June 13, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapters 60-61]

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thinking that Rihito has made Mei cry again, Kento grabs his collar and is about to scold him when Mei gets between them and exclaims that it has nothing to do with Rihito for it is her fault. Mei tells Rihito that her crepe has dirtied that guy's clothes. It is only then Kento realizes the crepe stain at the back of his clothes. Mei apologizes and says that she doesn't have money right now but she'll definitely compensate for it next time. Rihito calmly tells Mei to just let that guy clean it on his own. This surprises Mei while Kento is shaking in anger. Rihito tells Kento that it seems Mei has totally forgotten about him during this past four years. Mei looks at the guy again and says, “Shi..bata?” Kento sweatdrops and whines that she is so slow-witted that she realizes it only now. Mei tries to explain that it is because he has grown taller and his voice has changed. Kento says that she haven't changed. Mei looks away and says that she also grew taller. Kento smiles and says, “No..you haven't changed, you're still the same Mei as before.” Mei blushes a bit. Rihito quickly carries Mei and says that they have to quickly go to the heliport. Kento can only shout for them to wait but Rihito quickly gets Mei into a taxi and left. Kento quickly flags down a taxi and chases after them.

In the taxi, Rihito mutters that Kento has finally come back. When Mei asked what he just said, Rihito says that it is nothing. Rihito brings up the topic that they were talking about earlier. Mei has lost her courage about telling him that lately, he hasn't kissed her, not even once. Rihito tells Mei that it is forbidden for a butler and an ojou-sama to fall in love with each other and if it discovered, the butler has to resign from his job. Mei says that she knows about that and it is about keeping the 'social position and economic status in harmony' but she.. To Mei's surprise, Rihito confesses that Kintaro-sama has ordered him to become Mei's husband. Blushing really red, Mei asks since when. Rihito says that it is four years ago before she came to Lucia. Mei is confused as she thinks that it is quite early then so how could this situation [no kiss nor hug] be the result of that. She thinks that it is because Rihito still doesn't look at her [or no feelings for her]. Rihito says that he disobeyed that command. Mei thinks, “But of course.” After a pause, Rihito says that he has a dream. Mei asks wasn't his dream is to serve the world's first ojou-sama. Rihito says that is right and at that time, Mei answered him.. Mei remembers that she said that she will do her best. Rihito smiles and says that even as he said it like that, she replied that way. Rihito says that he was really, very happy that time because he feels that Mei has that qualification else, as an impatient person like him, he wouldn't have served her for more than four years.

Mei asks if he is an impatient person. Rihito says that he is and he can easily give up and speaking of that, he didn't even listen to the old man's advice. Mei keeps silent as she sweatdrops. He tells her as a butler serving Mei, he can only be at her side until she becomes a gorgeous lady and until that moment, he will be fully satisfied. “And..when that time comes, if I'm still in Mei ojou-sama's heart..” Mei is surprised by this. Rihito then apologizes for his stubbornness and says that he didn't plan on saying that.. “I must have been the world's most stubborn butler..Can you once again tolerate my stubbornness..” Rihito slightly blushes as he asks Mei that. Mei smiles back and says, “..Yes.” She thinks that he is quite a troublesome and strange person but she likes him. She then realizes something then asks Rihito what is the reason that he doesn't kiss her lately when four years ago, he did. After a pause, Rihito says, “At that time, Mei ojou-sama is still 13 years old..but right now..” Mei asks, “..Right now?” After a pause, Rihito says, “..please do not seduce me. I'm also..a man.” Mei is surprised and thinks, “So this means..” She then blushes and her heart beats loudly.

At the heliport of whatever tall building in Shibuya, everyone is waiting for Mei and Rihito. Mei apologizes for being late and says that there is just some misunderstanding. Kento arrives and shouts for Rihito to wait for they haven't finished talking. Fujiko happily exclaims that it is younger brother Shibata. Girly prince asks her butler who it is. GP butler says that he looks familiar. Daimon happily gives him a manly hug and welcomes him back. He says that now, he won't be mistaken as a girl. Nezu gives Kento a friendly punch on the stomach and says that Kento is now quite manly. Kanzaki asks if Kento has already finished studying. Just as Kento is about to greet him, he quickly evades Tami's attack. It seems he kicks away Tami. Kanzaki comments that Kento's level has become higher and almost at level with Tami-hime. Kento is surprised that the one who attacked him was Tami. Tami asks, “Are you also..a love rival?” Mei then asks why Kento came back and if he graduated from a butler school in England. Kento exclaims that he is her.. Then, Arabian prince returns and asks where she went for he was looking for her. His two butlers are carrying a lot of packages of clothes which the Arabian prince says are all for Mei. Kento quickly goes in front so that Arabian prince won't go near Mei. Kento says, “Don't just casually call her, 'Mei', Id-iot.” A note says only idiot is in Japanese so I guess the others are either English or some other foreign language. Arabian prince darkly asks who he is. Nezu quickly apologizes and says that Kento is still a butler-in-training. Daimon grabs Kento back while Kiba introduces Kento to the Arabian prince as Kento-kun, Rihito's younger brother. Arabian prince looks at Rihito who didn't say anything. Arabian prince asks why Kento talked to him that way. Mei reprimands Kento for looking for trouble and acting like a kid that it is embarrassing. Kento tries to protest. Izumi decides to explain to everyone that Kento didn't return as a butler-in-training. “He's formal name is Kento Shibata Redford.” This surprises Rihito. “is England's Duke Redford's successor. Mei's fiancé.” Kento bends down and asks for Mei's hand in marriage. “Become my duchess tonight!” Mei is totally shock and imagines him as a prince proposing.

