June 13, 2011

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapter 12-13 + Side Story]

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Towako tries to free herself from monkey guy as she wonders what’s up with this guy. Kaoru/Monkey guy [I’ll be using his name which is revealed in chapter 13] notices the hickey on the back of her neck. He pulls her collar and says that they had been lovey-dovey. He bends down and kiss the hickey. Towako gets angry that she quickly elbows him so that he will release her. Holding his hands up, Kaoru says no wonder she is the ojou-sama of Gokurakuin family since she also learned self-defense. Holding the kiss mark, Towako exclaims if he knows about her ever since when they met in the Monkey Island and now here at school so did he deliberately try to get near them. Towako thinks it’s disgusting that he kissed her there when it is the place where Yuuga gave her a hickey. Towako angrily exclaims why did he come there. Kaoru slams the wall and leans toward her. He says, let me say this clearly, you will marry me. Towako looks at him in shock and shouts, marry?!! Kaoru laughs and says yup, break up with Yuuga and according the Japanese laws, a girl can remarry after six months from the day of divorce. Then, after she graduates, she can go stay at his house. Towako is shock over what he is saying about divorcing Yuuga and marrying him. Kaoru tells her if she doesn’t do as he says then it will cause problems for the people around her. She shouts for him to quit joking around. Why would she marry a sexual harasser of a teacher and how could she divorce Yuuga. Towako is taken aback when Kaoru says so for you, “Yuuga” is the most important for you, is it okay if something happens to him. “Renjou”, you should know that. [I’m sure I’m wrong with that surname. Anyway, the Ren is from lotus but it is also pronounced Hasu. Jou means strip. I only ended up in porn sites trying to look for the surname ^^;;] Yuuga and Setsuna are looking for Towako. They didn’t find her at the faculty room nor at the classroom. They also can’t contact her on her mobile phone. Yuuga wonders what is Towako doing when Setsuna sees her walking out to the hallway.

Towako calls out Yuuga’s name. The two boys were surprised when they see Kaoru with Towako. Kaoru pats her head and says he has brought her there so take care on her way home. Towako thanks him. Kaoru looks at the guys who are in front of Towako. He says, see you tomorrow, Towako. This made the two boys furious that they quickly go to Towako and bombard her with questions like what is she doing with that guy and she should be more careful. Towako tells them that she is just talking with him so there is nothing to worry about. She says that they should go home. The two boys aren’t quite convinced. She tells them that Kaoru won’t tell the others of their relationship. Yuuga is looking a bit worried. They didn’t notice Towako’s worried expression as she thinks that it is something that she can’t tell the others. Flashback: Towako asked, “Renjou”, isn’t it one of the five famous families in Japan which includes Gokurakuin. Kaoru said that’s right, he is the heir of that family. Gokurakuin is doing business with his family’s financing enterprise. If it were to stop, what will happen to her husband. It is easy to sever Yuuga from society if he wants to. Do you understand what I mean? End flashback. Towako is confused and freaking out as to why is this happening. She is conflicted that she doesn’t want to marry him but then, she doesn’t want something miserable to happen to her family and Yuuga. She imagines Kaoru using his power to kick Yuuga out of school and Yuuga won’t get any positions/jobs in companies. Her parents would be bankrupted and be forced to leave their house. In the house, Yuuga finds Towako gloomily thinking at the corner of the room. Yuuga says she is really strange and what happened between her and that guy. Towako turns around and worriedly looks at Yuuga. Kaoru’s words echo in her head of Yuuga being severed from society. Towako tells herself that this isn’t the time to be confused. Towako puts her hands on Yuuga and says, Yuuga, don’t worry! Believe in me! Towako thinks that she will definitely protect Yuuga..absolutely!

