June 13, 2011

V.B. Rose [Chapter 71]

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Waitress Ageha interrupts the commotion in the marriage interview after Tsuyu left with Mitsuya. She tells them that there is a package placed in front of the doorway for Ichihashi-san. [Haha, I messed up in the last chapter. Ichihashi isn’t Tsuyu’s aunt’s name, it’s their surname ^^;] The mother of Michihiko [the one who is being set-up to Tsuyu] shouts at her for interrupting them when they are in the middle of a conversation. Kasumi, Tsuyu’s father, takes the package and looks at his sister who is also puzzled as to what could it be. Kasumi reads the papers inside the package and is surprised by it. The mother of Michihiko looks aghast when Kasumi says out loud that because the stocks has fallen that they are currently in debt. “It isn’t clear as to where your son took the money from the company and his problems regarding women haven’t ceased. What is the meaning of this? Could you explain this to us?” The mother of Michihiko is at a loss as to what to say. Tsuyu’s aunt reads the papers and exclaims in disgust, “Ah, so when we mentioned about our clothing business, you want to take it from us?! How vile!” Kasumi stands up and says, “I think this is enough for now. Let’s go, sis.” Tsuyu’s aunt follows him. She then stops and tells the mother of Michihiko, “But of course, we’ll just pretend that this has never happened.” The mother of Michihiko looks gloomy. Walking out, Tsuyu’s aunt apologizes that her investigation about the other party wasn’t enough. Kasumi tells her not to be too guilty about it. Tsuyu’s aunt says that she was blown away since he was able to clearly say what he should say at that time. Kasumi blushes and says that it is because that is for his precious daughter’s happiness.

Tsuyu’s aunt exclaims that Tsuyu isn’t cute since she should have told them earlier that she already has a boyfriend and he seems quite manly. In the car with Mitsuya, Tsuyu sneezes. [It’s believed that if one randomly sneezes, someone is speaking ill of you.] Kasumi is mildly surprised that he asks his sister, “Weren’t you planning on dealing with Tsuyu?” [I think he meant that she is forcing Tsuyu to get married.] This made Tsuyu’s aunt angry. She shouts, “How could I do that to such a cute girl?! Do you think of your sister as a demon?!” Kasumi looks at her in surprise as his sister is pouting at him. She looks away and says even though the marriage interview is her interest. [like her hobby] Kasumi sweatdrops and says that it seems that she is aware of that. Tsuyu’s aunt says that it is because Tsuyu is always looking depressed at home and since she is young, she’s quite indecisive. “I just want to give her a little push because I’m worried about her. I want her to be happy. And I’m still looking for a great woman for my younger brother to marry.” She wonders why she always fails in marriage interviews wherein one of the parties is her relative. Kasumi smiles as he remembers young Tsuyu calling him and hugging him. He says that because of that woman, he is able to meet Tsuyu. “That is enough for me.” Tsuyu’s aunt smiles back. Then she looks at the package and wonders out loud as to who investigated that information.

In Mitsuya’s car, Mitsuya receives a text to inform him that Yukari and others are going to meet up them at the park. An arrow points to Mitsuya as mastermind. Ageha happily knocks on the car window. An arrow points to Ageha, probably accomplice. Tsuyu opens the window. Ageha happily tells her that the mission is complete. Going out of the car, Mitsuya says that from her expression, it looks like a great success. Ageha exclaims that it is a super huge success. She comments that it seems that he can investigate it to that degree. Mitsuya tells her not to underestimate his resolution. Ageha thinks, “But then, one will not choose that kind of method.” Tsuyu goes out of the car and wonders what happened. She is shock to see a beautiful woman saying, “Hello, duty person, the marriage interview is already ruined, isn’t that great.” Tsuyu remembers that the only person who calls her that [duty person] is Yukari. She is shock to learn that the woman in kimono is Yukari. To Yukari’s dismay, Tsuyu takes out her mobile phone and takes a picture of him. Lol Yukari is still stunned as Tsuyu saves the picture on her phone. Yukari angrily shouts at her why she took his picture. “Give it to me.” Tsuyu says, “No. It is because you are very beautiful that I’m really moved.” Yukari tells her that he doesn’t know what she is talking about. Tsuyu says that she is the one who doesn’t understand. The three are puzzled. Tsuyu exclaims what had happened. The three look surprised. Yukari and Ageha look at Mitsuya. Yukari asks Mitsuya, “Didn’t you tell her?” Mitsuya says that there is no need. Yukari replies, “Of course, there is.”

