June 13, 2011

V. B. Rose [Chapter 68- 69]

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Mitsuya is surprised to see Tsuyu that he asks what is she doing there. Tsuyako the dog goes to Tsuyu as she hugs him. She says, Tsuyako, you still remember me. Mitsuya asks, still? Playing with Tsuyako, Tsuyu says that she is outside the door, walking around whether she would ring the bell or not. Before she knew it, Mitsuya’s mother comes out as she is about to buy something. His mother quickly let Tsuyu in and pushes her to the stairs to go see Mitsuya. And that is how she arrive here. Mitsuya says, eh? Tsuyu freaks out and says, maybe that is quite impolite to just suddenly go to his room. Mitsuya tells her not to just stand at the door and come in his room. Tsuyu stands up and timidly goes near his bed. Tsuyako has already left. Mitsuya tells her to sit and she does sit down. She asks how is his health. Looking away, Mitsuya says he is okay as she can see. Tsuyu then thanks him for giving her flowers when she broke her leg before, she never thought that it was really him and it was Yukari who told her. This utterly shock Mitsuya that he starts to cough out loud. A small picture of Yukari showing v-signs as it turned out that he had called Tsuyu about it to get things moving between them. Tsuyu asks if he is okay. Mitsuya turns around to look at her. Tsuyu thought that she finally gets to see him face to face. Mitsuya turns around again, burning in anger as he thought of Yukari. Tsuyu says that she was really happy to hear that from Yukari because she thought that Mitsuya really hates her. Mitsuya turns to face her and shouts that he won’t ever talk nor go near someone he hates. And that is Kyouichi from Villa Ange. Tsuyu blushes and says that’s good.

Mitsuya says that he has something to ask her, he heard that she is going to a matchmaking date, why? Mitsuya goes dark mode as Tsuyu starts to look afraid. Tsuyu says that the place where she lives is a rural area so this kind of thing is quite normal. Mitsuya shouts, I’m not asking that. Why do you always come here like that? Do you always like to play with my feelings? Tsuyu tries to protest but Mitsuya shouts, you will listen to what I have to say! Speaking of this, I know of your feelings early on. I’m not the same with Yukari. My feelings/senses are quite sharp, of course, I will notice. I will not be deceived by your words anymore. Why do you always go to VBR? Don’t say ‘Because Ageha is cute’, that is just an excuse. Try and say something. Tsuyu is in anguish that she quickly stands up and prepares to leave. She says she is going home. Mitsuya shouts for her to wait. He seemed to have forced himself that he goes in a fit of coughs. Tsuyu quickly turns around and asks if he is okay, he should go back to bed. To her surprise, Mitsuya holds both of her hands and asks her not to go to the matchmaking date. He kisses her hands and says, how can this be..I will be left all alone again. Looking at her with sorrowful eyes, Mitsuya says don’t go, I’ve always like you. Tsuyu is on the verge of tears as she is blushing. He kisses her on the cheek then on the lips. After a pause, they kissed again.

Tsuyu is crying as she can only say..Kuromine-san, I..I.. Mitsuya hugs her and says he isn’t a kid anymore, he won’t endure it nicely like before, I will not be like some nice darling. Don’t try to escape again. I will not let you leave me for a second time. Tsuyu still crying says, Kuromine-san, yes. Mitsuya gives her another kiss. Mitsuya caress her cheek and says, call me like how did before, Tsuyu. Tsuyu is surprised about this and starts crying again. She hugs him and calls him Mitsuya and asks how could she turn down the matchmaking date, she always do what others told her to do but she really hates that side of her, she really hate it. I have thought that I should forget about you. Ever since that day when I was in grade 6 [the rejection], I can’t show my true feelings nor know how to deal with it. In my heart, I wasn’t able to straighten up the feelings inside but I like, I always like Mitsuya. I don’t want to be separated from you again. Mitsuya calls her name and gives her another kiss which seems to be a French kiss. Tsuyu is pretty tongue-tied after that as Mitsuya smiles at her. He goes dark mode again and says, what is that matchmaking date, I’ll just mess it up for you and it is alright.

