June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapters 11 - 20]

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With her friends, Hanabi gloomily slurps her drink while waiting for Atsumi. She has left the small hair elastic band with Chikai. She looks at Yukine and thinks she is beautiful. Soon, Chikai walks home with Yukine. At Atsumi’s house, her mother treats the girls to lots of food that they are all stuffed yet Atsumi keeps on eating. Atsumi tells the girls that it would be nice if someone chooses a girl like her. She says that even if she is like that who always eats, she still likes herself. Hanabi realizes that it isn’t that they are not interested in guys but rather, they haven’t found the guys that they like. They ask about Hanabi since Chikai already has a girlfriend. Mii adds Yukine is also beautiful and looks quite good. Hanabi admits to her friends that she likes Chikai. They ended up talking about love life and not study well that night. After the exams, they head to their cooking class. While having his exam, Chikai sniffs and smells some cooked food. His stomach growls as well as his other classmates. Atsumi is already hungry so she decides to buy something at the vending machine. When she bends down to get the drink, her skirt rips as the fastener breaks. Just then, Sasa passes by. Atsumi becomes embarrassed that she quickly holds her skirt up and exclaims about eating too much that day. To her surprise, Sasa takes off his coat and ties it on Atsumi’s waist so that her skirt won’t fall down. Sasa says that it looks good on her. He leaves Atsumi blushing.

On the way home, Hanabi passes by the small road again and finds Chikai there playing hide and seek. Hanabi teases him as a little brat but Chikai tells him that he’s a ‘shounen’ [young guy]. Hanabi tells him that she isn’t afraid of him anymore after seeing his goofy face while he was playing with Cleo [Chikai’s dog]. Chikai put his arm around her neck as he exclaims that she is too early to tease him. Hanabi is surprised when she notices that Chikai is using the hair elastic band to tie his hair. Hanabi kicks his shin that Chikai bends down in pain. Hanabi tells him that there’s no other meaning to it. “It is just a return thanks to the wooden dog you gave me.” Chikai asks what she plans to do because she can’t win against that person since she is a good woman. From above, Mii is watching them from the window when Ami tells her that she found love there. Ami tells her that guy [Chikai] isn’t wearing glasses so it’s different from what Mii wrote in the form. Mii tries to use an alibi but Ami doesn’t buy it. She tells her to fight even if the rival is her friend. Mii bites Ami’s finger which is touching her face. Mii denies it again and says that to fight is quite troublesome. Mii leaves as Ami says that Mii’s childish since even if love is troublesome, one would still want it. Back to Hanabi, she offers Chikai an onigiri [rice ball] and tells him that she doesn’t have any expectation and she only has ‘like’. She exclaims that there is no need to seduce a faithful dog. Chikai laughs about this. While eating the onigiri, Chikai tells her that she is a talented cook since it is delicious. Chikai returns the wrapper to her and runs off since one of the boys have found him. Hanabi watches running Chikai and thinks that he is really such a brat. She then punches herself for actually confessing when Chikai already knew she likes him. She can’t believe that she actually describe herself as a faithful dog.

After more tests, Hanabi thinks that liking a person isn’t always the same as everyday, it is a different shade of color but for her, it has already progressed. Atsumi returns Sasa’s coat and she seems to have fallen for him and thinks he is cute. During knitting class, Atsumi tells Hanabi that she likes Sasa. Hanabi freezes when it seems that Ami knew that she was the one who gave the hair band to Chikai since the little pompom can only be made by a girl. Hanabi groans as she thinks that a scarf can only be made and given by a girlfriend then she looks at her knitting and had an idea. She decides to be honest to herself and change the person whom she is going to give the ‘love’ gift. While walking at the hallway to apologize to Sasa, she spots Shinichi outside the window. Hanabi is going to run away when Shinichi asks where Mii is. Hanabi tells him that they are not together. Shinichi says that when he saw Hanabi, he thought they are together. Hanabi notices that Shinichi is wearing the hair elastic band that she gave Chikai. She exclaims loudly that Shinichi asks what the matter is. She says that the hair band is cute. Shinichi says that he took it from Chikai’s desk and since it’s so small, it should be okay. Hanabi says, “Sorry if it’s too small.”

