakura apologizes for calling while they are working at the café but she wants to ask something about Hina. Yoshizumi thinks but we aren’t at the café. He replies that it’s okay so what is the matter. Sakura says it seems Hina has drunk too much wine and she coincidentally meets someone she knows in the group date who said that he is going to bring Hina home. So, I want you guys to see her when she gets there. Yoshizumi says, really, okay. Sakura says that person is a lawyer with the surname Toudou. Do you know him? Is he really Hina’s friend? Yoshizumi says yes, he is a friend and basically, he is Kunikazu’s adviser lawyer. Sakura says ah, is that it, then, I can believe him. Yoshizumi hangs up the phone as they ask him who it is. Yoshizumi says it is Sakura and she told him that Hisaki said he will bring Hina back to the café. The two guys look surprised. Yoshizumi tells them since that is how it is, we better go back there and wait, let’s go. In the taxi, Hisaki notices that Hina is awake. He asks if she still remembers that she fainted while in the group date. You don’t seem able to hold your alcohol. He is surprised and nervous when Hina suddenly hugs him and then, calls him Kunikazu.

While walking home, the guys try to think of an alibi as to why they didn’t open the café. Yoshizumi tells them to just say that he suddenly got sick. Nozomu then asks, ah, but will he [Hisaki] actually bring her home tonight? If he notices boss’ illness [of attacking a guy when she is drunk], one can’t say if that lawyer who also wants to do it might actually bring her to a hotel. Yoshizumi sighs and tells Nozomu to quit tormenting Soushi who is now looking gloomy. It will be troublesome later on. Nozomu sticks out his tongue and says ha, ha, sorry about that, I just can’t help it because it’s so much fun. But, I think, when she drinks and that illness appears, it is definitely, a manifestation of the boss’ loneliness. She would tend to particularly depend on someone. Want to hold tightly on that person. Because Kunikazu, the person whom she is depending on, has passed away... Yoshizumi says it will be quite troublesome if she doesn’t realize this herself. Nozomu says if Hisaki manages to make Hina realize this, then things will change. Yoshizumi exclaims, Nozomu! Nozomu!..Soushi will.. Nozomu looks at Soushi who has become gloomier. Soushi tells them it is okay, they are there to be ordered at will for boss. At the café, they are in their respective rooms. Yoshizumi seems to be computing something. Nozomu is typing something in his laptop computer, probably studying. Soushi plans to cook some instant ramen because he is hungry. Soushi then hears a loud banging sound. He looks out the door to see Hisaki and unconscious Hina on the floor. He asks what are they doing. Hisaki says he just wants to get the keys from her bag but.. Soushi offers to help him.

They put Hina on the bed. Soushi is hanging up Hina’s coat in the cabinet while Hisaki is stretching his aching arm which supported Hina. Hisaki tells Soushi that he met Hina in a group date and it seems that she is drunk that she doesn’t know what she is doing. Soushi says, ‘good work’ [thanks for you hard work] sorry about that, you have always been taking care of our boss that she always in debt to you. Hisaki realizes something as he thinks,..our? Soushi asks is it tiring? Hisaki asks if they already knew about it, that is why they won’t let her get near any wine at the Christmas party. Soushi admits they do. Hisaki says..honestly..tonight, I didn’t plan on bringing her back here. Soushi looks at him in surprise. Hisaki looks at him and says, because you are here. Soushi looks at him in surprise and thinks, me? Hisaki says I’m going home. I would have want to accompany her until morning but that way, it isn’t good. With a glint in his eye, Hisaki looks at Soushi and says but, I also doesn’t plan on leaving this to you. Could you please leave this room right away. Soushi just says, ah, ah in agreement. Hisaki says, goodbye and heads out, angrily stomping on his way out. Soushi feels sorry for Hisaki and wonders Hisaki has also experienced what happened to him. Soushi is about to cover Hina with a blanket when she grabs the corner of his shirt. Soushi thinks it is the same method as before. Hina wakes up and says, Kunikazu, don’t leave. Soushi tries to tell her that he isn’t Kunikazu but he doesn’t resist when Hina hugs him. Soushi thinks, I’m not Kunikazu. I’m not. But..

