June 13, 2011

Yoru Cafe - My Sweets Knights - [Chapter 11]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on August 30, 2008

In the hospital, Nozomu hurriedly runs towards Soushi and asks about Yoshizumi. Soushi tells him that it is basically that illness again so Yoshizumi is okay now. “They are still doing some things/tests according to hospital procedures.” [I think that is referring to checking everything is okay before they discharge a patient.] Soushi then asks Nozomu, “Hey..you..where’s your umbrella? You got yourself wet like that.” Nozomu just says that there are some reasons for that. Soushi throws a towel on his head. He tells him to use that to dry himself up. “I brought that along while riding on the ambulance.” Looking sad, Nozomu apologizes about the things that happened before. Soushi tells him that there is no need because he is also at fault. After a few days, Sakura arrives at Queen’s café. She is surprised and puzzled that the café is closed. She wonders what had happened. She complains that it isn’t easy for her to deliberately take a trip there. A woman passer-by tells her that the café has been closed for a few days already. “It seems that one of the staff got hospitalized.” Sakura is surprised upon learning this. In Hisaki’s office, Hina’s mobile phone starts ringing loudly. Ezaki tells Hina that during office hours, she should lower the volume of the ring tone or put the phone on vibrate mode. Holding her phone, Hina stands up and apologizes. While Ezaki is glaring at her, Hina quickly answers the phone. It was Sakura who asks her what is happening. “The café is closed and what is this about one of the staff getting hospitalized? It’s not easy for me to just go there so why didn’t you tell me about this?” Hina is surprised by this. She tells Sakura that currently she isn’t there so she obviously doesn’t know anything. Sakura asks if she went outside. Hina says that she wasn’t. “I’m currently working overtime at Aka-something.” [I can’t find the word used in ‘something’ ^^;] Sakura can’t believe that Hina is working overtime. “During the time that I wasn’t able to talk to you, what had happened?! At Aka-something, huh, okay, I’ll go there now.”

After Sakura hangs up, Hina wonders what had happened in the café that it is currently closed. It has been three days since Nozomu left the office and she doesn’t have any news ever since then. Hina goes to Hisaki’s office and asks if she can leave during their overtime because she has to meet with her friend. Hisaki lets her go. Hina bows and thanks him. She assures him that this will not happen again. Hisaki smiles and tells her not to mind it too much. After Hina left, the smile on Hisaki’s face vanishes as he looks serious and dark. In a different café, Hina tells Sakura everything that has happened after the group date including what happened between her and Soushi. Sakura cries as she asks why Hina tends to do things to the extreme. Sakura sighs and asks Hina, “Why didn’t you just honestly tell them? Even if you told them about it, it will be okay. Before the group date, Yoshizumi told me that even if you start to fall in love again, they will help you.” Hina realizes what Yoshizumi meant when he told her before that she wasn’t frivolous. Sakura starts to sermon Hina for always doing things to the extreme and not think of her relationship with others. [Not know whether they have a good/close relationship or not] “I know you are like that but at times, you should look carefully at the people around you and believe..” Seeing Hina crying, Sakura says, “Ah, okay already. You’re so depressing and irritating when you cry!” Sakura offers to investigate what happened in the café in place of her since she is also concerned about what happened. Hina thanks her. Standing up, Sakura says, “The last problem will be about the lawyer.” Hina asks what she meant by that. Sakura tells her that even if it is hard, she must think of a way to end it. Hina asks, “End? End what?” Sweatdropping, Sakura says, “I will not help you with that. See you.” Hina is still puzzled by what she meant. Hina arrives back in Hisaki’s apartment. She wonders if Hisaki is still in the office because it is so dark. She is startled when Hisaki welcomes her home from behind. Hisaki asks her if she really saw her friend. Hina is puzzled by his question. She tells him that she met with Sakura, her friend whom he met during the group date before. Hisaki smiles and says that it shouldn’t have been someone like Nozomu coming to meet with her. Hina is speechless. She thinks that Hisaki is thinking of her so he won’t allow her to see the others. “But being like this, it feels like..”

In room 508 of the hospital, Soushi goes to visit Yoshizumi who looks quite relaxed. Yoshizumi apologizes for always troubling him. Soushi says that he looks quite relaxed since he is staying in a private room for just a check-up. Yoshizumi smiles and says, “I’m doing my best to earn money just for this reason. I hate hospital wards. Now that you mentioned it, when you got sick with flu, I’ve realized that it isn’t really convenient if one doesn’t have any family. Being alone can be quite awful--” Soushi asks, “What is it? I’m taking care of you. Aren’t you satisfied?” Yoshizumi sadly says, “That isn’t what I meant.” Soushi says, “Don’t worry. I’ll come here everyday until you are discharged.” Yoshizumi says, “Hey--not concerned about the boss, is that alright?” Soushi is surprised then says, “What’s up with you, saying about that, too. This isn’t about concerned or not. I heard from Nozomu that she is getting married to the lawyer. With things like that, what else can we do?” To Soushi’s surprise, Yoshizumi says, “Then forget it. I also didn’t want her to be dependent on us. I don’t know what Nozomu thinks but that isn’t what I want to happen.” Later on, after lunch break, Hina wonders why she can’t find a place to move to. “No matter where I go, they won’t recommend a good place.” After greeting Ezaki, she notices a text from Sakura. Sakura informs her that Yoshizumi was the one who was hospitalized. “I don’t know the reason but he is currently in [name of hospital] in room 508.” This made Hina worried. She knows that Hisaki will definitely object about it. “I know he he is doing it for my own good but still..” Hina goes to Hisaki’s office and lies that she has a stomachache since this morning and it has gotten worse after she ate lunch. Hisaki is shock by this that he quickly tells her to quickly go to the hospital and just leave the rest of the work to Ezaki. Ezaki overhears this and looks gloomy. Hina apologizes to Hisaki who urges her to hurry and just contact him later on. He is doing something else so he can’t accompany her. Hina runs off as she mentally apologizes to Hisaki. “No matter what, I need to know the situation because I’m very worried. Worry? I know I don’t have any right to be worried [about them]. Going there, I’m not even sure if I’ll be send away. If I’m send away, then I’ll just think what to do then. Right now..” Hina then flags down a taxi and goes to the hospital.