After a week, Mitsuya gets well from his cold and has come back to VBR. Mitsuya happily shouts, Hello, long time no see, Mitsuya-san has resurrected. Ageha is really happy about this that she welcomes him with open arms. Yukari looks a bit surprised by Mitsuya’s overly happy demeanor. Mitsuya also open his arms and says, have you guys been lonely? Yukari grumbles that when he isn’t there, they are just super busy. To Ageha’s shock, Mitsuya kisses her on the cheek and says, she is still very beautiful. He also grabs Yukari and kisses him while saying that he is still a bishonen [pretty guy], that’s great. They promptly beat him up and wipes the places where Mitsuya kissed them. The two say, if you are here, there is always a racket. Ageha remembers something and shows a text message [sms] from Mitsuya to her mobile phone while he was on leave and asks what does it mean – about the matchmaking date, I have finally decided on [what to do about] it. She says shouldn’t he be saying this to Tsuyu, so why did he send it to her. Mitsuya laughs and says that they talk about that later. Mitsuya then turns around and goes to the door. Ageha and Yukari are puzzled. Mitsuya calls out, don’t hide there, come out, Tsuyu. This shocks Ageha and Yukari and thought, ‘Tsuyu’?! Tsuyu peeks out from the door and greets them a good afternoon. Mitsuya asks why didn’t she come in. Tsuyu says she is a bit embarrassed. Ageha and Yukari are too busy freaking out, what is there to be embarrassed about. Ageha is all confused and says, so Tsuyu has come today. Tsuyu looks embarrassed and says that Mitsuya has fetched her from her house. Ageha and Yukari freaks out even more that she is calling Mitsuya by his first name. Mitsuya puts his hand on Tsuyu’s shoulder and says this is what it means.

Ageha goes in super shock mode that she almost feels faint. Ageha grabs Tsuyu’s shoulder and pushes her to the sofa. Ageha shouts she haven’t heard about this and she haven’t been answering her texts the last 4-5 days, what had happened. Ageha then sits beside Tsuyu. Tsuyu looks a bit tense as Ageha waits for her answer. Blushing, Tsuyu apologizes for not being able to get in touch with her, it is because she has a cold. Ageha looks at her stunned while Yukari looks at Mitsuya. Mitsuya says it is a cute way of making girls have that kind of expression. They quickly realize that it was Mitsuya who have infected Tsuyu. Ageha cries and says that the soul’s oasis has already been polluted [I don’t get it, maybe she meant Mitsuya’s ‘darkness’ is going to rub on Tsuyu] even what happened is favorable, but the circumstances seems a bit complicated. Tsuyu asks what is the matter with Ageha. Ageha congratulates Tsuyu. Tsuyu thanks her. Mitsuya apologizes for not telling Yukari sooner. Yukari is quite cool about it as he tells Mitsuya that it is their affair after all. Yukari is a bit worried about Ageha though. Ageha then asks, does Natsuna know about this yet. Tsuyu tells Ageha that she reported it to Natsuna on the phone. Suddenly, they hear a text ring tone on a mobile phone. The foursome quickly look at their respective mobile phones. All of them says it’s not theirs except for Mitsuya. Looking at the message, it says Kuromine, why don’t you disappear ~ Natsuna. Mitsuya looks timidly at it while there is some dark aura from behind him. Yukari looks a bit tense at Mitsuya. Mitsuya smiles and says that Natsuna wishes him happiness. Tsuyu is happy about it but Ageha doesn’t buy it for he has that weird expression, Mitsuya is obviously lying.

Ageha asks what about the matchmaking date, is it cancelled. Mitsuya says that it seems to be going smoothly so he have decided to ruin it. He happily and glittery smiles at Ageha then goes into dark mode. He darkly tells Ageha and Yukari that they are going to help him. This shocks the two. Putting a paper on the table, Mitsuya says that two weeks from now, the matchmaking date will be held on an auspicious day. The place will here [in the paper]. There are still many things to be investigated and preparation that needs to be done. Ageha and Yukari thought, he [Mitsuya] really plans to trouble us. Looking at the paper, Yukari asks how about finding a courtyard for it will be a more beautiful place. Mitsuya asks Yukari doesn’t seem to want to do this strange thing. Ageha is confused over what Mitsuya meant ruining the date. Since Mitsuya senses the two doesn’t seem to want to help him, he decides to blackmail them. Mitsuya asks Ageha if it is okay with her for Tsuyu to just get married with someone she doesn’t know. Ageha is shock and thought, NO! Glittering, Mitsuya asks Yukari that if Tsuyu isn’t there anymore, won’t it be quite inconvenient? [regarding work] This surprises Yukari. Mitsuya starts laughing and dancing as Yukari and Ageha thought he is quite ‘dark’. Tsuyu starts to apologize for giving others trouble just because of her. Ageha cries and exclaims to Tsuyu that it is okay for her to be bothered as long as Tsuyu will find happiness. Even it is dark Mitsuya, I will still wish for your happiness but afterwards, it is all up to you.