It's 8pm at Lucia Academy, Kento is shock that those other guys are also Mei's fiancés and it is not just him. He waves them away and thanks them for coming but they are of no competition against him. Kento then happily asks Mei if he is right and if she marries him, she will become a duchess. Mei gets angry and walks away. Kento is puzzled. Mei shouts back at him that the former Kento is much cooler. Kento shouts what she meant by that. Rihito tells Kento that he has no right to go in [follow Mei] since he isn't Mei's butler. Kento is stunned. Nezu says that is right for the young masters dorm are in that other side. Daimon says that it is quite regretful that they aren't in the same world anymore. Kiba tries to say that it is okay for Kento is still the same. Kento looks shock. Aoyama calls him a traitor for he is now in a position that is compatible [same level] with the ojou-samas. This surprises Kento as he looks a bit sad-lonely..I think they all just left him there. Elsewhere, Mei and the other girls are walking inside. She is furious that Kento has become like the Arabian prince after four years who suddenly wants to marry her. Mei sadly thinks that he wasn't like that before. Miruku asks Rihito when is his brother in a duke's household. Rihito says that it could be because his mother's twin brother is a duke and Kento has become his adopted son. The girls except Izumi are surprised by this. They were interrupted when someone calls out to Mei and says that her household called to inform her that her grandfather is very ill.

At Hongo residence, Rihito's father greets Mei who is accompanied by Rihito. He leads them to her grandfather's bedroom. Mei asks him what is the situation. He tells her that her grandfather is temporarily okay but then, he doesn't know until when he would be that way. Mei calls out to her grandfather who is sick in bed. Rihito's mother tells Mei not to agitate him. Mei goes to his grandfather's side. He asks her how was her trip to Shibuya. Mei says that it is okay. She apologizes for not knowing about his poor health. She never thought of seeing him so weak. Rihito apologizes for assuming but he notices it when Mei's grandfather is suddenly looking for a son-in-law. Mei is surprised by this. Mei's grandfather confesses that he also thought that he is going to live longer that he didn't think about his health but the doctor said that he only has at most three months to live. Mei is shock upon learning this. He then mentions all of Mei's girl friends and his memories about them that Mei is shock that he knows all of them. He tells her that having a long life, one has meet a lot of fates and he can say that it is because of fate, that he manages to accumulate a large amount of wealth/property. He wants Mei to have a much better fate than his own. Mei is surprised by this as she repeats what he said. He then says, “Family..after one month, it is, May 7th, Mei's 18th birthday. By then, her husband will be chosen. I don't care what method, be it through negotiation [debate?], through a battle [duel?], whatever you want. Rihito, you will be in charge of it.” Rihito is shock. Mei tries to protest but her grandfather just apologizes and if only his life is longer, then, he'll also think about Mei's own wishes. He tells her that the Hongo family isn't as easy she thinks it is and she can't shoulder it on her own. “If I die, you don't have any relative to depend on and you also don't have any backer. You don't have anything..so before I die..you can still use my strength in whatever way you want..” He suddenly cringes in pain. The butlers tell her to stand aside as they get a tranquilizer. Her grandfather says, “Remember..Mei..what you need is..family..a butler is not enough.” This shocks Mei and Rihito.

Mei and Rihito ride on the helicopter in silence. Chinese butler looks up to the moon and says, “The banquet is over then, let's go see the next generation 'eccentric person'.” [I'm not sure about it but basically a strange person though it can also mean monster or freak. I think he refers to Mei.] In the meeting hall in Lucia Academy, everyone are talking about Mei – if she is alright, how old is her grandfather, no one knows, that guy is really a 'freak', etc. Rika tells Izumi that they go to sleep since in this kind of situation, they can't do anything anyway. Izumi says that Mei was there at their side when they are having difficulties. Girly prince seems to agreed with that. Kiba tells the others that now, they should support Mei. While tea is served, glasses guy looks at Izumi but when Kiba turns around, he promptly looks away. [Iirc, glasses guy is that showbiz star's butler, not a suitor.] In the same room, Kento remembers what Rihito told him. He berates himself for not acting like Mei's butler and he just wanted to be the closest person to Mei. He wonders why..that now, Mei is hurting, he can't do anything to help her. Arabian prince's butlers tell them that Mei has come back. Mei looks depressed. Izumi asks how is her grandfather's health. Mei cries to her that he has only three months to live. Kento looks sorry for crying Mei. Arabian prince asks Rihito if the choosing of the son-in-law is postponed. Kento is surprised when Rihito says that it will continue. Rihito informs them what his master said that on the day Mei becomes 18 years old, her husband will be chosen in any method be it through talks or a fight. Izumi says what is that guy [grandpa] thinking. Fujiko exclaims that at this time, they should consider Mei's feelings. Arabian prince finds it interesting and asks what are they going to do since Hongo Kintaro said that even a fight is okay. Student suitor exclaims about saying it that way. Glasses guy says that they are only forced into it. Nerdy guy wants to participate. Chinese group also wants to participate. To the other girls' surprise, Tami also wants to participate. The girls think that Tami's real motive is exposed. Kento asks Mei if this is what she wants for that is what's really important. Mei wonders what she wants. She remembers Rihito telling her about his dream and she thinks that she still can't say it. Everyone is surprised when Rihito goes in front of Mei then says that he'll lay out the first condition. “Anyone who can defeat me is the man among the men and is really suitable to be Mei ojou-sama's husband. Come, all of you gentlemen and young masters, please fight against me. If you can't win against me, then I won't give Mei ojou-sama to you guys.”


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