Mitsuya says, “Tsuyu, this is a picture of Yukari changing into a kimono.” He is holding out his mobile phone. An arrow points that Ageha gave that picture to him. Ageha is also holding out her mobile phone and happily says that Yukari wearing a [waiter] uniform is very beautiful, too. Tsuyu happily asks them to infrared the pictures to her mobile phone. “Please!!” Yukari angrily shouts at the three, “What are you people doing, idiots?!” After beating up Mitsuya lifeless, Yukari explains that in order for them to take Tsuyu smoothly away from the marriage interview, Yukari and others have to infiltrate the restaurant. There is a scene of Kyouichi ecstatic over Yukari asking a favor from ‘papa’ as Yukari shouted that he isn’t his father. Then, Kyouichi introduced Yukari to the owner of the restaurant who is more than happy to cooperate after knowing the real situation of that marriage interview. Tsuyu blushes and asks, “Is that so..then, what is the reason for dressing up like that?” Yukari looks away and looks nervous. Ageha tells her that it is to use his beauty to thoroughly crush the will of the other party [Michihiko] of the marriage interview. This made Yukari angry that he probably presses Ageha’s head since she’s screaming. Ageha shouts, “But it is true!” Tsuyu happily thinks that she also wants to see that scene. Manyou with her daughter says that Yukari is really beautiful. Tsuyu says that it is true. She is then surprised that Manyou is there. She asks why she is there.

Pointing to Yukari and Ageha, Manyou tells Tsuyu that she was the one who did their make-up and hairdo. Mitsuya tells her that he has told Manyou about it and Manyou agreed to help. Manyou says that she has plenty of free time before heading back to work. “Thanks for making me see a really beautiful sight.” Manyou and her daughter are sitting outside as customers and saw Mitsuya and Tsuyu’s ‘love run away’. Manyou tells Tsuyu that she saw her father coming out with her aunt and her father has this relaxed expression. “It’s alright now. No one is in trouble because of this.” Hugging Manyou, Tsuyu is in tears as she thanks her. Mitsuya pulls Tsuyu from Manyou and hugs Tsuyu. He tells Manyou that is his position. Manyou says that he is really quite overly concerned about Tsuyu’s problems. [Maybe she meant he’s overly jealous] Manyou tells them that she is going ahead since Maki is waiting at home. “If there’s something interesting happening next time, don’t hesitate to call me.” Manyou and her daughter wave back and bid them goodbye. Yukari says that no matter how many times he has seen Manyou, she really emits such a manly aura. Mitsuya agrees. Tsuyu calls his attention. Mitsuya realizes that he is hugging her too tightly. He releases her and apologizes.

Tsuyu then says, “Ageha, Yukari, Mitsuya...I have many things that I want to say but then, I can’t truly express them very well.” Tsuyu looks up at them and smiles. “Thank you very much.” Tsuyu thinks, “Giving me courage—thanks” Mitsuya says that it is also time for him to show his gratitude. “I will be making a blow-up huge portrait of Yukari in a kimono and place it in the store.” Ageha and Tsuyu squeal that they approve. Yukari angrily shouts, “Do you want me to kill you!!” Mitsuya laughs as he tells Yukari that he has no strength to say that. [I think he meant it’s 2 vs 1 so Yukari can’t object] Yukari angrily calls him an idiot. Mitsuya hugs him and thanks him for his help. He then pats Yukari and says, “Yukari, you’re really a guy.” This made Yukari furious that he beats up Mitsuya again. He tells Ageha that they are leaving. Ageha happily bids goodbye to the two. Tsuyu looks at Misuya who is lying on the ground. He sits up. Tsuyu asks if he is okay. Mitsuya calls Tsuyu’s name and says, “Thank you for coming out with me.” Tsuyu is surprised then she smiles. Blushing, Tsuyu says, “Thanks for bringing me out.” The two then kiss each other on the lips. “I will never let go of this hand again.” Narration: After a long time, the two are finally together. Continue to love each other until forever.

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