In room 508, Yoshizumi is reading a magazine. He hears someone knocking at the door, Not looking up, he just says, “Ah, Soushi, sorry for the trouble but do you have anything to drink?” He looks at the door then sees Hina. Hina tells him that she can’t sit still upon learning from Sakura about what happened. Yoshizumi smiles and asks her to sit down. Hina is shaking as she is a bit teary eyed. She mentally thanks Yoshizumi [for not rejecting her]. Hina asks him where it hurts. Yoshizumi tells her that it is an old illness so she doesn’t need to worry. “Ah, this occasionally happens but the doctor says that if I live a well-maintained life then I will be able to live a long life. Could it be that you remembered Takatoh-san?” When Yoshizumi mentioned about Kunikazu, Hina asks if she can ask him something. “Why are the three of you gathered together in that café? When I met Nozomu before, I learned about his relationship with Kunikazu. I also know that Kunikazu is Soushi’s sponsor while he was still an athlete. Yukimura-san, could it be that you, too--” Yoshizumi looks a bit nervous then says that it is because she used to be Takatoh-san’s wife that he thought that she will feel uncomfortable hearing about it. “I’m the son of a woman who used to have a relationship with Takatoh-san. My mother isn’t wealthy but she is a very cheerful, bright and energetic woman kind of woman. I like her very much. But, one day, she learned that I need to get a major surgery but our family doesn’t have that kind of money for it. She has thought of a way to get it by lying to Takatoh-san about wanting compensation.” Flashback: Kunikazu told Yoshizumi’s mother that it has been a long time. “I never thought that you’ll come here.” Yoshizumi’s mother says, “The truth is I need some money. My son will be 14 years old soon. He is your child.” Kunikazu replied, “Is that so. How much do you need?” End flashback. “But, I’m not Takatoh-san’s son. At that time, he should also know about it but he still gave the ‘compensation’ that my mom demanded. Not long after the surgery, my mom disappeared. I’ve always waited for my mom but she never came back. She definitely couldn’t forgive herself for using that kind of method to get the money for the surgery because other than her son, there is nothing else that she can boast about.”

”Boss, it is as you thought. All of us in the café are related to Takatoh-san. And we are just like you. Right now, we don’t have any family.” They were interrupted when Soushi, carrying some flowers and a bag of books, arrives. Soushi and Hina look surprised at each other. Soushi just says to Yoshizumi, “How are you? These are the books you asked me to buy for you. And these are get-well-soon flowers from the customer/s.” While Soushi fixes the flowers on the vase, Hina is surprised then closed her eyes. She thinks, “Rejection. Right, I know this is what I should expect. Nanjo-san and Yukimura-san are very nice. But, I already knew that..even so...even so..I can’t bear the pain in my heart.” Yoshizumi says, “You can easily conclude that it is because of that..we are together thought it feels uncomfortable and unnatural. You are originally a weak-willed person that you can’t live without depending on someone. You are overly concerned about what other people would think of you. In your heart, there is a burning desire. A real wish that you won’t dare tell others that you end up hurting yourself. Boss..no, Miss Hina. What is the thing that you want most?” Hina says, “I..” While she thinks, “What I want..The thing that I really wish for..is..”, Hina looks at Soushi who is still fixing the flowers. They were interrupted when Hisaki comes in and apologizes for interrupting. Hisaki tells Hina that he has been trying to contact her and he feels that something is odd. “It turns out that— ” Hisaki grabs Hina’s hand and pulls her. He tells the two guys, “Sorry, I will be taking her back. You have heard about us from Nanjo-kun. From now on, please don’t get in touch with her anymore. Never again!” The two guys look tense. As Hisaki pulls Hina out of the room, Hina starts to cry as she exclaims, “Yukimura-san! I..! I really...” The door is then slams shut.

The two guys are speechless. Yoshizumi calls out Soushi. Soushi tells him that it is better to just ignore it. Soushi is surprised when Yoshizumi says, “You were telling others that because of your knee that you can’t be a professional tennis player anymore. It’s a lie, right? It is because you can’t fight anymore, not because of your leg. It is because you have lost your drive/vitality. Do you plan on losing twice?” Meanwhile, Hina cries to Hisaki that he is hurting her. “Let me go..why..” Hisaki says, “Are you crying? Why don’t you understand what I’ve told you? I’ve been thinking of you that I did my best to keep you away from them!” Hina shouts, “But..! No matter what..! I still like them!” Hisaki pushes Hina on the wall and holds her face. He says, “..‘Them’? It’s ‘him’, right? The one you like. Do you know what I felt while looking after you, I learned that you’ve become that guy’s woman? Now, you have finally come to me. I won’t let you go again.” Hina is surprised by this. She can only say, “Toh—-ah..no..” as Hisaki forces her to kiss him. Soushi is looking for them. He must have run because he is breathing hard. He is then surprised to see Hina and Hisaki kissing.

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