June 13, 2011

Yoru Cafe - My Sweets Knights - [Chapter 12]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on September 23, 2008

Soushi looks surprised as he sees Hisaki kissing Hina. After Hisaki breaks the kiss, he tells Hina that he has always adored her very much. Hisaki notices Soushi and calls out to him. “What’s the matter? Did she left anything?” Hina is tense and worried that Soushi has seen them kissing. Hisaki says, “This is good. This is a good opportunity. Let me tell you the true situation here, Ms. Hina. I’ll tell you the true reason why all of them are together in the café and why you inherited the café.” Hisaki puts his hand on Hina’s shoulder. Soushi looks surprised. Hina asks what Hisaki meant by true reason. Hisaki says, “I meant that the true reason why you and those guys meet. They are to be your possible re-marry partners. Set up by none other than Takatoh-san.” Hina is totally shock by this that she can’t quite process what Hisaki is telling her. Hisaki continues, “Sawatari Soushi, Yukimura Yoshizumi and Nanjo Nozomu whom Takatoh-san has endowed a very great kindness to them so they cannot turn their back on Takatoh-san. Takatoh-san knew that his life is not long so he asked this favor from them and they are all gathered together in that café. Miss Hina, it is all for you and only for you.” Soushi tells Hisaki to stop talking about it. Hisaki didn’t listen as he says, “And, he instructed them to take care of you and if they can become her future husband. Do you know, Miss Hina? They are just like puppets. It is because of what Takatoh-san said that is why they treat you very well. The things that they did for you before is all just pretend. From the very start, they don’t have any association with you.” While he is saying that, Hina is thinking, “No way. Then what’s the meaning of being a boss? Am I the only one who thought about carrying your memory [to be single for Takatoh]? Then, what’s the meaning of all this? Why did Takatoh-san do this?”

Hina couldn’t take it anymore that she slaps away Hisaki’s hand and starts to run off. The two guys are surprised. Soushi manages to grab Hina’s hand and calls out, “Wait..boss..” Hina turns around and looks flustered/angry. She says, “I’m the only one who doesn’t know all of this. I’m the only one who’s playing this boss game..” Soushi tries to tell her that is not true but Hina shouts, “That’s enough, let me go!” Soushi is taken aback by this that he lets her go. Hina then calms down a bit and says, “I’m sorry for shouting at you like that but, I just don’t know who to believe anymore. You guys, don’t have to do this anymore. Just quickly sever your ties with Takatoh-san so that you’ll regain your freedom.” Hina leaves as she thinks, “What kind of face/expression should I use when I face them? It was he [Kunikazu] who decided on making me a boss. If this situation is also being all arranged then in what areas are my feelings true and in what areas are my feelings fake? What about their feelings--” Hisaki tells Soushi, “Right now, she feels that Takatoh-san has betrayed her. There’s no other place that she can go except to my place--” Soushi asks him what he said those things. “You know that it will hurt her so why did you still say it?” Hisaki shouts at him, “It’s because you do things half-way through [unfinished]! Do you know what kind of expression she had when she went to my place? If you are blaming someone as to who had hurt her then it is you who did that! She should have been freed from Takatoh-san otherwise, she won’t be happy. So, you guys are an obstacle..you are an obstacle.” Soushi looks sad and thoughtful. He then walks away. Hisaki asks where he is going. Soushi tells him that he is going to search for Hina. Hisaki says, “Didn’t I tell you that she is going back to my place?” Soushi says, “She might not return. Even if she likes you, she also might not return.” Hisaki is surprised. Soushi turns around to tell him, “You still don’t understand this. Then for what reason have you been paying attention to [being concerned] her for?” Hisaki then looks nervous. Narration: “There’s no place I can go. There’s no one I can depend on. But still, there’s no way for me to hate that person.”