Hanabi freaks out since she exposed herself. Shinichi asks if she was the one who gave it to Chikai and if she likes Chikai. Hanabi is shock and asks how he knew. Hanabi is shock when Shinichi tells her that Chikai said before that another one has been skewered by his poison. Shinichi tells her that they are the same since they have no hope yet they can’t simply give up. Hanabi agrees with him. They were interrupted when Chikai pulls the hair band from Shinichi’s hair and says that his friend is a thief. Shinichi tells him that it’s too small but Chikai tells him that he still can’t do that. Noticing that he is talking with Hanabi, Chikai asks if she has gotten over her disgust with guys. Hanabi exclaims that she hasn’t. She thinks that she can only be at ease with Chikai and Sasa. Chikai tells her that it’s a huge lost in one’s life since among humans, half of them are men so her life which consist only half of the people whom she can have a relationship with. Hanabi says that even so, there are still a lot of same sex people whom she can have a relationship with. Chikai replies that isn’t it much fun if her world is larger than before and to be able to be with gorgeous guys. The four guys look at her that Hanabi gets dizzy that she left. The guys are laughing at her but Chikai tells them not to bully her since she is his dog. Elsewhere, Yukine’s classmates notice that an earring is missing. Yukine says that maybe she left it in Chikai’s room. They exclaim if she always go to Chikai’s house. Yukine just laughs as they say that the two are quite close and romantic. Nanpa thinks that he has smelled a strange girl’s scent on Chikai and his sixth sense tells him that Hanabi will definitely be crying.

It’s already autumn. Hanabi returns home and happily shows Nanpa the knit work she is about to finish. Nanpa isn’t interested so he returns back to the dog house. He is at ease since Hanabi looks happy. Hanabi thinks that she doesn’t have any special relationship with Chikai so there at times she sees him at school and times when she don’t see him but whether she sees him or not, her feelings still long for him. She then sees Chikai’s head in front of the other guys who are walking to school. She wonders to what degree her feelings would grow. In class, Ami tells the girls to give their gifts and those who are rejected, it is okay. The girls rush off. Ami overhears that Atsumi won’t confess because she wants to go on a diet first before doing that. After Atsumi left, Ami asks Mii if she is sure about giving it to glasses guy and she even dares her to confess. Mii accepts the challenge to her friends and Ami’s surprise. Mii gives overjoyed Shinichi a really short scarf. To his shock, Mii asks him to go steady with her. After Mii returns, Hanabi and Kareshi ask if she is serious about going steady with Shinichi and if she likes him. Mii tells them that she can learn to like him.

Hanabi walks her dog near the river side as she hopes that Chikai will be there. He is there together with his dog. While the dogs are barking [quarrelling] with each other, Chikai mentions about Shinichi and Mii going steady. Hanabi asks if he heard about it. Chikai says it is because Shinichi is crying and congratulating himself. Hanabi laughs about this. Chikai tells her that even if Shinichi is stupid, he is a good person. Hanabi is about to say that she doesn’t know if Shinichi is a good person or not but since he was chosen by Mii when Nanpa steps on a bag. Hanabi reprimands him then shows the knit work to Chikai and tells him that it is for Cleo. Nanpa is sad about this while Cleo barks about not wanting to wear it. Hanabi tells Chikai to try it on Cleo. After making Cleo wear it, Chikai looks quite happy. Hanabi exclaims that it looks cute. Cleo runs into the water and Nanpa follows thinking that they are playing tag. Chikai and Hanabi go into the water to get them back. To their surprise, the dogs go on a u-turn and go back to the ground. Chikai wonders out loud what’s up with those two. Nanpa thinks that it is the first time he swam and Cleo complains about the knit cloth being heavy. The two dogs bark at each other as to whose fault that it happened. Chikai goes up first and helps Hanabi out of the cold water. Hanabi thinks that as her feelings grow for Chikai, she begins to be afraid.

