June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 22]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on March 12, 2009

While Yukito is hugging Kotori, she remembers him thanking her. Kotori then thanks him since he liked someone like her who likes Memories of Falling in Love. Yukito says he is very nervous and also worried that she is angrybecause he thinks that she already knows the reason. Kotori is surprised by that. She says that she isn't angry but compared to that, she wants to thank him. She tells him that it is because of him, she gets to be friends with Abe and Natsume. “Now I feel that school is more interesting than before.” She thinks that her world has opened just because of Yukito. Yukito admits that the truth behind his confession is that he has heard that Kotori will be going on a group date with the guys in Shoei High. He had stopped her from going else, she might meet his brother who is studying there. Yukito tells her that he has some sort of 'antagonism/conflict' with his brother. “Even if I'm not sure if you will get to met my brother nevertheless, I stopped you and got you to go steady with me...I have always been regretful for saying those important words like that. But even if it's like that, if you still trust the current me, I will be very happy..” Kotori holds his hands and says that she trust the current Yukito. This made Yukito exclaim out loud that it's great that she isn't angry. With a silly smile on his face, Yukito sighs in relief and says, “I can finally relax. It's great. It's great.” Kotori thinks that he kept on repeating 'it's great' that it is making her unable to become happy. Yukito laughs and says that he has always been thinking that she'll be angry and it's quite troublesome. This made Kotori hug him tight that he shouts out in pain. Kotori shouts for him to at least fake a bit that he's depressed. Yukito says why should he when she isn't angry. Kotori shouts that even if she isn't angry, he should look a bit worried. Slightly irked, he tells her not to say those kinds of things when she just wants him to hug her. Yukito is getting back at Kotori by hugging her tight. Kotori tells him to let her go. Yukito says he won't even if people are already looking at them.

Kotori is walking back to Natsume's house while Yukito follows her from behind. He asks if she is angry. Kotori angrily says she's not. He apologizes for teasing her like that so she shouldn't walk too fast. Kotori exclaims that is her normal walking pace. Pouting, Yukito says that there's an insect on Kotori's face. Kotori exclaims where. Yukito points to her face then says that he's just teasing her. This made Kotori hit laughing Yukito. She tells him to quit teasing her. Natsume opens the door and welcomes them back. She tells the two that their voices are so loud that she can hear them clearly inside. This embarrasses the two as Kotori is surprised that they already arrived. Natsume goes into a thinking pose upon seeing Yukito since she remembered him following them at the convenient store. Yukito tells Natusme, “Then, I'll leave Kotori under your care.” He bids Kotori goodbye and tells her that he'll see her at school. Natsume tells Kotori that her boyfriend is quite cool to say 'I'll leave Kotori under your care'. Kotori gets embarrassed by it and tries to say some sort of excuse. Natsume then tells Kotori that Yukito looks like a character in Memories of Falling in Love. This surprises Kotori. In Natsume's room, Natsume tells her to play on her own first while she prepares the bath. Yukito writes her an email to apologize and hope that she will be in good spirits tomorrow. Yukito gets a picture from her. She is flashing a v-sign and smiling to say that she's not angry. But then, Yukito becomes gloomy because he sees a huge Hikaru poster behind her. He wonders if she is still angry. Kotori remembers something. She cuts out a hair-shape cutout from the notebook then finds a picture of Yukito on her phone. She then puts the 'wig' cutout on Yukito. She blushes and thinks that he looks a bit the same as a character in the game.

At school, the others are talking about the exams that are coming up. Kotori is looking at her Memories of Falling in Love book and says that he really looks the same. Yukito says that she's quite easy-going to be looking at that book when exams are coming soon. “Are you in good spirits now?” Kotori says she is and asks if he has seen her email. Yukito gloomily says that he did. He groans and tells her not to be angry anymore because he apologized already about teasing her and the reason why he had gone steady with her. Kotori thinks that she isn't angry anymore and it seems that Hikaru poster has a huge impact on Yukito. Yukito then tells her that he'll do anything what she wants. Kotori asks if it's really do what she wants. Yukito suddenly takes back his word. Kotori asks why, when he just said so a while ago. Blushing a bit, Yukito finally asks her what she wants. Kotori happily says, “Cosplay ♥ If you can cosplay as someone in Memories of Falling in Love..” Yukito tells her to quit joking around. Kotori becomes gloomy. Yukito tells her who would actually do that kind of thing. To Yukito's shock, Kotori excitedly tells him that she and Natsume talked about it and that is if Yukito made his hair blond [gold] and long, it will be nice. She shows him of the picture of the character on her book and exclaims that he looks like M-kun of Memories of Falling in Love and his expression makes one feel good while A-kun makes one feel fresh so she likes M-kun more. Yukito looks gloomy and aghast. At the men's room, Yukito sees some guys talking. Yukito calls out a guy and says that his hair is quite long. To the guy's shock, Yukito pretends that guy's hair is his. Lol. He looks at the mirror and wonders if he really looks the same with that character. “It really infuriates me.” The guy asks what's up with him. His friend explains that it is because Yukito's girlfriend said he looks like an anime character. Yukito angrily exclaims that it's a game character and not an anime character. His friend says that he understands what Yukito feels for being compared to that character and it's Memories of Falling in Love [of all games]. Yukito gloomily asks if he is laughing at him. Abe tells Yukito that it isn't something to be gloomy about because at least Yukito is compared with a human since the girl he used to like, told him that he is like her pet rabbit. Yukito says he doesn't know if he should be happy or not about what Abe said. Abe and friend tell Yukito to try it out because it will make his girlfriend happy. Yukito asks if they have some ulterior motive for saying that. They say a bit, because when Yukito is problematic, he looks quite 'naïve'. They laugh at him as Yukito angrily shouts at them.

