June 13, 2011

Yoru Cafe -My Sweet Knights- [Chapter 14-15 (Final Chapter)]

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The café has re-opened after a few days and business is picking up again but-- Hina is looking quite gloomy as she peeks out the café. Yoshizumi feels uneasy as he senses her aura from behind. Hina freaks out when a woman customer touches Soushi’s arm. “Get-your-hand-off-him—Geez,--Soushi is even smiling like that!” She then remembers that the café selling point is the three guys and most of the customers are women so of course, that thing will happen. Hina gloomily goes back in. Soushi tells Yoshizumi that a customer wants blue mountain coffee. Yoshizumi whispers to Shoushi that the boss is looking quite gloomy so he should check up on her. He asks Yoshizumi what happened. Yoshizumi tells him that Hina just saw him with that woman customer. Soushi is shock and aghast. He asks could it be just because of that. Yoshizumi says that people change. Soushi peeks inside and is aghast to see Hina huddled in one corner, looking gloomy. Soushi nervously tells her that kind of situation is quite normal. To cheer her up, he says, “Next time..do you want to see the tennis school where I play..?” Hina’s ear becomes big and she happily exclaims if she can. Soushi is relieved and tells her that she can enter if he registers her for the first trial [free trial/trial before you can enter]. He then touches her face and tells her that he will be quite troubled if she is jealous just because of that. “That is only work.” Hina says that she knows but she can’t help it. Just when they are about to kiss, Nozomu enters the room and tells them to quit doing that when he’s there. They are shock and embarrassed. Hina asks him why he is there. Nozomu angrily says that they had run out of cakes so he came to get some. Nozomu gets the cakes and asks Hina if she is going to the club where Soushi plays. Hina says she is but, it will be the first trial. To Soushi’s shock, Nozomu tells Hina to be careful because in that school, Soushi is more popular than he is in the café. Hina looks at Soushi who is angry at Nozomu for being so talkative.

At the tennis school, Hina got Sakura to join her. Sakura laments that the players there are mostly mothers. Hina then sees Soushi in a tennis outfit and starts raving happy about it. Sakura is a bit embarrassed by Hina’s behavior as she introduces herself and Hina to the others. An older woman comments that it is rare to see a young student. Soushi starts to become nervous. Hina dreamily looks at Soushi as she thinks that it is like a dreame for she never thought that she’ll get to see Soushi play again and now, he is her lover. After Soushi serves the ball, Hina is furious as she exclaims why he didn’t send it at 200km speed. Soushi looks aghast as he says if he did that, the student can’t hit it. At the lockers, Sakura laments that because of Hina, she is embarrassed to death. Hina apologizes and says that she is feeling like a high schooler. Sakura says that because she is like that, they can’t get into the club. When they head out of the locker, they see a huge number of women trying to set Soushi up with girls = ‘marriage interview’. Soushi tries to decline them then he sees Hina looking shock and nervous. He quickly goes to Hina and tells everyone that he plans to marry this girl [Hina] so about the marriage interview.. The women look shock then happily says that he should have told them earlier. Hina thinks that compare to being happy about what Soushi said, her brain is a total blank. On the way home, Sakura says that Hina really got herself a popular guy and in her life, no one has proposed to her like that. She asks Hina why she doesn’t look happy. Hina says that she is re-marrying whereas Soushi is marrying for the first time. Sakura says that Soushi doesn’t seem to mind that. Hina also says that if they did marry, they will have to leave that building. Sakura says that is right for the building is her ex-husband’s [inheritance to her]. Hina thinks that her brain becomes total blank because she doesn’t want to face what is ahead of her. At the café, Hina asks Nozomu what he plans to do after he passes the exam [licence exam?]. He says that he will be working at a department and if he is free, he’ll work there. He asks if Hina is thinking that him leaving the place. He tells her that if he can’t work there anymore, he’ll just find some other new job. He is going to ask her about Soushi's school but Yoshizumi tells him to quickly change his clothes for work. Hina looks a bit sad as she thinks that Nozomu wants the four of them to always work there together.