The next morning, Towako exclaims, it’s finished. She is wearing an apron along with Tsubaki. They have finished making some bento box [packed lunch]. Yuuga comes in and asks what’s finished. Towako says she just made a special wife’s bento box for him. There is even a chibi smiling Towako tucked in the knot. Yuuga whispers to Tsubaki if the food is edible inside. Tsubaki says from the appearance, it looks delicious for ojou-sama did her best. Yuuga asks really. Towako angrily shouts that he’s being rude. Yuuga notices that there are three bento boxes on the table. He says one is his and the other is Setsuna’s, for whom is the third one. Note says that Tsubaki and Utsugi’s lunch are provided by the school. Towako is surprised then quickly says she prepared it for in between snack in case if they are hungry. Yuuga asks why is it so big. Yuuga and Tsubaki didn’t believe Towako’s alibi. Towako thinks, sorry, Yuuga, but this is something that I should do. At school, in the faculty room, Kaoru is surrounded by some girl students [his fans]. Holding a bento box, Towako goes in and tells him to eat with her. The girl students are disappointed when Kaoru agrees. A teacher is shouting to the principal about a student and a teacher being together but the principal claims that he didn’t see anything. [^^; Is it because of Kaoru’s influence?] Towako thinks that doing this, she will try to learn what is Kaoru’s motive. At the rooftop, while Kaoru is eating, Towako asks why does he want to marry her. Kaoru tells her that she should be dressed up like that but more seductively in her uniform for Yuuga will like it better since guys are like that. Towako says is that so and then shouts at him not to change the topic. Kaoru says if he marries into Gokurakuin family then he doesn’t have to be the heir of Renjou. Towako shouts what, just because of that, you want me to divorce.

She freaks out when Kaoru lies down on her lap. Kaoru says they [Towako and Yuuga] have the experience of breaking the tradition and run away from home then returning back together. Towako exclaims what of it. Kaoru says even if he doesn’t know the original reason, but if he tries to resist, he will be forced to obey [the tradition]. If one wants to resist, one has to have the power to do it. What I want is freedom. If I remain within the family, my future is already determined and I can’t be like this right now, being a teacher here. Inheriting a company just because it is tradition, I don’t want that. If I marry into the Gokurakuin family, my family will understand. Touching her face, Kaoru says, that way, I will be free. Gokurakuin family tends to absolutely follow what the husband said. If you marry me, I can also set you free. Towako looks surprised then looks away from him. She tells him that she is alright, she doesn’t hate her family nor the tradition. Kaoru smiles and says he knows, that is why he said she is amusing. Towako is surprised when he said that. Rubbing his eyes, Kaoru asks if she put some sleeping medicine inside the food. Towako remembers her plan of making him fall asleep so that she can determine his weakness. Before sleeping, Kaoru says it is useless to look for his weakness because he doesn’t have one. Even if he has, “Renjou” can make it disappear. Towako then remembers herself playing with many balls with strings on them when she is a child. Towako thinks that even if this person’s wish is to be free, but he seems like a small child. From the window, Reimi and others sees Towako on top of the roof. She angrily exclaims that Towako has Yuuga already yet she will go for a teacher now. Cute girls really don’t have any moral integrity. It’s really disappointing, right, Yuuga? Yuuga also sees them and he looks displeased.

After lunch, Towako walks in the hallway and finds Yuuga with his friends. They were shock at how Towako is dressed up. She has tucked out her blouse, unbuttoned the first two buttons of her blouse and pulled up her skirt so that it will look short. The girls ask what’s with Towako’s uniform. The other guys are liking it that Yuuga quickly grabs Towako and retreats. Reimi is shaking in anger. Behind the school, Towako tells Yuuga that classes are about to start. Yuuga shouts who cares about that, why are you dressed up like that. Towako tells him that she has heard that guys like girls who dress up like that. She asks isn’t it true. It is Kaoru who told her to dress that way. Yuuga is flustered as he asks who told her that. He tells her to dress up like how she used to. Towako wonders if Yuuga is angry and tells him but the girls around him also dress that way. Yuuga insists that he likes how she dress before. He tells her if she didn’t listen to him, would she listen to that other guy. Towako blushes and says no. She notices that Yuuga’s face is red and wonders if he is jealous. Suddenly, Yuuga hugs her which made Towako blush even more as she tries to tell him that they are at school. Yuuga hugs her tighter and is about to kiss her near the hickey when Towako remembers what Kaoru did that she quickly pushes Yuuga away and shouts that he can’t because there, sensei, he.. Towako realizes what she just said that she looks at Yuuga who is really angry. He asks her that’s strange for that is where he put a hickey on her so why is it where the teacher had. Towako is speechless as Yuuga says she has been acting strange since yesterday, what did that guy do, what is she hiding from him. Towako knows that Yuuga is angry but she can’t say it. She remembers Kaoru threatening her if it is okay if something happened to Yuuga.