Above, Yukine sees the two as Chikai helps Hanabi out of the river. While the dogs are barking at each other, Hanabi takes the wet knit cloth from Cleo and apologizes to Chikai for making Cleo wear it. Hanabi is about to put in the plastic bag as she says that she will just give it to some other dog. Chikai takes it from her and says that she can’t and if she wants it, she has to get it back from him. Hanabi tries to get it from him as she says that he doesn’t need it since Cleo doesn’t want to wear it. Chikai tells her that Cleo will get used to it after wearing it many times. The dogs think that they are playing so they join in trying to get the knitted dog wear. They were interrupted when Yukine calls out to Chikai. Hanabi tries to greet her but Yukine is exclaiming why the two of them are wet. Chikai asks if she didn’t see them. Yukine tells them that she just arrived. Hanabi is about to apologize but to the girls’ surprise, Chikai says that they are playing in the water and forgot that it is already autumn. Yukine tells him that he’ll catch cold. Chikai puts the knitwear in a bag and says that they should go home and change. Yukine bids goodbye to Hanabi and waves at her. Hanabi waves back and wonders if she will stop only if she has seriously hurt herself. While walking, Chikai asks Yukine if she knew Hanabi. Yukine says that she saw her during work and she is from his school. She is puzzled when Chikai looks at her. Chikai then says that she [Hanabi] is indeed from his school.

At school, there are girls who are accepted and rejected. Atsumi tells her friends that she is really happy that Sasa likes the scarf she made since it is white, his favorite color. Atsumi drools and says that she will eat less because of that smile. While they support Atsumi about her diet, Ami comes in to bid the girls goodbye. Ami gives each girl a handmade personalized heart key chain. The color of the heart corresponds to the kind of ‘love’ they are in. She encourages them to fall in love and even if they weren’t able to fall in love during their younger years, they will surely find that person when they grow up and it would be more precious. Hanabi thinks that if it weren’t for Ami, she wouldn’t have realized her feelings. Hanabi gets a pink one. On their way home, Mii tells them she got an orange and she doesn’t know what Ami wants to tell her. Atsumi’s heart is tea color which meant to encourage her. Kareshi’s heart is color violet. They were interrupted when Shichichi holding Chikai shouts at Mii that they go out on a date. Mii asks why. Shinichi says that it is because they are lovers. Chikai wants to leave as he tells Shinichi that he’ll just do his best. Shinichi stops him and says that he needs his help since this is his first time. To Hanabi’s shock, Shinichi points to her and says that she is also coming along on their double date.

During the double date, they are in a sports arcade. Shinichi tries to impress Mii by shooting some arrows but he didn’t score any points. It is Chikai’s turn and he manages to hit the bull’s-eye. Chikai tells Hanabi to quit staring at him else she would fall for him again. Hanabi angrily shouts what he meant by that as she calls him a narcissist idiot for she is only there to accompany the two. Chikai says that he knows that. This infuriates and embarrasses Hanabi that she decides to play baseball. Chikai has to make her stop else she hurts herself. Hanabi thinks that she can’t help but be happy since she is with Chikai. They were interrupted when Shinichi tries to hit a baseball as he shouts that it’s Mii’s heart but he fails to hit it. He also fails in bowling, golf and etc that Chikai cheers him up. Hanabi tells Mii to also play but she says it’s quite troublesome. Hanabi tells her that just being able to be with Mii, Shinichi is happy. Chikai looks at Hanabi as Mii looks down. Shinichi apologizes to Mii that maybe she doesn’t like to do that so they should go somewhere else.

At a observatory theater, they are going to watch some stars. Shinichi tells Mii that it’s okay even if she sleeps because at least, she can sit. Hanabi can only mentally cheer him up. The sitting arrangement is, from left to right, Chikai, Shinichi, Mii and Hanabi. Then, Chikai’s phone is ringing so he goes out to answer it. Hanabi wonders if it is Yukine and if he told Yukine about this. Would it be okay for Yukine but then, this is just accompanying the two. Chikai ends up sitting beside Hanabi because someone didn’t notice Chikai’s bag on the floor and sat on his seat. Hanabi is a bit nervous and happy about this. When Shinichi tries to hold Mii’s hand, she stands up and says that it’s nonsense so she’ll wait outside. They go after her. Chikai asks what happened. Shinichi tells him that he tried to hold hands. Chikai reprimands him for being too fast. Chikai and Hanabi are shock that Shinichi adds fuel to the fire when he even says that Mii has nowhere else to go when they corner her. Shinichi apologizes when Mii angrily looks at him. Chikai grabs Mii’s arm and angrily shouts what she is planning to do. Hanabi and Shinichi tell Chikai to let go for he is being violent. Shinichi notices that Mii blushes. Mii says, “I..” She frees herself from Chikai and shouts, “I..!” Hanabi is surprised for this is the first time that Mii said something that loud. Mii then grabs Shinichi’s sleeve and runs off with him. Shinichi blushes a bit then he remembers Mii blushing when Chikai grabbed her arm.

