June 13, 2011

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapter 10]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on February 19, 2008

Towako and Yuuga returns to Towako’s house as Tsubaki and Towako’s mother greet and welcome them back. Her mother asks if they had fun. Towako says the scenery is nice and there are lot of good food. Towako shows to her mother the monkey that she brought home. An unfamiliar guy then greets Yuuga. Yuuga is shock to see a stranger there who knew him and wonders who he is. The man says if Yuuga is tried, why don’t he rest in the morning. Towako then addresses the guy by saying I’m back, father. Yuuga is so shock that he exclaims, you are father but isn’t the small chibi guy, the father. Towako asks if Yuuga has already forgot what her father look like. Her father laughs and says that hurts, Yuuga. Yuuga sweatdrops and says but everything is different – his face, body and nature/disposition. [Her father doesn’t talk much when he is in chibi form] Towako asks what is he saying, her father has always been like that. Yuuga is becoming puzzled. Her mother offers to tie up her father’s hair. After his hair is tied up, he changes back to small chibi guy again. While Tsubaki shows some gifts from the heads of other countries to Towako, Yuuga is surprised by this as he kept on looking at Towako’s father. Towako’s mother exclaims her husband looks nice. Towako’s father agrees. To their surprise, Yuuga pulls off the ‘rubber band’ that ties up the hair and Towako’s father revert backs to normal = not chibi. He asked Yuuga what is he doing. Yuuga just looks stunned and apologizes. Towako’s father says I already gave you my daughter but I’m not giving this ‘rubber band’ to you..haha..I’m joking. Yuuga feels faint as he thought that they really don’t look the same but then, it seems that he is the only one noticing it, maybe my eyes are bad..or maybe.. Towako calls out to Yuuga that they are going to their new place.

While walking with Towako and Tsubaki, Yuuga asks if their house will be apart from the main. Towako says that’s right and they will be living there later on. After her parents finished moving elsewhere, they will start moving there. Towako says that there is a name plate outside, how about putting Yuuga’s surname, would he keep it or use hers. Yuuga says he wants to use his since it will be quite problematic at school. Yuuga goes into thinking as Towako dreamily thought that they now have the same surname even if they have been calling each other’s name already. The two freezes and says, now that I mention it... At the same time, Yuuga shouts ‘school’ while Towako shouts ‘name’. While Tsubaki was helping Towako dress up in a yukata, Towako cannot believe that she have forgotten the most important thing..she has never heard Yuuga call her name yet. Tsubaki asks how could she realize that now when they have been together since that time until now. Towako shakes Tsubaki and exclaims that’s right, how can that be, and later on, they might just address each other as, ‘hey you’, ‘my husband’, etc but not the name and it isn’t the same. Tsubaki tells her if she didn’t do anything about it now, it will be like that in the future. Towako doesn’t want that so she decides to do something about it. She tells Tsubaki to accompany her as she goes to Yuuga. Towako is surprised to see Yuuga in front of a laptop computer with his glasses on. He asks name? She asks what is he doing. He says he is doing a summer report [homework during summer?] for school. He asks what about hers. Towako said she already did hers before she went to see him. Yuuga says he didn’t have a chance to do his. He tells her that this isn’t the time to discuss about calling one’s name, today nor tomorrow, don’t bother him and he will only call her if he is finished. Towako is tearful [half-way from crying] about this and complains, what do he mean by don’t bother him, she just want him to call her name. Tsubaki tells Towako that maybe Yuuga meant by ‘don’t bother him’ is he wants her to help him. Towako looks thoughtful over this.