Hina pulls Soushi on bed and sits on top of him. She starts to lick his chin and bite his ear. Soushi let her do as she pleases. He remembers what Nozomu said that this is just a manifestation of Hina’s loneliness, she will tend to depend on one person and hold tightly on to that person. Hina has already unbuttoned Soushi’s shirt and starts to give him tongue service near his chest. Soushi wonders if this is mutual feelings or.. Then, he realizes that Hina is about to unbutton his pants. Soushi panics and quickly shouts for her to stop, she can’t. Soushi pushes her shoulder and says, continuing like this, you really can’t. Hina then looks at Soushi and asks,..eh..Sawatari-san? Why are you [here].. She looks down and sees Soushi shirtless, her outer coat almost falling down, exposing her bra and her hands on Soushi’s pants, about to unbutton it. She then screams out loud and apologizes. Sorry! Sorry! Ah..what am I doing! Soushi is surprised by this then even more surprised when Hina’s stomach starts to growl out loud. Hina covers her face as she is really red. She exclaims that I can’t stand it anymore..I can’t believe it..I’m really embarrassed to death. Soushi just looks up as he is slightly blushing. He stands up and wears his shirt back on. He goes out. Hina says he quietly went out..Soushi comes back with some bowls and a pot of ramen. He tells her that he has made some ramen. Since I’m also hungry, let’s eat together. Hina thanks him as she accepts a bowlful of ramen.

While they were eating, Hina says she remembers while at the group date, she met Hisaki then they chat a bit. After that, she no longer have any memories of what happened. What has happened with Hisaki.. It seems that I easily get drunk. About that..are..are you angry? Doing that to you. Soushi looks up and says, no, ah, maybe because it is the second time so it’s okay. Hina looks at him in surprise and says, it’s..the second..time..? While eating his ramen, Soushi notices that Hina has become quiet. He looks at her and almost chokes on his noodles since he is shock to see Hina crying. Hina tries to apologize to him and says she is disappointed with herself. She shouts I really don’t like myself anymore! Let this ramen kill me already! She tries to shove her face into the ramen pot that shocks Soushi so he quickly takes the pot away from her. Soushi shouts for her not to do that even if she is really angry at herself. Hina cries but! I’m the only one who is like that, I’m so laughable! I deeply believe that among the three of them, Sawatori-san is the only one who is the most honest with me! But doing that despicable thing to you which I don’t even know about! Soushi tells her that he doesn’t despise her. Hina says there is no need to explain, it is because she is the boss so he doesn’t have to force himself to say that.

Hina is still going to emote but that last comment made Soushi angry. He grabs her hand and shouts enough, listen to me! I know! You really can’t forget about Kunikazu! Even though you occasionally just put your feelings for your husband to someone else, it is forgiveable! He then says, now..please calm down and eat the ramen. He lets her hand go. Hina calmly asks if it is really just thinking that person as her husband, she just think Soushi was her husband. Soushi says that’s right, it is just a misplaced feeling and don’t easily talk about dying/death. Soushi blushes a bit and looks at Hina who is now smiling. She tells him that he is very interesting. Soushi thinks that Hina is ridiculing him. Hina says, but.. Looking at her, Soushi asks what is it? Hina says ..nothing, the ramen is really delicious. Soushi smiles at her and says, really, that’s good. Hina drinks the soup as she blushes and thinks, he smiled. After eating, Soushi is about to go back to his room. Hina tells Soushi not to tell what happened tonight to Yoshizumi and Nozomu. Soushi says he won’t. He greets her good night. Hina also greets him good night then closes the door. Her legs weaken as she falls down, sitting on the floor. She is blushing and her heart is beating loudly. She is shaking as she says, my heart is so beating fast as if it is going to jump out. Remembering Soushi’s smile, she covers her face and says, really! I actually did that to Sawatori-san.. In Soushi’s room, Soushi is standing behind the closed door. He is also blushing and says..why is it like this..what am I doing..

The next day, at the café, Yoshizumi offers some tea to Hina. He apologizes to her for closing the store without notice just because he has a fever. Hina asks if he is really okay, he can take the day off to rest today. Yoshizumi says he is totally fine now. He asks her about what happened at the group date, how was it? Hina laughs and says that was a bit.. She then remembers thinking if she can join the corporate world. She sadly tells Yoshizumi that a lot of things happened..that she is slightly friovolous. Yoshizumi looks at her in surprise and asks what happened. Hina says if she is like that, Kunikazu will be angry with her. Yoshizumi says no..that isn’t so. That isn’t called frivolous, that is called one’s true feelings being revealed. Boss’ life should depend on her own heart’s decisions. Hina asks herself it isn’t being frivolous but it is really my real feelings coming out? She remembers Soushi’s smile then she blushes. Just then, Nozomu comes in followed by Soushi. Nozomu says, I’m back-- we met on the way so we came here together. Hina turns to them and says, welcome ba-ck! Hina looks at Soushi then she blushes really red. Soushi blushes a bit and stammers as he says, ah..I..I’m back. Nozomu notices this and most probably Yoshizumi, too. Hina narrates, Kunikazu, I..really plan to keep this store my whole [life]..

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