Hanabi wants to run after them but Chikai says not to because they would want to be alone. Hanabi doesn’t quite believe it. Chikai says that he never seen Mii smile. Hanabi defends Mii by saying that Mii isn’t the type of girl who easily smiles. Chikai asks what’s great about Mii. Hanabi exclaims that Chikai doesn’t know the situation. Hanabi tells him that Mii is a beautiful and popular girl that she doesn’t understand why would she go steady with Shinichi. Chikai says he doesn’t know and maybe because Shinichi is cool. Hanabi shouts that Mii is very cute. Chikai repeats that Shinichi is cool..though he can’t match him [Chikai]. Hanabi blushes and shouts that he is such a narcissist. Chikai says that she also thinks he’s cool. Hanabi curses him. Chikai says that it doesn’t matter and they should just go home because without the two, they have no reason to be there. He then asks her why she was blushing and maybe he said too much. Hanabi denies it as she wonders why she feels happy about that. Chikai just laughs it off. Elsewhere, Mii didn’t hear Shinichi saying that when she touch him (his clothes), she doesn’t care but she doesn’t want him to touch her yet but with, Chikai.. He shouts her name before she stops and let him go. He is about to ask her probably about her feelings for Chikai but he mustered his strength and just praise Mii by saying that she runs so fast. That night, Mii replies to Hanabi’s email about Mii acting weird. Mii writes that nothing is wrong.

Hanabi goes to the store, Alon for her part time job. She decides to ask Mii personally on Monday about what happened to her. There is no one at the store so she goes inside to tell the staff that she will start working there. To her shock, the manager is a guy who is reading some porn magazine. Hanabi exclaims that during the interview, it was a woman. The man tells her that it was the boss and he’s the manager. He tries to give her a welcome hug. Hanabi freaks out and tells him her problem with guys. He asks her what about the goods. Hanabi shouts that she’s good with guys. After some talk and teasing, the manager assures her that it will be okay as long as she is good with the cute items that they are selling. He calls Tomo to show Hanabi around. Tomo shows her to a room within the mall where the staff of different stores go to rest since the stores are very small. In the room, she sees Yukine who greets her and asks if she is going to start working there. Hanabi says that she has just started working at a store there. Tomo asks if they are friends. Just when Hanabi is about to explain to Tomo, Yukine says that she doesn’t know if Chikai will go to the store but he usually comes. Hanabi can’t reply to it and feels that she doesn’t want to talk about this further so she bids Yukine goodbye. Yukine holds her arm and asks, “Do you like Chikai?..sorry.” Hanabi is surprised that she turns around and asks why she is apologizing. Looking at Yukine, Hanabi realizes that she is apologizing because Chikai is hers [Yukine’s]. As they leave, Tomo asks if Hanabi is okay. Hanabi is already on the verge of tears. Chikai sees her passes by and he notices her expression.

