June 13, 2011

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapter 11 + Side Story]

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Yuuga is all dressed up in his school uniform. He turns around and says, I’m off. All the servants are lined up to the doorway as they say, take care on your way, master. Towako, who is followed by Tsubaki, calls out to Yuuga. She says he forgot his neck tie. She puts it on him a bit too tightly. Blushing, Towako points to her lips and says that he also forgotten something very important. Yuuga says that is too funny when he is just going to school. Towako exclaims saying it is too funny is too much. Yuuga says so what does she want him to say and don’t call him master. It is September 1, the start of school. Towako asks isn’t he going, she has to go in and change her clothes. Just then, Setsuna and Utsugi arrive. Utsugi asks if they are finished preparing. Yuuga’s expression quickly soured. He complains, you guys again, please, disappear from my sight. Setsuna laughs and evilly says even if I have to chase you to hell, I will definitely separate you from my sister. Yuuga shouts, ah, too noisy! Towako is happy for she thought that two are bonding. Utsugi approaches Tsubaki and greets her. He says he rarely sees her in a school uniform and it really suits her. Tsubaki says that is why I hate you. Utsugi freaks out and asks why when he just praised her. Tsubaki tells Yuuga to take care and the car is already ready because they aren’t going to the same school. Yuuga says goodbye and left. A small diagram shows that third year high Yuuga goes to ordinary school, third year high Towako goes to exclusive girls school, second year high Setsuna goes to exclusive boys school, first year high Tsubaki and junior high Utusugi go to some other school. After Yuuga left, Towako and others quickly start to change and prepare for school.

In school, a couple of girls and a couple of guys greet Yuuga. Yuuga is relieved that the car only brought him halfway so that they didn’t see it. A girl says that they weren’t able to contact him during the break and only heard that he is working in some other place. Some girls apart from Yuuga’s group are talking about Yuuga having a haircut. A girl asks if Yuuga has a girlfriend. Another girl says he doesn’t. The girl asks so who are the girls beside him. There is Saho is the unwavering iron girl because she is the daughter of a representative [congressman] that even teachers are afraid of her. The other one is Reimei who is quite bewitching that the guys who likes her can’t escape and currently, her goal is Yuuga. Because of those two, the other girls can’t get near Yuuga. In class, Saho, who is Yuuga’s seatmate, complains about hearing her nickname being ‘iron girl’ when it doesn’t make sense. Reimi is clinging on to Yuuga and says she finds Yuuga really interesting. Reimi notices the ring that Yuuga is wearing. She asks Yuuga about it and doesn’t he hate wearing such things. She is about to touch the ring when Yuuga tells her not to touch it. This surprises Reimi as Yuuga says that the ring is no big deal. This made Reimi and Saho suspicious. Reimie says how scary. Yuuga says he has been always like that, they must have forgotten. Just then, someone calls out and says that there is a female transfer student and the guys will be very happy about it. He has seen her walking through the hallway, it’s really great, she is very beautiful, and her black hair flows in the wind.

Just then, the teacher enters the room and tells everyone to sit down for he is going to introduce the new transfer student. Yuuga is shock to see that it is Towako. All the boys around him are screaming and fussing about Towako. Towako introduces herself and tells them that she is from an exclusive girls school and it is the first time she is going to that kind of school so there are many things that she doesn’t know. She hopes everyone will help her. Someone whispers that school Towako mentioned is a school for rich girls so why would she transfer to their school. Another wonders if it is because of their uniform. Curly haired guy says she is so cute as if she is from another world. He then notices that Yuuga isn’t listening to him. Towako is really happy that Yuuga is really surprised when she enters the room. She happily thinks that from now on, they can go lovey-dovey together as they go through school life. The teacher tells Towako to take a seat. Approaching Yuuga, Towako points to Saho’s seat and asks if she can sit there. Yuuga is utterly shock that he wants to disappear. Saho is furious. Reimi says that’s unfair, then, she would also want to sit next to Yuuga. All the other girls start to raise their hands and say they also want to sit next to Yuuga. Towako is surprised by this as the teacher tells her that Saho is already sitting there so.. Towako thinks that is quite problematic. Yuuga thinks he thought his heart is going to jump out.