In bed, Hina sighs and says that this is quite hard. Soushi asks what she is saying. Hina asks him which one he likes better, her or tennis. Soushi pauses then says, Hina. Hina says that it took him two seconds to answer that. Hina says that she can’t choose between two important things and there are times when she doesn’t want to choose. Soushi says that he doesn’t know what she is saying but then, if there is any problem, she can talk to him about it. Hina laughs and says yes. Soushi says that it isn’t really a problem but how about trying to think of a way to change the situation of always having to go to a love hotel. Hina apologizes that her voice is just too loud. He sweatdrops when she says that even so, it [this experience] is quite ‘new/fresh’ to her. Hina thinks that Hisaki told her that this is all set-up by Kunikazu but then, what did Kunikazu planned for their future. Yoshizumi goes into the office and sees Hina working early. Hina tells him that she is doing the month’s accounting. She asks if he is going out since lately, he has been going out. Yoshizumi says that he is looking for ways to earn money. This shocks Hina. He tells her not to be that nervous for he has been thinking of a lot of things since his savings has been depleted after his hospitalization before. Hina offers to increase his salary but Yoshizumi turns her down and says that her consideration is enough for her. Hina tells him not to be shy since she is partly the reason why he was hospitalized. Yoshizumi says that for the future, he doesn’t plan on keep on earning money in that place. She asks why. He tells her that he lives like a bum in that place – if he doesn’t have money, he works and if he has a little money, he doesn’t work. It will be troublesome if he died in that place like that so he wanted to end that kind of lifestyle. He wanted to peaceful go so he is looking for work. Hina says that would mean he is leaving the café. Yoshizumi says that is right for that place is quite nice but then, it has been quite a long time already because this place makes one ‘comfortable’. Hina starts crying as she says that it is all because of her – coming to the café, that place isn’t comfortable anymore. She tells him that she has always been afraid of this. “It’s because I’ve fallen in love. I’m the boss and I ruined this place.” Yoshizumi pats her head to comfort her and says that she is thinking too much. He never said that this place is now uncomfortable but then, a person cannot always remain the same. He tells her that she and Soushi have changed so he thought that he cannot always be like that. “That’s why, I’m quite grateful to the two of you.” Taking out a handkerchief, he nervously tells her to stop crying because he fears that Soushi will kill him for making her cry.

Hina thinks that even as Yoshizumi tries to comfort her, it is still a fact that because of her and Soushi, the café’s future has changed. Yet, even if that is so, she cannot bring herself to discard Soushi. The two are about to kiss when Soushi asks her if she is thinking of something. Hina says that it is nothing. She doesn’t want that she is the only one happy. Because they helped her to be happy, she also wants to do something for them. In the bathtub together, Hina suddenly shouts to Soushi that she doesn’t know what is best so could he please wait for her answer to his proposal. This surprises Soushi that he asks what proposal. Hina tells her about what he said at the tennis club before and she has been thinking about it for some time already. Soushi realizes that is what’s troubling her. She tells him that she is a widow and there is still about the building, the café and even Yoshizumi and Nozomu. Soushi says that even if he said that, there is no hurry, she can just slowly think about it but then, how about thinking of a solution about them having to go to the love hotel. Soushi looks a bit gloomy then he tells her that they do it one more time since they still have some time [at the hotel]. Hina says that there is no more time since there is only 20 minutes left and they just took a bath. He puts her on the bathroom floor and starts doing his thing. She thinks that Soushi is acting strange like that. She holds his face and asks if he is jealous of Yoshizumi and Nozomu. Soushi is shock since he didn’t realize it. She tells him that she knows that she cannot protect the building and the café’s current situation yet she also wants to be with him. “But..I really like that place.” Soushi then apologizes to her. She then asks if he really knows his situation that he is going to marry a widow. He asks why she is saying that now. She says that she has a huge appetite. Soushi says that is true. She says that she becomes a crazed love maniac when drunk so it’s quite troublesome. Soushi says that there’s no need for her to say that. “Even if it is like that, I still think Hina is the best.” Hina thinks that there are many things that she doesn’t want to lose. Not only there are sad things, but there are happy things that happened since she came to that place.