Towako looks away and just says it is nothing, it is just about the monkey incident. She has told him not to misunderstand it. Yuuga knows that she is lying that he just looks away and says is that so, talking about the monkey then kissing, huh. Towako tries to call out to him but Yuuga has already turned away from her and shouts for her to shut up. Towako is really vexed about that she is angry and on the verge of tears. She shouts that Yuuga is stupid and she promptly walks away. Yuuga just says, I know already. Towako is really angry as to why things end up like that. She also doesn’t want to be with the teacher but if she doesn’t do this, Yuuga and her family will be in trouble. She is more angry that Yuuga actually thought that there is something up with her and the teacher. She angrily looks at Yuuga with his group. She thinks but wasn’t he also the same, there are girls around him. Is it only boys who can do that. Reimi notices Towako looking at them that she pretends to fix Yuuga’s necktie. This made Towako even more angry. Reimi smirks at her and starts to be lovey-dovey with Yuuga. Towako is frustrated that Reimi has been beside Yuuga since yesterday and that is suppose to be what she as his wife be doing and they are too close to each other. Towako just bear with it as she sits in class. She tells herself that what’s up with her when she told herself that she won’t let others know. She has to do something quick. Meanwhile, Kaoru is doing some flower arrangement in his house. Just then, his father [whose face isn’t shown] comes in and asks what’s with that arrangement when it doesn’t have the form of Renjou family. Are you serious in making that? Kaoru says he deliberately did that for form and rule are nonsense. His father says he has been noticing his behavior lately and he must have been conscious of becoming the heir. Do not get involved with the daughter of the Gokurakuin family anymore because she is already married so it is impossible. In one week’s time, it is you’re 23rd birthday and you will be the heir of the Renjou family. After his father left, Kaoru cuts the flower from the stem and angrily says, irritating father.

In the kitchen, Tsubaki calls out to Towako who seems to have been in a daze. Towako snaps out of it and asks what’s the matter. Tsubaki tells her that Towako looks tired so why don’t she rest. Towako says she is fine and she has finished the bento. They can go to school. She then sees Yuuga going to her direction. The two look at each other. Towako gives him his bento box to him and quickly runs off. Yuuga notices that the chibi Towako on the bento box is crying. Towako thinks that she wants for them to get along again but then, why is it that she is the only one who is bothered. She has to endure it because she can’t be together with Yuuga in school. Towako goes ahead of Yuuga and Setsuna to school. During lunch, she just gives Kaoru bread to eat even as Kaoru complains about it. Yuuga’s [curly hair] classmate says since yesterday, Yuuga has a heavy bento box. At the hallway, Towako just runs off, passing by Yuuga and his group. Later on, Reimi asks Saho if that girl is really serious. Saho asks if she meant Towako. Reimi says that before Towako keeps on getting involved with Yuuga. Saho says but since yesterday, she doesn’t anymore. Reimi says that’s true even if it didn’t matter to Yuuga, but still, he will always look at that girl. It is the first time for him not to listen to what she is saying. That girl, who is she to Yuuga? Then someone says, do you want me to tell you? What is the relationship of those two. The girls look up and they see Kaoru smiling at them from the staircase.