At the store, the manager tells Hanabi to hang some merchandise but he notices Hanabi’s expression. He asks Tomo if she bullied Hanabi which Tomo denies. At the crepe store, Yukine tells Chikai that she just met Hanabi and that she will start working at a store there. Chikai says that he just saw Hanabi. Yukine says that if their break time is the same, they might become friends. Chikai takes the crepe he ordered and tells her to get along with Hanabi. Yukine asks why he said that since of course, they will because Hanabi is nice girl and she’s very cute. Chikai looks at smiling Yukine. Taking his change, Chikai seriously tells her that she [Hanabi] is indeed very cute. This surprises Yukine. While Hanabi is hanging up the merchandise, she is already crying as she thinks that men only gives people pain. Just then, Atsumi visits her during her break then notices that Hanabi is crying. The manager tells Hanabi to go inside and stick some labels on the boxes. He allows Atsumi to go in with her. He tells Tomo to go handle the store outside [entertain customers]. Hanabi thanks him but he says if she is very happy about putting labels. Hanabi wonders whom the manager is similar with..’being kind’. Inside, the manager jokes that Hanabi better label them properly because if she sold the wrong item, she will pay it with her body. Atsumi tells him that joke doesn’t sit well with Hanabi. She asks if he has heard about it. The manager says he did regarding Hanabi’s not good in dealing with guys. After some more teasing and some encouragement, the manager tells him to just ask if she needs help. After he leaves, Hanabi wonders again who the manager is the same with. Hanabi then tells Atsumi what she should do since Yukine has realized her feelings for Chikai. Atsumi comforts and cheers her up. To their surprise, the manager is eavesdropping on them. He used a ladder to go up and watch/listen to them from the other side. The manager comments that even if she can’t get along with guys, she has actually liked one. He encourages them to continue their conversation but then, who would. =P

At home, Hanabi hugs Nanpa as she thinks that she can’t like a guy, like Chikai because it will just hurt a girl’s heart but still, it seduces her. Hanabi doesn’t want this to continue. Nanpa just stays with her and apologizes for not being able to help. He hopes for the happiness of his owners who gave him happiness. After a ‘how to bow down’ class, Hanabi calls Mii to ask her about what happened the other day. Mii says it is nothing and she just thought that Hanabi wants for them two to be alone. Hanabi is puzzled. Mii leaves for gym class but Hanabi can’t quite stand after sitting in seiza position for a long time. On her way home, she still wonders about what Mii said when she sees Chikai walking ahead of her. Chikai turns around and says, ‘Hey, your tail” Hanabi quickly blushes. [He means that her imaginary tail is wagging just like a dog because she sees him] Chikai says that she doesn’t look well. After some denying, Chikai holds her face and says that it is clearly shown in her face. Chikai asks her what did Yukine told her. Hanabi says it’s nothing. She tries to break free but ends up falling down. She says, “If it’s me then it would have been okay.” Hanabi blushes and in a verge of tears as Chikai looks at her. Hanabi shouts that is what she thought at the start. She punches Chikai away. Chikai is about to shout at her when Hanabi tells him that even if she said that she doesn’t have any expectation and she just likes [him] but she has become greedy and her greed has hurt the feelings of some other girl. Hanabi tells him that she has decided to let him go. Chikai asks if she can really do that. He tries to take a leaf off her hair but Hanabi stops him. She tells him to just leave her be because it is easy to become a ‘wild dog’. [no master] Hanabi walks away as Chikai says to himself what does she meant easy when obviously her expression showed a lot of pain.

Hanabi cries home and hugs Nanpa. She thinks that her heart has been stolen and she has become his but he.. Nanpa licks her tears. While walking home, Yukine comments on some lights on a house. Chikai just agrees. She asks him if he has any plans on Christmas and if he will go out with his friends. Chikai just says, “Maybe.” To Chikai’s surprise, Yukine smiles and says, “Really! Then forget it.” Chikai asks what she meant by forget it. Yukine says there’s nothing she can do if he already committed himself. She looks at a paper and wonders out loud when he will be free as she will look at her work schedule. Yukine is surprised when Chikai asks her what did she [Yukine] said to that person. Yukine asks whom is he referring to and what is he saying. Chikai asks her why didn’t she tell him and just answer him. Yukine looks at him then smiles as she says it’s nothing. She then changes the subject back to Christmas. And, it’s another day of school. Hanabi wonders if she wants to see him or not. She did see him but she quickly walks away. In cooking class, Atsumi tells them about meeting Sasa and working on her diet. Hanabi thinks that she can’t tell them about her letting go of Chikai because she doesn’t want to ruin everyone’s fun. She is envious of Atsumi since she can do her best but she has many reasons to ‘not do her best’. Hanabi sees Sasa posing with a stuff toy for some girls. After the girls left, Hanabi says that he is quite popular. Sasa says that it isn’t so because they don’t think of him as a guy. Thinking of Atsumi, Hanabi protests that it isn’t so for there is someone who thinks of him as a guy though she can’t tell him who it is. Hanabi adds that girl knows of Sasa’s kindness and really likes Sasa. Hanabi apologizes for that but Sasa thanks her for it makes him happy. Hanabi is stunned when Sasa tells her that he likes someone. Atsumi overhears them as she stand by the corner.