While sweeping the floor, Hina wonders if Soushi has realized what he just did last night but then, that kind of Soushi [forceful] is rarely seen. They had a couple of guests so Nozomu has to call out to Hina loudly since she is day-dreaming. At the office where everyone is gathered, the men give them their calling card. After introducing themselves to be from the development group of that place, they tell Hina and others that they are planning to develop that place into a commercial place and shopping street. After many studies, it is learned that people commented that place is quite narrow so they are going to re-develop that place and it includes that building. Everyone is shock. Nozomu exclaims if they meant that they have to move out. One of men tells them that there will be compensation. They tell them to look at the data in the folder. Nozomu shouts that isn’t what he meant. The men say that they are going to leave it there and leave for now. Nozomu is going to protest but Yoshizumi stops him and tells him to consider the boss. Hina still looks stunned for something happened that she never thought will happen. They were surprised when Yoshizumi says that this is a good opportunity because Nozomu cannot work in that place forever. “Everyone has their own different future. There is no reason for us to be staying in this place. So, I think that this is an opportunity to end this kind of life.” Nozomu is depressed about this. Hina tries to stop Yoshizumi from saying anymore but Yoshizumi tells Nozomu that he should also know this. Nozomu looks flustered. Hina notices that Nozomu is clenching his fist. Nozomu says that even if it is like that, don’t he feel even a little lonely. Yoshizumi tells him that the those two are two different things and he only came to accept this situation. Nozomu just says, “..Is that so..” He apologizes and says that he won’t be working that night. Hina calls out to him. Soushi tells her that he’ll be the one to talk with Nozomu. After they left, Hina tells Yoshizumi that she never thought that he will act such a cruel part. Yoshizumi tells her that is his true feelings and sooner or later, he will say it. Also, it will be quite ruthless for Hina to be the one to say it. He then says that he is going to prepare for the opening of the café. Hina asks that if he will be lonely if the store isn’t there anymore. Yoshizumi says, “But of course.” That day, Nozomu didn’t report to work. Hina thinks that even if Yoshizumi say that people change but he still needs something that ‘doesn’t change’ so.. The next few days, Hina is always in a hurry to go out whenever Nozomu is about to tell her something. He asks Soushi what’s up with Hina, always in a rush. Soushi says that he also doesn’t know. Yoshizumi tells them that Hina is probably trying to find ways for them not to leave that place.

That night, Soushi rings the doorbell in Hina’s apartment. There is no answer so he enters in. He finds her sleeping on the bed. He sits down on the bed and looks at her. Hina suddenly wakes up and exclaims in surprise when she sees him. She apologizes for they were suppose to go out yet she fallen asleep because she is tired from going out every night. Soushi says that it is okay. He then asks what she has learned so far about the possibility of them having to move out of the building. She asks if she didn’t tell him yet. Soushi tells her that everyone is quite bothered by it. She says that it is hard because the other businesses agree to it and it is useless if they are the only ones who object. She also asked around about the people who were forced to move but.. He pats her head and tells her not to force herself. He says that he is going back, good night. After he left, Hina thanks him and apologizes because she wants to continue doing her best regarding this. Hina nervously dials Hisaki’s phone. She tells herself not to do that for it will be quite shameless to ask him after what happened before. In the end, she decides to call. She stutters as she introduces herself and apologizes for suddenly calling him but there is some important matter that she wants to consult his expertise as a lawyer. Hisaki asks if it is about being asked to move from the building. She exclaims how he knew. Hisaki says that because of some reasons. He then set an appointment with her. Hina is really nervous as she wonders what kind of face she should have in talking with Hisaki. Upon arriving, to the restaurant, she is shock to see Soushi and Hisaki together – having a drink. The two lovers are shock to see each other and shout what they are doing there. Hisaki just uses his fingers to plug his ears from all the shouting in shock. =P Hisaki tells them that after Hina called, Soushi called him so he thought that it is best for them to meet together to talk about the same problem. He says that it seems that the two are keeping things from each other but then, that is their style. “Regarding the thing that you both are asking, it’s difficult.” The two are surprised. He says that it is hard to tell them but then, the one who plans to develop the place is Takatoh Group and he is their lawyer. He tells them that even if he can help them, the truth is, he cannot guarantee that they can escape the possibility of being driven away from the place. Hina is quite sad about this. Hisaki says that there is something that he doesn’t understand. “It’s normal for Miss Hina would want to stay in that building but is there any reason for Sawatari-kun to want to stay? To be honest, the current you, you would really want to bring her out of there.” Soushi says, “..perhaps..but that thing doesn’t matter because it isn’t Hina’s current wish. If it is related to Hina’s wish, no matter what it is, I can nod to it. Hina’s wish is my wish.” Hina blushes upon hearing that. Hisaki sadly says, “Is that so..” Hisaki smiles and says he understands and no wonder he can’t win against Soushi. He tells them that even if it is like that, they shouldn’t stay in that building because right now, they are still too considerate of each other, and hiding while doing all sort of things. He says that it would seem that they cannot sever the bonds and still tries to be considerate of the other. Since they have each other, they shouldn’t be inflexible about a certain place. He stands up and says that it is just the point of view of an outsider. He then says that he is going to take his leave. Just before leaving, Hisaki turns around and smiles. He says, “Ah, that’s right, that’s right..I wish you luck..I wanted to say that, but Miss Hina, if you come to hate a ‘super nice’ guy, please come see me anytime. ♥” The two are tense when he said that while Soushi feels ill. =P