In the morning, Hina is walking sadly at the cemetery. She looks up and is surprised to see Soushi sitting near Kunikazu’s grave, waiting for her. Soushi greets her, “Good morning. I thought that if I wait here, I’ll definitely be able to see you.” Hina is surprised. Soushi says, “Oh right, after one night, have you calmed down already? Where did you spend the night last night?” Hina tells him that she stayed at a hotel. Soushi says that is good compared to sleeping on the street. Hina asks about Hisaki. Soushi tells her that Hisaki definitely doing his best in looking for her. “But I won’t tell him that you are here because I want to talk to you alone.” Soushi stands up. Hina says, “Isn’t it hard for you? Even if it’s your savior, being forced to become a future husband, aren’t you angry?” Soushi answers, “Angry? Yes, I’m angry. Why didn’t I say before that I do not want to think that what happened between us is nothing? I’m always angry at myself.” Hina is surprised as she remembers that night. Looking embarrassed, she then looks down. Soushi continues, “I thought it is for the best to listen to you and think that it never happened. If that is how it is then you won’t feel hurt but I was wrong. It isn’t because you seem lonely nor it is because that I pity you. And it isn’t because that Kunikazu-san told me to do something. It is what I want. I want to have you.” Hina is surprised as she blushes. She says, “..will you..wait a minute, about that..” Soushi says, “You don’t believe me? You can make me say it many times. I like you.” Hina is surprised about this. Soushi approaches her and says, “I have already decided that we conclude this. The one you see in front of you, what am I to you? A former athlete whom you idolize? An employee? A family member? Or is there something else? Answer me.”

Hina looks at him and then down. She cries and exclaims, “I look at you as a man so I feel bad about it! That is why I left that place! I know that I will be detested by you guys but there’s nothing I can do about that! But yesterday at the hospital, I was really sad when you snub me. I always wanted you to look at me..I..” Soushi holds her face and gives her a kiss then they hug each other. Then, Hina asks, “Why is your body cold? How long have you been waiting for me here?” Soushi smiles and says, “...since last night.” This surprises Hina as she comments that he waited for a long time. Soushi just says, “But, if Tohdo-san got to you first then it is all over [I’m finished].” He hugs her closer to him and says, “Hina, come to my side. If you cannot stay at the café then I can just resign.” Hina thinks, “He called me by my name..Why did I think before that if I lose him, I can still live on. Like this, I can hold on to something. I have always wanted this person’s warmth. I want this person.” Hina says, “Yes..” Hisaki arrives at the cemetery and is shock to find the two hugging. He looks at them for a moment and see them smiling at each other. Hisaki then just walks away.

While holding hands, Hina and Soushi walk back to the café. Hina is surprised to see Nozomu waiting outside the café. Hina apologizes to Nozomu about what happened before. Hina thinks that Nozomu is definitely angry. Nozomu says, “Geez, that is why I said before that if you are surrounded by such good men, there’s no way that you cannot be just aloof with them.” Hina is surprised and embarrassed. Nozomu angrily says, “Why do you have to make things so complicated?” Hina looks at Soushi. Soushi playfully sticks out his tongue and says, “Sorry, I have told him everything last night.” Hina exclaims, “You told him everything? How could you!” Soushi says, “It’s because I’ve already prepared myself about leaving this place.” Nozomu grumpily says, “You are really annoying. I and Yoshizumi aren’t that narrow-minded. If you want to be with someone among us then go ahead..but thinking of us like that really annoys me.. That is what I wanted to say. If you want to come in, then come in.” Nozomu remembers something that he looks up and tells Soushi, “Ah, also, the thing that you called me about to bring it here, I already brought it.” Soushi smiles and thanks him. Hina is puzzled.

At the staff room, Soushi plays a DVD on the player. He tells Hina this is what they know. Hina is surprised that it is a video of Kunikazu which he sent to the guys. Kunikazu said, “It has been a long time. I think that when you see this video, I have left already this world. I planned that after I died, I will leave this store to my wife. I have already entrusted my lawyer to handle the formalities. She is like you guys. She doesn’t have a family anymore..but anyway, I cannot leave this matter to my relatives. I know this is very selfish of me but I’m going to leave her in your hands. Will you please help her? She’s my most important woman. The rest, I’ll leave it all up to you.” Hina cries when she heard the last two sentences. She looks at Soushi and finds him sound asleep. She remembers that Soushi waited for her at the cemetery the whole night. She then smiles. Narration: “I still do not know if that person [Kunikazu] really planned for me to get married to one of the guys..but one thing is for sure, just for my future, he considered a lot of things.” Hina happily looks at Soushi then gives him a kiss. She says, “I like you.” She thinks, “This old feeling of loving someone can cure me and satisfy me. Kunikazu, afterwards, I want to move on [with life] with this person.” She then sleeps [?] beside him.

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