Elsewhere, Natsume is talking with Kotori. Kotori offers to lend her notes to Natsume for the exams next week since her grades are in danger of failing because she wasn't able to go to school for a long period in April. Natsume thanks her and says that it's a big help. She asks Kotori if she had fun yesterday. Kotori says she did and her eyes are still reddish. Natsume says of course since they played and got all the characters. She tells Kotori that she is quite sleepy throughout the class. Kotori says that she is also sleepy and she shouldn't be since exams are coming soon. She tells Natsume that she is quite surprised that Natsume-classmate is really good at all sorts of games. Natsume then exclaims and tells her to drop the -classmate when addressing her. Kotori says that Natsume also called her with a -classmate at the end. The two then tries calling each others name without the prefix but ends up becoming embarrassed. Kotori says that she is still not used to it. Natsume replies she doesn't know why she feels embarrassed. [Hehe..I guess it is really the first time they have real close friends ^^;] The two girls laugh. Natsume says that they are really weird and they should just take their time getting used to addressing each other. On the way back to their classroom, Natsume suggests to Kotori about studying with Yukito. She tells her that it is a good opportunity for them to be together and in the dating game, there are also situations like that. Kotori imagines what it is like with Hikaru in the game. She blushes and tells Natsume that she wants to try it with Yukito since Yukito said earlier that he'll do whatever she wants. In the classroom, Yukito darkly says no. Kotori is stunned then she says that it is because exams are coming soon so it would be nice if they study together. Yukito asks why does it have to be at his house. Kotori says that it will have no meaning if it is at her house. Yukito asks what she meant by that. Kotori is at a loss what to say since she was so excited that she didn't think of a really good plan/alibi. [She doesn't want to tell him that she just want enact the dating game] Yukito blurts out that he doesn't want her to see his brother. Yukito becomes gloomy because what he just said is quite embarrassing. Kotori remembers this so she apologizes for suggesting it on her own. “It is because I'm so excited that I said those strange things. I'm sorry. I just wanted for us to be all alone together studying..so I won't mention this again.” Yukito is shock upon hearing that they will be alone together. He gloomily weights between brother or lovey-dovey in an imaginary balance. He choses lovey-dovey. He just gloomily says that they can if his family/brother isn't at home. He blushes and clarifies that there is no other meaning as to why he doesn't want his family to be at home when she goes to his house.

Kotori is blushing as she sits on the floor in Yukito's room. Yukito offers her some drinks. The two looks at each other then become embarrassed that they quickly exclaims what part they should study and what subject. Kotori then looks at Yukito. Yukito looks at her. This embarrasses the two that they quickly look away and look at their notes. They think that their studying won't progress much in a situation like this. Kotori thinks that it is different when they walk together from now, when they are studying together alone in the room. She is so nervous and could it be because it is her boyfriend's room. She wonders what she should say and what would Yukito say. She wants to say something but she doesn't know what to say. “It is really not the same as the game.” Yukito asks how about he play a CD. Kotori agrees. While Yukito is playing some music, she wonders if Yukito is nervous because he isn't saying anything. She dreamily wonders if they are going to kiss today. She then tells herself to study. The two then think that if this continues, they will just end up studying until the end. Yukito tells her [calling her 'ana/peacock'] that they take a break. Kotori starts laughing that he asks what's up. She says it is nothing. She thinks that she is quite weird that she isn't nervous anymore after Yukito said that. She then asks him what is the difference between the times he calls her 'ana' and the times he doesn't. Yukito says that he also doesn't know since he is doing it unconsciously. He asks why she asked. Kotori says that she notices him calling her that more often when they are alone. He says maybe that is when he is 'turned on'. This shocks Kotori that Yukito blushes and tells him not to take that too seriously. He then holds Kotori's hair. He says that ever since before, he thinks that Kotori's hair is quite soft. Kotori just says, really? He then says that he likes to touch Kotori. Kotori says that she also likes Yukito's hair since it quite cool. Before she can touch his hair, Yukito holds her hand. He then says that her hand is quite small. She says really, and his hand is quite big. He says, really? She says yes. The two then are speechless as they are now playing jakenpon. They wonder what they are doing. The two looks at each other. When they are about to kiss, Yukito's cellphone rings – you have a message. The two moves away from each other. Yukito looks at his cellphone to see a picture of Abe showing off his muscles. Yukito says that it seems they were meant to be interrupted. The two then giggles.

At the station, Kotori has a dreamy look as she thinks that in the end, they didn't get to kiss. She then notices that her cellphone isn't with her. Yukito returns to his room as he thinks that in the end, nothing happened. He notices Kotori's cellphone on the table. Kotori goes back to Yukito's house since she forgot her phone. She wonders if it is okay if she goes to his house to get it but then, it will be quite troublesome if Yukito looks at her cellphone since it is filled with Memories of Falling in Love stuff. She then bumps into someone. She apologizes and recognizes the guy. It is the Hikari-lookalike. She exclaims in recognition. He also recognizes her as the one in the train before. Kotori says that she is the same person. They were interrupted when Yukito arrives and says, “Brother..” Kotori is shock.

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