At Kunikazu’s grave, Soushi asks why she suddenly wants to go there. Praying at the grave, Hina says because of many things. He asks if she is still depending on Kunikazu even if he is already there. Hina says it isn’t that. She tells him that if it is the ‘former’ her would be like that but right now, she wants to break away from the person who arranged this good way for her because they have already passed through the turning point. Soushi thinks that she has really changed. He says that he understands Kunikazu’s feelings for he wanted to do at least some things for his important person and even if she hates it, he still wants to communicate with her. He tells her that they also need that kind of communication and they will have to tell the others. He offers to be the one to talk to Nozomu about it. Hina says that there is also another reason why she wants to come here. She stands up and smiles. “Sawatari-kun, will you marry me. Just now, I thought that there is no need to hesitate. I should quickly get this person. I need you in my life so...” Soushi looks surprised. He touches her face and says that he also needs her. “I finally found the woman whom I will always love whole-heartedly. Even death cannot part us.” The two kiss. When they arrive at the café, Nozomu is waiting for them. Nozomu holds Hina’s hand and tells her to come with him for he wants to talk to her. In the staff room, Nozomu tells her that he is moving out to some nearby place. Hina asks why he is saying this so suddenly. Nozomu says that he realized what Hina has been doing and there is no need for her to stay there just because of him. Nozomu says that while living at his relatives’ house, he always thought of not wanting to be labeled as a ‘loser’ so even if he is being stepped on, he will still climb up. “But, here, together with everyone, living with boss, I don’t know why the ‘knife’ has become dull. So, I still want to leave this place, I’ll also go back to the starting point. But, I accept boss’ feelings [for trying hard for him]. Thanks.” Hina starts crying. She cries that she wasn’t able to do something for him. She is surprised when Nozomu gives her a kiss on the lips. He whispers, “This is a thank you gift. Keep this a secret from Soushi.” Hina is really nervous about it as Nozomu tells her that he’ll see her later. He goes out and sticks out his tongue as Hina shouts his name. She then starts crying again.

”Half a year later, Queen’s Café quietly closed shop where I and the others had a lot of memories.” In a tennis stadium, older Nozomu greets Hina who already sitting in one of the seats. Nozomu tells her that he has rushed there. She asks him how’s work. Nozomu drinks a can of beverage and angrily says that he is so busy that he thought he’ll die. “There isn’t even any time to rest!” He asks where Yoshizumi is. Yoshizumi says if he is calling him. Yoshizumi takes his seat. Hina says that it has been a long time. Yoshizumi apologizes and says that he has been in the television station so he came late. Hina says that she has seen on the television while she is at the consultation room. With a gloomy –can’t believe it- expression, she says she never thought that mother-daughter-in-law comedy author is actually Yoshizumi. [He uses a pseudonym.] Hina mutters if that kind of work is okay for his health. With the same expression, Nozomu says that aside from his main income, that work has become a continuous television drama and this year, he is earning millions. Nozomu mutters why it is like that and he feels like he loses to Yoshizumi [in terms of income =P]. They then say that Soushi has come out. They say that Soushi is quite great for being able to compete in this first match as a comeback athlete. Within the country, there is no one who can compete against him. They then ask Hina what is the current situation. Hina looks surprise then says that it isn’t stable yet. The two look surprise at her. [Perhaps that isn't what they are really asking.] Nozomu then shouts, “Hey, Soushi--! We came to cheer for you! Papa--” Yoshizumi shouts, “Do your best! [gambatte]—Papa--” This surprises Hina that she puts her hand together and apologizes to Soushi. The two guys keep on laughing while teasing Soushi. Soushi looks angrily at them and says, “You guys..the competition is about to start..why don’t you guys quit while you’re ahead!” The End.

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