June 13, 2011

V.B. Rose [Chapter 72]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on September 16, 2008

After the ‘breaking up Tsuyu’s marriage interview’ incident, in VBR, Yukari goes into shock as he sees a huge portrait of himself, wearing a kimono. Mitsuya happily shows it off. Tsuyu is smiling as she looks at it. Ageha is also stunned. Yukari is speechless then quickly grabs laughing Mitsuya. Yukari angrily shouts what is the meaning of that. Mitsuya just asks him if he likes it. Yukari shouts that Mitsuya ought to destroys into tiny pieces. Mitsuya tells him that it is just his way of showing his gratitude since he did promised that to him. Yukari angrily shouts that it isn’t because no matter how he looks at it, it is a joke because it is super huge. Tsuyu tells Mitsuya that she likes the picture so can he give her one, too. Mitsuya gives her a thumbs-up. This just made Yukari angrier as he shouts what’s wrong with them. While Mitsuya and Yukari are shouting, Yukari suddenly gets an email. Yukari reads the email on his mobile phone. It is from Natsume who writes that she had eagerly anticipated the cosplay picture. Mitsuya and Tsuyu are laughing as they try to walk away. Yukari is still stunned. Then, Yukari grabs Mitsuya and shouts who gave that stupid picture to Natsume. While Yukari puts Mitsuya on a head grip and Tsuyu hides behind the picture, Ageha thinks that life is back to normal in VBR. Mitsuya notices Ageha looking lifeless. [Her rabbit souls are flying as she grabs one] Mitsuya points this out to Yukari. They ask her if there is any problem since she looks listless and normally, she joins in the fun. Ageha is then shock as her rabbit souls go back into her. She shouts if they have heard it and if they heard anything. She then makes a face and says that Yukari’s picture is very beautiful. To Mitsuya and Tsuyu’s surprise, Yukari hits Ageha with the picture and says that she wasn’t listening to them. Yukari and Mitsuya think that something is up with Ageha. The guys with Tsuyu just go on with their work.

While Ageha is on the floor, a spotlight lights on her. “Hi. Right now, my existence is very weak. I’m Ageha Shiroi and currently in third year high school. A lot of things had happened lately. In the middle of it, Tsuyu and Mitsuya has started going steady. After breaking up Tsuyu’s marriage interview, everything is perfectly happy but...honestly, ‘the me’ at that time, has actually met a thing that is inescapable on my third year. But I really want to escape..” Ageha sits up. From her back, a zipper appears and another Ageha comes out. The other Ageha says, “And that thing is ‘Prospect for the future inquiry’” [That is the form you will fill up to project what you will do in the future – work or college, etc.] The other Ageha says that since main Ageha goes stunned when it is mentioned, she will be the one who will talk about it. She pulls out the other Ageha-s from Ageha so that they can discuss this matter. This is what happened yesterday at school. Flashback: In 3-A, Ageha looks aghast over her form. Her mind is totally blank. Her classmates tried to tell her to just write what she used to write before. Ageha told them that she doesn’t have much goal before and she didn’t realize when it has changed. Before she just happily shows off her uniform to her sister and her sister tells her that it is beautiful. She then decided to go home. She has been evading it since second year. While walking down the stairs, she thought that she doesn’t really hate that teacher but she just can’t get along with him. She still doesn’t know what her ‘dream’ is. She is surprised when someone calls her name from behind. It is Saki-sensei who teaches classics. Saki asked her to submit the form or else he will be quite hassled. Ageha backed away from him. He then exclaims that it could be that, ‘wanting to help the family’. Saki smiled while telling her that so Ageha freaked out.