Yukari asks so what should they do. Mitsuya says first, Yukari should help him get in touch with Kyouichi. Yukari is stunned and says, it seems you are the one asking a favor from Kyouichi. Glittering, Mitsuya laughs and says, no, ha ha, the one who is asking is you, Yukari. He goes to his cute face and says, it’s the only way, I’ll leave it to you, yeah. Yukari thought that Mitsuya is quite scary that he can drag in all those who can help. Ageha shouts so what should I do. Mitsuya salutes Ageha and tells her to wait for a few days and in the meantime, stand by, to do your best. Ageha salutes him too and says, yes, sir. [Note: two idiots ^^;;] Tsuyu asks how about her. Mitsuya smiles. He pats her head and says she doesn’t need to do anything, you just relax. Ageha looks at them and thought that the way Mitsuya is treating Tsuyu, it is a bit frightening. Ageha then asks so why did he brought Tsuyu there today. Mitsuya smiles and says, because I want to see her. This shocks Ageha and Yukari. Yukari tries to calm Ageha down as Ageha thinks that this is the kind of person Mitsuya is. Tsuyu insists that she help out with something. Mitsuya says that he will be doing a lot of work which includes the ones he didn’t get to do when he was sick so can she make some tea with Ageha. Tsuyu is happy about this. Ageha freezes. Yukari just pats Ageha’s shoulder. Ageha sweatdrops and goes to Tsuyu, thinking that she can’t turn down that request.

In the car, outside Ageha’s house, Ageha and Yukari are still recovering from the ‘shocks’ that happened that day. They then discuss that it is good that they paid Mitsuya a visit. Ageha says she feels sorry for Mitsuya who got such an infectious cold. Ageha begins to wonder why do they have to meet in an empty room, could it be because Mitsuya is afraid of germs. Yukari thought he just realize it but it is a good thing that they aren’t sickly. [I’m not too sure but basically, Mitsuya tried to infected them with his germs so that he will get better soon ^^;] Ageha asks Yukari why Mitsuya hates Kyouichi. Yukari says it could be that, when Kyouichi was in VBR and it is the first time he met Tsuyu. Flashback: Kyouichi greeted Tsuyu and said that she really looks like a Japanese young lady [ojousama]. He introduced himself and said it is nice to meet her. He kissed her hand. This surprised Yukari then he is shocked to see how angry Mitsuya looked. End flashback. The two shivers just thinking of that. Yukari says and that is why Mitsuya hates Kyouichi. Ageha then says even if she doesn’t know what she is going to do but for Tsuyu, she will do her best. Yukari pats her head and says she is really energetic. Ageha happily says because this is very important for both Tsuyu and Mitsuya and for a girl like her, it makes her feel really happy. Yukari hugs her and thought that she is really cute. Yukari asks so can you exert a bit effort for this thing. Ageha exclaims, of course.

A few days later, they are planning at VBR. Mitsuya shows them the data and picture of the target [the one being paired to Tsuyu] and says if they look at it, they will know something interesting. The guy is the successor and head of a business enterprise. Ageha says the guy gives a feeling of ‘coolness’. Yukari says that Mitsuya is a good example of that. Mitsuya complains, sorry about that, but I’m not someone with horns. [devil?] Yukari says it is about his character. Mitsuya didn’t listen and just continue reading the paper. He says that he will leave this paper to them since it will be their ‘mission’. Yukari folds the paper and looks gloomy. Mitsuya asks what is the matter. Yukari says that he doesn’t quite understand what exactly is his mission. Mitsuya glitters and says he can ask Ageha to help. Yukari angrily says he doesn’t want to. Ageha asks if it is okay for that person not to know what is going to happen. Mitsuya laughs and says he doesn’t want Tsuyu to be worried and isn’t it good to give Tsuyu joy . Mitsuya feels like flying as he is super happy while the couple just look at him speechless. Mitsuya says this will be okay, it is okay to sell it. [?] Yukari says that he doesn’t want the store to lose its competitiveness. Mitsuya says he doesn’t want to lose face but regarding Kyouichi, he’ll leave that to him. Ageha shouts that she doesn’t want a wedding with no mutual feelings. The three looks ready as Mitsuya says now, let’s go to that gorgeous place and start the operation.

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