To everyone’s shock, Towako pulls out a huge bundle of money from her wallet and asks how much does Saho wants for her to give that seat to her. She only has this much money now. Saho angrily says, stupid, do you thinks because of money, you can do anything, what kind of person are you. Saho slams the table and shouts, stop kidding around! Yuuga quickly goes between them and tells Saho to stop. Saho is surprised by this. Yuuga apologizes and says that Towako doesn’t quite understand things, he will talk to her. Towako asks what’s the matter. Yuuga shouts, stupid, come with me. Reimi asks Yuuga if he knows Towako. Towako says I’m Yuuga’s.. Yuuga quickly covers Towako’s mouth that everyone is looking at them. Towako tries to free herself but Yuuga only tells them that she is family. He quickly tells them, see you later as he grabs Yuuga and goes out of the classroom. It made everyone wondering what is that about. Somewhere in school, Yuuga shouts what is Towako doing there. Towako says because it is said that ‘the wife should be with the husband’ and she just wants to surprise him. Please do not be so angry. Yuuga says he isn’t angry but it is because of what she just did. He asks if she really wants to study there. Towako says she does. He tells her not to use money to solve things for it will make others angry. Towako says she doesn’t want to do it either but before in her school, she gets to choose where she wants to sit. Yuuga says enough, also, don’t tell anyone that we are married. Towako protests about this. Yuuga says it will be quite troublesome if the others knew and there will be a lot of questions asked since he is just depending on a scholarship to study. Yuuga says her ring will be quite problematic, too. He asks for it then he puts it on his necklace. He puts the necklace on her. He says it won’t be too noticeable since her hair is long. Towako looks a bit sad and thinks that she knows what Yuuga is saying but.. Towako asks Yuuga if it would have been better if she didn’t come for she only wanted to make Yuuga happy. Yuuga is surprised by this then gives her a hickey on the neck. Yuuga whispers in her ear, stupid, how can I be unhappy. He says they should go as Towako happily goes to him.

In the gym for the opening ceremonies, Yuuga goes into another shock for the day. [Lol] It is Setsuna who is also in their school and currently surrounded by girls. Pointing to Setsuna, Yuuga exclaims to Towako as to why is Setsuna there. Towako says it is because Setsuna also wants to come. Yuuga shouts for her to deter Setsuna [from going to his school]. Towako says that Setsuna said his illness is better and if he gets an attack while in the exclusive boys school, it will be very bad. Yuuga shouts I don’t care. He then gloomily says ah, ah, really, not only at the house but also at school. Towako wonders if the two guys relationship isn’t that good. Just then, a temporary teacher is being introduced. Towako says the new teacher looks familiar. Yuuga says the new teacher gives him a bad feeling. And the third shock for the day is the new teacher is the guy from the monkey island. Later on, the two are talking near a building. Towako asks what should they do when that guy knows that they are married. Yuuga says he really thought that he won’t see that guy anymore but then, maybe that guy won’t remember them. Yuuga tells Towako that they should not have anything to do with that teacher and if he is in class, they would just not raise up their heads. Towako says, okay. Yuuga then whines why does the situation keep on turning bad, he no longer have any quiet place to rest. Towako frets over this and tries to pacify Yuuga. Looking at them afar, Reimi and other girls are complaining why are Yuuga and Towako together. Reimi says she doesn’t understand, when did Yuuga have a rich relative. It’s really suspicious. Saho says it would be better not to mind that other people’s business. Reimi is displeased as she looks at the couple and says, it just makes her angry.

At the faculty room, Towako just talked with a teacher and she takes her leave. She sighs a relief that it is good that it isn’t that guy [new teacher]. She wonders if it is just a coincidence that guy is also there at school. She tries to hurry for Yuuga and Setsuna are waiting outside. She thinks that she is giving too much trouble to Yuuga, it seems it isn’t good to do this thing.. Suddenly, someone grabs her and covers her mouth. Outside, Setsuna and Yuuga are waiting for Towako near a bench. Setsuna is uneasy as to why it is taking Towako too long to get there when she told them to wait there. Setsuna gets angry and points at Yuuga. He shouts why is Yuuga not at his sister’s side. Yuuga says why is he asking why, the homeroom teacher wants to talk with Towako at the faculty room and he can’t let others see them together especially that guy [new teacher]. Setsuna is getting nervous that if something happens [to Towako] in this school... Yuuga starts to look nervous. Last scene is inside the social studies[?] room, the door is locked. The new teacher is still covering Towako’s mouth. He says, hi, I’ve come to get you.