Towako tells Yuuga that she can help him since her grades aren’t bad. Yuuga says no thanks but this is a report. Tsubaki then gives a tray of snack and drinks to Towako. Towako carrying the tray, asks Yuuga how about having some snack. Yuuga tells her to bring it inside. Towako trips as she enters and scatters everything on Yuuga. Towako is promptly tossed out of the room. Towako is unfazed and thought I won’t lose. She says that she will help improve the ventilation. As she enters the room, she trips on the wire and unplugged the laptop. Again, Towako is tossed out. Outside the room, Towako starts to become frustrated. She angrily complains about her name not being called so she must be a useless woman for Yuuga and she doesn’t have a right to become a wife. Since Yuuga can hear her, Yuuga wonders what is Towako thinking. To his surprise, Setsuna says her sister is pitiful when he thought Yuuga has a strength of spirit. Setsuna and Utsugi are sitting at the opposite of the table where Yuuga is sitting. Setsuna says the fault lies on Yuuga. Utsugi welcomes Yuuga back. Yuuga says it is just about not calling her name. Setsuna says isn’t Yuuga hurt seeing Towako like that and yet he is busy doing some report. Setsuna starts to tease Yuuga that nothing happened between him and his sister even if they were together for 3 days and 3 nights. Yuuga becomes embarrassed and shouts how did he know. Setsuna tells him that Utsugi’s intelligent/surveillance reports is one of Japan’s best. Setsuna happily shouts that Yuuga is quite embarrassing so let’s leave this son-in-law for he is busy, Utsugi. Setsuna goes out and greets his sister.

Yuuga goes back in front of the computer quite irritated. Before he can continue, he overhears their conversation outside. Setsuna asks about the monkey. Towako tells him that its name is Sawatari. Setsuna protests why is the monkey too ‘clingy’ on her. This made Yuuga angry, too. Tsubaki asks Utsugi why did he brought this annoying guy [Setsuna] there. Utsugi says don’t say it like that, Setsuna has already reflect on his deeds. Tsubaki says he patronizes his master too much. Utsugi says Tsubaki’s words are always hurtful. Towako laughs and says stop it, Setsuna. Yuuga keep on having many vein pops. ^^;; He can’t concentrate as they kept on talking outside the room. Setsuna is asking Towako to eat together tomorrow with him. She says she can’t just leave Yuuga. Setsuna says don’t bother with a guy like that. Then, they talk about the monkey. Tsubaki and Utsugi are also arguing. Finally, Yuuga can’t take it anymore that he goes out the door and gloomily tells them to stop talking and if they are being noisy, please do it elsewhere. He then grabs Setsuna and the monkey. He whispers to them that they better not do anything to Towako while he isn’t around or else, they will be dead meat. He then tells Tsubaki and Utsugi to help him look at the two [to behave]. Setsuna thought that he is the same with the monkey. Towako wonders what are they talking about. Yuuga darkly says now that you know, you can leave. He then closes the door, leaving the four outside, speechless.

Sitting at the porch, Towako tells Setsuna that she has made Yuuga angry. Setsuna tells her not to mind that kind of person who can’t even call her by name and making a fuss about that report. Towako says that’s right, Yuuga is giving more importance to a report than to her who is his wife. Towako becomes depressed and tells Setsuna what if Yuuga just doesn’t want to call her name. She thought that she shouldn’t assume things. Setsuna looks sad for his sister that he tells her that Yuuga just haven’t thought of calling her by name because there never was a need to do it. Since she is always near him, there has never been a need to call out to her. Towako blushes and asks is that it. Setsuna asks haven’t she thought of the reason why Yuuga has been trying his best to quickly finish the report. A scene of Yuuga trying to concentrate and try to finish the report quickly as he is worried about what Setsuna and the monkey would do [to Towako]. Towako exclaims is it is all for her. Setsuna laughs and says she should ask the person himself. Towako looks in surprise and says that right, so she should just wait patiently for she has already waited for him for 18 years already so what is a day for her. She happily smiles at Setsuna and thanks him. Her heart has lighten. Setsuna just slightly smiles. Behind them, Utsugi is in tears over what Setsuna did. Tsubaki tells him to quit it for it is annoying.

Towako decides to wait for Yuuga to finish by sitting outside the door. Tsubaki offers a blanket to her since the night is cold. Towako thought that Yuuga has told her no matter what the circumstances [they will be together] so she wishes to become closer to his heart. Yuuga is still working on the report and thought that 8 pages is quite long. Finally, he is finished. He removes his glasses and stretches. He decides to take a bath. When he goes out of the room, he sees Towako sleeping outside. Towako narrates: Having a little dream is okay, right? I wonder what would it be like when Yuuga calls my name. It will definitely be in a gentle kind voice, that when I hear it, it will tickle my ear. Yuuga smiles at her and kneels beside her. He pinches her cheek and leans to her ear. Yuuga says, sorry, thanks, Towako.

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