In the car, Setsuna is really uneasy as he is sitting between the couple who are looking quite gloomy. He wonders why is it so gloomy. Just then, Towako and Yuuga’s mobile phone ring as they both have an email. To Towako, it is Kaoru who tells her to quickly go down the car, he is going to pick her up. Yuuga is equally surprised by his email. The two shout at the same time to the driver to stop the car. Then, they look at each other and asks, where are you going?! None of them would answer as the two just go out of the car and go to the opposite direction. Setsuna is stunned as he is left inside the car. The driver asks Setsuna what’s the matter. Setsuna can only mutter, go home..what is going on as he begins to become worried. From a car, Kaoru greets Towako who is visible angry. Towako shouts what is up with him. He shouldn’t be bugging her after school. Kaoru says but aren’t they monkey comrades. Towako says that is what he is thinking on his own. Kaoru says it doesn’t matter. He tells her to get in because they are going on a date. Towako didn’t reply back. Kaoru assures her that they won’t be so late but then, it must have already started with her husband, makes one eager anticipate it. Yuuga finds Reimi standing in front of an apartment door. He looks a bit nervous as she has emailed him that she will be waiting at Yuka’s house and she has already heard about Gokurakuin. Yuuga calls out to Reimi’s name as she looks at him.

Tsubaki’s side story: Tsubaki/Camille flowers bloom on winter and is said to be unlucky and doesn’t have any expression just like she is. Utsugi happily calls out to her and asks if something good happened because she looks happy. Tsubaki tells him not to ask her because it is too troublesome. Utsugi cries and asks why does she always talk to him that way, does she hate her. To his shock, Tsubaki says when did she said that she doesn’t hate him. Crystal flower [I think it is black nightshade herb] blooms on summer with pure white flowers. There is no one who doesn’t like those flowers smile, this person’s name is also ‘Utsugi’ [Crystal flower sounds like Utsugi] Utsugi knows of my feelings so I’m not at least bit happy. I don’t need that kind of smile. It is enough for me that the one who understands me is Towako-ojousama. Towako tells Yuuga that Tsubaki is really happy when she is with Utsugi. Yuuga is surprised and asks really. Towako laughs and says that’s right, just by looking and she knows. Tsubaki tells them that yes, when she sees Utsugi’s expression, she feels really happy. Towako says that she shouldn’t be always like that. Some ladies are looking at flowers in the garden and wonders what it is called. They are like roses when they bloom. Nobody knows but Tsubaki does because Towako told her. Honestly, she doesn’t really hate Utsugi. He tend to just smile at everyone but then, it is only when he is in front of her, he shows his feelings. But no one knows what she is thinking except him and no one else knows the name of that flower.

Tsubaki is surprised when Utsugi says that it is a camellia flower [a different breed] and he finally knows why Tsubaki is happy yesterday, it is because that flower have bloomed since it is Tsubaki’s flower. Tsubaki remembers Towako telling her that it is a camellia flower but Tsubaki says it doesn’t suit her. Towako says it isn’t so because this is Tsubaki’s flower. A person who knows this will definitely understand. Utsugi asks her if she hates him because she doesn’t talk to him. Tsubaki looks away and shakes her head. Utsugi happily smiles and says that’s great, because if she hates him, he doesn’t know what to do. Tsubaki narrates that before she is angry because Utsugi can see through her that others don’t. He has simply just opened up her world when she least notice it. Before it makes her be in a bad moon but now, this is a smile that is shown for her so she should tell him. Tsubaki starts to walk away and says that she isn’t happy yesterday because the flower has bloomed but because of the flowers at that side has bloomed. Utsugi looks what’s beside the camellia and it is just ‘Utsugi’ [Crystal flower]. Utsugi is puzzled and just looks at Tsubaki who is still walking. Utsugi blushes when he sees Tsubaki turning to him then smiles at him. Tsubaki thinks what it means, I will never tell you. Utsugi is still puzzled as to what is that all about.

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