It is a good thing that Yuuga’s heart is quite healthy else he won’t survive the many shocks and surprises in a day. Hehe I feel as if the author is bullying Yuuga. ^^;; Speaking of bullying, I wonder if Towako will get herself bullied by the other girls especially Reimi since they are jealous of her. I do wonder what their reaction will be when they learn she is actually Yuuga’s wife. Will they back off if they knew? I think that someone has send the monkey guy to that school. It is no coincidence that he is there. Why is he after Towako? Also, Towako is so stupid to try to offer money for a seat beside Yuuga. I guess she is just desperate. Hehe, it’s amazing what Setsuna will do because of his sister complex for Towako. Hmm..I wonder if Towako can get out of this situation by herself or the two guys will help her? Also, it seems that the ninja bodyguards have some sort of romance going on, too. =P

Side story: It is about Yuuga before he met Towako. Past: Reimi always took his picture on her mobile phone but Yuuga always cover his face when she does. As the others laughed about the picture that Reimi tried to take, Yuuga asked what do they do with the picture they took. Reimi and Saho looked at each other and told him that it is fun to look at it later on and think of that feeling when it was taken. Yuuga returned home and thought he still doesn’t understand that feeling they are talking about and there is no other thing that he wants to reflect about. A picture of him, his sister and mother is pinned on a board. Their faces aren’t shown. He is just a cold hearted high school student who doesn’t think his past and future is interesting. A past that cannot be changed. An unsure future. I always thought that either of the two has meaning. As that day [his birthday] approaches, that is what he thought. A door bell rang so he opened the door. He is surprised to see a ninja girl [Tsubaki] and others standing outside. Tsubaki said good day, Yuuga-young master, we have come to fetch you. Huh? They grabbed him and tossed him into the car then drove away. Eh? He is the tied to a post. What? Towako bowed to him as she introduced herself as his future wife. Yuuga is really confused as to what is this all about. Married when they just met! Towako keep on raving about it that he doesn’t understand what she is saying. Could it be that he is having a dream. What is happening?! Yuuga angrily shouted even if I’m dreaming, don’t do that, how could I marry you! Towako is shock then started freaking out. It seemed that the situation is like that about this family tradition is for them to get married just because they are born at the same time. This person [Towako] is also thinking that way. He doesn’t understand all this.

A scene of Towako telling him that since one year old, she gets a picture of him. She gets one every time it is her birthday. Everyday, she thinks of things related to him. ‘I want to see him soon; he is definitely a great guy.’ Towako said she didn’t thought he was this kind of person. Yuuga thought that his picture which Towako is looking at is some other person as she imagines that he is some Yuuga-young master. Yuuga imagines himself with a crown and laughing haha. While they are together, Yuuga notices that Towako is so naïve, stupid and yet innocent as they happily ate together, Yuuga made her hair into pigtails, Towako fell into the traps and looked into his shorts. He started to think of the future if it will change if he is with Towako. He is then sitting beside sleeping Towako. He wondered about his picture that Towako is always looking at, it seems that person isn’t him. If it is the Yuuga-young master, he would definitely accept her love. He wondered why he is into that mood. He touched Towako’s hair and thought what is it like to look at the future with someone you love. Scene changes to Towako looking for his picture in the pond. Yuuga shouted what is she doing. Towako said she is looking for his picture. He tried to get her out of the water as Towako thrashed about saying that she has always been looking at that picture and she might not be able to see him again if it is gone. He brought her up out of the water and told her that there is no such person, the real one is right here. Yuuga narrates: I’m also jealous. It is the first time I have this crazy feeling. His opponent is just a picture. It could be said that it is all because of this girl.

Present: Towako happily looks at an album and says that Yuuga is really cute when he is young. This kind of smile can’t be seen anymore. Yuuga sweatdrops and looks at her. Yuuga says isn’t that the one which fell into the water. Towako says she had it reprinted and she is now keeping it in a safe place. She says that last year’s picture is also nice. Yuuga looks a bit gloomy and tells her that even if she keep on looking at those picture, he won’t turn into ‘Yuuga-young master’ Towako says she knows and she is happy to look at the pictures because it is Yuuga’s past. Yuuga looks surprised. Towako says at this time, it is also a good opportunity to take a picture. She calls out to Tsubaki if she has a camera. Towako happily tells Yuuga that taking a picture together then looking at them together is really ‘happiness’. Yuuga looks surprised again then he smiles. Yuuga narrates, now, I somewhat understand that kind of feeling of re-living that past moment [through the pictures]. Tsubaki gives Towako a camera. She looks at Yuuga that they have a picture. To her surprise, Yuuga takes her picture on his mobile phone when she turns to him. Towako blushes and asks what is he doing. Towako tries to get it but Yuuga says why, it looks good. Yuuga tells Towako to also give him all of her pictures when she was young. Towako asks why, she doesn’t want to. Yuuga says it is unfair for she always secretly takes his pictures. As Towako protests and Yuuga is smiling, Yuuga narrates, going to the future together, is not bad at all. The last scene is a picture of Towako which he took and saved it on his phone.

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