Hanabi asks if he has a girlfriend. Sasa looks surprised then smiles. He says it’s not a girlfriend. Hanabi apologizes that Sasa asks why she is apologizing. Hanabi has noticed that for a moment, Sasa’s expression looked quite lonely/sad. Sasa bids her goodbye as Hanabi wonders why there are so many unfulfilled aspirations. Hanabi walks by and sees Atsumi. She asks if she had overheard them. Atsumi tells her that she always stay there to get a glimpse of Sasa. She happily tells Hanabi that it’s better that way so that she will work harder. She turns around to walk away and says out loud about not eating too much and exercising. Hanabi shouts for her to do her best. Atsumi just flashes a v-sign but she is already crying. Hanabi thinks that she wants to give Atsumi the ‘effort’ [to do her best] that she has discarded. During PE, Mii looks up as Shinichi shouts out loud to call her. Mii just nods her head. Hanabi sees Chikai with Shinichi that she quickly looks away. Kareshi tells Mii to at least say something. Mii says that shouting is too troublesome. Mii asks Hanabi if it is okay since Chikai is there. Hanabi says it’s okay since there are a lot of guys. She thinks that she hasn’t told them about giving up on Chikai. In the boys’ classroom, Shinichi says that Mii is like a cat. Soutarou [black-haired friend] says that he likes a girl who has the beauty of a cat but character of a dog. Arashi [crop-hair friend] says that he agrees with that. They ask Chikai about his girlfriend as to what is she like – a cat or a dog.

To their shock, Chikai says a goldfish. They wonder what he meant by that and if he meant that she is beautiful. Chikai tells them that it is because he doesn’t know what she is thinking. The three friends exclaim if their relationship is already in the danger zone. They were interrupted when one of the boys ask if they would want to watch a LIVE. During PE, Hanabi and friends learn about Kareshi’s problem at home so they decide to help out with the cooking and other chores. Kareshi asks Hanabi about anticipating to going home and walk at that nice path. Hanabi says what she is saying. She thinks that she already has become a ‘wild dog’. They go to Kareshi’s house and were greeted by her siblings. [I counted 8 siblings if they are all siblings] The mother is sleeping [probably sick] so Kareshi is the one who takes care of everything. They ask about Masato [Kareshi’s boyfriend]. Kareshi tells them that he is at work so he can’t come today. The children ask if Masato will become Kareshi’s husband tomorrow. Kareshi tells them that she will not get married until they all grow up. They say that she will become an old woman then. Hanabi smiles and hopes that Kareshi’s boyfriend will stay by her side until the children grow up. She mentally wants to give Kareshi a part of her leftover ‘effort’.

On her way home on the bus, the bus stops to pick up a lot of guys who just went to a rock concert. Hanabi freaks out over this then sees Chikai and friends are there. Shinichi calls out to her but Chikai pretends not to know her. Hanabi mentally tells herself that it is okay because she is now a ‘wild dog’ so she also doesn’t recognize him. Arashi asks if it is okay since Hanabi looks really pale. Chikai says that it is Hanabi herself who said not to mind her. After Chikai repeats this and Hanabi trying to psyche herself as a ‘wild dog’, to her surprise, Chikai goes to her. He sees her crying face that he starts laughing. He says, “Faithful dog, you returned a bit too early.” Hanabi cries and apologizes to her friends for she wants her ‘effort’ back because she still needs it. Shinichi comments that Chikai can actually smile like that to a girl. Later on, Chikai says, “See you, Hana.” [I’m not sure if that Hana is from Hana-bi or Hana from ‘faithful dog’] Hana blushes and thanks him for walking her home. Chikai laughs as he says that her mood has already changed. He teases her by pointing to her house and says, “House” as if teaching her like a dog. Chikai waves goodbye and tells her that next time, she can freely walk on her own. Behind the door, Nanpa eagerly waits for Hanabi. He greets Hanabi and thinks that he smells Chikai’s scent yet Hanabi is smiling. After that day, Hanabi doesn’t cry anymore at night.