Ageha asked if getting involved with him is like that box wherein when you open it, many dangerous things come out. Holding the forms to her, Saki smiles and said that his ‘Pandora Box’ doesn’t have ‘hope’ inside. Ageha freaked out even more. She then gloomily said that she only noticed now but is he the type of person who likes to trample on people’s wounds. Saki looked surprised then smiled at her. Carrying an imaginary pot of salt, Saki said, “Don’t forget to rub salt on it.” Ageha cried over this. He asked if Ageha knew of his true nature that she runs away from him. Ageha told him that she is rather afraid of the future survey form. Saki told her that she is already having a ‘conversation’ outside so she shouldn’t continue [talking within herself?]. This is Ageha’s nature. Ageha is shock and told him that she is just not in the mood to talk with other people. Getting ready to escape, Ageha told him that the current her just doesn’t know what exactly she wants to do. Translation: I’m going ahead. Saki waves back and happily said that he understands so he’ll give her one week as her deadline. Translation: Don’t think that you can escape. End flashback. Ageha thinks, “That teacher is an idiot but then, I’m a bigger idiot.” The other Ageha re-appears and says that is what had happened. “Since the main body cannot deal with this problem so we are having a meeting regarding this. Other Ageha-s agree. They decide to deal with the ‘future survey’ form. They decide to check Ageha has been doing lately. The other Ageha [who first came out], Moderator, asks if Ageha has made a bag lately. Everyone say that she hasn’t. This shocks the ‘craft’ Ageha that she faints. The other Ageha-s try to comfort her by saying that Ageha has been busy lately. Moderator Ageha says that it just an excuse to escape. Young Ageha tells the others that this problem come up because before, the only thing that Ageha thinks is her sister and nothing else. The others freak out over this.

The Ageha who likes Yukari asks if it is good if Ageha works in VBR. The other Ageha-s are all happily imagining this and they all agree. The dream is burst when moderator Ageha says if it is all just because her boyfriend is in VBR [that she will work/stay in VBR in the future]. Moderator Ageha decide to conclude the meeting for now since Yukari hasn’t suggested it. So not having decided on anything, the Ageha-s go back into the main body. Real Ageha snaps out of it and shouts out loud, “Wait! My heart group.!! How could my ‘meeting’ just end that way!! No, no! There is no conclusion yet..right! Right! Hey, little Ageha-s, quickly come out!” She snaps out of it when Yukari asks what is she talking to herself about since she is shouting out loud. She looks at Yukari then looks around. She asks where Mitsuya and Tsuyu are. They are on the second floor workroom. Yukari says that they have finished work earlier so they ate dinner there and Mitsuya drive Tsuyu home. Ageha is all puzzled by this. Yukari tells her that she has been silent the whole time. Ageha then says that she has tasted eggplant. Yukari tells her that is their dinner. He asks if she is okay. Ageha puts her head on Yukari’s shoulder. Yukari asks what the matter is. Ageha just says, “A little bit.” She thinks that she likes to be spoiled. Yukari put his arm around her and kisses her forehead. Ageha thinks that this is escaping from reality and she doesn’t want to be apart from Yukari. Yukari then asks what is troubling her since even if she seems the same but she seems different from normal so he is worried a bit about her. She remembers someone telling her that one can’t communicate through expressions only. [The phrasing is different but it is suppose to be Saki who told her that ^^;] Ageha looks shock and pulls away. She thinks that it is as her teacher said that with her like that, she cannot consult anything with Yukari. “Regarding this situation, I have already made really busy Yukari worry.” Ageha smiles at him and says, “I’m okay, right.”

Yukari says, “What?” Ageha says, “Ah, that is, I’m saying that there is nothing up with me.” Yukari asks what does she meant by that. Ageha answers back, “There’s nothing so I’m telling you not to be worried about anything.” [Sorry, I can’t grasp the conversation but basically Ageha is saying that there is no problem yet the way she phrase it, it hints that there is something but she wants Yukari to consider it as not important for him to know.” Yukari angrily shouts that there is something suspicious up with her. Ageha shouts back that there are times that she is like that. “You just don’t want to concede!” Yukari shouts that it is true that there is something troubling her. Ageha denies it and says she is just doing what she usually does. Yukari shouts back that she is lying since she is talking to herself about ‘herself’ meeting. “You’re the number 1 problem child here in VBR” Ageha shouts at him to not listen to one’s own self-talk. Yukari shouts that she is the one talking out loud. Ageha shouts that he shouldn’t be worried. Yukari shouts, “What did you say?” Ageha wonders why it has become like that. They were interrupted when Mitsuya peeks into the room from the door and says that he has arrived. He apologizes for interrupting them when they are busy. Ageha and Yukari angrily answers that they are not busy. Mitsuya says that there is something he wants to say now since he will have to tell Yukari sooner or later. Yukari tells Ageha that is one should do when one is going to say something – just go straight to the point. Pointing at Ageha, Yukari exclaims that she is the type who tends to avoid the question and be quite miserable about it. Ageha cries since she is frustrated that she can’t answer back to that. Yukari asks what it is that Mitsuya wants to say. To Yukari and Ageha’s shock, Mitsuya tells him that at the end of the month, he is going to move out from that place. [VBR].

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