June 13, 2011

Penguin Revolution [Chapter 34- 35 (Last Chapter)] -Fin-

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Ayaori locks himself in a room. Yukari goes back to the table as she wonders why did Ayaori told her not to talk to him and why does he want to isolate himself. Yukari informs this to Ryou who tell her not to worry for it is just a temporary thing. Yukari is happy about this. Ryou thinks that Ayaori is fast in making an action so he should also progress in his performance. A gay trainer is going to work Ryou hard to learn how to dance like a girl. [haha, maybe also includes how to pass off as a girl] After training, Ryou is dead tired but he still manages to thank the trainer for his guidance. During meal time, all of the actor/actress are dead asleep as they were all tired from the training. Yukari notices that even Ayaori doesn’t come to eat. More trainings and Ryou faints that Yukari has to carry him to rest. Yukari cooks some food to help Ryou have some appetite to eat. She talks a bit with that other manager about how important is one’s health for an actor/actress. The others then want to help in cooking. The president is happy to see that they are all getting along with each other. More training for Ryou as the trainer anticipates his growth as a performer. While dancing, Ryou sees that little girl again. He snaps out of it as the trainer tells him that was good and he should not forget that feeling. After taking a bath, Yukari passes by Ayaori’s room and leaves as she thinks that she shouldn’t talk to him even if she haven’t seen him since then. The door then opens. Yukari is surprised at how dark Ayaori is and his wings have become black. It has made her really scared of him and remembers the role that Ayaori is going to play. Ayaori goes to the president’s room. The president asks if he is finished with his preparation. Ayaori says yes.

The others have started to practice together. Everyone looks pleased as Yukari is drooling. Inside his room, Ayaori hears a knock on the door. He opens it to see a plate filled with onigiri. A note says it is something for Ayaori so please eat if you are hungry – Yukari. Ayaori smiles over this. The night before the performance, Yukari is quite nervous and thinks that she wasn’t even nervous during exams. Someone hits some stones on her window. She opens it to see the two boys. Ryou shouts for her to come down since the moon is nice. At the beach, Yukari says that the moon is really pretty. Ayaori pats her head and thanks her for the food. Yukari blushes and says it is nothing. Ryou just looks at them. The boys play at the water but Yukari seems a bit hesitant. They offer their hands to her as they happily walk along the beach. The day of the performance has arrived. It will be three part play. First, the female lead will be played by Ryou then Youko and lastly, whoever was voted to be the best ‘actress’ of the two by the audience. At the dressing room, Yukari is nervous. Ryou then did that calming technique of writing the word ‘person’ on one’s palm to calm oneself. Ryou says it is something she taught him. Yukari blushes and puts her hand on his mouth. She tells her to do his best. Ryou also blushes. The play starts and Ayaori ‘wows’ everyone with his performance as he easily emits fear to people. Narazaki is the messenger who just decree that it is forbidden to laugh. Some workers had put treasures –chests, pots and carpet nearby and thought that their world sucks. The carpet unfolds and reveals, sexy Ryou in a two piece belly dancer outfit. Yukari drools over this as his wings are now marvelous and shiny. As Ryou walks down the staircase, Yukari thought that the feeling is the same or rather, even better than before when she first saw Youko in that play.

The next day, Yukari is still drooling over the performance after she woke up. Everyone are discussing about how great Ryou’s performance was. They say that Ryou will probably be the performer for the third day. The reporter thought no way when they haven’t even seen Youko’s performance yet though he admits Ryou’s performance is really good. The president wakes Youko up and says that it is almost time for the play. Yukari and Ryou watches from backstage. Yukari thought that it is different being in the audience. Not only Ayaori but everyone did a great job. The carpet unrolls and reveals Youko. Yukari thought Youko easily enchants everyone with her every movement and everything just sparkles – the power of a great actress. That night, Yukari and Ryou just sit on the beach, still drooling over Youko’s performance. Yukari remembers talking with the president after the performance. The president hinted about also seeing the wings and they talk a bit about being a huge star. Back at present, Ryou starts to pose a bit as to how Youko did the dance. Yukari thought that she fears that Youko will be the one chosen but then, she is happy to have met Ryou. Ryou turns around and smiles at her which made her blush. During the voting, Ryou has 511 votes, Youko has 1469 votes and 73 are undecided so the last performance will be Youko. Ryou takes it in stride as the secretary informs him and Yukari. The two just hold their hands. Elsewhere, Youko touches the president’s face and says that until the end, he never told her ‘don’t perform anymore’, it’s really great isn’t it. He says no, it is like a dream of happiness. [That’s Youko in the picture below]

The last performance starts. Youko is about to do her performance. Suddenly, the president and Yukari becomes tense as they see Youko’s wings starts to disintegrate then vanish. Youko faints and Ayaori manages to catch her before she falls. The audience didn’t notice anything wrong as they all applaud. Yukari is tense as Ryou asks what is the matter. The secretary then calls them to come with her. Inside a room, Youko is unconscious as a oxygen respirator help her breath. The president says that Youko’s condition is already critical and it haven’t changed so they are now going to bring her to the hospital. Ryou and Yukari are looking at Youko. The president tells Ryou to finish the play. Yukari tries to protest. The president says that he will accompany Youko to the hospital. Youko weakly touches Ryou’s hand and Ryou suddenly sees the little girl, smiling at him. Yukari looks surprise as she sees a feather float down. The president tells Yukari that he’ll leave Ryou to her. Yukari bows her head and takes Ryou away. After they left, the president tells Youko, really..your illness is quite grave and you still.. In lala dreamland, Ryou asks the little girl who she is and what is she. The girl says even if she tells him, he will forget. Ryou says it doesn’t matter. She says she is a fragment, a gift from his mother. Ryou looks surprised. She says for everyone else, the form [she takes] isn’t the same and for Ryou, she is in that form but the one who would perform on stage will be him so do your best. Ryou says, yes. The performance starts again as Yukari is in tears worried about Youko. She then sees Ryou walking down the stairs and blushes over how pretty his wings were.

Ten years later, Yukari all grown up is given some document by some glasses guy. After that play, it has been quite successful but still in the end, the president dissolved Peacock. The actors/actresses all went their separate ways and go to other companies that they trust. She was given her separation pay. Nothing much happen as she graduate and finish college to finally attain her dream of becoming a public servant. Even if she is busy, all of those things are important and everyday is quite substantial. Narazaki flies down to her as she uses her document to shield his attack. Narazaki tells her, marry me. Yukari blushes and says no. Ever since Peacock was dissolved, she has revealed to everyone her true gender and Narazaki has been like that until now. Narazaki says it is okay, he has some place to go and he is happy to see her there. He pats her head and says cheer up a bit, if it is you, there will be no problem. He leaves as Yukari blushes and touches her head where Narazaki patted her. Her father is still the same as before start a business then lose it and start again and lose it again. A scene of Yukari punching his father to quit joking around. After finish dissolving Peacock, the president has continue looking after sleeping Youko after the operation and he looks happy. After graduation, both Ryou and Ayaori left Japan and start to work overseas. They have got a lot of awards and has really on the path of being superstars. She slightly smiles and thought that she also has already attained her dream but still.. Someone calls out her name. She looks up to see Ryou and Ayaori standing in front of her. The radiance of a ‘dream’. Ryou asks her if she wants to be his manager again. And, it is the prologue of another new dream. The end.

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