While having lunch at school, the girls talk about their plans for Christmas. Kareshi tells them that she is going to have a party at home since the youngsters are eagerly anticipating it. Mii says that she forgot what glasses guy told her. Atsumi says she isn’t going to celebrate it since she will be exercising and dieting. Hanabi says that she will probably just stay at home. Kareshi asks what about Chikai and wasn’t there any progress since after school, she always walk together [at that road]. Hanabi confesses that lately, she has been thinking of giving up. This stuns Mii who asks, “Ha?” Hanabi wonders why Mii has that expression. Hanabi says that there is no progress because she can’t do it. She is about to ask Mii about her reaction when Mii tells her how could she [Hanabi] not do her best. She is surprised as her friends smile at her. She also smiles and asks if she can do her best. They laugh as they ask what she is saying. Later on, Hanabi blushes when she sees Chikai. She mentally apologizes for liking Chikai. She goes to the crepe shop and apologizes to Yukine. After she leaves, Yukine wonders what that is about. Hanabi thinks that she doesn’t expect to be forgiven nor will she anticipate the end for she has already prepared herself to get hurt because of this.

On the way to school, Hanabi feels ill when Shinichi calls her, “Hanabi-sama.” He tells her that he has been waiting for her and that soon it will be Christmas. He wants her opinion on what kind of gift would make Mii happy. Hanabi thinks that if she told him then Mii will get angry at her. Feeling sorry for Shinichi who is doing his best to please Mii, Hanabi tells him to buy something convenient for Mii. Shinichi grabs her head and shouts how he could give her that when he is her boyfriend. Hanabi exclaims that that it is because Mii hates being inconvenienced. Shinichi realizes this and thanks Hanabi. In return for his gratitude, Shinichi tells Hanabi that it seems lately, Chikai has a problem with his girlfriend. During cooking class, Hanabi kept on thinking about this since they [Chikai and Yukine] look fine. She wonders if it is all her fault. She laughs it off because she can’t even compare herself to Yukine. She becomes nervous if it happened after she apologized to Yukine. She wonders if she should continue the chase or not. Her thoughts are interrupted when her friends tell her to bring the ingredients.

Walking home in the small path with Hanabi, Chikai says that she always matches her time of going home with him. Hanabi denies it and says it is just a coincidence. Chikai says but it is everyday. He then asks where she usually buys dog toys. Hanabi asks if he wants her to accompany him. Chikai says there’s no need for her to do that. He tells her that the toys at home are already broken and the store where he used to buy them is already closed. Hanabi insists on accompanying him to the store. Chikai relents as they went to the store. Hanabi is really happy to see such cute things. While paying for his purchase, Chikai teases her about girls saying cute after seeing cute things but Hanabi answers back that he was blushing when he saw those cute things. Chikai denies it and says that she is just imagining things. Hanabi shouts that it’s true. The clerk tells Chikai to scratch the card for the promo reward of the store. Chikai scratches a coupon and wins a prize. It’s free tickets to Okuyama stroll dog park. Blushing and nervous, Hanabi asks Chikai if he can bring her along. Chikai says she doesn’t know the place, they aren’t lovers and the way she asks, is quite scary. Hanabi tells him that it is because it has been a long time since she has seen Cleo and she haven’t been to a dog park so she would want to go. Taking the tickets, Chikai says she is an ‘alibi queen’. This hurts Hanabi that she shouts for him to forget about it. To her surprise, Chikai tells her to meet him at the station tomorrow at 10 o’clock. At home, Hanabi happily tells Nanpa the good news about going to the park where he can freely run and he will have fun with Cleo. Minato, Hanabi’s elder sister, asks if she is going out tomorrow. Hanabi happily says she is as she is busy preparing her things. In the news, there’s a report about the weather being unstable in the afternoon along the mountains so everyone should be careful. Then, there’s a scene of Chikai writing an email to Yukine on his mobile phone.

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